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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

International Protest, Claim, and Counter-Claim

By Anna Von Reitz

International Protest, Claim, and Counter-Claim
Sent to Pope Francis: 27 August 2019: 23:06....

International Protest, Claim, and Counter-Claim Under Public International Notice for Pope Francis, President Donald Trump, the Lord Mayor of London, the Government of Westminster, Queen Elizabeth II and all other Interested Principals and Parties:

This is your International Notice of Constructive Fraud ongoing on the sea and in the air:  

We are the People of The United States of America.  We know who we are and when our Federation of States was formed: September 9, 1776, almost five (5) years before any commercial organization of confederated states of states was formed March 1, 1781; we know our jurisdiction and the nature of our States as the Donors of all Delegated Powers ever received by the Municipal United States Government and also any such Powers exercised in our names by the Territorial United States of America. 

Tonight we have been informed of yet another Interloper deliberately infringing upon our Unregistered Trademarks and Copyrights in violation of International Law for the purpose of commercial entrapment and fraud. 

The guilty Parties have launched a "Private Membership Association" called the Reign of Heaven Society, based on plagiarizing the work and infringing upon the copyrights of Frank O'Collins; they have similarly attempted to infringe upon our recorded copyrights and trademarks and sought to promote a deliberate confusion via a Similar Names Deceit between their additional Private Member Association calling itself The United States of America 1781 and our unincorporated Federation of Independent States doing business as The United States of America since September of 1776.

Though I have no reason to suppose that Pope Francis is unaware of basic International Law, including the fact that possession by pirates does not change ownership of assets, I must remind him of his responsibility as the Keeper of Corporations under Ecclesiastical Law, and bring this matter to his attention and that of the Roman Curia for correction and must also demand the dissolution of this would-be imposter organization which has no actual or historical relationship with our States or our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.

We also wish to make it clear that The United States of America represents the independent and complete and physically-defined States belonging to the People of this country, and neither we nor our member States are any kind of "state of state" at all.  

As States and as a Lawful Federation of States, we cannot be defined as any enemy of any state of state organization and may not be mischaracterized as a state of state organization ourselves; we occupy a complete and separate jurisdiction as natural people and as Lawful Persons owed every respect and protection under international law.

We are permanently and properly domiciled on the land and soil of our States and have no cause nor reason to reside in any inchoate state of state at all. Any paperwork or delusion that we have left our native land and soil, abandoned our birthright for proxy benefits or otherwise knowingly allowed any such legal presumptions must be set aside and disallowed; we accept all gifts, waive all unearned benefits, and act as Prudent Men.  

We do not inhabit nor reside in any inchoate incorporated state of state at all, and as we are the Beings in Possession of the States, we are not stateless, either.  We claim our inheritance as the living sons and daughters of our Creator, formed by an Act of the True God at the moment of fertilization and as true heirs of every bit of DNA and matter belonging to us by His Gift, including claim upon every beneficial interest in the estate thus created, including any estate left behind by our dead amnion being misrepresented as a "person" and as an "infant decedent" and then used as a device to promote fraud and identity theft against our living estate and Given Name.

We are not amused by any of these attempts to mischaracterize us or entrap innocent people under false premises and unconscionable contracting processes --- not the Dead Baby Scam, not the Justinian Deception, and not another deceitful attempt to misrepresent our Federation nor our States nor our People via the employment of deceitfully similar names adopted by "membership organizations" or commercial corporations or any other kind of inchoate Legal Entities at all.  

Our Social Contract within our States has been established since 1776, and any and all obligations shared with the British Government and with the Holy See have been set upon the international record since 1783; there has been no valid alteration in any provision since 1861: "This Act shall not effect any right thus previously established".  

Must we remind His Holiness of the obligation of the Holy See to strictly limit its governmental services activities to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia? 

And the further obligation of the Holy See and its servants to drop any and all frivolous claims to the effect that our people are "citizens" of any fictional legal entity? 

We wish this to be done, and to be done now, in this moment and forever.

We are the Children of the True God, not Children of Men; we command the Angels and command the Devils, too.

Remove these atrocities from our presence.

Liquidate the phony 500 municipal districts which have been overlaid upon our land and soil. Remove the Municipal and so-called Administrative COURTS that have been established in violation of Our Sacred Covenants. 

Remove the false claims to own our souls or any other right, title, trademark, copyright, patent or property interest rightly belonging to us. 

Release all bonds and set our people free.  

Cease all false claims that any of us are commonwealth property, paupers, warrant officers, municipal volunteers, employees, dependents, assets, or mere matter subject to the whim of any man, archon, seraph, ghost, demon, spirit, or goblin.

On your immortal soul, Francis, these outrages must cease.

We demand the prompt liquidation of this THING calling itself by a name deceptively similar to our own --- and we note that there never was and is not now any valid entity called "The United States of America 1781" associated with this country or with this nation. 

We also demand the cessation of any attempt to contract with this inchoate entity as if it represented our Federation of States or held any authority related to us, our Powers, our States or our Nation.  "The United States of America 1781" is a foreign entity of dubious origin seeking to substitute itself for our lawful Government in violation of international law, treaty, and commercial contracts which the Holy See owes to us alone.

Living people are not sheep to be herded from pen to pen, fraud to fraud, delusion to delusion---- and Lawful Persons are owed their due recognition, respect, and protection.  The True Heirs of the Kingdom have returned; let no man or spirit presume otherwise and let there be no more testing deployed against non-domestic targets.  

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska  99652

Non-domestic: Private copyright:
4711 Birchwood Road,
Big Lake, Alaska


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  1. I hope this typo wasn't in the official letter...

    We are the People of The United States of America. We know who we are and when our Federation of States was formed: September 9, 1776, almost five (5) years before any commercial organization of confederated states of states was formed March 1, 1776;

    1. Flag of the United States of America | › topic › flag-of-the-United...

      The 50 stars stand for the 50 states of the union, and the 13 stripes stand for the original 13 states. ... Prospect Hill in Charlestown (now in Somerville), Massachusetts, on

      January 1, 1776; it was ... The new Stars and Stripes formed part of the military colours carried on ... 1st Confederate Flag, Stars and Bars, March 15, 1861. ?

    2. "Though I have no reason to suppose that Pope Francis is unaware of basic International Law,"
      Thank you Anna, that's my laugh for the day. Do you honestly believe "Pope Francis" and his crime syndicate are concerned about "International Law" or any law for that matter? Well at least he's been given notice-so no plausible deniability for you Francis.

  2. I have sent this to Sarah Westall also.

  3. Need to address the constitution of interdependence that the rats signed back in 1976
    Used to be able to bring up the names of those who signed this doucment but it is now being supressed on the internet
    The REICHENFELDER or I mean Rockefellers and their hidden hand in the globalist serf world order - they're world philanthropy to kill 95% of the worlds population for their heaven on earth
    Fossil fuel free while they hoard the gas and minerals in the Levant Basin outisde Syria
    The Syrian president or an imposter
    People also being lured to the following site to sign oaths and take pledges of allegiance
    And another one
    BRICS deal is where they formulating all of this
    Just some links that may shed some light

  4. almost five (5) years before any commercial organization of confederated states of states was formed March 1, 1776; Is not accurate and hopefully not in original letter.
    Pope Francis should be listening to you as you are in his service.

    1. Doonstr, that comment below from me was supposed to be here.

    2. Reply from Anna:

      The United States of America was formed on September 9, 1776. The Confederacy of States of States was formed March 1, 1781.

      The United States of America, therefore, as opposed to the "united" States of America was indeed formed almost five years earlier. Can't you count?

      September 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780, plus three months into 1781 equals --if you want to be picky, four years and three months, affecting six calendar years 1776 to 1781.

      Am I getting the point through to all and everyone? The Federation is older than the Confederation by years and not only that, the Federation is composed of independent sovereign States, not business entities called "States of States".

      Am I making myself perfectly clear?

      Is everyone now understanding what is going on here?

      We are declaring our birthright political status and casting off any "presumption" that we volunteered to adopt any foreign citizenship at all.

      We are assembling our actual independent and sovereign States, not a business organization set up to sell us services.

      Does everyone get that through their heads now?

      As such, Mr. Trump, the Joint Chiefs and every man jack in the British Territorial United States of America is REQUIRED by International Treaty, International Trust, and International Commercial Service Contract to remove these Municipal and Administrative Courts from our soil, restrict the Municipal Government to its Constitutionally declared limit of the "ten miles square" granted to them, collapse the 500 mini-municipal districts which these treasonous corporations have attempted to overlay upon our land and soil, seize the offshore tax trusts formed "in our names" and the related CUSIP Bonds, and return all our assets including our land titles to us.

      Don't you all get it yet?

      Our own dear military has at the highest levels, knowingly or unknowingly, followed orders under the False Presumption that the foreign Roman "Civil Government" set up merely to run the business of the Washington DC Municipality, was somehow magically converted into the "Civilian Government" of this country in our purported "absence".

      The two For-Hire Service Providers were running amok, securing credit under False Pretenses in our names and using our assets as collateral backing our debts.

      Agents of the British Territorial entity exercising some of our Delegated Powers and doing business under our name as "the" United States of America" has been snatching American babies and trafficking them into their foreign territorial jurisdiction for decades, deliberately misidentifying them as British Territorial Dependents and cashiering their Good Names and assets for use backing the debts of the British Crown Corporation.

      Wake up.

      The British Monarchs who are obligated to act as our Trustees in this venue have allowed this to go on in Gross Breach ofTrust.

      The Popes have similarly allowed this in Gross Breach of Trust.

      The Lord Mayor of London has conducted war against Treaty Allies and innocent internationally Protected Persons and is an International Criminal of the Highest Order.

      Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

      We are not chattel.

    3. Continued:

      We are not here to be picked apart by the Creditors of pirates who have been grossly and without merit pretending to "represent" us.

      So now we are engaged in unraveling this criminal enterprise and calling down the Pope, the Queen and the Lord Mayor and the United Nations for all the world to see--and we are flatly demanding the return of our purloined property and actual assets to us, not to them.

      They have breached their Trust with the American States and People and the only sane option is to return it all whence it came, to our Lawful and actual government which is now assembling under the organizational heading of The American States Assembly.

      Thus far these cads have tried to maintain control of our assets by handing them to "Third Party Philanthropists"-- William Struck, Ram Dass, Kim Goguen, etc., -- and ginned up various stories as to how and why these persons suddenly control all the assets.

      The simple truth is that the banks stole the assets, the US military stole them back, and now nobody knows how to both control their release (which is necessary in terms of flooding the markets and collapsing everything) and return them to the actual owners.

      They appoint the presumed to be Philanthropist that they control and pretend that this Person has some natural inherited claim to sit in this position-- and it is all just an infantile smoke screen for what has actually gone on here.

      That hasn't sold, so they have tried other means. They've tried to justify the Dead BabyScam. Nobody is buying that, either.

      They've tried a new round of the old Justinian Deception via introducing "PARSE SYNTAX" as the new Legalese. That isn't working, either.

      So now they are back to the pathetic old Scottish Corporation trick of trying to use a similarly and deceitfully named corporation, in the present situation, a Private Membership Association calling itself "The United States of America 1781" to snare people into more undisclosed contracts created under conditions of deliberate constructive fraud with intent to deceive---- and we are calling them out on all of it.

      What needs to happen is for the Pope to get rid of the Freemasons acting as "Worshipful Grandmasters" in the old Pontifical System -- which is supposed to be gone and isn't--- and which includes the removal of Mike Pence -- and close down the Municipal COURTS throughout this country, voluntarily.

    4. Continued:

      If he fails to take these actions he is obviously not acting in good faith.

      Meantime, the Queen needs to come forward and exercise our Delegated Power to restructure the operations of the US Navy to do its job for us instead of being engaged in worldwide crime syndicate activities benefiting the British Crown.

      She also needs to arrest the Lord Mayor and oust his peculiar religion from British Shores, if she has the sense of a Dung Beetle and wishes to retain any credibility for the limited monarchy.

      The Pope should readily allow this, as the Holy See is already committed in Public to prosecution of the Templars--- even though it privately deals extensively with the pirates and fraud artists running these "programs", the public fall out of supporting them would further endanger the Church and its credibility.

      The rats are now in the same basic position they were in 1300. Their choices are the same now as then. Persecute the Satan worshippers or be persecuted themselves.

      So the Satan Worshiping vermin have proposed to leave America and set up their new base operations in China where they have long controlled the Drug Trade, but the Chinese, Indian, and Afghani Governments can see the situation now and have other ideas.

      To put it very bluntly, the time has come for actual reform and honest government throughout the world. All governments are supposed to be functioning as non-profit service organizations monitored closely by the people they serve.

      When you think about it, such a goal is stupidly simple to achieve once people understand what the goal is, what their role as monitors requires, and they are motivated to do it.

      If being slaves to drug and sex crazed Satan Worshipers isn't motivation enough for people to wake up and get moving --I don't know what is.

      And that is literally what is going on and what is at stake here.

      Wake up.

      Stop nit-picking and dawdling.

      Get on your feet. Declare your proper political status. Record it. Join your State Assembly or if your State is one of the few that still does not have a State Assembly, form one NOW.

  5. Anna, let us know when you get responses. And all the responses you 'got' from all those other letters you sent to them and others.

    1. I just want her to tell us why she's telling the world that we the living people DONATED our Delegated Powers to the Sovereign of FICTIONS in Rome Abby. :):)

  6. Tho this may be out of order, I wanted to announce that the Queen, at the request of the new PM Johnson, has suspended the Parliament - from Sept. 9 to Oct 14 - apparently to stop Parliament from hindering the finalizing of Brexit. As I understand it now, it is Parliament that has been the problem in this issue. This all just happened Wed. morning over there, which I think is just a bit ago.

    1. Well then this is definitely out of order, but will all those freeloading politicians that have over a month off now still get paid on the public purse while doing nothing? Or will they be pouring coffee at the local shops to make ends meet the way everybody else working in a factory and on short term closure/layoff would have to do?

      Yeah I know...I wasn't supposed to have noticed that. Just in a pissy mood right now.

    2. Well Will, maybe our country would be better off if we would pay our ''leaders' to NOT come to work, LOL

    3. Pay them not to work? Well there is a recurring theme. Chuckle.
      Pay them not to perform in the world theatre,(reality show, where everyone's a star) also comes to mind.

      Faith, Hope, and Trust in His word, His protection, His seal.

    4. Abby yes I do believe that would be an improvement to pay them to stay home and not say or do anything. Couldn't be any worse.

  7. The ROCKY brothers (4 horseman) and the interdependent world for the serfs while they steal everything in sight
    Shh their family history
    REICHENFELDER - their real name - now does the IV Reich make sense to everyone now
    The BRICS deal - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa
    Building their human settlements for their cattle property, this would be the FEMA Mega Region Smart Cities while the wildlands project deems 80% of the US land mass off limits to their human cattle including cattle because the slaves won't be eating any meat only plant based food like their new Burger King plant burger - what an fning joke
    Brazil, the Bush clan down there now sitting on 150,000 acre plot that just happens to sit on the world largest fresh water aquifer
    Israel yet another Rotchild creation stealing US high technology and giving it to the Russians and Chinese
    India, biometrically marking the impoverished people there so they can receive sheckle benefits from their masters
    No coincidence that they shipping millions of people from India here, they may already be chipped
    East India Trading Company, trading in slaves for centuries in plain sight
    And it is no coincidence that the World Parliament is situated and meetings galore taking place in India and the building in shaped like the all seeing eye
    Check out the Constitution for The Federation of Earth
    The Pledge of Allegiance
    The Federation Currency
    The Earth Federation Currency Authorization
    Check out the World Legislative Act to launch the new world federation currency
    And if anyone thinks that Queeny is setting aside parliament for some good deed think again
    They all working the stage and the plan which is being carried out in the BRICS 'nations' while they build their human settlements at break neck speed for us here
    Anyone who thinks anyone in the political arena is not involved in this, old or new party, is sadly mistaken, it's all to keep the sheep busy while they work their hidden hand in the 'nations' they already impoverished to the point of no return
    Just some links for those who wish to review

  8. And here is your green new deal scam

    1. Resource grab in the Amazon, depopulation and relocation of tribes from their homelands
      The Bush connection
      It is not an operation to burn out their underground bunkers or anything of the such, it is a resource and land grab perpetrated by the same criminals - it is a UN/NATO operation

  9. Anna, once again you are misleading people by insinuating everybody is a child of God, when scripture says otherwise. Just one example is given in Acts 13:10 where the Apostle Paul told a sorcerer he was full of mischief and called him a child of the devil for trying to pervert the right ways of the Lord. (and look at how many of those types we have today, whew)

    Jesus told the pharisees they were children of their father the devil.
    In 2 Corinthians 6:11-18 Paul the Apostle gives the church folks at Corinth a good butt chewing out, telling them to come out from among them (the wicked) and to be Separate from 'them' and (if they did that) then He would be a Father to them.
    (then scripture is written in such a way that tells us the opposite is also true, meaning ''if you dont obey that admonishment, the He WONT'')

    So Anna I know you are ultra busy with all this other bullschitt you have going on, but you really need to stop getting your teaching from that 'pastor' of yours, and start studying for yourself, so you stop with all your errors and misleading folks.
    I merely gave a couple of examples that prove you are in grave error; there are many many many more, but Im not getting paid to do all that homework. So just suffice it to say ''we aint all Gods chilluns''.

    God only made the mold. And then he commanded ''go YE and multiply' So for folks who like to sit and think 'oh Im the handiwork of God'' - - perish that thought. We were all born flawed, and must be 'born again' in order to become a child of God.
    IF everybody was 'children of God' then none of us would be born flawed as we were. And IF we were ''the handiwork of God' we would not have been born flawed in the first place.
    So deduce from that, we were all born as children of men. Even so, I tend to believe there are times when God does intercede and brings forth births that He intends for a particular purpose in His scheme of things. But that is way beyond my heavenly knowledge.


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