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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Clarification for All

By Anna Von Reitz

The United States of America was formed on September 9, 1776. The Confederacy of States of States was formed March 1, 1781.
The United States of America, therefore, as opposed to the "united" States of America was indeed formed almost five years earlier.
September 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780, plus three months into 1781 equals --if you want to be picky, four years and three months, affecting six calendar years 1776 to 1781.
Am I getting the point through to all and everyone? The Federation is older than the Confederation by years and not only that, the Federation is composed of independent sovereign States, not business entities called "States of States".
Am I making myself perfectly clear?
Is everyone now understanding what is going on here?
We are declaring our birthright political status and casting off any "presumption" that we volunteered to adopt any foreign citizenship at all.
We are assembling our actual independent and sovereign States, not a business organization set up to sell us services.
Does everyone get that through their heads now?
As such, Mr. Trump, the Joint Chiefs and every man jack in the British Territorial United States of America is REQUIRED by International Treaty, International Trust, and International Commercial Service Contract to remove these Municipal and Administrative Courts from our soil, restrict the Municipal Government to its Constitutionally declared limit of the "ten miles square" granted to them, collapse the 500 mini-municipal districts which these treasonous corporations have attempted to overlay upon our land and soil, seize the offshore tax trusts formed "in our names" and the related CUSIP Bonds, and return all our assets including our land titles to us.
Don't you all get it yet?
Our own dear military has at the highest levels, knowingly or unknowingly, followed orders under the False Presumption that the foreign Roman "Civil Government" set up merely to run the business of the Washington DC Municipality, was somehow magically converted into the "Civilian Government" of this country in our purported "absence".
The two For-Hire Service Providers were running amok, securing credit under False Pretenses in our names and using our assets as collateral purportedly backing "our" debts---while in fact, they were spending our money and credit however they wished, with no consequences for them, until we stood up and said --- WTH?
This is the same situation as a credit card hacker stealing your identity, accessing your credit, and going on a spending spree. Does everyone see that?
Because the British Territorial Government was allowed to exercise some of the Delegated Powers belonging to The United States of America, it was also allowed to conduct business under a variation of our name --- "the" United States of America.
Many people were naturally confused and did not notice nor understand the difference between The United States of America and the United States of America.
This would be like John Reynolds Jackson being mistaken for John R. Jackson, or any other such Similar Names Deceit.
This is the game these corporations have been playing for 150 years and it is nothing but the most facile kind of con game. It's time to end it. Now.
Agents of the British Territorial entity exercising some of our Delegated Powers and doing business under our name as "the" United States of America" have been snatching American babies and trafficking them into their foreign territorial jurisdiction for decades, deliberately misidentifying them as British Territorial Dependents and cashiering their Good Names and assets for use backing the debts of the British Crown Corporation.
Wake up.
The British Monarchs who are obligated to act as our Trustees in this venue have allowed this to go on in Gross Breach of Trust.
The Popes have similarly allowed this in Gross Breach of Trust.
The Lord Mayor of London has conducted commercial "war" against Treaty Allies and innocent Internationally Protected Persons and is an International Criminal of the Highest Order.
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
We are not chattel.
We are not here to be picked apart by the Creditors of pirates who have been grossly and without merit pretending to "represent" us.
So now we are engaged in unraveling this criminal enterprise and calling down the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor, and the United Nations ---for all the world to see--and we are flatly demanding the return of our purloined property and actual assets to us, not to them "acting" as our "representatives".
Obviously, they are not trustworthy. Period.
They have breached their Trust with the American States and People and the only sane option is to return it all whence it came, to our Lawful and actual government which is now assembling under the organizational heading of The American States Assembly.
The States have been called to Assemble and conduct business by The United States of America formed September 9, 1776 and by the Hereditary Head of State under whose Great Seals the International Ship of State sails. This is right and proper and verifiable and cannot be contested or overturned.
There is no record nor verifiable provenance of any organization operating as The United States of America 1781 related to this country at all.
It appears to be an attempt to latch onto the long defunct Confederacy of business organizations dba States of America which was formed March 1, 1781, by a group of religious fanatics also operating as The Reign of Heaven Society.
The noxious history and nature and intentions of that organization calling itself The Reign of Heaven Society began when it plagiarized the work of Frank O'Collins, twisted it, and re-presented it as the basis of this elitist religious sect.
Well, we've all had enough of that, haven't we?
Thus far the Perpetrators behind all this Gross Mismanagement and Criminal Neglect have tried to maintain control of our assets by handing them to "Third Party Philanthropists"-- Wolfgang Struck, Kim Goguen, Karen Hudes, etc., -- and ginned up various stories as to how and why these persons suddenly control our assets and have any right to dispose of them.
The simple truth is that the banks stole the assets, the US military stole them back, and now nobody knows how to both control their release (which is necessary in terms of flooding the markets and collapsing everything) and yet, return them to the actual lawful owners.
Another part of the problem is that lawful assets can only belong to lawful persons, and none of those responsible are acting in the capacity of lawful persons. They are all acting as Legal Persons --- and so was Prince Philip when he received all the purloined "Life Force Value Annuities" owed to Americans and Canadians.
They appoint the presumed-to-be Philanthropist that they control and pretend that this Person has some natural inherited claim to sit in this position-- and it is all just an infantile smoke screen for what has actually gone on here.
Their attempts to appoint a Third Party Philanthropist to handle the distribution hasn't sold, so they have tried other means. They've tried to justify the Dead Baby Scam. Nobody is buying that, either.
They have fronted a GCR, but that won't work for the reasons I have already outlined. Doing it admits that they CAN do it, and that they are criminals. Exit that.
They've tried a new round of the old Justinian Deception via introducing "PARSE SYNTAX" as the new Legalese. That isn't working, either.
So now they are back to the Ye Olde Scottish Corporation trick of trying to use a similarly and deceitfully named corporation ---in the present situation, a Private Membership Association calling itself "The United States of America 1781"--- to snare unwary people into more undisclosed contracts created under conditions of deliberate constructive fraud with intent to deceive.
We are calling them out on all of it.
What needs to happen is for the Pope to get rid of the Freemasons acting as "Worshipful Grandmasters" in the old Pontifical System -- which is supposed to be gone and isn't--- who are still dictating to elected Territorial Governors. He also needs to engineer the removal of Mike Pence from the office of Vice President.
Unfortunately, "Vice President" has come to mean "the President in charge of Vice" as in "Vice Squad".
You have to give them credit for having a sardonic sense of humor, but, we don't need any vice here, much less a CEO in charge of vice-related business enterprises, thank you.
Now with that in mind, take a close look at who has been serving the Pontifical Vice Apparatus in your country? Mike Pence, Creepy Joe.... all the way back to LBJ, who, yes, was largely responsible for the murder of President Kennedy. Take a bow, if you knew that back in 1963.
Next, look at all the "Lieutenant Governors". These vermin have ruled from behind the throne, the better to have someone else to blame. Has it ever made sense to you that we have all these obviously quasi-military offices in plain view? Lieutenant Governor? What to Hell is a "Lieutenant Governor" or a "Tax Commissioner" or even worse, an "Attorney General"? Where are their offices defined in any legitimate original constitution?
Nowhere. None. These Vermin have no authority related to us. These offices have existed and continued to exist merely as a result of public ignorance and failure to monitor our "service providers".
Francis also needs to close down the Municipal COURTS throughout this country, voluntarily and peacefully.
If he fails to take these actions he is obviously not acting in good faith.
Meantime, the Queen needs to come forward and exercise our Delegated Power "for us" in fact, to restructure the operations of the US Navy to do its job for us instead of being engaged in worldwide crime syndicate activities benefiting the British Crown. No more using it to transport drugs all around the Pacific Rim and Mediterranean and then passing their Operations Bills on to us. No more targeting American soil and American people as "domestic" targets for Geoengineering and Scalar Tech weapons, either.
She also needs to arrest the Lord Mayor and oust his peculiar religion from British Shores, if she has the sense of a Dung Beetle and wishes to retain any credibility for the limited monarchy she is responsible for.
The Holy See is already committed in Public to prosecution of the Temple of Baal and its promoters- even though the Holy See privately deals extensively with the pirates and fraud artists running these so-called "secular programs" the consequences of overtly supporting them against the demands of our lawful government would further endanger the Church and its credibility.
All the rats are now in the same basic position they were in 1300. Their choices are the same now as then. Prosecute the Satan worshipers or be prosecuted themselves.
So the Satan Worshiping vermin have proposed to leave America and set up their new base of operations in China where they have long controlled the Drug Trade, but the Chinese, Indian, and Afghani Governments that have been enslaved to the British-organized Triangle Trade, can see the situation now and have other ideas.
To put it very bluntly, the time has come for actual reform and honest government throughout the world. All governments are supposed to be functioning as non-profit service organizations monitored closely by the people they serve.
When you think about it, such a goal is stupidly simple to achieve once people understand what the goal is, what their role as oversight monitors requires, are given a means to enforce their oversight ---- and assuming that they are motivated to do their part.
If the prospect of being slaves to drug and sex crazed Satan Worshipers isn't motivation enough to wake up and get moving --I don't know what is.
And that is literally what is going on and what is at stake here.
Wake up.
Stop nit-picking and dawdling.
Get on your feet. Declare your proper political status. Record it. Join your State Assembly or if your State is one of the few that still does not have an official State Assembly, form one now.
There is one legitimate government left standing in the international jurisdiction, one and only one that actually does represent the People of this country. The name of that organization is The United States of America. It was formed September 9, 1776.
The United States of America operates and sails its vessels in international jurisdiction under the auspices of the Norman Kings of England and France, and in particular, under the Great Seals of William Belcher, an American in fact, also known as The Belle Cher, one of the Belles Kings of Gaul as well as being a sovereign in his own right in England by lawful heritage established and settled in 1087 A.D.
William Belcher's kinsmen, The LaFayette, came to his aid in 1776. And the Belles and Pelles will still answer against the Helles kings, if need be.
The Belles and Pelles of this generation stand behind teaching the People to Self-Govern and to honor the True King of Heaven, Our Creator, who lives in the hearts of all Mankind forever. Any other presumption must be disallowed.

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  1. As usual, Anna has come out dancing and swinging like a champ, only to reveal her true nature as a chump. I confess i do not know what it is to which she refers happening on 9 Sept. 1776. What i DO know beyond any doubt is that "The United States of America" was CREATED by and through the Articles of Confederation in 1781. So once again, she throws out statements as though they were facts, when the truth is: she just made it up. If she'd ever read the documents she pretends to understand, she might actually learn something. "The United States of America" came into existence by virtue of Article 1, quote:
    The style of this confederacy shall be "The United States of America.""

    If "judge" Anna knew anything about the Law, she would realize that any entity created by that name five years earlier would have rendered the Articles of Confederation unlawful and its authors stupid. I assure you they were not! Also, Anna shows her ineptitude when she rails on about "States of States" being somehow associated with the Articles. Again, there's nothing there. The phony States that appear to be the Common Law constitutional republics, only spelled in all caps, actually were created under the auspices of the Buck Act in the 1940's! Oh, and one more thing: there has NEVER been an entity styled: "united" States of America. The USA was NEVER properly written uSA! The lower case u in united comes from the heading of the Declaration of Independence as it was actually written. The lower case u NEVER appeared in the Articles nor in the Constitution! I don't know how silly things like this get started, but it's a clear indictment of Anna's grasp of reality.

    Now all that comes from the absurdities of her first FOUR paragraphs!
    "Am I getting the point through to all and everyone?"
    "Am I making myself perfectly clear?"

    You only need four of her paragraphs to discover she is either vapidly ignorant or she is a consummate liar and a dissembler.

    1. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 31, 2019 at 4:03 AM

      StevenCharles, would you mind citing where the STATESTOFSTATES entities were formed in the BuckAct? Very interesting. TY.

      I'm spreading the good word:
      The "Constitution" was never lawfully ratified at any of the three required levels:

      *OUR*, the peoples' just government system requires such important decisions be approved/ratified 3 different ways:

      1. From consent of the people by election:
      one man/(woman):one ballot.
      It was not ratified at the local level.
      √ STRIKE ONE (and only one strike is necessary).

      2. All of the several State (National) Legislatures have to pass it.
      *MASSACHUSETTS IS ON THE RECORD SHOWING IT NEVER PASSED IT.* (This fact is easily verified by simple searches on the internet.)
      It didn't pass at the State (National) level.
      √ STRIKE TWO.

      3. It was never lawfully ratified at the Confederated Union level either.
      It didn't pass at the Union of the States level.

      So it failed all of the safeguards at all three levels:
      The people
      The States
      The Confederated Union.

      It just simply: DID NOT PASS.

      These Records show that it, in actual FACT and in LAW, ("de jure" = by right, by law):
      Is a contract that we did not lawfully "sign"... Nowhere is the lawful "signature" of the people found so that
      it is, IN ACTUAL FACT THEN:
      an unlawful contract ("de facto" = by usurpation/take over, using force)
      that was forced upon us without our consent.

      Check it out!!

    2. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 31, 2019 at 4:18 AM

      Another piece of trickery that's been used on us and crammed down our throats by the criminals is calling us a republic/Republic.

      No were not!

      We're a Confederated Union of several (separate) Nations called States. Very comparable to the EU.
      The EU being:
      a *UNION*
      Of separate Nations. (Italy, France, Germany:Virginia, Texas, Missouri)
      Virginia Nation: a Commonwealth
      Texas Nation: a Republic
      Missouri Nation: a Free and Independent Nation of free, sovereign, and independent people.

      The States' own Constitutions tell us the form of government the people chose for themselves in their own Nation.

      Then those nations joined together in the UNION, which is NOT a country... The several States are the *countries*!!

      Just more crap that's been shoved down our throats for decades in their indoctrination centers called SCHOOLS!!

    3. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 31, 2019 at 4:42 AM

      There definitely was and is a Confederation called the:
      States of America, or
      the united States of America!!

      The last paragraph of the Declared of Indep is talking about each of the States being Free and Independent nations (*NOT* "R/republics") says:

      "We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to..."

      So that it was this Confederation (con = retaining sovereign rights) of Free and Independent States (= retaining sovereign rights) who Assembled in a GENERAL Congress, not a CONTINENTAL Congress, on July 2/3, 1776 and signed the DofI, creating AT THAT TIME BY DOING SO, A/THE *CON*-FEDERATED UNION, that for the time being was actually called the:
      States of America, or, I suppose it could be argued:
      the united States of America.

      We have had so much crap drilled and drummed into our heads by these criminals, it's a wonder any of us can even think straight!!!
      But we still can!!

    4. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 31, 2019 at 5:11 AM

      That we have ALL, it seems, been falsely indoctrinated into believing and saying and DEFENDING that we, the living people, have a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC as our chosen form of government is like an eight inch wide disc of a cow pattie stuck in my throat.

      A few years back I looked to the source and did the cliffs notes version of a (short) study on Plato's "The Republic".
      He divides the people into three classes; basically:
      1. Philosophers/ruling class ("Guardians")
      2. Warriors/ "police" policy enforcer type: military

      And, of course, the lowest of the three classes, the "producers": the people.

      Sound familiar???? China, NorthKorea, Venezuela???? The Peoples REPUBLIC of China. The Union of Soviet Socialist REPUBLICS. The REPUBLIC of the Congo.

      We are the free, sovereign, and independent people who created our own Free and Independent States: they answer to us THEIR creators, not the other way around.

    5. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 31, 2019 at 5:53 AM

      Chipping away:

      The 'legal'
      "A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC is a form of government in which the HEAD OF STATE, as well as other OFFICIALS, are elected by the COUNTRY'S
      (All emphasises are mine)

      We do not have "a" 'HEAD OF STATE'.
      We have a PRESIDE-ent (ArticlesofConfed) presiding over the business of the Union of the several States. Thats what we, the living people have.
      Read it for yourselves!!

      What they are telling us we have as *our* government is THEIR government. That *they* constructed.
      It is NOT *ours*.

      And there it is again, OFFICIALS. OFFICES. OFFICES indicate religion getting all mixed into the government again (See: the true Frank.O'Collins' works on Trusts, Offices, Circumferences...he explains all the religious garble).
      This is EXACTLY what our fathers were laying the axe to the root of, in the DeclarofIndep and ArticlesofC!!!

      The Union isn't a COUNTRY, its a *Union* of COUNTRIES.
      The States are COUNTRIES.

      Do you want to be a C.I.T.I.Z.E.N.?
      Hop right to it! But leave *me* alone :)! I'm a woman, not a piece of property.

      Men and women aren't REPRESENTED/Re-PRESENTED by ANY one. The States we created need RE-presentation not us.
      We chose DELEGATES AND DEPUTIES to take OUR decision to the larger group. They actually have NO separate decision-making power on their own pertaining to us, the inherent authority holders who created the States.

      We, the living people *are* PRESENT ourselves.
      We're here.
      We're not absent.
      We need no RE-presentation.


      They can work under a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC if they want, but it belongs to them, not to us, the living people.

  2. I noticed in an online treaty of Amity, Navigation, and Commerce between His Majesty King George also who also mentions his title "Prince Elector of United States." Something about land of his and his subjects to be protected and left alone within the territories and countries of the said parties in North America. Said once things got done troops would be pulled out 1794. The confederacy you refer to is not the union created by the unanimous declaration of the 14 colonies who acted as one, a federation not a bifurcated con-federation. King George was real good at confounding and said to have written a proper sentence over 300 words long that confused nearly everyone. Combined with psyops institute modern ignorance training schools they near got away with it.

    1. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"August 31, 2019 at 3:58 PM

      "The confederacy you refer to is not the union created by the unanimous declaration...."

      1. In your opinion/research which confederacy *is* the union created but the Unanim.Declare?

      2. If the one created by the Unan.Declar, is not the one you are referencing, which one would you say is?
      [Im thinking we might be agreeing on this because the Records show that a Confed. was estab. by the DeclofIndp called the united States of America; and then the ArtofConf&PerUn estab the one "stiled" The United States of America......
      are we on the same page here?]

      "of the 14 colonies"

      3. What was the 14th colony you are referring to?

      "who acted as one, a federation"

      Mildly disagree here.
      BUT maybe you have a different POV that I need to learn about.

      I'm saying its a confederation not a federation because the several States retained nearly all of their Sovereign rights in the Confederacy formed under the UnanDeclof:
      and then gave up only a few more in order to agree upon the Articles of Confederation;
      So that, whereas you said:
      "who acted as one, a federation",
      I would be saying it:
      "who acted as one, a Union".
      Kind of sounds like were saying the same thing concept-wise, just using a different word.
      4. Do you agree?

      "not a bifurcated con-federation."
      5. In contrast to: "who acted as one, a federation",
      How, in your opinion, would it have acted differently if it had been acting as a 'bifurcated/[two-part]con-federacy'?

    2. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 10:31 AM

      Hey! Get in on it Net... Please jump in and add substantively to it.

      This is what we, the true Americans who realize that the DeclofIndep is OUR foundational AMERICAN common law authority, need to do!... Just throw our info out into the ring and let everybody look it over. ...Let it "Go on trial" among us, so to speak...
      So we can examine it together and add to it with proofs of authenticity or determine together that it is just more KhazVatEng bullsch!TT.

      When we all bring our own puzzle-piece-bits-of-truth,
      /discoveries to the table and lay them down, we're going to be adding all of the knowledge and wisdom and truths that each of us have gathered separately, into the mix that forms the basis of the governing system that secures all men's God-given rights, just as God intended.
      That is exactly what our/others' grandfathers did. For you. Us. All mankind.
      When we're involving ourselves in participating in that dynamic, we, together, can almost flawlessly see where the info being examined either fits or doesn't fit with our own freedom, sovereignty, and independence and with the Freedom and Independence of our creations, the Sovereign States, that are NOT all republics!

      Look at your own State Constitution, probably in the very first paragraph, to see what form of government your OWN nation of people chose for themselves to live under.
      I think Texas is the only Republic.
      Remember that, per Plato, the "creator"/perfecter of republics, republics have three classes of people in its caste system:
      Philosophers = Bosses
      Military = Bosses' Enforcers
      Common man = Follow Orders and Pay for the other two classes.

      Republics are not made up of free, sovereign and independent people.

      PER PLATO's OWN WORDS, I conclude that:
      OPPRESSIVE to man(kind)'s God-given freewill/sovereign state/condition/"estate"; are in severe violation of the laws of nature and of nature's creator; and are in actuality, a state/condition of slavery... Very much like what we have been experiencing.

      So, no, the 50 states or States or STATES or SETATS or other, are NOT all republics or Republics or REPUBLICS or SCILBUPER or other.
      They are Free and Independent States that are Sovereign to one another and to all other nations, and are the under authority of the free, sovereign, and independent people from whose consent they were created.

      1. "solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; "
      2. "and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do."

      Free and Independent States.
      NOT Republics.
      Don't be fooled.
      Don't be led astray.
      Use your own eyes.
      See it for yourself.
      Use your OWN brain!
      Think. Question. Analyze.
      Blow the cobwebs out of the folds in your brain. Get it all moving. Give the synapses permission and your blessing to start firing. Accept, acknowledge, and claim that YOUR brain and heart have value for you to use.
      *WILL* it, by an act of self-will/determination, that you will THINK.
      No one can stop you.
      It belongs to you!

  3. She mentions PARSE SYNTAX being introduced as the new legalese. To support her claim, can any-one show an example of this? Also, :David-Wynn: Miller died last year. Does any-one know facts as to the cause of death?

    1. goodboots COVFEFE "I will stand up"September 2, 2019 at 11:20 AM

      We, the living American people, have our very own language: American common language.
      Generally, that is the only language the people know, speak, write or understand/ "stand under" unless we say otherwise;

      For example, if a true American receives a NOTICE written in Urdu language, it is completely moot,(not applicable) void,(empty) and also is null (is nothing/is no thing), because an American does not understand/"stand under" what is not written in their own language.
      That us to say, that:
      If someone desires to communicate with an American, they are required to speak in our language or their NOTICES are *as* nothing and *are* nothing/ no thing.
      And that includes corporate B.A.R. English/ ens legis/ legislation.

      They hate that. But how can it be different?
      Can a Frenchman be held to stand under the NOTICES given to him in Portuguese?
      Well, No!
      These are reasons why they hate the peoples' common law rights.

      We do not have to learn other languages.
      If someone wants to communicate with us, it is their responsibility and duty to provide an interpreter at their expense.... As the B.A.R. attorneys and Courts are also required to have been doing all along, but have not.
      We, the American people, do not know B.A.R. English, a PRIVATE AND COPYRIGHTED language!!!
      They know this.
      Well, we've already added that to the tally of the quadrillions/quintillions/more owed by them to us, the American state nationals:):):).

      A piddly $23 Trillion owed to us, ya'say?!!! :):) hahahahahahahaha haha haha aaaah hahaha hahahahahahahaha ooooowhoowhoowhooee...tickled me irish funnybone there, yadid. :):):):):).

      Oh, dont they WISH they only owed us $23 Trillion???!!
      That's mere scraps, scrabble, chickenfeed,...mere minute *fractions* of pennies on the dollar of what is immediately owed, due, and immediately payable, in full and in SUBSTANCE, to the living indigenous and the native American peoples INCLUDE-ing what was owed to our ancestors that was stolen from them. And so it is established.

      Talk like that (truth) makes them wet themselves.

  4. On that "note" - An AUthorized representative holds no liability - so it has been written. Man / Spirit with dominion over and averring to have ownership as a good steward to his persons, ought to retain full de jure right and liberty with accord and satisfaction in agreement to his conscience, his good will and The Laws of Nature. Only a man can have a covenant with God; Only a man can walk with God. A nation under God is for persons. And every contract between persons has elements of fraud.

    This be said because we read / hear so much of deplorableness done by deplorables. Done for thousands of years. Debatable history refreshers intended to enlighten and reminisce over the sophistry and fraud, at the end of the day, keep us chewing on scraps. I'm trying to quell my appetite for scraps.

    Sue em

  5. I had tho't my original remarks would serve to awaken more of you to Anna's perfidy, especially since she took every opportunity to berate her readers at every turn. I've prepared an in depth rebuttal to this entire specious article, but it is too long to post here because it is to some extent item for item. If you'd like to read "the rest of the story", request it from

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 3, 2019 at 3:16 PM

      StevenCharles, can you post it with bullet points on your item-for-items, with just a summary of the content?

      It would be extremely nice to have it here since that gives Annamaria and all of us an opportunity to respond to your "rebuttal" in the same forum that she has posted her original article in.

      This conversation is going to have to take place sooner or later... so we can get all the questions ironed out and hopefully be able to all move forward with greater understanding.

      Hope you can post it.
      Make two or three out of it?

  6. Wow Steven Charles Thank you for revealing who you are . I will bet you are against the american national corrected political status also.


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