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Friday, September 20, 2019

To the Governor of Ottawa: It's Too Late

By Anna Von Reitz

At the end of a very diabolical contract detailing the methodology and plan of the Synagogue of Satan are the following words, usually written in a child's blood on human skin as a spell to nullify their own instructions: 

"This covenant must NEVER, EVER, be known to exist. It must NEVER, EVER, be written or spoken of, for if it is, the consciousness it will spawn will release the fury of the PRIME CREATOR upon us and we shall be cast to the depths from whence we came and remain there until the end time of infinity itself."  

Too late.  

The True God sees in secret.  He hears and sees what nobody knows.  But if this is true of the Father, imagine how much more true it is of the Mother?  

Notice this, people of the world:  it is the woman who is the PRIMAL CREATOR.   It is the Great Mother, called by many names, who is also The
 Destroyer.  Have you not seen this for yourselves?  

Who is it who gives birth?  Who is it, who cares for the dead?   It was the woman who gave birth to him and the woman who went with him to the tomb. It is the woman who is the portal between worlds.  

I shall call her by her most Ancient Name: Durga.   

She has awakened, along with her fury.  Destruction and the Abyss have been chosen and earned by those who have indulged these heinous practices. The Abyss of Separation has been set aside for all of you. 

She walks the Earth and gathers the wounded, weeping for her children.  Her rage builds with every passing day and will be born in time to intercept the moon and stars.  Even the sun stands still for her. 

Those who do not repent with all their hearts will inherit all their sins, down to the final hour of final hours. 

Out of a power you don't understand, she comes.  Grim-faced, she comes to devour the cruel and the arrogant and the hateful.  And nothing will stop her, no lie can fool her, no excuse for this evil can be found.  

The one who gave you life, the gift you have despised, will cut your threads with her own hands.  She will say, "You are no child of mine.  You shall have no inheritance."  

Love you will never know again.  

You will not even be a memory in the mind of the True God; forgotten unto endless ages you shall be, suspended in the Abyss, unable to move, alone, separated for all Eternity from All That Is --- this is the reward you have earned and coveted for your greed and your cruelty and your pride, your idol worship, and your lies.  

You have chosen this; so be it.  The Order is given. 

A little time remains for those who will yet repent.  The Ultimate Pronouncement is His.  


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  1. So be it, let it be done.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 5:48 AM

      The judgment for these criminals, as well as the administration/ "execution" of it, belongs ONLY to the living people upon whom this evil has been worked or upon those whom their evil plans were intended.

      Sluffing it off onto Durga, or dharma, or Kali, or even our creator isn't going to work.
      We live in this world.
      Its up to us, not them, to live right so that we protect it and each other from those who apparently want to see all of us destroyed.
      We have to take the responsibility ourselves for cleaning this mess up. And figure out how to do it despite our wildly-differing spiritual beliefs.

      It seems to me like perhaps "annavonreitz" is using these religious/ spiritual articles to distract us off of the important, present, pressing, political issues at hand that we need to be focusing on.
      I've noticed over and over again that these seemingly arbitrarily inserted off-topic spiritual articles start the non-stop unproductive bickering and get us off-topic from the political problems were facing together.

      If we're going to solve anything, we need to stay focused on the fact that almost all of us are here with the same good intention... Protecting ourselves, and hopefully each other, from those who wish to harm us.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 6:52 AM

      I would also like to bring to "annavonreitz" attention that the Founders of the true united States of America included EVERYone, from all religious ancestral backgrounds, from all races, nations, cultures, tribes, and purposely never mentioned the name of a "God or Goddess" but instead included all people who believe in the creator-given rights to life, freedom, safety, and the pursuit of happiness.

      That was the litmus test for being a true American.
      It still is.

    3. goodboots, I too have noticed the far fetched 'religious' articles which would more accurately be described as mythological bullschitt; meaningless, worthless and like....'whats that got to do with sept. 2019'??

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 1:36 PM

      I'm noticing the TIMING of their publication, too.
      They are soooo far off-topic and get people in such a snarky frame of mind that the political issues just get eclipsed.
      Every time.

      That could be very useful-- I'm not saying that's necessarily how it's being used,... though I am now wondering out loud.

    5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 1:38 PM

      Ddoubble ppostt aggainn!! Mmy appologies PPaul.

    6. So...I find myself wondering out loud why we only hear from maybe 20 to 30 people, trolls and shills included; when there are millions of viewers of this blog. I guess everybody else is good with it all?

    7. I've often wondered that myself, why there are only a few that comment here?

  2. Oh my, Anna. You too are messed up, along with tony here and a few of his crony tag team. I see here you are on another one of your drama trips and being a mouthpiece for the new agers/anti-christs. So please Note: There aint no Great Mother ! Who have you been communicating with, again, that you again come out with some of the most outrageous tripe, here !

    Note, anna: You are replacing The Father with some woman now, and satan is probably very proud of you. Maybe you are really a feminist borne out of the old man-hating feminist movement of gloria steinem? Or are you really in here painting a glorified image of how you view yourself, and lost control of self restraint? Or are you experiencing frustration that the world has not yet crowned you as Queen of Humanity, for all your far reaching intellect and 24/7 work days digging thru attics for ancient history.
    Perhaps it is time to get back to reality, and realize we women play an important Supportive role in life, we are the glue that holds the together households (for those of us that actually do our real job). We change the diapers, onward to get the cute little buggers all the way up to the Platform on graduation day at University, breath a sigh of relief, and then give ourselves a little mental pat on the back and say to ourselves, ''good job mom......and son, you were well worth it, and Im glad I had you'. And whether the world gives me a crown or not, doesnt change any of this.
    (Rev.22:18 adding to The Book, adds plagues to you and 19: taking away from the Book, will take away yer part in the book of Life. Anna, you are guilty of both.)

    1. Abby
      why? gus he was going to tell them the truth so they would stop turning on that gggggiant magnetic coil and hurting our planets magnetic field not to mention to tear a hole
      in the fabric of space/ The title of the papers are

      The Electron and the Holographic Mass Solution
      and the next one is

      The Unified Spacememory Network: from cosmogenesis to consciousness.
      OH by the way a atom is made of 99.99999999 percent space/ ether... just i little vibration around it's shell the inside is ether/the creator of all things.
      link below

    2. CERN is the world wide web it is not some black hole finder
      The world wide cabeling network and CERN
      Peter Thiel, fakebook and skynet/aka cern and the 5G IoT, Internet of Things
      We're being lied to period about all things
      I see with my own eyes what they are doing
      I'm a data analyst by trade and this is all about data and how to entrap the world using that data
      Just how do people think this data is all networked together?
      CERN is how, hidden in plain sight, it is the central main computer
      All kinds of information in the below about their electronic set ups and who's funding all this stuff all the way up to the world bank
      You have to have the computing power to run all this stuff and where do you hide that kind of computing POWER?
      You hide it in plain sight
      Just like NASA hides what they have lied about and what they are still doing today to bilk the masses and destroy property and kill for profit and gain
      I'm telling you, people really need to wake the hell up
      The brainwashing at all levels goes deep
      These are my opinions

    3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 4:37 AM

      Absolutely GREAT summary Shelby.
      Thank you so much.
      What you are sharing is so important if people will just absorb even a fraction of it, they will see what is going on because you are laying out the big picture.

      Fortunately for us, the people and even the earth itself, we have a counter-balance for all these ungodly evil things these ghouls have done and have planned.
      A lot of this stuff is so frightening, and it is intended to be!, that if we choose to, we can remember that it's all got to go through creators hands first before any of it is allowed to take place.
      Job CH1.

    4. goodboots, I think it is all beyond the worst of all nightmares going on, and we should not ignore the fact that we are living among half the population that is/are on drugs of one kind or another, both legal and illegal, and are truly not in their ''right mind'.
      They are no longer able to even think straight, think logically, or to even evaluate anything that goes beyond a 5 word sentence.
      I can remember back say, 50 yrs ago, and people thought altogether different from those of today. They were logical, made sense, and were mostly all sane, unless they had a true mental physical disability.
      Today it is the opposite; and the contrast from the past is startling. To confirm this Ive read many surveys stating the vast number of prescription drugs written each year now, which equates to at least half the pop using drugs which are mind altering or put them in a stupor. These are the kind of people we are trying to carry on a civilized conversation with?

      Then we have all those whose consciences have been seared by their ungodly lifestyle, their hatred for Goodness. They are uncivilized and we waste our time expecting any logic from them. They chose to be in their condition. Its akin to living among neanderthals, lol.
      Many if not all the present day disasters and undesirable conditions are part of the beginning of the Creator showing his Wrath already. Its a mere preview though, of what is to come.
      At least we do know for sure, He is not doing anything to stop it, so that tells us what the 'handwriting on the wall is saying'.

    5. Shelby, our data and personal info is spread all over the world by now, and that is impossible to rein in. A number of years ago I got an invitation to get into a state lottery from some foreign country - forget which one it was now - but it was addressed to me correctly and from abroad.
      Ive never sent for anything abroad, so how did they get my name and address, is the question. So they can have all my data if they want it, they would just be very bored by it anyhow. There are lots of people with my name; I really dont care, there is no way to stop it, and I ''have it on good Authority' that all of it is just gonna flatline out of existence anyhow, in due time, LOL.
      Then Zilch, nada, they will have no more data or anything else; not even their own corrupted sick lives.

    6. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 2:27 PM

      Just lost another comment.

      Abby, I was saying that you are right and coming on this serious-subject blog really highlights what you have said.

      There is alot of brain damage,... So some people must substitute name calling, ordering other people around, telling people what they can and cannot say, and so forth for actually having brains.
      I guess they think maybe bossing other people around will make their lack of sense less noticable!
      It doesn't.
      It makes it more noticeable.

    7. goodboots, its really a sad sad thing to see, since I lived during the ''before peoples' minds got so messed up and now the after''. For those who have willingly ingested harmful drugs that contributed to their plight, I have little sympathy. But for those who have had concussions from either accidents or sports, its quite another story. My own son being a cyclist has had at least 2 horrific tumbles, both times doing a flying summersalt in mid air, resulting in concussions. They have caused a couple of problems, mostly resulting in 'mom, have you seen my keys' or else getting sidetracked at times. But still, common sense prevails as does logic and down to earth reality.
      But today's generations (the most recent 2 or 3) just open themselves up to all sorts of things, and end up in what we see today. Worse, when we try to ''catch them' they are so lacking in some very vital character, that they are just quick to get sassy, dont listen, and think its macho to not listen and just laugh everything off.
      I guess we could write that off as being in self destruct mode.

  3. Well Abby, I wondered how long it would take before you write a book on this. I'm not sure for someone that acts as if you have the caliber of God's right hand woman why you waste your time here with the peons. Your holier-than-thou attitude it's not becoming. To quote my late father-in-law, when you get your wings and your cloak from heaven, then perhaps we'll listen. Again I reiterate, agent Abby?

    1. spirit walker, if the truth bites you so bad, then why are you here? The Truth is the Truth, and if it wasnt for folks like me - - and there are quite a few of us - - you'd all fall for this schitt that anna is putting out - which is a tiny bit of truth mixed with a whole lots of bulldung.
      Wake up SW - it is anna who is playing God here, not me. Im just a simple watchman on the wall, and you can bet I am WATCHING and will call schitt when I see it, since you'all cant even smell it, lol.
      Put simply, SW, there AINT no ''Great Mother'. If you need a mommy, then go call your own mommy, you dont need some made up ''Great Mother' which simply does not exist.

      Ive seen hundreds of folks with their finger pointing - holier than thou, wings and cloaks and other such nonsense - they just expose themselves of their hatred of goodness and truth, and really ought to spend their time.........repenting and getting right with ''The Real Boss from above' while you still have a bit of time - - including repenting of bashing the few of us that are bold enough to tell you the Truth.

      ''then perhaps you will listen'? What makes you think I care if you listen or not? What is that to me? It is of no value to me whether you listen, take heed to the best advice you will ever get, or if you wanna be nasty live in denial, deflect and self-justification mode, or just like showing your shitty self to the world, thats all fine with me.

      ''someone that acts like me''? Hey guy, this is no Act. This is serious stuff, but hey, if you wanna play with your here-after in some furnace, thats just aok with me.
      So no need for you to act like you would be doing ME any favors by ''listening to what I have to say'. Got it?

      Me, write a book? Why would I do that, when it can really ALL be said in very short order? And why would I bother to write a book for people like you who have ''hearing and reading handicaps'?
      Besides, Im not hard up for all those BS'ers that do write books and will tell y'll just what you wanna hear.

      Agent? Yep. Im an Agent for Truth....even tho a majority dont recognize it.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 4:41 AM

      Agent for Truth :):):):):).
      Abby, Agent for Truth.

      Yeh, I like that!

      Kinda snappy,... got a nice ring to it.

      Maybe you should consider making that your name/URL on the blog here.

  4. I agree with Anna on this one:
    >> The True God sees in secret. He hears and sees what nobody knows. But if this is true of the Father, imagine how much more true it is of the Mother?

    >> Notice this, people of the world: it is the woman who is the PRIMAL CREATOR.

    Why? Because the PRIMAL CREATOR was/is a MALE, the smart one. Who knows how to replicate the same DNA at high magnitude. I am a Male, and am cable to do the same, duplicating my computer, to reproducing multiple child computers, repeatedly with just 1-click. So when the crooks attempt to destroy my child computers & evidences, the child computers will have exact copy in many cities... This is an example BTW, of how God created the world and Universe.

    1. Luke 7:35

      “But wisdom is justified of all her children.”

      King James Version (KJV)

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 4:44 AM

      Oh my! Isn't THAT the truth!!

      And, unfortunately, vice-versa.

    3. Vice-versa? How would you write the the "vice-versa?"

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 5:59 AM

      Quite complicated concepts get discussed on this blog.
      "Vice-versa" isn't one of them.
      If "vice-versa" is too difficult a concept for you to figure out by yourself, then perhaps you've landed on the wrong blog.

    5. Then what you would mean would be this -

      "But all of her Children are justified by wisdom."

      I like that phrasing too.

    6. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 7:50 PM

      My post got trafficked elsewhere so I'm reposting, sorry Paul:

      You sound like you are having trouble even putting coherent sentences together, so how could you possibly determine what someone else "means"??!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Pinkham, you need a strong correction, you see I do not MAKE anyone DO anything. They can go follow devils into the ditch if they want to. Have you not been reading any of my comments........if you did, you would have read my copious statements that I do not tell anyone what to do, and it is their choice.
      So please get it straight.

      Now just how do you think I have mislabeled Anna? I am not here to label her, I point out her numerous errors and misleadings.

      I do not post ''my views' I post what I know to be truth, and I expose what I know to be untruthful, and I have evidence of these truths and the untruths being perpetrated and sold to the masses.

      I do not base my decisions on the person, but on what they say and what they are ''selling''.

      Tarot card readings is not where a sensible person would look for anything 'meaningful'.

      Anti-christs speak against Christ and all that he has said and stands for, so how do you even conclude that I might be one of them? How silly you are.

      Pink, I hope you bring yourself to throw away all those extra silly books you read, and come to your senses. But then, that is your call. I dont run your life for you.

    2. Anna Truth is her truth, Spirit-wkr Truth is his/her, and Abby Truth is his funky one.. heehee... The Real Truth is in the HOLY GHOST.

    3. Pinkham, Abby is a troll of the worst kind, standing on the shoulders of great people to be heard, her own words falling short of anyone's ears except those of worms. She chooses to change her mind at a whim, saying that she tells no one to do anything...she seems to forget all of her words (demands) are for the reading.... All i can hear out of her anymore is troll, troll, trolllllll, trooooll, troll. She is here to contradict everything.... she is nothing more than a bitter lady trying to change peoples minds away from truth and light simply because she doesn't get it. Look to this fact, she comments negatively on every post, she is not expanding a topic for knowledge or clarification, she deters readers with her blatant negativity and (like you said) holier than thou attitude. I might have to go back and see if she has ever asked a question instead of just making ridiculous statements. Abby, we pray for your sanity.

      Fill your Assemblies, elect your people, open your courts.

    4. Pink, we dont get to make up our own truth. There is only One Truth which comes from the holy spirit and he and I are in agreement, cause I got it from him. Anna gets hers from channeling and mythology and a wild imagination; her Durga woman does not even exist, never did, never will, knows nothing, has no power, is doing nothing, and is just plain hogwash.

  6. Abby, stop mislabeling Anna, with your distorted view. IF you classify her as "new agers/anti-christs" THEN THE HOLY GHOST Is the same. Your issues are, you are bias and judgmental. You need to load up with more educations. You believe in the fairytale, without doing any works. The Truth is, the CREATOR(s) created "a LARGE ANALOG COMPUTER" you have no clue on how to read its Analog output data", thereby you classified such a complex data as "new agers/anti-christs". These data's are being translated, into the meaningful Tarot cards readings, with diminished accuracy. I agree, I don't like any skull if anyone using it, I don't listen. The real anti-christs could be you yourself, when you discredit every one with different view, and NOT the perpetrators directly. "Occult" means "Hidden", even Doctors use this term to get our blood sample for analysis. GOD knows the ending of every person 100%, before day-1 on earth, including Jesus ending, through the datas of His "Giant Analog Computer" Rotating as clock, with binding power associated with our DNA, for on-going Judgment. Why don't you go after the crooks Abby? or load up with education? You'll be shock to learn your own ending, and your view of the bibles would change. I know mine, and how much time I have left. I decided to do good, so I can excel.

    1. Pinkham, we can see that Abby is a strong believer in what she was taught. So is Paul for that matter, he is a devout Catholic who uses his time to disseminate what he believes is true. They both fiercely defend their respective positions.

      But Abby also doesn't see eye to eye with Paul in the details. And theoretically they could both be considered Christians. Not judging anything, just trying to document what we see in front of us.

      Abby has been called a troll here, she doesn't fit the pattern. We have seen some troll or shill behavior this week which has the characteristics of a "drive-by shooting" wherein the troll adds nothing of value to the conversation, and indeed likely can't add any value, but just to sow "fud" which is a mind control technique. We are seeing quite a bit of that this week. Anna has also issued her most aggressive position this week that I can remember and we see push-back from from some, and we also see more troll behavior?

      So why is that happening? Why now? From observation of what is going on elsewhere in the news, I think it is fair to say that something could be brewing, and for public consumption soon.

      Abby is one of the early lone voices to question the need for this whole paperwork process, just instinctively reasoning that there is no honor among thieves. A criminal is as a criminal behaves. And so on...

      We are all aware of certain aspects of the truth of things and can learn more from people that study different areas, and we can try to get to the facts here.

      Both Abby and goodboots are questioning the process that Anna is suggesting, and I see that there are some inconsistencies with what Anna lectures about and what she suggests. goodboots is not a troll either, she is a frequent poster, adds value and debate, and interacts earnestly and eloquently with people that don't piss her off lOL.

      She is strongly concerned that Anna is not being clear enough in her intentions to the point that she fears another repeat of the famous Franklin quote that we just mentioned recently, with a new twist "Well Anna, what have you given us?" I believe that is a big concern to goodboots.

      You mentioned Martin Luther elsewhere, and I wonder if instead of back in 1516, he was rebelling against the Church today if he would not just be targeted for ferocious termination and that would be the end of it. The "system" likes what it has going and doesn't want to tolerate dissension and has the means to efficiently remove any "noise" being made elsewhere. Many people here question Anna's ability to do a presto-chango peacefully on the system without the fires of hell raining down from every corner.

      And compared to 1516, there are indeed fires of hell available to the wrong people who like their power positions.

    2. Will, yeppers, that pretty much sums it up, lol.

      'and compared to 1516, there are fires of hell available to the wrong people................'. Well guess what; there is One who holds the keys to the Lake of Fire, which is eternal. And all those 'wrong people' have a reserved seat there, unbeknownst to them. So I am not all that concerned with them, because their ''upper hand' at the moment, is now on its last legs and will come to a very sudden and abrupt end. Still some havoc and devilishness, but ''they' do not win.

    3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 7:31 PM

      "she fears another repeat of the famous Franklin quote that we just mentioned recently, with a new twist "Well Anna, what have you given us?" I believe that is a big concern to goodboots."

      Yes, and just like Abby keeps fighting for us that we DON'T inherently *NEED* their papers and should not be required to participate in order to stay out of jail,

      I am going to keep fighting for all of us as long as I can that we *DO* HAVE unalienable rights under creator secured for us in the Declaration of Independence that we need to be claiming and using to protect one another and ourselves with...
      We do not belong in Admiralty or Maritime or other foreign courts or venues. We are not *things* to be claimed and imprisoned and sold like a bag of grain.

      And I am of mature age and I do see all of the people as my cousins. We all have overlapping DNA. Being "an elder [of the "tribe"]", I feel the strong responsibility to pass on the knowledgw of the freedom and goodness that is, or should be available for all of us to live under.
      Our grandparents went through unimaginable harm and damage, back-breaking work, wars, imprisonments and abuse to secure our FREEDOM for all of us from tyrants, red and yellow black and white brown copper cinnamon olive... It didn't matter. That wasn't what they were looking at.

      I am all about spreading that word while I am still here because our American sons and daughters are being treated like hungry lab rats when they are the equivalent of the Kings kids being abused by their Trustees and nannies.
      They deserve much much better than what crumbs are being doled out to them.

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 7:43 PM

      You sound like you are having trouble even putting coherent sentences together, so how would you posdibly know what someone else "means"!!?

    5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 8:10 PM

      The comment above got trafficked to the wrong post. And I did not notice the misspelling of "possibly" when I re-read it *TWICE* before publishing it!

      Wow! I'm really beginning to feel like its being recognized and broadcast that what I am saying is TRUE!!! YAAAY!
      To have all these trolls, my comments being disappeared, my comments being moved, and changed too perhaps?

      Wow! That's a hell of alot of trouble to go to, to try to prevent other people from hearing the message someone is saying!!!!

      Wow!! Take a tip from WHO the trolls are trying to silence everyone!
      They will actually point you in the right direction of who *TO* listen to! Because the people they attack are already verified to be truth tellers!! That's the only people they are spending resources attacking from what I hear!!

      Well, I guess trolls aren't completely worthless after all. :):):)

  7. Here is the Quiz for everyone. Who was the last person in the last 5 centuries having the same Assertive Energy as Anna? Any one know?

    ------------------ Was it Martin Luther ? NOP, but we are repeating the same question on false Authority NOW ---------------
    Five hundred years ago, on Oct. 31, 1516, Martin Luther was a German Catholic priest questioning whether the pope truly had power to spring souls from purgatory. John Calvin was a 7-year-old in France who had just reached what medievals deemed the "age of accountability."

    1. Pink, first of all there is no purgatory, and secondly, of course no pope has any power to spring any souls from anything whatsoever. All the popes are a JOKE. In fact they are as far from God or heaven as anyone on this earth. Look at the one over there in rome now; he is endorsing lucifer, the devil. Whats that tell anyone with a brain, lol.

    2. ''having the same assertive energy'.......for what? Heck, right now the devil and all his followers are running at full throttle.
      Geesh, as I recall Bonnie and Clyde were overflowing with ''assertive energy' LOL.

    3. the theory of popes/catholic priests is all their authority is from the holy ghost.

      so, they would just argue you are denying the power of the holy ghost to spread from person to person.

      simply a question of whether holy ghost is contagious, like second hand smoke, or must be acquired alone.

      roman catholicism, paul linked to a site once, also (will rarely see it publicized) it is possible for "conversions" "baptisms" outside of any authority. you might say "they are just making up things so they always "win" " but this is dogma. official position, even if not heavily advertised.

      basically if there are no legitimate "churches" (precious few nowadays) people can still be saved.

      of course, you are supposed to join officially, communion, get an official baptism, etc. ASAP.

      there are lots of myths about roman catholicism.

      it is certainly true it is better to be "official" when possible, then outside the fold.

      my opinion is, true or not, anyone denying roman catholicism, seems to always end up recreating bits and pieces of it by some other name, playing pope and "father" themselves, etc.

    4. hmm, i suppose i must agree with pinkham, just getting back to roots really; the first "computers" were people LOL. [*]

      go back further, who needed precise math and calculations? astrologers.

      modern scientists don't like this fact. they think they are above superstition.

      see any old dictionary.

      [*] perhaps the first man-made; or we can say god made people; how many other creatures do math/calculations?
      ask a medieval king can you use his computer. i bet he will send for his astrologer.

    5. my 2nd above post of course is meant as reply to different post.

      this happens i think when you start typing one, then switch to reply to another. it previews at right spot, but publishes to wrong spot.

    6. Xerces, ''of course you are supposed to join officially'' (meaning join some 'church')

      Really, Xerces? Where did you get that from, come on show me? And tell me, which 'church' did Jesus join? And which 'church' did the Apostles join?

      Xerces, stop with this crap. Im calling you on your gross errors: There is NO such thing as ''supposed to join some stupid church'. Dont you know by now, that ALL these buildings people call ''churches' are just clubs or organizations, and have nothing to do with The Church that Christ came and established?

      Learn this: Church is NOT a building with some name on it or sign out front. The Church is the People who are sold out dedicated to Christ and live His Ways, and do it willingly.

      Secondly, Christ gave us all the Instructions we need; its called the bible, preferably the old KJV will do quite sufficiently.
      Be wise, and go read that Instruction Book and find out what IT instructs us to do, and quit listening to some man in a pulpit try to tell you what HE thinks, such as ''you are supposed to join (his) church..........and dont forget to bring your big fat wallet with you' LOL.

      Do like the apostle Paul said to do.......He preached,and then told the people to go check the Book and see if he told you the truth or not.
      Today, if you tell most of these pastors that you check to see if what they said was true, they will turn red faced and quickly walk away, LOL.
      Beware the 'wolves in sheeps clothing' that stand in so many of the pulpits of america.

    7. my dearest abby,

      sola scriptura is a protestant thing. mr. nobody rings true to me. "their lord" is satan. "our lord" is christ.

      i don't trust any religion without an exorcism manual.

      i believe 99% of bibles. i believe 99% of them lead people straight to hell, on purpose. "satan, god of this world" eastons bible dictionary.

      kind of how "apocalypse" works.

      kjv master mason edition has st. john as patron saint of freemasonry. not much else to say.

      The player can discover the correct time by speaking to everyone[.] Since everyone [.] lies [.] by [.] elimination [.] discover the correct time
      From The Devil's Dictionary (1881-1906) :
      RESOLUTE, adj. Obstinate in a course that we approve.
      WHITE, adj. and n. Black.
      NONSENSE, n. The objections that are urged against this incomparable dictionary.
      Slam Shufflin' (Slam Shuffle)
      QUOTE For whatever reason, I was able to avoid getting marked.
      QUOTE Well, sects of disconnection / And traditions of lost faith
      QUOTE try to forget that daylight goes black
      QUOTE this Bible is your pride

      -- the story of my "fat wallet"
      I've got pockets full of Kleenex and lint and holes

  8. Really need to know truth about all this stuff
    The illuminati or Ordo Illuminatus first stepped on stage as an identifiable organization in 1190
    The mother Anna speaks about is a Hindu goddess if my investigation is correct
    In the following book
    Under religions of ROME
    On one side of their mouths, like the Pope, speaking for all people that we must unite against climate change and to save the earth, they spew hatred and violence all across the airwaves to divide the people on purpose
    Climate change they deliberately creating to fit their narrative and to depopulate according to their agenda
    Same goes with all their religions that they have divided the world with
    Want to take everyones guns but every other film that comes out is loaded with guns, violence, putrid vile crap
    I for one want a better world and the earth to be free from these vile creatures and for the rest of the world to be left alone
    People are dying out here because these vile bastards are starving them to death or bombing the hell out of their homeland all to steal anything and everything in site
    If you have not yet figured it out they don't give a crap about your religion or you for that matter
    Please wake up world

    1. Shelby, a better world is not good enough. All that means is something like, hey not as many people are starving as before; or not as many people getting shot as before, or not as many kids being trafficked as before.
      Sorry, but that is just not enough. Like saying a snowfall is not a foot today, but only 9 inch ground cover. You see, its still deep and cant get down the road, either way.
      Truth is, it is not going to become a better world because mankind is not going to get better, but worse and worse.
      And all these different religions have been engineered by the liar satan, who deliberately designs ''something for everybody' and so that breeds divisions of all kinds, but especially it obliterates the real Truth......of which there is only one truth. All cannot be true. And what one believes and adheres to, determines their ultimate ''landing place'.
      So it doesnt really matter what 'they give a crap about'; that doesnt prevent anyone from discovering that one genuine Truth.

    2. Abby that is right, a marginally better world is not good enough, we have had a "rinse and repeat" world for a long time. Human trafficking of little kids particularly is disgusting, there surely can't be a bigger crime against scared and defenseless children, and all this nonsense of killing them at birth for body parts. Freely donated body parts when someone dies is one thing to help someone else that has a chance to live on with their lives, there is written consent involved with the donor. The rest is just sick.

    3. Will, the unspeakable stuff that is going on with children today, is so beyond sickening to me, that I can hardly even think about it because it haunts me and keeps me awake at night, if I do.

      Between that and all the Apostasy being preached today as being truth, and the messed up minds among the general population, and.....well, just a whole host of shitt that is so out of the normal too numerous to mention, is just making me reach the end of my patience........except that I know where this is all going.

      I dont know the exact hour or the day, but I do know that our Creator, the heavenly father, is about to issue the Order for the Son to go into ''end time mode''. That is when all things begin to get sorted out; then we are on our way to the world wide housecleaning that is IMO long overdue and at last true Justice will be served with all true fairness. It is not gonna be pretty but cannot be avoided, must happen as the only solution. But then the King will come and set up His government his way, as stated in....''thy kingdom come, thy will be done, On Earth, just as it is in heaven''.
      Now THAT is gonna be more than just ''good enough'. People are either gonna get caught up in the thorough housecleaning, or else they're gonna be partakers of that kingdom on earth.
      (for the fortunate partakers in the kingdom, just before the housecleaning starts, their path is noted in 1 Thessalonians 4....specifically verses 16 and 17. Then note chapter 5:27)

  9. Agree Shelby, the Illuminati is real and are bastards.

    Here is an example of someone who doesn’t understand how to define an Analog Computer. The real accurate definition is:

    An analog Computer is very dense in capability; it is an opposition to a Digital Computer. Its analog data is a waveform, not a 1-0 form. An analog Computer is the most complex and difficult to make. GOD already made one for you. All you have to do is learn how to decode its waveform. It is defined from Zero: 0 to 360 Degrees per one type of Signal. Example: Mercury Signal is 1 type, Venue signal is 2nd type, Earth Signal is 3rd type, Mars signal is 4th, Jupiter is 5th signal, etc., up to 32 types of signals. All signals have potential to be positive and Negative, and have different meanings. These types of signals are capable to record so far 250 billion lives, with unlimited memory. This type of Analog Computer is what some funky people call “Occultism”. It has nothing to do with it.

    What about Quantum Computer? It is a Scam. Don’t invest in it and don’t follow it.

    Why? BC you cannot create the magnetic coils inside a microchip. That’s what the crooks claimed they can do, with no real evidence made, other then their imaginary bogus patent and fake photos.

    1. Thanks for the information Pinkham, interesting

  10. Venus signal is 2nd type of signal, I mean, typo error. it means value, love, warmness, gold, etc. If you think, theses are evil, then find me a scientific meaning on how you perceive it.

    Sex Occultism is the bastards scam for physical profits.

  11. Interesting how even their contract acknowledges Satan isn't God when they say Prime Creator. So what a bunch of pathetic losers to know this & yet continue in their evil ways.

    1. eh, that makes total sense to me. any god cloaked in darkness is probably satan. he/she/it has many names.

      pleased to meet you. hope you guess my name.

      satan basically doesn't want his name on anything. he doesn't like "light". he will typically go by many aliases, but rarely his true name.

      venus. morning and evening star. masquerades as beauty/love/"peace"/etc. typical satan.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 1:24 PM

      Well, bluediamond, I guess that proves it...
      literally *EVERY*thing they do and say is FRAUD!

      And they know it.

    3. i did not mean to imply venus always means satan of course.

      but satan sometimes pretends to be venus. is associated with it. he often tries to look very pretty and appealing for maximum deception.

      the hermetical prometheus offering to zeus. bones wrapped in fat. empty shell. lipstick on a pig. same thing.

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 1:34 PM

      I'm noticing the TIMING of their publication, too.
      They are soooo far off-topic and get people in such a snarky frame of mind that the political issues just get eclipsed.
      Every time.

      That could be very useful-- I'm not saying that's necessarily how it's being used,... though I am now wondering out loud.

  12. One thing is for one is going to get REMEDY with all this strife...Anna you have wonder way off your original course and this is the result...!! Again, I ask you why you haven't joinded forces with Kim ....she still wants and encourages your help...but you are to stubborn to join her because you think you will be cut out of your rightful inheritance. ..!!

    While we argue about "petty ass" things that only serve to further distract us from our prime directive, they are working dilengently to keep it that way..!! Either make peace with Kim or get off the pot...period..!!It is going to take more than one person to fix this problem or don't you see this..!!
    Ever since you lost your bid to gain control of the world using only paperwork, you have been on a mission to beat the cabal at any cost...!!

    Often, that cost comes at a high cost of someone going to jail...

    Focus on helping people rather than getting them in trouble by hooking up with Kim possible, no matter how much it hurts..she needs help also..she has given up hope of funding the banks or anyone else...they are all evil and never use the funds for what they help the people..!!

    1. James, well just rather recently anna admitted she has gotten herself out on a limb and out there all by herself. Time for her to wake up and perhaps join forces with Kim instead of being stubborn.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 6:44 PM

      Abby, is that you?
      "Kim" wants to keep all the stolen property and dole it out by deciding what projects "Kim" deems worthy, "for" us.

      If "Kim approves", the project is a "go", if not, its nixxed. And the projects are funded with the private property stolen from all of us that "she" thinks she is going to remain perched upon.

      I'm really surprised you would sound like you are in favor of anything like that. Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying.

      Don't be fooled *people*, you are the heirs and beneficiaries! No one else!

      Is "Kim" the central bankers?..Wanting to not let go of your stolen private property? Is "Kim" the "face" put on an idea for presentation to you? We all know now that they deal in abstractions and fiction and lying to us H.R. 3166ss2b, 1996.

      For me and my house, we will trust creator. He is perfectly capable of showing me everything I need to know about managing the enormous wealth HE gave me in the first place! So, I don't need any more "help" from theives or from any other intermediary either and
      I DEMAND all of my and my family's private property be returned directly to me immediately to use at my sole discretion with no interference.
      And so it is established for me and mine.

    3. goodboots, I have quit even following Kim for quite some time now, but the last thing I saw her say was ''she intended to give half the money to projects or whatever......and the other half directly to the People. So thats what I was alluding to. Then I just sort of lost interest as I saw a couple of snippets about her saying she clawed back various funds she had given for some project.

      So if she has changed since then, then my bad for not keeping up with her latest or if she had some change of mind since then.


    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 9:13 PM

      Thanks for the info about "Kim". I never followed heshetheyithimherother. I think its an organization of Bankers. Could be wrong about that though.

      It never made sense to me to have a setup like that. To me its all really simple:
      1. It was ALL FRAUD.
      2. Give it ALL back.
      Follow the law.

      They have all those Records and so do each one of us... We know what belongs to us. Give it ALL back to the ones it was stolen from.
      How much simpler could it get?

      Did you see some logic behind "Kim's" plan? That you thought was workable, fair, and worthwhile?
      If you don't mind sharing, I'd love to hear about her plan from someone who I believe is credible, and you also sound unbiased about it.

  13. k-Impossible!!
    Why us this name so easy to pervade?

  14. Anna you are a tripper and your views of the spiritual are tainted.You must have been too distracted to check te word of God as to who is "THE" only creator. The is no Mother and only the the Father of lies which has tickled your ears. Praying for your spiritual eyes to be opened. if your game to discuss it.

  15. God seems to be only a messenger. The Mother is clearly the creator. Check-up on your biology - facts are facts. The Lord of all Hosts revels in facts.

    Post Script - Anton, from whence were you?

    1. Genesis 1:26 'and God said let US make MAN in OUR IMAGE; after OUR likeness and let them have dominion over the earth.'

      v.27 'so GOD created man in his own image, HE CREATED THEM Male and Female...........

      So for all God haters who want to make up their own ''mother creator' speak lies, believe lies, and there is no truth in you. You worldly folks with NO spiritual sense, we are not talking about birthing children here......we are talking about who CREATED Man to begin with. Women here on earth are just PRO-CREATORS. Have you not ever heard of procreation?

      Anna herself needs to go back and start from page 1, Genesis 1 and stop passing along all this controversial junk aka..mythological BS.

      Just as General Motors is the car maker, as they established the company, made the designs and patterns, set up the proper EQUIPMENT with which to accomplish the PRODUCTION of the cars.....

      and the Employees are merely operating the EQUIPMENT given to them in order to produce the cars ! They are not General Motors (the company, the owner / originator) they are just mere vessels who produce the cars BY using the EQUIPMENT they were provided.

      In fact these employees dont even know how the equipment actually works; all they know is that if they ''operate the equipment they were given, the end result''.

      (lol. Understand?)

  16. And the Kavanaugh circus continues

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 6:50 PM

      Distractions while the new monetary system is fought over.
      GUESSing it will last well over a year yet.

  17. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 6:56 PM

    James said to avr:
    "Ever since you lost your bid to gain control of the world using only paperwork, you have been on a mission to beat the cabal at any cost...!!"

    Whaaaattt??!?!?! Gain control of the world????
    Beat the cabal at any cost? The CRIMINAL cabal?would that be a bad thing?

    Maybe this explains some of the things that are going on.

  18. Try a little love . . .

    be blessed.

    If any one is disappointed with this music, let us all know.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 8:36 PM

      Not germane to the conversation.

      This is perhaps what the employers at McDonalds have to choose from and perhaps why they won't hire them.

  19. . . . or maybe try this -

    . . . or perhaps you can direct me to what means love in your heart?

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 8:43 PM

      Or perhaps we would find it hilarious to watch a video of you throwing a tantrum trying to get your Gramma to give you part of her social security check every month.
      Bitchute is nice.

    2. Great Bob Dylan song, it was part of the soundtrack for the movie Hope Floats from the 90's.

      Nice version of this song, her voice is suited to this piece.

      This is my preference for this song.

      I do prefer the overall arrangement and production of this version by Garth Brooks, the vocal is intense and the key signature is lower for his vocal range. I like the lowered key somehow, he does a nice job.

      I also like the classical guitar sprinkled throughout, it lends some counterpoint and interplay to the piano and guitar voices. There is some nice organ and resisted the temptation to add strings which would have detracted from the simplicity of the piano voice.

    3. Disclaimer: Oops I was wrong, her key is lower. She does have a strong powerful voice, nice work.

  20. I read Anna, with a similar sense of appreciation, similar to this music, as above.

    Guide me to what describes your loves ...

    Some people, I am told, see through multiple senses?

    Do you consider it even matters?

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 8:47 PM

      Try it again but be coherent this time, it's difficult to determine what your point is.

  21. I did see sets of bookS on a shelf, green and brown hard cover books, Said SATAN on the books and the fellow who asked me to come in for water left for a bit went down the street so I peeked downstairs seeing the door open, there was and alter in the corner, tie up restraints, black robes and to me a tinhorn green naive farm raised 16 year old seemed. real creepy and scary. I went back up and sat on the couch by the by the large, thick well aged looking SATAN books, The man came back and asked me if I went down stairs. I said I was really thirsty still so he went to get water and I went and ran far to get away from that place.
    Funny how people always seem to fight like ego and being right like must feel really small needing to prove how big and right they are. Like Fox propraganda son news team all would argue their personal opinion in the end riling up loyal followers of one the other of the team and making total ridicule of people looking at the facts and putting side personal attacks so they can get the job done. Now days and perhaps longer people seem to think facts are boring like whose name is actually on document and instead argue hairdos, what cat the signatory likes or what religion or political lobby they personally prescribe too. Satanists may seem to be nice people, friendly and what harm could just pretending to sacrifice others, working up innocent little schemes like the old wolf how easy to fool little red in to thinking the wolf was a friend.

  22. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 22, 2019 at 8:01 AM

    Air, glad you got out of there.

    "... would argue their personal opinion in the end riling up loyal followers of one the other of the team and making total ridicule of people looking at the facts ..."

    People don't recognize that is a mind-controlling technique.
    The point is to have people watch the "dominators" "take down" or discredit or ignore the actual facts over and over and over... That is a mind-training exercise for indoctrinating people into believing that 'the facts don't matter,...and that the facts can be overcome with shouting and bullying and intimidation.'

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 22, 2019 at 8:13 AM

      "Satanists may seem to be nice people, friendly and what harm could just pretending to sacrifice others, working up innocent little schemes like the old wolf how easy to fool little red [RidingHood?] in to thinking the wolf was a friend."

      Our Moms and Dads read us those very scary "fairy tales" for a reason.... Good segway into teaching little ones how to be safe and stay away from the hairy scary monster types or the ones who give you the "creeped-out" feeling.

      Good reminder for the Moms and Dads too.

  23. Kim possible (aka Kim greugin ) has been given a bad rap, so let me clear it up...!! She is the only one that is capable of funding anyone through her quantum computer which is 1000 times stronger than the next closest thing..she was a millionaire with a thriving business and could afford to buy anything..she was brought into the financial sector because of her business savy...!! She went along with it for a few years believing that they really cared about people, but it only took a few years to find out otherwise...since then, she has quit her job and lives very moderately. She was trained as a MK ULTRA asset, but turned on them once she put it all together...!! Since then no one has been able to get funding the normal way...which means no one is getting funding the normal way and all hell is about to break loose. China sent 50 ninjas to kill her and they all all came back in body bags...!! All the nation's are bleeding money and she won't give it to them because they all use it for the same selfess reasons..themselves..!! She was willing to give a 2% fee to the people every time they asked for money which would quickly add up to billions for inforstucture , taking care of the homeless, and numerous other things...!! But they refused , so she has held back funding for everyone, including Trump, because all he does is hand it to an agency that cons him they will use the money for the right thing..!!
    So the whole world right now is being held captive because they refuse to acknowledge Kim as sovereign ...!!

    Saudi Arabia is almost broke because we don't need their oil anymore because of fracking...the women don't work, which is 50% of the population and the other half pays for someone to work for one works in Saudia Arabia ..!! They are panicking because they are broke and don't know how to work..!! They threw away their inheritance and God gave it to America and Isreal...!!
    One way or another this system is coming to an is rumored that the stock market is losing $600 million per day, and they are investing in gold...!!

  24. For anyone interested this is their green new deals while they take nuclear power plants off line or destroy them
    While they make private deals with companies in China to produce the crap solar panels and little the world with them
    Same with the wind turbines, they made of aluminum if I am not mistaken, hmm what are they dumping in the sky? What organizations don;t have to pay toxic waste disposal fees? They sell the biproduct to be used to poison the planet and monsanto bayer use that to create their aluminum resistant seeds