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Friday, September 20, 2019

The Point Is....

By Anna Von Reitz

You are a crime victim.  

Every day I get calls from people who have done their paperwork and are still being railroaded through these foreign courts.  

The first thing to note is that our paperwork is not retroactive with respect to things that already happened.  If you got a DUI and then do our paperwork, you are still going to face the DUI charge as a Presumed U.S. Citizen.  

The second thing to note is that these courts do not consider the facts or the law in these cases.  They could care less.  

The incorporated THING they have listed as the DEFENDANT isn't you, it's an incorporated THING that is already declared guilty.  All they have to do and all that they care about is collecting money and assets from this THING.  You are entirely extraneous to the whole process.  You are just a guy with a similar name who showed up, who is "deemed" responsible for the THING in the dock. 

So don't bother yourselves with codes and statutes and arguments.  None of that is appropriate. 

What is appropriate is to: (1) challenge the jurisdiction of the court and claim exemption; (2) assert that you are the victim of identity theft, fraud, and Unconscionable Contract --- and you can prove it.  

Haul out your BC.  This "official" document proves two very important things -- first, that you were only a few days old when the purported contract was created and you couldn't have had any sentient knowledge of it (therefore an Unconscionable Contract) and second, it shows where you were born, establishing that you are "eligible" to claim to be a State Citizen of The United States.  

Now your case is all but won.  The Judge may ask, "But how can I be sure that this Certificate belongs to you?  That you are who you say you are?"  

So you haul out your Two Witness Testimonies, signed, sealed, and ready to go. 

End game.  They have to admit that there is no valid ESTATE or DERIVATIVE for them to administrate and that the actual owner showed up claiming exemption. 

If they don't immediately roll over, appeal to Circuit Court on the spot.  

Technically, the Circuit Court is the only one that can make a determination of political status and "officially" make the correction.  The lower courts can only dismiss action with or without prejudice, which may or may not be good enough for you and your purposes.  

So--- those are the points you want to make, no matter what the charge is, and those are the documents you need to prove your claims.  Beyond that, if any other action is desirable or necessary, you go to circuit court. And that's an end to it. 


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  1. I have tried everything I know in their fake courts and still kept getting put into jail even after paperwork was done. I know that name isn’t me but until that name has something beside it sayin do not detain or anything of the like or it is removed from the system computer you will be screwed. Even if you know things, if you don’t know how to file some sort of charges back at them for damages you will be beaten and railroaded. That’s the only thing people should be teaching. How to get these people to loose their jobs and be responsible for damages caused. Anything else is pointless and not even worth learning. People go through more crap knowing the truth rather then just considering damage control. I have seen no remedy and if there is no one or not enough people know to actually do anything or help get someone out of jail that shouldn’t be. People will get forced to use one of their attorneys or they will continue to torcher you. They have done it to me and I am very very confident and familiar with contract and their bullshit satanistic courts. They don’t give a crap and if you know anything you will be treated 10 times worse. Sorry to say and this might not be in every state but in Michigan it’s rough

  2. Here,iowa as well,23 times in jail,2times prison,on claim i done wrong.pray for me vera October 3rd court date

  3. Should be a way to get the bonds and CUSIP number(s) pertaining to the 'charge', like for instance the bid bond, performance bond and the payment bond?
    Just a thought as I have read that everyone in the 'case' should have a copy of these bonds?
    Check out CRIS SYSTEM and it is no coincidence it is called CRIS system either, think on that for a moment, like christ, maybe)

    and the cris system and how it works and it's structure

    My opinion

  4. Too much diversion folks - the path is straight and narrow, for the time being. If I comprehend Anna's message here, it's as simple as 1,2,3...jurisdiction-exemption(s), identity theft by fraud, and an appeal to the circuit courts for the purpose of determination of political status. Of course, have your paper work in order. That's all it is - for now.

    Finally, if a court action has begun prior to one's political status paper work being completed - one will have to endure it - no choice - the case will proceed - sentencing and or fines will be had - parole and or probation proceeding will be imposed - blah, blah, blah...This is as I see it, according to this article.

    If wrong, please advise.

  5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 12:26 PM

    Another one of my comments just got wiped as I was entering it.

    If I were you, I would read whatever people are saying that someone doesn't want you to know.

    Its probably to your benefit.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 21, 2019 at 1:16 PM

      What I was saying when my comment got wiped is:
      "The first thing to note is that our paperwork is not retroactive with respect to things that already happened."

      Is the same as saying that the criminals are claiming that they get to keep everything they stole before they were caught.

      It doesn't work that way.
      They have to give it all back.

      This is very basic law.

      FRAUD "vitiates"/ extinguishes all contracts, "ab initio"/ from the very beginning.

      Just because they got started committing a crime against you, doesn't mean they get to finish it because you didn't catch them at the very beginning!!

      If this is what "annavonreitz" is promoting, then I'd like to know what kind of law is being practiced at the Living Law Firm because it sounds like she is continuing her work as a Private Attorney for the Pope practicing private Roman Municipal Civil Papal Canon Ecclesiastical Rule of Law decided by complicit private English/Vat/Intl Banker B.A.R. attorneys who are acting under private English King's Bench jurisdiction to decide that the private Pope and the private Queen get to keep everything the private BAR attorneys stole for them!

      Well, that does NOT apply to the American state nationals.
      We are private as well, and are sovereigns-in-fact, and Foreign Sovereigns to them, and are NOT public property or other.
      At all.
      In any way.
      Under any circumstances.
      For anybody.
      We belong only to our creator.
      And so it is.

      And there is nothing they can do about the true principles of law and righteous because theyve already been decided long ago.
      Otherwise they are all guilty of "human" trafficking and slave trading and/or war-type crimes committed by paid commercial corporate mercenaries acting under color of law, authority and office... And much much more.
      They know this.

      I can just about hear their "ships" that they have loaded down with all the treasures they've stolen from us creaking under the weight of it all, busting up, and starting to sink. (Rev. CH18.)
      And we'll be right there, ready to haul ALL of what belongs to us back home, right where it belongs, if the Lord tarries.

  6. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 22, 2019 at 9:44 AM

    Also, who is this mere man who calls himself Papa, to go around "converting" men and women into "ships"? Sea-going vessles? Or ships' cargo? Other nonsense.
    Is this the one who said he is Lucifer? I keep hearing that he did, but idk.
    I'm pretty sure they are also saying he is a pedophile like that "Cardinal Pell" and that is why he is excusing Pell... Because he has to if he is also involved in pedophilia and child sex trafficking,....but that hasn't been completely disclosed yet. So idk.
    And part of the Ninth Altar Circle, offering child sacrifices and then consuming?? Idk. It keeps coming up over and over in the "alt-news" but idk.

    So "Papa" (or "Lucifer", idk) brings the imaginary FAKE water up over the actual land and soil trying to mimick God did?...
    It seems like perhaps the imaginary reenactment of the Flood of Noah's time.
    ...Or if not FAKE water, then at least bring FAKE SHORES up over the actual land and soil to create FAKE MARITIME VENUE and jurisdiction? and FAKE "IN REM" authorities? on the actual land and soil...that very actual land and soil that is NOW being FAKELY referred as "on our SHORES" instead of what is truly there: "on our actual land and soil"!!!

    How handy. Then enforce it with violence, torture and murder?

    Pull the FAKE "shores" up over the true land and soil making another "overlay"?" ....Pull the imaginary shores UP and OVER the land and soil,... NOW bibbity bobbityboo, there is an imaginary fictional overlay of FAKE MARITIME venue OVER the top of the "dejure"/ rightful; by law and right true land and soil venue and authority.

    All done "by presumption", with NO INITIATING LAWFUL MARITIME CONTRACT...


    And so it is established in accord with my words.

    1. goodboots, see this is what Ive been trying to say all along. See how utterly ridiculous it really is, LOL. All just a bunch of sick words put out here that really shows what Insanity those so called 'leaders of the world' have dreamed up.

      And worse, just look at all the folks that have been playing along boxing with all that IF it is real. How can so many people fall for this; run and do some silly paper work ''to combat insanity and fraud'. That IS what it amounts to.

      Why is it there has never just been a simply Law Suite brought against Fraud add a Mandate for Mental Evaluation for ALL the Perpetrators of such ludicrous nonsense !

      I strongly question even the sanity of folks who never nipped this in the bud from the get-go...........and now worse, why today with all this revelation and exposure, it STILL is not dealt with by a Charge of FRAUD ..........PLUS the Mental Evaluation Mandate ! ! !

      Why in the hell are folks still playing along with this as if they are the underlings to all these/those TYRANTS with all their brain disease.??

      I know the Lord said to ''occupy till I come''. He didnt say waste all your time on BS and game playing and being downright stupid.

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 22, 2019 at 1:38 PM

      I can vouch that its hard to get brain-unentangled because there has been so much lying and propagandizing for so long; and there are, purposely, so many layers to the FRAUD.
      Once you jump down that rabbit hole to explore, it just seems to have no floor... You just keep going through tunnel after tunnel-- being threatened all the way and also harmed, and ones family is harmed, too.
      I can see why people are confused and in stunned silence. Especially when you find out the one who said they were protecting you from the bad guys fit the description of the bad guys they told you they were protecting you from.

      Another thing, when you look at the enormity of this constructed system, and think about all the people who receive a paycheck from just merely going along ...
      All the "court" people, attorneys, clerks, police system, sheriff system, state trooper system, all the federal contracting agencies, title businesses, bailbondsmen, food services, marshalls, "military", military clothing manufacturers, military housing, military transporation, building and maintenance of military bases, military computer systems, weapons, private for-profit prisons jails, banks, federal, state, county, local systems, investment bankers, corporate shareholders, utilities, credit card companies, hospitals, insurance companies, schools, post office and more... All non-PRODUCING feeders off of the system's lifeblood, which lifeblood as it now turns out, looks like is the theft and unauthorized use of our private property... and the commercialized abuse of us if we discover it and say NO!!

      Just looking at what was disclosed about the VA in 2013-4. They said there are 300,000 people who work in the VA system, all with their hand out, getting paychecks. Many knowing about the abuse. How many reported it?
      Now, there is info, on TruthNatasha stateoftoday d0t ℅m that a family member found a veteran with ants crawling on him in one of the VAs. Five years after the VAs were supposed to be cleaned up.
      How could they not know a veteran's bedding and body had been infested with insects?
      They knew.
      It's the employees who are at fault, too, at this point.
      They know the conditions.
      They want their paycheck?
      Give em their paycheck they will agree to keep quiet?

      These people who will agree to abandon the truth and compassion and caring for others in exchange for private gain, favors, and rewards are the ones that have to be identified and brought into the present system in order to maximumize the bilking of the system that is bilking us, the people. Otherwise the system can't work. They have to find the people who really don't care if someone else is getting hurt or not just as long as they get what they want.
      Then also there are the people who feel like they have to work, and are in the system doing the best they can to actually help, without getting fired.

      So, really, it's going to be up to us to get peacefully involved in reordering the system back to American traditional common law under the protection of the Declaration of Independence, where our creator-given unalienable rights were and still are recognized, publicly declared, and internationally secured, forever, being an American traditional common law trust (and more), holding all of our property, rights, and statuses/ other, from the very beginning.
      And so it is as I just spoke.