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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Red Alert! Red Alert!

By Anna Von Reitz

Red Alert!

Constructive Fraud underway!

The United States of America is an unincorporated Federation of States formed September 9, 1776.

The united States of America was a chartered Confederation of Federal States of States formed March 1, 1781.

Everyone get those facts firmly ingrained in your heads and if you remember no other dates in your lives, remember these two key bits of information.

The United States of America = Federation of States = September 9, 1776.
The united States of America = Confederation of States of States = March 1, 1781.

Now we have a bogus "Private Membership Association" promoting itself as something called "The United States of America 1781" and claiming to "be" The United States of America. 


They are claiming something that is literally impossible.

Why?  Because The United States of America wasn't formed in 1781.

These people are nutcases. Ignorant nutcases. And they are out to enslave you by getting you to sign up for their bogus private association, just like "the United States" got your parents to unwittingly sign up as "US Citizens".

This is more Roman Catholic Church crappola. Just read the way that these vicious criminals have stolen the work of Frank O'Collins and claimed it as their own --- infringed on his copyright, and created a False Church and called this Satanic Organization The Reign of Heaven Society.

Reign of Hell is more like it!

These doppelgangers must be stopped.  And Sarah Westfall and John J. Singleton must be warned and advised of the facts.

Under international law, possession by pirates does not change ownership.

The name and the trademarks of the actual Federation of States doing business as The United States of America are still ours and we lodge extreme displeasure and international protest that any organization is misrepresenting itself as any characterization of this United States of America so as to entrap and mislead unwary Americans into undisclosed membership "agreements".

Part of the stated objective of this elitist crime syndicate from the very first of its creepy declarations on the internet was to form a hierarchy just like the Roman Catholic Church and use it for the same purposes.  Well, we all know that the Roman Catholic Church has been infiltrated top to bottom with Satanists and that the Freemasons have worked in league with those elements to destroy all that is decent in the world.

There must be an immediate recognition that this evil and illegal organization calling itself "The United States of America 1781" is a Big, Fat Lie and that it is operating under constructive fraud and trying to deliberately confuse itself with our nation. 

Attack it and bring it down.  If you have registered a "residency" in it, immediately withdraw and put your permanent domicile on the land and soil of your native State of the Union.  Remove yourselves immediately!


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  1. Sarah Westall was where I first became aware of Anna when I saw her interview. Anna, give her a call and straighten her out. Better yet, conduct a new interview with her.

    1. Sarah has multiple interviews weekly with a multitude of varying topics and opinions she is not focused on any single topic that requires getting straightened out, she is more focused on current events and recent topics, and some guests contradict Anna and one referred to her without mentioning her name specific awhile back. I like Sarah but she is not getting straightened out she is more focused on getting varying info out there more like a news channel.

  2. I have sent this to Sarah and hopefully she will have you back on for exposure of this falsehood.

  3. All mis-construction of names is fraud. JOHN JIM DOE or DOE, JOHN JIM is fraud, unless said names are registered as corporations with the office of sec. of state.

    1. There is NO sec. of state. Thieves occupied every buildings of ours, without paying rent or lease.

      I remember seeing nice residual America in 1875, sad..sad..sad..

      Other race has been enslaved too, longer than America. And Anna calling them being greedy to sue the same crooks. Meanwhile Anna lawsuit/lien made for American Nationals only (and Samoa people). So how are you going to win when you are prejudiced Anna against other race?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Pinkham, do you know what the SEC OF STATE'S OFFICE ISSUES, if you request it? They issue a CERTIFICATE OF NO RECORD! Do you know what that means? Maybe you should read PUBLIC LAW 109 STAT 120 ALL THE WAY THROUGH AND PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO: NATIONALITY OF VESSELS!
      Oh and other SEC OF STATES, that do not issue those certificates, they will send you back a letter stating something like this; "this state does not register private trade names as sole proprietors.
      Do you know what that means?
      Oh and one last thing" ALL THE BAR MEMBERS on the bench and the prosecution desk, THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS!

    4. Well since you already know Island, why don't you tell us?
      Great Info, thanks for sharing.

    5. Doug, are these the ones (or similar)?:

      Clerk is to File: 18 USC ss 2076

      18 USC ss 1512 (b) (c)-- cannot prevent the testimony, or withhold a record, conceal a record, impair its availability for use in an official proceeding...

      18 USC ss 2071 (a) (b)-- general concealment, mutilation, removal of records.

      Its their jurisdiction though.
      And their statutes are copyrighted. Were really not supposed to use their copyrighted material...
      I have reminded different Corp Officers tho', when I was forced, against my will, to deal with them, that I know they have these statutes tho :) :) and even had them written out on paper.

      We can always do our own publishing tho, in the local newspaper with a bona fide legal notices section.

      Kinda pricey, but worth it if one can swing it. You only have to do it once.

    6. Goodboots, why don't I tell you? Because I have learned because of the mind control over the masses, by the BAR ASSOCIATION, people won't believe the truth, if you slap them in the face with it. They have to see it for themselves. I have said in my comment where the information is located. If someone wants to live free, they will seek and find it. I told everyone where it is located.
      But, here is something else: INDIANA LAW REVIEW. THESE 17 PAGES, TELL US WHY NONE OF US CAN GET JUSTICE IN THE COURTS. Because they have switched the burden of proof to us, from the prosecutor. The Prosecutor has none been made the holder in due course. UNLESS.....WE ...PROVE FRAUD. Then the burden of proof switches back to the prosecutor.
      How can we prove fraud? The heading of every summons! The NAME!

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. PS.Goodboots, most of the young ones, here on Anna's blog, spend their time, crying about what has been done. We all know what has been done. Our names were stolen and used against us.
      Time to stop crying and prove the fraud, don't you think?

    9. ps. the names are vessels. in PUBLIC LAW 109 STAT 120, how do you prove the NATIONALITY of those vessels? How do you prove those vessels are American?
      They told us: PUBLIC LAW 109 120 STAT, SECTION 1687-70502 [NATIONALITY OF A VESSEL]
      Do you kinow the definition of U.S. PERSONS, as CONGRESS by its EXCLUSIVE right defined them?

    10. Oooo, istandrepublic knows something he wants to dangle out there that *he* knows and he's not gonna share it either... Cause he can make *YOU* all lazy dummies go look it up for yourself? :):):) hahaha

      Actually, I really didn't want to know, don't need the info, not up my alley. But I thought it would be nice to find out what kind of person spends so much time dropping *hints* about having important info instead of spending the same amount of time to just go ahead and share it with everybody else!!! Lol.
      Kind of to see if future posts would be something I wanted to spend my time reading.

      They're not. :)

    11. Goodboots, I just told you and it wasn't a HINT! You are a prime example of the people to whom I said are part of the mind controlled masses, who won't see truth, though you tell them plainly. NO HINTS IN MY LAST POST TO YOU! Either see it or don't!

      FYI: istandrepublic means CJohnson, non male!

    12. the name is the vessel - that's how they trap you is using the name
      as I recall there are many folks that basically say to lose the name all together
      Some say you should never admit to being the name period
      CJohnson is this what you are referring to? I don't mean to cause confusion just asking for your thoughts please
      I've missed your comments on here

    13. Goodboots: If the "Lazy Dummies" as you call them don't take the time to look things up they will never learn. Maybe if you were respectful and asked "Istandrepublic" a direct question instead of being condescending, all the newbees here might benefit from "Her" extensive knowledge.

      I read these comments for the gold nuggets people like "Istandrepublic" take their time to leave for us and I take my time to look things up.

      People overall don't want to hear the truth and I comprehend the frustration. I talk to people all the time that want to complain but would not spend one moment looking anything up for themselves to verify what I'm telling them.

      Anyone here been listening to Kurt Kallenbach's free Tuesday night call? He is on a mission to find the "Truth". He has also warned everyone when he finds it he'll be done talking. Well worth turning off the TV for an hour or so.

      Since I lost my inheritance fighting these Pirates I am extremely grateful to anyone who takes their time to leave information for me to look up.

      Goodboots: Have you read all Anna's articles? There is a Gold mine of information in the comments. Many from "Istandrepublic" under a different handle.

      We are all working to learn here and smart ass comments chase away those who might otherwise take their precious time to leave great information. Don't mess it up for the rest of us.

      Blessings to all.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    14. Shelby, spot on! You must prove the vessel is an american vessel. Admiralty law! Thus PUBLIC LAW 109 STAT 120. NATIONALITY is 'CONCLUSIVELY PROVEN' by records at the office of SOS. Read my other comments on this blog and you will know exactly what to do!

    15. Annie, not interested. Thanks anyway.

    16. Curious as to your thoughta on this site I just ran across

    17. Shelby, I refuse to enter the birth certificate into national or international equity commerce. when you get an apostille or authentication, you are officially entering that birth certificate into a commercial capacity. you are claiming it is for commercial use.
      I am teaching people the truth....COMMON trumps EQUITY. Come out of equity and back to your rights!

    18. That piece of paper called a birth certificate is theirs, not ours. Seems to me the transmitting utility, YOUR 'ALL CAPS NAME', (the person acting like the real you....the nerve, but now is really you, and we are in process of freeing ourself from the federal grip of death. The Certificate of Live Birth and the BIRTH CERTIFICATE are at this point part and parcel of the completion of our extrication from British Territorial control as we finish nullifying their process of transforming us into US CITIZENS and re-establishing ourselves as American State Nationals or American State Citizens. It actually becomes their linch pin. Done Deal!

      One other thing

  4. We can tell their symbol here, but common people maynot:
    Without a Compass, it's harder to tell. So Satan has Jesus Cross too. Wow, what a world of confusion!!

    Law Theft, ID theft, Right Theft, Home theft, Sovereignty Theft, Nation theft next? under their new NAMES?

  5. Anna, i caught singleton slip and almost say UN, when describing the new side fund/tribunals. spoke with him over a year ago, something doesn't smell, taste or sound right. Again, everyone BEWARE. singleton is a Good guy but trained as a paralegal...and has had his own learning curve like all of us. Sarah, is just coming along as well. Everyone do your research on Anything presented right now and remember the propaganda heathens are heavily at it to capture as many as possible during these times. i may call singleton and see where he stands but until then, eyes open!!

  6. Anna just saw this " United States of America, since 1781" from Reign of Hell now, I saw it a year ago.

    You can tell their colorful fake seals and chicanery arts. Those seals did not exist in the old days, due to unavailable computers.

    1. Pinkham: Anna addressed "Reign of Heaven" quite some time ago. This is a repeat warning.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  7. Sara Westall and John Singleton -- How Masons and Catholic Church Own You and the USA - Who Legally Owns You, the Country, & Your Assets w/ John Singleton -

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    2. Notice how John Jay Singleton is suggesting that people join the very site and organization that Anna is warning people about!

      Why can't all these awakened groups like Anna's & TUSA join forces to overcome the real evils on this planet?

  8. Anna, I am finding it impossible to find a "Public Notary" I looked online for one throughout the USA & couldn't find one.
    Also, I am finding it difficult to get any recorder to record this as the print is too small in sections and doesn't meet the recording format and they won't record anything that is not of the land.
    Can anyone clarify this for me? Has anyone had any success in getting their Reconveyance actually recorded? If so: how/where?

    1. Each State has their own specified guidelines for items to be recorded. Those guidelines will tell you the margins, the size sheet of paper you must use, the print, the space that must be left at the top, sides and bottom..........stuff like that. You gotta google for the info in your (each) state.

    2. Thanks for your response Abby,
      I did that & made sure that the lettering/style/and font are all correct however the office of land recording refuses to record as I am not a parcel of land

    3. Were you successful in recording your docs?

      I got mine Notarized through the Notary Public which Anna says not to BUT there is no other Notary that I could find?
      Any suggestions?

    4. CD, I do not do paperwork, have not filed anything, have not recorded anything....I was just passing along what I saw in my nosing around here and there back when people first started talking about recorders office.....for those who wanted to do recording of their docs. I recalled them saying that documents have to be within those guidelines or they will not accept them......thats all.

    5. CD, did you ever research or google ''what documents can one file at the State Recorders Office'? I havent, but just wonder what you might find. Or, perhaps, ''what are the responsibilities of the Recorders Office'?

    6. Creatorsdaughter:

      You won't find a "Public Notary" as that is a Public Office not a Corporate Office.

      They hold the OFFICE OF NOTARY PUBLIC for STATE OF STATE. You create your documents and type in "Public Notary" instead. You also use the land cout and land state.

      I recorded all my Documents, my friends documents and my brothers documents at Lamar County Georgia Superior Court. I'm on Delaware. According to their rules they have to accept the recording of a document from any state.

      You are land. Every element of the land is in our body. We are each a "state" in and of ourselves.

      They don't want to record because when enough people record and join the state assembly they are going to be out of a job when we repopulate our offices.

      I would be glad to talk with you. Contact me at

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    7. Annie, you are on fire, this evening. Bravo! FYI; must see, 2 blog posts tonight on my site. Answers everything! See you there!

    8. Island what is your sight address? I would love to go there and see it. Annie I just got my land reconveyance docs recorded here in Benton county. May I email you to Annie?
      peace sherry elizabeth

    9. skully, click 'istandrepublic' on any of my comments. go to my blog!

  9. I invite you all to just RESIGN as registered agent of the Registered Organization that is shown in this video! :

    1. Creators daughter, I went to the video and then I went to one he uses, with the lawyers talking. Thank you for this post. It confirms what I posted in on this blog post and what I teach and what I have posted as comments on other of Anna's posts.

      They know the difference between COMMON LAW NAMES and EQUITY CORPORATE NAMES. The BAR MEMBERS are truly the greatest enemies, globally we all have and they are warring against us.

      Your post, was proof of what I teach. Thanks, so much!

  10. I can't get on YT, is the Regis. Org. the State of State of our nativity? Tks!

  11. I will look around. Somewhere in the documentation I have collected over the years, I have a document that explains that their job, as a public servant, is to record your documents, NOT to INTERPRET them. It goes on to say that if they refuse to do their job as a public servant (record your documents), you can have them removed from their position. Their job is to record, not interpret! With digital scans being used instead of actual tangible paper (our courthouse is now fully digital) all they have to do is scan your documents and record them, in whatever form they are in. Whether or not the format is how they want it. It is just a picture anyway, and not searchable by text so it shouldn't make any difference. Years ago, when I first started on this journey, way before I even learned much, I was copyrighting my name and all variations of it. The clerk didn't want to do it, but I told her that her job was recorder and to record it as is. She unwillingly did it, but you can find it there to this day! Book and page!
    Also, on the Public Notary thing, it is similar. Their job is to witness a signing of a document, NOT to interpret the document being signed. All they are supposed to do is be a witness that it was verified that the hand that signed the document was attached to the arm of the actual human being verified as who they were. That is IT. So it really doesn't matter whether they are Public or Private Notary. If you cannot find a Notary who will sign your documents, you might be able to get affidavits of at least three people willing to sign an affidavit that you are who you say you are. One could be your County Sheriff if he knows you and has for a long time. Keep those affidavits with the documents and that might work. I cannot prove this, but you can do it if you think it would be sufficient.

    1. Doug, my comments are posting all over the place again.

      I sent you a comment, its above, citing
      18 USC ss:
      2076--Clerk is to File
      1512 (b) (c)
      2071 (a) (b)

    2. This is exactly why they moved everything to digital for their new digital world utopia
      This is exactly why they went to electronic health records and encouraged everyone to shred all their paper documents
      Even when you do take them they digitally record them that digital record can be wiped out with the flick of a switch
      That is why they are working at break neck speed to get the fema regions built and the people off the land
      It is a targeted kill on a large scale
      Paradise California, estimated kill of over 50,000 people was their practice run

    3. Shelby, have you run across any update on Paradise CA? I wonder what is going on there,now. Just curious.

  12. Shelby..this is specifically for you...!! Jeffery Epstein is still alive and being held in a military prision, possibly GITMO , and being grilled for his high profile cases....!! It makes sense to get him out before he was killed...!!

    This is it:

    1. The video proves nothing
      What I see is a sales pitch to get a vpn to protect your data from the predators that stole your data in the first place, the banks
      An if anyone thinks that getting a VPN protects their data think again
      Backdoors in every computer period it's called the Intel chip and microsoft

    2. james, it does seem quite plausible that the dirty ole Eppy dog was carted off 'to some dog pound' for 'shelter' and to 'get him to bark'.

  13. My posts keep did appearing as im typing or getting moved around on the blog,... after not even being able to post at all for a day it so!

    1. I was saying I wondered if anyone was keeping up on the Timothy Holmseth case.

      He is yet ANOTHER HERO who it appears is being.persecuted and prosecuted for trying to report on the child sez trafficking.

    2. His life has been ruined but this HERO has not backed off. He was an award winning journalist. This has gone on over 10 years I believe.

      On his stateoftodaydotttcommm channel, Daniel read a scathing OPEN Letter that Timothy wrote to the judges and also sent out to the media last week. In it he listed all of the proofs and evidence he has furnished to the courts and prosecutors and judges of child sez trafficking and abuse that they have done nothing with. Timothy has even been identified as a credible witness by some (good guy?) FBI Special Agent.

      Well, Monday Field McConnell and this Daniel plus 100, possibly 125 or more people, went to the courthouse.

      But Timothy did not show up.

    3. My gosh, another comment WIPED while I'm typing/pecking on a Dumb phone.

    4. Comment just got WIPED again.

    5. They were speculating that Timothy may have been advised, possibly, not to show up since the proceedings were/might be construed to be UNLAWFUL.

    6. They were speculating that an arrest warrant would be issued since Timothy did not show up and also speculated that that would/might place the judges and the court and officers under the direct review of the DJT Task Force on Human Trafficking since Timothy has all the proofs of having lawfully and diligently NOTIFIED the Courts for a decade or more.
      [Just guessing, speculating,... no one officially knew what was going on, though, of course.]

      They were also speculating that it might even have BEEN the Task Force who advised Timothy not to go since, the proceedings might be construed to be UNLAWFUL.
      They were just speculating though.

      They also thought Timothy might be being held in protective custody now.

      ....Well, Field is a Marine and if his Pres. told him to do something, even at 70 years of age, he is duty-bound to follow those orders!

      He was there for a reason.
      What that reason is remains to be seen.

    7. The man is Daniel Lee. He has a 30 minute or so video. I don't think its titled but it has a still of Field holding a bible, and a bunch of people in front of the courthouse, like 100-125 altogether were there, on "stateoftoday" no quotes dotte comm if anyone is interested.
      Looking to be, perhaps, a landmark case.

    8. Well that makes sense that that comment would be from C Johnson!!!
      Too funny, yes. Keeper of the puzzle piece.
      ...Act like the *key* has been found (it hasn't :) ) but *you*, the disgusting dumbheads have to go put it together yourSELVES, because you are the mind controlled heaving masses and you disgust the princess. ???:):):):):):):):):):)

      Here's the game: :):)
      "Do you know *THIS*????"....
      ...*I* DO...
      AND *IM* not going to tell you because you're all just:

      "a prime example of the people to whom I said are part of the mind controlled masses"...


      It gets even worse!!

      Here, this is a perfect example of the very pot who called the crystal goblets a pot demonstrating that it is the pot who is not so bright after all :) :

      "FYI: istandrepublic means CJohnson, non male!"

      Well,... Of COURSE the entire world knows that!!! istandrepublic = CJohnson!!! :):)
      of COURSE it does. lol

      Oh, and yes, well, *yes*, CJohnson, of course can only *BE* a FEMALE name:
      Yes, yes definitely, strictly female name.
      Yes indeedy do.

      You may want to make a mental note like I'm doing that C Johnson has made a habit (go back and read a few CJohnson posts!) of throwing out info and then take that for an opportunity to make derogatory remarks about "the masses"... Looks like someone just needing to create an opportunity to make oneself feel superior at other peoples expense perhaps, IMO.

      Like I said, wasn't even interested in that info, can't use it, not interested... I actually dont even know what all that info was supposed to be related to... And dont care...It just sounded like more rehashing of commercial/ Admiralty jurisdiction gibberish to me.
      I did though, want to find out why someone would write a comment like that instead of just coming on here and sharing what they've got in a plain, easy to understand way without insulting the group!

    9. Goodboots, oh the puzzle is together.Yes the pieces are all in place! But, go ahead and continue on you own journey, looking for what has already been found!

    10. Ps. about the CJohnson, it was so everyone else would know, whose actually posting! Many have been helped and are being helped right now. Because that puzzle piece, you spoke of, is being shared with them daily.
      Actually, its more like a key for the locked door! They are using it, to win all types of legal battles!
      The key is no longer missing! It has been found! Good luck to you on your journey!

    11. Not interested CJohistandrep whatever!

      Not into wasting my time with squabbling nonsense.
      Please go inflate your ego elsewhere.
      Thank you!!

    12. Hey Good Boots,

      It is my understanding that for each statute entered into the United States Code,(U.S.C.), a corresponding duplicate entry is also added to the Public Law. This is important because a simple mistake like this tells the court administrator all he/she needs to know of defendants appearance of US Citizenship. In such a circumstance a defendant will likely find themselves handed a
      'guilty' verdict just because the judge can get away with it.
      Geez that thought really pisses me off!


  14. Speaking of Red Alerts on doppelgangers and pirates...

    I think they might be starting to do the "dumping" of information to the people re: the Human Cloning that's apparently been developed to an extremely high degree.

    A lot of us recognized right away that there was something not quite right about the "Chuck and Nancy" duo at the StateoftheUnion address. And of course everyone is teasing about the Ruth Bader Ginsberg clone about being finished, but I actually think they might be starting to release the true info about it. If what I have heard is true, its going to be horrifying, what they've done.

    The electric cages, the growing people in bags, the CLONES where these filthy shitbags are violating our will and our mind and our privacy for their own perverted unworthy gratification... because they want to violate everything in and of nature. I guess they pick up a man or woman's DNA "signature"...[interesting...
    not auto-graph/print?] from, well, anywhere, a kleenix? Blood sample? Your glass when you leave a restaurant? And "find" you and start "downloading" your thoughts, dreams, decisions, feelings, body sensations and put it on a chip. Brain/machine interface? "Obamas" Brain Genome?

    Anyway, the best I've seen so far is the one that is on Aug 26 on "mcallistertv bitchute" duckduckgo. It gets pretty far out there, they think there are these Vril lizards, and there may be, but I doubt that they need the "lizards" anymore if they ever, in fact, did.

    The main point to me is the perverse spiritual nature of the whole thing and also complete and total disregard for other living things. This is psychopathy on steroids not of this world IMO... Well, this video mentions a little bit about them thinking they are the portals to hell, too.

    If all or some of this is true, It is beyond the imagination what these filthy pieces of crap have been doing. I wonder how many of those children at China Lake were a clone, if any.

    These shitbags have got to GO.

  15. Just listened to a video where a British reporter was talking about Brexit.
    At the end she said, "MAKE BRITIAN GREAT AGAIN!"

  16. And a different video showing (supposedly?) people all over Hong Kong singing "Sing hallelujah to the lord".
    I'm believing it.

    People all over seem to be realizing the unimagined evil that we've all been secretly placed under.


  17. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 29, 2019 at 8:20 AM

    Also, have only seen this one place so far, but I regard them to be credible, so am doing this now and will change it later if it turns out to be wrong:

    Covfefe, they're saying, means "I will stand up."

    Same source said GOOGLE supposedly went in and wiped all references to Covfefe out.

    I don't know what it really means (if anything), but I'm going to be using it for me for now to be "I will stand up." At least until I find out what the true meaning is....

    We can do that ya'know.....
    ...have/make our own definitions for words. Being sovereign. :).

    That's what moreagora was talking about a couple of articles back. Definitions: their importance, and our lawful authority, in American/other? traditional common law, to define words the way WE use them/how we accept that they apply to us.
    They have turned that around on us, as moreagora was pointing out, and "stolen" our language/given their own definitions to common words and then said we agreed to their BAR Englush definitions, while they held the crimes they were premeditatively committing against us under license from the Poopster and Qwhine under Silent Judicial Notice in their kangaroo courts of not even commerce, but CRIME.
    That's the way it truly is.
    They are operating courts of CRIME.

  18. Since Frank O'Connor was mentioned again­čÄ»

    Should anyone have an interest in brilliant Australian Frank O’Connor’s alternative history of US/English/Amsterdam banking control synergy…a friend has a pclould website available for perusal

    [If you are without these – here are the four files of O’Conner’s Secret History of America ]

    Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for Wednesday 16th July 2014 and many thanks to all of you who are taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia blog for this week being the second of a three part series on the true history of the law and the “behind the scenes” formation of the United States of America.  This second part today is entitled the “True History of America Part 2 (1840-1939): The False God of Perpetual War”.

    1. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 29, 2019 at 12:10 PM

      Thank you Leland!
      Yes, so far, Frank O'Collins has established himself to be an impeccably credible source of accurate (formerly hidden) information.

    2. I haven't seen the video yet...covfefe⚡

      Thank you so much for this one Leland. I’ve been told several times about a ‘problem in the stomach area’ & never been able to pinpoint it. Now I reckon it has become a lot clearer. I already have borax powder & apple cider vinegar.

      A solution they DO NOT want you to know August 17, 2019 [Mirrored]

      Dana Ashlie says her words are transcribed by a computer program that then decides if you are to be censored, ascertained from the type of words used. So she uses photos & titles for what she means like when talking about chemtrails or HAARP.

      Apparently the ‘genius seismologist’ she was talking to said that alongside his research team of several hundred professionals (astronomers, physicists), others had built hundreds of HAARP facilities around the planet seven years ago. They were assessing how those HAARP effects interact with the chemtrails.
      They went on radio & started divulging the information & lo – a number of them were attacked & some lost their lives, others succumbed to this ‘mystery’ virus.

      Leland Roth#425192
      So GLAD something I reposted works for someone Zander 425187  

      This seems to be a ‘gut’ religion, too….Cannot fault such amazing results thru a practitioner of it either

      They discovered how the nannites from chemtrails grow to a predetermined size/diameter in the stomach, once they interact with hydrochloric acid in the human digestive tract. These nanobots can then communicate & move through the global HAARP frequency. The purpose is for these nanites to become bots so as to harvest biological data where a real time simulated version of you can be created & down the road the bots do the controlling. An AI assisted real world simulation program. The Matrix film was always real imo.

      The nanites are breathed in & also eaten through what has collected on/in plant life/food. They come up in the phlegm & then go down into the stomach/digestive tract to start replicating as crystals. Then on each corner come arms & antennae like a tick & it is the same silicon base as morgellons – which is an uncontrolled replication outside of our genetic code, like an alien cancer.

      Right now many have one half of the binary weapon inside us – the H1N1 flu virus. It has the removal of two amino acids that they want the AI to put back in to give it teeth – to wipe us out if necessary. With voice commands to AI giving info. to the real world host (us) via the nanobots to build the real world simulations where the feed is reversed so the real world host is working ahead of us & we are sending info. back, & it is then that “I” am being controlled by the host that has become a simulation.

      The only known inhibitor is borax powder – an anti fungal alkaline, the smallest pinch in one pint of water, three times a day.
      Also: 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in one pint of water. Drink one third of the glass with each meal.

      The man says that Benjamin Fulford is part of the system attempting control of the narrative, or he wouldn’t be allowed to continue.

      In the end we only have each other to disseminate here on the comments section, the BFC." From Benjamin Fulford's latest report comments section

    3. Leland Roth#425192
      So GLAD something I reposted works for someone Zander 425187  

      This seems to be a ‘gut’ religion, too….Cannot fault such amazing results thru a practitioner of it either

    4. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 29, 2019 at 3:12 PM

      Is that a *Nazi* Lightning
      Bolt there that you put by the word Covfefe?

      If yes, is that what you have heard/think it means?


    5. Whatever Covfefe....I come from p.o.v. Nazi took over White House in 1952 until further notice­čÄ»


  19. Many thanks for this article. I'm sure you also know that the so-called Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is actually the satanic Illuminati, originally formed by Adam Weishaupt. We vin Australia have been infiltrated also by Freemasons in all parts of our political parties and systems - upper and lower houses, State and Federal. All engineered and fijanced by our evil, debt-based monetary system, owned and controlled by the International Banksters. We need another Abraham Lincoln over there, and Sir Dennnison Miller over her. Pray to God and His Blessed Mother. Brian.

    1. Yes the CFR is all illuminazi - hidden in plain sight
      And then we have their official website and a new testament for the world serfs
      Just some links to review

    2. Abe Lincoln was an illegal president that help continue the ongoing fraud in America unknown. Ps he was a lawyer working for England to usurp the original 13th amendment ratified in 1819.

      See for yourself the facts:

      The Original Thirteenth Article of Amendment
      To The Constitution For The United States

      "If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them." [Journal of the Senate]

    3. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 1, 2019 at 12:33 PM

      I can't get in to post a comment on Paul's re-posting of the video that was taken off the internet, where this really belongs.... Will probably try later... But I copied this from a COMMENTER on fake news Infowars, so take it for what its worth. I have not yet fact checked this myself but didn't want to lose track of it just in case its important:

      "Educate yourself on the 2A with these links: Americans not only have the Constitutional right, but a duty to be well armed and trained per US Code Title 10, Subtitle A, Part 1, Chapter 12 - classified under Armed Forces as the Unorganized Militia:

      direct language here:"

      MAINLY though, remember that defense of yourself, your family and your property is a NATURAL, GOD GIVEN RIGHT secured in the AMERICAN traditional common law "trust", the Declaration of Independence, that PRE-cede and also SUPER-cede all other claims: from which you cannot be separated:

      "...That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their **SAFETY** and Happiness."
      (Emphasis mine.)

    4. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 1, 2019 at 1:42 PM

      So true Leland.
      Look at the fasces they put on that throne/chair they have his statue sitting in.

      My study/information, so far, shows:
      fasces/fascism = ROME = Municipal ="Civil"; so that:

      We've been given the wrong definition for Lincoln stirring up that so-called "Civil" war....
      Since the US INCORP was built upon that war, it might be more accurate for us to all start calling it instead:
      1. Rome's war against the free, sovereign, and independent living American people,
      2. the Municipality of fascist Rome's war against the living free, sovereign, and independent American people,
      The war of Roman Corporate Fascism upon the free, sovereign, and independent living American people,.... something more truthful and
      actually descriptive of what truly went on
      rather to continue speaking the indoctrination of the now-known-to-be-false narrative of saying it was brother against brother, north against south, or freemen against men held in bondage.

    5. Greenland serves Greco-Roman unseen hands well. It makes perfectly good sense that the Greco-Roman Empire did not fall, but rather, They, under a controlled morph, in which the Empire stole Romes wealth, as they apparently exited from existence, set the stage for their continuation of the world dominance we are witnessing today. This whole thing goes together. This may have been the cause of recent diversionary discussions with regard to Greenland.

    6. Creatorsdaughter you have to request a public notary at the notary public office it allows you two witnesses on the states side for you . If notary says there is not one require her superior officer to serve as the other witness .


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