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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A Sadly Necessary Education About "Our" Military

 By Anna Von Reitz

I know more about the military in sum total, its history, its glories, and its abject failures than any normal civilian will ever know.  My Father was in the Eighth Army Air Force in WWII and carried the scars literally and figuratively throughout his tragically foreshortened life. Two of my Uncles, who I grew up with day to day, similarly suffered.  One was a radio operator with Patton's Third Army during the Battle of the Bulge if you've got guts enough to hear that story. Another was a pilot involved in the daily dogfights of Europe and later, the Pacific.   My husband is a Vietnam Era Vet and suffered all the miseries attendant to that. I myself was a hospital volunteer emptying bedpans and writing letters home. I was a member of the VFW at the age of eighteen.  Later I was an ESL instructor helping Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees learn English. Our Godson spent 13 years as a Navy Seal and Recon Marine.  My niece was a door gunner in a Blackhawk helicopter in Iraq.  I have been a loyal supporter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America for over 25 years and my husband is a Life Member of the AmVets. I have earned my stripes in all the seasons of the year as the daughter, wife, and mother.  So don't tell me what to say or do or think about the military, because that is one subject that I know well and which I have a right to speak to.  

You haven't had to deal with the Generals as I have.  You haven't had to listen to their inane complaints, grudge-matches, cowardice, or anything else related to this effort to get the entire country including the money and the military back on track.  
You didn't watch your own Mother struggle for over ten years assisting General Roy Schwasinger in his long and ultimately useless fight to regain justice for the farmers and landowners of this country.  I lived and breathed the Farm Union cases at our kitchen table.  I heard about NESARA the way you heard about Jimmy's Prom Date.  

You weren't privy to what went on during the occupation of Wounded Knee.  Maybe you need to know how "our" military rounded up the Native people and treated them as criminals and gave them blankets deliberately infected with smallpox as "presents" from their Great White Father.   No, you don't want to hear about that.  You want to bury your head in a flag and leave your butt hanging in the air, but that's not my response, Girlfriend. 

So don't presume to tell me what my opinion of the military should be.  My opinion is that they are always a day late and dollar short and never deliver. These usurpations against the people of this country should have ended a long time ago.  The illegal and immoral confiscation of our labor and property should have ended a long, long time ago.  And it hasn't ended for one reason --- "our" military has failed its duty to the Constitution and to us.  Period.  The facts are the facts. 

They have all had cause to know that Abraham Lincoln wasn't The President.   And even if he had been the actual President of The United States of America, he wouldn't have had the power or the authority granted to him to "suspend" the Constitution and operate this country under martial law, aka, The Lieber Code, or any other "Executive Order".  Without the graft, greed, power-mongering, and dishonesty of the military brass manipulating the Grant Administration and every Administration since,  none of what has befallen this country from that time to this would have been possible.  

None of it.  

The U.S. Military has been running an occupation of this country since 1863 and operating the government as a military protectorate.  I'm sorry,  but that is the fact.  There's nobody else to blame for the road we've been on and the things we have suffered at the hands of our own military.  If it weren't for General Smedley Butler this country would have come to this same brink decades ago.  It was only his singular example that restored some degree of order and integrity in the ranks and only because one very good man had the courage to do his actual job and blow the crucial whistle.  

I am sorry that there is nobody else to blame, not even the corrupt politicians, because in order for them to successfully be corrupt, the military had to allow it. 

The military is responsible for maintaining the "District" Court System and imposing these carpetbagger courts on the civilian population.  The military is responsible for enforcing the use of their own scrip as "legal tender" here in this country and throughout the world as the "reserve currency".  The military is responsible for the extensive Black Ops running everything from armaments to opium and gambling and the selling of little children into sex slavery to make a profit for themselves.  The military is responsible for the establishment of the Central Bank System and the illegal currency and commodity rigging that has been imposed on all of us since WWI,  and the U.S. Military has been the chief beneficiary of the Blood Money system imposed by the Federal Reserve.  

The military has kept this country at constant war ---- and I do mean constant --- war, of one kind or another, for over two hundred years.  The people of this country don't even know what their own peacetime flag looks like. 

Everything that is wrong with this country and with our world can be traced back to the Romanized British Government, the Popes, and our own dear Sacred Cow, the U.S. Military --- which is now nursing a sore butt because they've been exposed as part of the problem, indeed, as the implementation and enforcement of the problem that we all face.  The pure and simple fact is that if they don't act to restore the civilian government --- and I do mean the actual American Civilian Government, not a British Territorial Substitute for our own Lawful Government, they are all committing treason, but the more stunning fact is that they have been committing de facto treason for 162 years right under our noses and nobody has had the courage and the sense to call them on it.  

Well, here goes.  The cards have been called.  They are on the hotseat to perform their actual duty owed to us, the American People.  And if they don't do it, then they are nothing but a grossly overgrown illegal commercial mercenary force that has been operating under color of law for decades on end, and using our own inaction and trust in them as their excuse to continue plundering, pillaging, illegally confiscating, coercing, press-ganging, privateering and commandeering our government functions against us, their loyal and long-suffering employers. We are the Ultimate Source of every bullet in their guns and every soldier pulling the trigger and we've been treated considerably worse than shit for 162 years. 

Enough is enough, is how I see it. 

It's less than a month until Christmas.  I wish I felt more charitable, but I don't.  I see this once-great country run into the ground by criminal factions in "our" military and the intelligence agencies and all their political sock puppets, too, and I say it's time for them to get back in their box and do their actual job, which is defending and protecting us.  Period.  They have no other valid duty and they are grossly failing the one legitimate duty they have.  While we've been trusting them and depending on them to protect us, they've been busily stealing us blind and selling us out to every Tom, Dick, Harry, Chiang, Ahmed, and Mohan they can find. And now you tell me that this bunch of whores is all we've got standing between us and utter chaos?  

No, dear, we are all that they have standing between them and utter chaos.  


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  1. Replies
    1. look.
      even "anna" now puts the word "Our" Military inside of quote marks.

      "she" knows it belongs to "The Crown/ Pope/ Monarchy /other, all fictions," not to us, man naturalborn upon land that is known as one of the States of America.


    2. DEFINITION. Per MERRIAM WEBSTER - "Gadfly" 1. A fly ... that annoys or bites. 2. A person who ... annoys esp. by persistent criticisms."

    3. What? Are you attributing some motive(?) - "look. even "anna" now puts the word "Our" Military inside of quote marks."

      Oh my! we bow in your direction "ms. lord of the gadflys" - there is soooo much we learn at your persistent buzzings.

    4. your definitions are moot.
      where is your proof that what i write is wrong? you havent brought any yet.

    5. Did Anony 3:38 AM say your words were wrong? What do you mean definitions are moot??

    6. "...the need for "proof," in and of itself, demonstrates a certain level of aberrant behavior." Meaning you either know, or you don't know. Or as trial lawyers are known/taught to understand "it is exhausting exposing a liar."

      (i.e. Liars are great time wasters.)

      ``he that separateth from the law, though a disciple of a wise man, is a brother to Satan;''

      And he who wastes is brother to the destroyer, whose name is Apollyon, the waster and destroyer. A man that is slothful in spiritual things, though a professor of religion, and has a place in the house of God, is brother to him that is a waster and persecutor.

      Is this useful?

    7. a717am
      look it up?

    8. a8:07am
      you describe yourself. and dont realize it.

    9. Is this your version of "I'm rubber, you are glue, everything bounces off of me and sticks to you?"

      the universal solvent is ______________________?

      janmarie are you yet a toddler?

    10. a103pm,
      no, youre the one making up rhymes.
      i just noted you describing yourself, thats all.
      youre very emotional.

    11. you write of "frauds" below, and engage as a fraudster above, in that you make statements which you have no way of knowing if they are true or not. a question is asked an you answer fraudulently.

    12. a216am,
      you know what i know and dont know is true? :):):)

    13. baffling baphomet batman, women:janmarie has gone full-on babylonian!!

    14. devolved to just name-calling.....:):):) too funny!

    15. @anonymous 08:10 - nice! πŸ˜πŸ‘

    16. That would NOT be "name calling." (@6:52 AM) However, If you woman:janmarie and you too anonymous@9:11 were each honest or accurate, you'ld recognize anonymous@6:52 having delivered "humorous descriptive analysis." Descriptive because women:janmarie "devolved" to a level of incomprehensible babel, maybe? But she does seem to risen to a worthy level of good sportsmanship. Well done each and all! No more time wasters please.

    17. no substance.

    18. Well. women"janmarie, if you are seeking "substance" in the "jurisdiction of the Air" you have missed the primary lesson.

      Recall that Pope Boniface circa 1302 Ano Domini divided the "earth?" into three Jurisdiction under an "expressed trust" and thus the "world?" has been (rightly or wrongly) operated under these three (3) jurisdictions" Land, Air, and Water (usefuly LAW, not necessarily etymologically) ever since popes expression.

      Therefore women:janmarie, please note there is no (meaning zero) "substance" to be found here. This is the realm of substance-less ideas. and you are less than gossamer goose giggle.

      That is unless, you and I, substantially, collapse this inchoate reality and you and I were to shake hands in friendship one day?

      Alternatively you may wish to turn the earth/world around and undo all of popes 800 years of piratical "agreement" or you may further prefer to recognize, as Anna as revealed "as a thing is bound it is unbound" or some such.

      But women:jammarie you prefering Don Quixote's butting/tilting at windmills, is more for a man of la mancha.

      Read it, and good luck with that.

    19. a940 and 333,
      you seem obsessive.

    20. its okay though.
      please, continue to freely express your character to "anna's" potential followers :).

    21. There are now 3890 essays indicated as Anna's current count of essays.

      You women:janmarie, if you were to count your "comments upon this Anna essay and compare that count to the count of the various "anonymity" (many of which are unique) replies/postings, you may discover you are the most "obsessive, on this essay alone?

      Next women:janmarie add up ALL your women:janmarie postings upon this site and add to this ALL your posting/replies (including your various name changes aka "goodboots" etc.) across ALL Anna's essays (3,890) you would you know/learn that you are the very most obsessive poster (agent?) of them ALL.

      women:janmarie, here is an "old chestnut" to crack upon - "you can't cure stupid." But stupid may awaken one day and hopefully learn?

      And that is my prayer for you, that you learn, and one day you share the task of helping (not distracting) others to awaken and to know themselves, as it is my task here to also help you to know yourself.


    22. you *COUNT* other peoples posts??!!! :):)

    23. QED - quod erat demonstrandum.

    24. first anonymous, now foreign language.

    25. Merriam Webster 11th edition Collegiate Dictionary

      QED "which was to be demonstrated" (and has now been demonstrated)

      Your assignment woman:janmarie - Purchase a useful dictionary.

    26. i:woman dont accept assignments.

      go count some more comments. :):):)

    27. count not necessary. scanning works.

    28. that sounds like the same thing 1 closefoes does.

    29. a3:25pm
      most are here to share but youre gunna hafta be more specific than

    30. haha!! im thinking maybe SOMEfc1 said they were leaving the blog and didnt, but just started posting as "anonymous". funny!! :):):):):)

    31. Well you may have noticed somewhere on this string or comments, that I, in a manner, offered friendship and hand shake (if we were one day not floating about, in this "mid air in which we tumble." )

      Meaning there is no substance in this "Air Jurisdiction." And meaning I would not adopt a musical chairs name such as "1 closefoe" That is slimey, and I don't like slime.

    32. well, i stand on land.
      i must have not seen your "handshake" as you floated by.

    33. Exactly, we both stand on land. But this entire realm (blog posts) are according to what Pope Boniface did would be today considered "air jurisdiction" which is where the jurisdiction of ideas engage. You are welcomed to correct my error?

      Or have you overcome 800 years of popery and would like to name this manner of idea exchange by an alternate idea?

    34. the answer to your question is in the comments ive made that youre un-due-ly complaining about me posting.

  2. Didn't mean to remain "anony" but I can't figure it out.
    This "supreme" case #22-380 Brunson vs. Adams has everyone Abuzz. Constitutional. Yup. πŸ€” But "who's" Constitution? I recommend Anna to everyone.

    1. you mean what Constitution? because the damned thing is a farce just like those Birth Certificates they make up....... G bush jr was right when he said its just a piece of paper.... thats all they are.

    2. Yes this case is an odd one, huh? We will soon see if SCOTUS is also treasonous won’t we…

    3. a1017pm,
      now the Narrative seems to be going something like this:
      maybe SCt is going to take this case and decide there was nothing wrong with the 2020 election to be done with the issue forever before the Corporate changes the SCt forever;
      or maybe the SCt is going to say the 2020E was not valid, have Trump step back in, have Congress arrested..... and that may be why there may be a Military take over of thousands of cities....using Federalized National Guard.......
      nothing much being mentioned about the timing of all these speculative scenarios lining up so well with an also speculative GCR, but it does seem to.

    4. *IF:
      there actually is a phenomenon whereby someone/thing could connect to man's "crowd-based, thoughts-generated "energy"/ mass" and use it to manufacture (the energy for) imaginations in the users own mind,
      then might something like this SCt issue be how it could be done? ex:
      have huge masses of man deeply focused on a thing over a period of time. talk about it, think about it, write, comment, worry, pray, be angry. for weeks... let it stew. simmer. stir the pot... as "the situation heats up".
      : "enliven" the imagination???

  3. It's my opinion.That in the future our Space Program and all Military Branches. Along with DARPA and all A I company's will be under the control of State Committee's.
    Semper Fidelis

    1. theyre not "our"s. as i just commented, even "anna" is now putting quote marks around the word. "Our"..
      ibelieve that what even "she" has written before is that all that belongs to the "Crown, Vatican, and Monarchies/other", along with all of the harms theyve done to man and other using it.
      its built with what indigenous Americans have right to and with labor that only the man producing that fruit has right to use and we all have right to be restored.

    2. correction:
      Along with all of the harms theyve done...."

  4. Thanks for having the courage to tell it like it is. More people need to wake up and quit believing the lies we have been fed.

  5. I wish so badly my oldest son, 18 years and still serving the Navy, would wake up to this. Sadly, he’s abroad and hasn’t spoken to me for two years now. All because I am awake to this ongoing mess and he is not. Supposedly there’s some decent upstanding generals out there? May God in heaven make it true. Always love your articles, Anna. Go get ,em!

  6. how could it be all the Military's fault when the Corporate Congress /Politicians /other had to approve the funding before the Military could do anything?
    are they trying to blame their own Enforcers of Corp Policy ?

    didnt something like that happen to the Templars?

    1. Are you fucking stupid? You have to ask why? None of those scumbags could have or would have done anything if the brass hadn't allowed them to do it

    2. @anonymous 06:15- πŸ€­πŸ˜πŸ‘

    3. a615 and 955,
      great! my comments inspiring "followers" character to come through!!
      keep it up! :):):)

    4. Janmarie you have had this rabbi troll for longer than the deep state has been running this corporation.

    5. a116pm
      thats very weak.

  7. The recognised get out clause provided for in the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties under Article 62 (Fundamental Change of Circumstance), although the doctrine is never mentioned by name.

  8. We the people must do our share to make it happen! I suggest that we the people should claim our property try going to Minnesota Secretary of State website fill your own fictitious name claim! Let that be your Christmas present to each and everyone!

    1. Why?!? It’s already your name, just claim it! Reversion the trust. Move all property to the civilian side with Regulation Z. Anna has taught you how.

    2. a630am
      did you not read "anna"s Article that said there is no Trust/s?

    3. FYI, they have used this GAIA shit before

      Holy shit there it is GAIA angel-george-rose-washington-the-epic-of-gilgamesh-rock-and-rose-apples-of-zeus-my-cross-oft-i/

      Under the MICROSOFT stuff here

      The story now takes a twist where the intention is to lead the listener astray. Now Hera is Gaia, mother earth, and she, as Gaia, gives
      birth to her final son called Typhon. This is the god of wind, and the source of the word Typhoon. Typhon attempts to replace Zeus,
      who is actually his brother, as the king of god and man. Typhon was a hundred headed serpent monster. This would be the same 100
      serpent headed creature mentioned in the previous paragraph. The story then continues that Typhon was the father of the Nemean
      Lion. To confuse matters even further, the Nemean Lion was considered to be the brother of the 100 serpent headed dragon, called Ladon, or Lotan. The Nemean Lion was also considered to have fallen from the moon, and of course, his mane is the reflection of the sun’s rays off the moon.

      The GREENLAND new deal
      All the way at the bottom of the article

    4. Hmmm

      And to go with the GREENland NEW DEAL
      Well hell if they calling the shots from on high up there at the top of this world and no one knows they are even there while the stage play moves forward and the military itself is part of the overall operation then what
      They are conscrpyted soldiers of the long lost Roman Army of maybe the Knights Templars, jesuits, MI6 Funny that one almost sounds like MIC - KEY MOUSE

      Word Magic

    5. Kate of GAIA?

      What is your GAIA ID or GOGGLE ID or EMAIL that links back to you the end user when you SIGNED UP for their SERVICES that links you to the BEAST system

      How about this Babylon and the home of the world wide web

      GAIA is the reBRANDING (naming CONvention) of the plan(IT) previously named EARTH

      In the world of IT, information technology, there are naming conventions used to identify 'THINGS'

      For example in the shipping industry there is what is known as an ANSI X12 - 215 Electronic Motor Carrier Pick Up Shipment Manifest

      ANSI founded in 1918 right around the same time that the same robber barons started their monopoly money ponzi scheme

      By the 80's the computer industry aka military operations by the way everything started moving to electronic tracking and tracing of
      I started work in EDI Electronic Data Interchange industry at that time in medical billing for Medicare Medicaid third party claims
      Everything was paper and eventually all of it was SWITCHED to electronic
      Then I went on to the shipping industry by which the same thing was TRACEFORMING there as well

      IT has been their plans for at least a century or more

      If you think anything electronic is safe and that it is on the up and up you've got rocks for brains
      No offence but if you do not understand how these machines and this data works you will not get this

      They did not use the words INTERdependence for nothing ya know
      Once it's all LINKED IN (a reference to the fake known as Lincoln)
      which that is the end goal everyone carrying a cell phone or their chipped devices for their entire plan to work

  9. What Anna/annA has done to "Americans" is to trap them into another soul contract. The foolish looking for a saviour outside of themselves have been duped once again just as they were duped into the legal NAME fraud.

    1. Clearly you are NOT paying Attention!

    2. Or you don’t comprehend how law works in International Jurisdiction!

    3. a6:31am,
      do you?

    4. @ Be U Te - how can i escape the legal name fraud? i keep getting harassed by these fucking land pirates bc my "licence" was "suspended" so i let it expire, i harm no one and damage no property and haven't for over 25 years... i can't escape these bastards cause they " know" me (small town) and my mini truck is rather conspicuous....

  10. If you keep talking that's all you get talk,we have to take back power, organise,and military must conform, to the people of America.
    Crying on will not create anything,it's for all good people to say no)worldwide.

  11. if someone takes your car and uses it to rob a bank, you are not responsible for what that man did using what he took from you.
    its the same with the line in "anna's" Story about Americans being responsible for every bullet the Crown/other has used to harm man/ other.

    1. The first example the "person" had no choice. The second example requires a choice of conscience by the "person."
      If you play in the system using the legal fiction NAME for fictitious enrichment, then by definition the "person" IS complicit in ALL crimes carried out by the State/CROWN CORPORATION. Without the legal fiction NAME partaking in and feeding the Beast system, there is non Beast.

    2. "person" = thing. right?
      what you wrote makes no more sense than saying man/the people in the indigenous nations agreed to be murdered when or because they used the pox infected blankets given to them by the British. where is their intent to participate in their own murders? it isnt there. they didnt "KNOWINGLY" use British pox-infected blankets that murdered them.

      intent is missing. so is "knowingly".

      likewise, we do not know the Foreign Private Language, Law, or Culture of the Foreign Private Legal Society/other; and we could not "KNOWINGLY" participate in that system.
      our: man's intent is missing too.
      also missing is our record and declaration about our intent to participate: given before God and man without threat, coersion, deceit/ other.
      also missing is our doing, in peace and in law, in accord with our intent and declaration: and causing no harm to man.
      i:woman believe our missing intent to participate in the British Crowns/other Private Foreign LEGAL/FICTION System/other compares almost exactly to the indigenous Americans' missing intent to participate in their own murder from using British disease-ridden blankets the British gave them.
      we all have right to be restored, and it is so-required.

    3. Do you have a bank account, drivers license, passport, debit/credit cards? Yes to any of the aforementioned makes you complicit whether you agree or like it or not. Those ARE the facts whether knowingly/unknowingly. Those documents require a "person" to be acting as the legal fiction NAME to acquire them. Definition of "person" is mask an actor wears. A man or woman are acting as someone else they are not nor never were by using the legal fiction NAME to use said documents. Without you or anyone else using first the birth certificate, then further documents for fictitious enrichment in a system that is based solely on death and fiction there would not be a Beast system that murders, rapes, pillages and every other degrading act off the back of yours and anyone else's sweat labour. If the people knew who they were and took responsibility for themselves, then there wouldn't be a Beast system to carry out the atrocities that plague this world.
      Truths it seems are only agreeable if they fit in with the life of the "person" hearing them.

    4. There is no contract when fraud and non-disclosure are present. People are forced to get licensed. It's all fraud and with no remedy the act is illegal and unLawful.

    5. That is correct. However, the dishonour has been reversed upon those that use the legal dead fiction NAME because it is them that are now acting in fraud, identity theft and Copyright infringement. It only ends when ALL legal titles are returned to their rightful owner. Period.

    6. all (a) man creates originates from (that) mans intent.

      if (a) man does not intend to create a "thing" that is created, then, it is not his creation. the "thing" created belongs to (the) man from whose intent the "thing" originates and (that) creator, alone, is responsible for the "thing" created.

      (a) man cannot agree to what is (a) man does not know.
      indigenous Americans used the British pox-infected blankets "un-knowingly"/ without intent to participate in their (own) murders.
      then: the British alone, "knowingly"/ with intent to infect indigenous Americans with the pox infected blankets, are responsible for the murders of the indigenous Americans.
      and restoration is required. and it is so.
      same with man's participation in a System they do not intend AND declare AND intentionlly/ "knowingly" participate in:
      even if, in fact, (a) man uses that "thing": whether its diseased blankets or a System.
      and restoration is required for false claims. and it is so.

    7. He who creates owns. Who created the legal fiction NAME? The CROWN CORPORATION. You choose to use it because you truly do not know who and what you are. Stop parroting on about pox infested blankets. The legal fiction NAME did not exist in America at that time in history.

    8. It's like talking to a 5 year old with an I.Q equal to a pea. I note in one of your sentences "almost exactly". How retarded is that.

    9. thats what i said, the creator alone is responsible for the "thing" created from intent: the LEGAL SOCIETY is responsible for its creations.
      i also said man cannot agree to what man does not know.
      and, in reference to this, no agree-ment exists concerning (a) man being responsible for a deceitfully-similar LEGALNAMEFICTION that (another) man creates and tries to ""attach" or "latch/lach" onto (a) man.
      and it is so.
      i believe the pox-infested blankets given to indigenous Americans is quite the great example, and besides, anony 4:11am just commented that the same thing was done to the States of Americas men, so yeh, i think i will keep using it.

    10. Before any fraud can be revealed, a simple understanding of what fraud
      actually is is critical to grasp the enormity of the fraud placed on humanity
      overall. Fraud is simply a knowing attempt to deceive another to steal from
      them. Plain and simple, a fraud is hidden theft. What humanity is finding
      difficult to accept is the actual level of theft that has been achieved over
      every man, woman and child on what we call earth. Humanity has been
      duped into In-dependence upon the very thing that is draining their very
      souls of life and, literally, feeding it to the hounds of Hell. Not one part of
      humanity's day to day activities escape this perfect net if you're still willing
      to be their fishies. Every aspect of what you THINK of as a normal kinda
      day is soaked and dripping in this venom that has permeated the very
      mind of consciousness rendering it unconscious and thus, dead. All evil
      had to do was make being dead legally, fun enough to quell and lull the
      masses, and make sure you can't imagine any other kind of normal day
      besides the matrix you're spinning in. I'll outline a few parables of this
      during this essay where it is my hope to be able to convey, in the simplest
      terms, the magnitude of this ruse while keeping your panic to a dull roar.
      Yes, this is serious business since your very soul is on THEIR
      lien/line/ligne until YOU un-Hook your Peter Pan and Tinkerbell but, the
      answer AND truth beyond in the living reality are so simple, you simply
      won't believe it.
      It's because EVERY part of your life in what the masses of humanity think
      of as "normal" is affect-dead and in-fect-dead and THIS is the pole shift of
      180 degrees spoke of in folklore. Yes, the physical ones occur but only for
      those that choose the dead physical, all there is reality whereas I and
      countless others chose the 180 degree about face and marched right out
      of Babyloan out from under their excrutiatingly relentless eyes until we
      literaly "went dark" on their radar screens. This is the Celestine Prophecy
      effect of the invisible shields go up and render you untouchable for
      standing in truth.
      When pair-ents (two minds) or payer-rents choose to REGISTER their
      children, they are LITERALLY trading off the life source of the being that is
      SUCKED into that body in this reality for the whore of Baby-loans LEGAL
      NAME dead child, in essence, ADOPTING Satan's child in LLEU of
      heaven's child. The Laws-R-us effect, raising the dead NAME DEMON and
      razing the living consciousness you THINK of as YOU and every other
      human being as well as all sentient life in this reality. In short, YOU offer up
      your living child as a sacrifice to Satan while your living child commits sign
      after sign (sin upon sin) and ADOPT the dead LEGAL DEMON literally
      breathing life into evil with every creation thenceforth.
      Continue reading at:

    11. almost exactly is like: 99% is almost 100%, but not quite.
      is that all youve got??

    12. all man are free to believe what they like, they just cannot force what they believe on (another) man, and that is what has happened, and those so-forcing are required to restore (the) man they have harmed.

    13. Almost is almost. Exactly is exactly. The word you were looking for but had forgotten was nearly.
      People moan and groan about the system/matrix yet choose legal to try and better it when that is an impossibility.
      The remedy has been given to put an end to your legal nightmare. But that requires first, to return ALL legal titles to their rightful owner and secondly to know in your heart and right Abel mind that you are not a legal fiction thing.
      The problem is, very few do what is necessary to save their soul and be free from government tyranny because their thoughts are centred around "what will i do without money."
      I have attached the remedy. But understand the full implications of using this get out clause.

    14. the point is tho Be U Te that
      1. there is no agree-ment,
      2. its all FICTION,
      3. there is no disclosure /"meeting of the minds"
      4. and much much more, such as threat and coersion, so on.
      with no agree-ment its nothing but false claims, / ["fraud" like anony up there said].

    15. no, i was not looking for nearly, i said what i meant. but nearly is a good one too.
      yes, you do have to know what you said... and that is not easy to do since the CystsStem tries to attach so early.
      at your suggestion, i will read whats in that kate of gaia link.
      i will be back with questions.

    16. Ask your own questions of yourself. You are the only one that knows the answers. Not me. Read all the articles and your questions will be answered. Have a lovely day.

    17. i will ask you too since it comes so highly recommended from you.

  12. Get off the fucking ego trip. You don't seem to mind projecting and shutting on whomever you feel deserves it but you don't like it when it comes back at you. Well, you haven't walked in anybody else's shoes either. Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back while you shit on the rest of us. In other words: fuck you and the horse you ride in on.

    1. Have you corrected your birthright political status? If not, you are an agent and don’t have a dog in the fight!

    2. Don’t bring a horse into it!

    3. Yes I did. Didn't need to, but yeah, I did. 928's and the one fuck you and the horse you rode in on

  13. FYI - In July of 1776, during the revolutionary war, in the theater of Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point, it is evident that the "enemy" used "small pox" also in blankets, also aboard prison ships, against the "good guys."

    Oh. And post script - Also in July of 1776, the "bad guys" effected the requirement that the "good guys" receive "fake (small pox) vaccines" which were popularly administered, (for a fee, by bad guy doctors) to decimate the regiments of "good guys."

    Oh. And the "good guys" (per effect of, at least one infiltrate general) succumbed and paid ($$) to get both the 1.) shot of "small pox" and and thus to receive a 2.) "certificate" in order to be compliant and rejoin their regiments - (i.e. in order to decimate the regiments from within, by stealth.)

    QUOTE "The raging of the small pox deprives us of whole the course of whole regiments in the course of a few days."
    (this quote is from an old book, written by a guy from across the pond.)

    Knock off with the "indigenous" b.s. - it is "good guys versus "bad guys."

    1. my God, these mans are beyond most peoples concept of evil.
      i do understand the point you make about it just being "good men and bad men" and you are absolutely right about it, but will probably still use 'indigenous Americans' as a point of reference, especialy concerning undue attacks, murders, and other horrors.

    2. Any one wish to know the name of the general who was vying for General George Washington's position, that same vying General who was. per this historian (from across the pond,) who was considered worse than Benedict Arnold. Anybody??

      Give me a guess!

    3. what an inquisitive lot amongst us

    4. nobody guessed. i would like to know tho. are you going to tell? ty!

  14. My Father Army WWII Okinawa, Medical Assistant, his brother Army, Battle of the Bulge, shrapnel hit, Purple heart. 3rd Brother Coast Guard. 4th Brother Army. 3 Brothers in-law Navy & Airforce Career men. Countless cousins careermen in the services. 14 Ancestors in the Civil war. 9 Ancestors in Revolutionary war..... Lives lost and maimed in mercenary bankers wars, using our families as canon fodder...HWB, Daddy Bush, said, " If the people knew what we did to them, they'd chase us down and hang us in the streets"...These money and power Hungery bastards make sick to my stomach!

    1. So very true: "The military has kept this country at constant war ---- and I do mean constant --- war, of one kind or another, for over two hundred years. The people of this country don't even know what their own peacetime flag looks like."

    2. there is no peace flag. the States of America flag looks like the "Betsy Ross" flag: Flag Act, June 1777. look it up.
      the bauble on the flagpole or lack of one, plus the way its hung communicates what is going on in the country. look it up.

    3. If, as you post, "there is no peace flag" Why would there not be one?
      Flags are signals, and the signal of "peace versus war" are obviously essential, particularly in a oceanic mercantile world, circa 1776 and beyond.

      Clearly, there is a peace flag.

    4. there is not. look it up.

    5. Yes there is. It was written about and there are pictures to back it up. You just don't want to accept it airhead.

    6. no there isnt. look it up.
      ours is "the betsy ross" model, per the Flag Act June 1777.
      thats it.

    7. "Look it up" is often a road to ruin. As you should know the key a lock upon evidence one wants hidden, is to sell a source book/file/code etc real hard, and then make sure what you want hidden is NOT in the source file/book/code etc.

      Given that Piracy, War, Robbery, Liars, False Flags, are all to real, and the need for a "surrender" flag which is blank white, a thinking mind would recognize that "birds of a feather flock together" and as there is power in numbers, you can BET there IS a peace flag. Particularly as the Brits were task with guarding mercantilism on the high seas. Woman:janmarie you simply have not found the peace flag. Bank on it.

    8. yes, you are right about hidden papers and so forth.... thanks for the reminder to apply that awareness to absolutely everything. much appreciated.
      also so glad you brought forward the possibility that the "anna" "PeaceFlag" may be a *BRITISH* flag: merchantile or other. it very well may be. that would make more sense to me.
      that would not be the States of America's flag though, it would belong to the British Crown i believe.

    9. More likely a flag of the new states (former colonists?) to help the British to defend the union of united states americas with proctection on the high seas. Per the Constitution(s) one of the enumerated duties was to defend the Americas on the high seas in regard to piracy.

      So there would be a non-war flag for the americas to fly, it would be likely and perhaps necessary - one certainly ought not assume there was not such a flag.

    10. at present, there is nothing in any known record showing that one was ever authorized though, so im going to go with that for now. great points tho!

    11. thanks. mostly just guessing

    12. a326pm,
      imo: youre using logical speculation and common sense :). luv it! hope you post often.

  15. Straight Calls With ret. U. S. Army Col. Douglas MacGregor about GeoPoliTics, and latest on Ukraine, i. e., the West vs Russia

    Make America Free and Healthy m

  16. My name is Bubbles and I would like to say to all of you on this thread that you have too much time on your hands and need to be doing something productive! Go clean your own room! Stop wasting our time with your back and forth arguing! Frankly, I am sick of all of you! I hope Paul turns off the comment section For-ever! Just read the article and shut up, please! And...Jan Marie! You are nothing but a nuisance. Don't bother to reply. I won't be back! Good bye!

    1. a930am,
      i hate to be the one to break this to you but i really doubt that too many people care what your self-important opinion of their use of their time is.
      i know i dont. i know you will be back. and will post anonymously again. :):):)

  17. Great... so what? another decade or two before these state assemblies get recognized and actually take back control? how long is this literary lesson going to go on before actual Actions to hold the seated authorities in the fed and state govs accountable?

    1. With further links to extend knowledge of facts.
      THE NAME FRAUD * I have marked sections/parts/sentences that were referenced or derived from the book referenced here with an asterisk including the page number. I recently (and synchronistically) received a document from a friend I had lost touch with over the last 3 years. Greg attached a pdf document entitled "Sirenames" . On opening this document, it presents a well-researched history of "Names" and was printed some time in 1860's. It is titled "SURNAMES & SIRENAMES. THE ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF CERTAIN FAMILY & HISTORICAL NAMES: With REMARKS ON THE ANCIENT RIGHT OF THE CROWN TO SANCTION AND VETO THE ASSUMPTION OF NAMES and AN HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF THE NAMES BUGGEY AND BUGG." BY JAMES FINLAYSON. * (pg 22 – it would seem it was written in 1863 “This was the law in 1160, the same law was held as binding in 1290, and it ought to be so held in 1863.” This document when considered in the context of what we know about the legal name, will (unfortunately for some) burst all the bubbles of the “freeman” and “Sovereignty” movements where the general consensus is that we have a “Legal fiction” name and a “private name” and that somehow and by some process we can access a TRUST of some sort and that we as beneficiaries are being denied access to it. There is also a consensus (which I too admittedly believed), that the correct process could free us from this matrix by rejecting contracts in the fiction name whilst simultaneously claiming its benefits. The fact of the matter is, and the essay title of sorts referenced above will make it ABUNDANTLY clear that the FICTION name is a FRAUD from beginning to finish. It will make it clear that you should have NOTHING TO DO with this fraud and that it never had and never will have anything to do with YOU. Kate of Gaia can genuinely now say. ”I told ya so”…and she may even throw in “you left brained monkeys!” for our entertainment.  You may also begin to see that any resistance by the courts is FEIGNED resistance to make you beLIEve that there is credence to the freeman and sovereignty argument. This is how they keep you IN the SYSTEM searching for a “solution” when there is none. If you don’t want your bubble burst and you want to continue playing in the matrix, then by all means…stop reading. It is argued in the book referenced above, that the Ancient right of || the Crown and Parliament to grant license and have a prescriptive right to sanction all assumptive surnames before they can be considered legal * (pg 22) , and that any such sanctions should be carefully considered for its implications from the perspective that *a man's name is a man's property, just as much as houses and lands are property.* (Introduction. Pg3) He gives a detailed & historical account of sire-names and surnames, their antiquity, purpose, use and abuse. It is important to understand this, so that you may fully comprehend how you participate IN A FRAUD (which was in some parts of the world punishable by death) every time you use a name that is LICENSED to someone else, namely the State. First, let’s establish some historical facts, then we'll examine the modern use of the name. Hopefully this will serve to create a clearer picture from which you will be able to "see" the MAGNITUDE of the FRAUD you are in participating in when you assume the LEGAL NAME, including the magnitude of the FRAUD perpetuated AGAINST YOU by CRIMINALS of the highest order.
      To continue reading the next 6 pages:

  18. B U Te; why does keith thompson/katie/tranny using a passport & living in costa rico ?

  19. Dear Anna,
    Thank you for providing a great historical perspective in all of this.
    One thing that I would LOVE to see, is what actions are you taking to help resolve all of this and the responses from them, and then what are the best actions that we can take as well.

    You have a very unique place in your view of the world, and it is important for us to see/hear what is actually taking place with all of this beyond just another statement of harms. We are here to take action and provide solutions and it is tough to always know exactly what might be the best roads to take in all of that.
    Thanks, Ken.

    1. Ken, (I am not any body but a stranger, who embraces Anna's historical writings.

      But I assure you, the tools (instruments) you may seek are all right here on her Paul Stramer web site.

      Ken, did you see the movies "Raiders of the Lost Ark?" There was an episode and a scene where the heroine says to "Indian Jones," as Indie is fondling the breasts of some voluptuous but very cold and marble/stone beauty, and the heroine (appalled) says, (standing before indie, with her breath and bosoms heaving - Indie who is caught in some useless revel and thrall- the beautiful heroine says "I'M RIGHT HERE!!" Begging his hand upon her bosoms.
      Indie ignores that sensuously impregnating opportunity, and sets off for an ensuing adventure - Therein is our history is writ large.
      Everything you need Ken, is RIGHT HERE!" on Anna's voluptuous website!.
      Indulge, impregnate our worlds with truth!!! and life!

      I mean everything is here on her website. And may our world produce children of truth, fact, and act, voluptuously.

      (that was fun!)

  20. I love when Anna kicks the hornets nest.
    I am with her on this one.
    And what happened to the Wyoming Assembly ? Since Susan Allred resigned her positions , non of them will answer my emails. Hope you are reading Bill or anyone else . I EXPECT a response.
    Kevin on Four Corners

  21. FYI: Their House, Their Game . . . Their Rules!

    Just as your’s or your neighbor’s home/castle is the jurisdiction of it’s creator the home owner.

    God gave Man dominion over the earth by birth and freewill to make it or break it/mankind.

    God knew us before we were in our Mother’s womb. We were with him in the beginning and will return in the end of our journey wiser for the sacrifices and lessons.

    Never participate in ‘PUBLIC’ controversy / contractual offer or you are in dishonor of the contract expressed or implied voluntarily before you.

    We can only serve one master…and I don’t vote for my master, why would anyone? God is my creator. Only he has jurisdiction over man.

    Moral: Read the proverbial box top before participating in ANY fictitious game or DO NOT participate with an expectation of succeeding especially without a price to the creator of “The Game!” The game of life, Birth . . ? . . Death. We get out of life what we put into it! And it’s not a race to the end, its the journey that counts.

    An Attorney (we hire) by definition (Black’s Law) turns the man over to an Administrative Law Judge / Equity Court for collections as a corporate participant in “The Game!” Do not participate in PUBLIC controversy volunteering it to them. Understand the ‘rules to the game’ rather than glued to the scrying mirrors in every contemporary home waiting for the ambiance/hypnosis of the game’s play(ed) to tug on the puppies leashes. Not our game, never our rules. The creator rules, has jurisdiction, over the games he/she creates and those he/she convinces to voluntarily participate.

    NONE of these or other game detailing articles are a description of God’s House. The commandments starting with the very first, “No God’s before me.” He plays no games! He gave us freewill not FEEWILL of a citizenry, public or residence (CPR of the dead). A choice to participate or live life as free as the second we are born . . . faded only by our voluntary choices equal to the energy we put into our wisdom. Intelligence vs Arrogance?

    A Non Y Mous’, untuck at least the “proverbial” appendage from between your legs and wave the flags you fly without the youthful pablum or you become simply in dishonor in argument providing no substantive reason or counterclaims to respond to the drools running down your chin to get over on someone while hidden behind a tech curtain of hero complex cuz daddy and mommy were left powerless by their dedication to the system and master(s) they voted for to correct the problem(s).

    @woman:janmarie, a friendly, focus! Look passed the distractions to less water their growth. Focus on the ball not the players. Some of us enjoy the nourishments of information over the proverbial kitchen noises. It’s just mostly, not all, but mostly noise pollution of the arrogant vs the intelligent. Your obviously over many targets as are many of these very informative of the rules to the game articles albeit pointless in Their House, Their Game . . . Their Rules! Just sayin’.

    Have A Blessed Day to all!

    1. Thomas-Michael,
      enjoying your comments. its good to get substance.
      yes! heavy fire... Dead ideas arent Targets.
      cutting down energy on distractions sounds good. :)

    2. Thomas-Michael,
      have you found that all contractual offers are PUBLIC controversies? ty.

    3. or is it the nature of contractual offers to be a Controversy?
      or is it that Controversy is built into contractual offers?

    4. Thomas-Michael,
      your comments are so appreciated.
      am re-reading. more than once.

    5. every body, just move along . . . don't contemplate the above dialogue, no no, it could be a student and its teacher, move along

    6. Re: woman:janmarieNovember 30, 2022 at 1:23 PM
      have you found that all contractual offers are PUBLIC controversies? ty.

      Agreements are natural between men and woman therefore, necessary to achievements. Man cannot live on bread alone and require agreements between men. That being said, agreements are between multiple parties ALL of which are obligated to negotiate or counterclaim their performance and compensation then perform in equal honor.

      Implied contracts are a measure of our duty towards the implication ie application(s), certification, registration, licensing etc. The controversy comes with argument (attorneys “argue” a case “Practicing” law (Land, Air Water) and dishonor of our obligation. Acceptance or conditional acceptance is our ”Public” remedy in the Trust they created in using our identity by our application(s), certification, registration and licensing. Note: Research and knowledge/character building required for over-standing.

      Re: woman:janmarieNovember 30, 2022 at 1:28 PM
      or is it the nature of contractual offers to be a Controversy?

      Depends on our ability to negotiate and/or consciousness to avoid a duty and implied contracts.

      Re: or is it that Controversy is built into contractual offers?
      Up to the parties to agree and fulfill the obligation and performance or leave a bad deal on the table.

      We The People means We The People.
      We get out of life, what ‘we’ put into it!

    7. Thomas-Michael,
      ty. just skim-read your answer. will look closely tonight. thank you very much.

    8. Thomas-Michael,
      i really love what youre writing, youve got the parts/elements blended together better than anyone whose comments ive comprehended.
      the breaking up of the unified functioning of the body, soul, and spirit of man has been merciless and continuous. with Gods help, weaving the parts together is a blessed and amazing journey. with others makes it even better.

    9. woman:janmarie
      Thank you. At the core the parts/elements are simple. By mis-overstanding, and the PUBLIC’s, not ours, education, we have been made to under think it so it just seems complex until you take a few steps back from the proverbial forest to see the trees so-to-speak and apply whatever years of experiences we have had and be honest with ourselves in the process. It’s been like a BS filter for me. A sort-of reverse osmosis of misdirection.

      How many hierarchies do we live through in a lifetime, parents, jobs, teams, clubs, governments (mind-control), etc. and how many of us still remain under the hierarchy of our parents by evolving through our experiences and learning, not taught, but learning to fish. I just keep my eyes on the ball following it into the glove and swing with the knowledge God has been gracious enough to provide and I have been gracious enough to listen. I control no one else but, me and my creations.

    10. To connect to this subject;

      I lost a Great Uncle, my Great Grand-mother lost her only son, when he was just 20 years old over the skies of Germany in WWII fighting for a corporation(s) not liberty. As a gunner, his plane disabled, he parachuted from his plane in desperation only to be shot dead while floating to German soil and capture by German corporate soldiers.

      My only brother “Died Suddenly” (S.I.D.S) from a vaccine induced pneumonia coughing up blood until he died in my Mother’s (died of Ovarian Cancer) arms at 2 months by my aunts side (died of Breast Cancer on and on…), I was 2 years and I am an only child for 61 years with a lot of time to ponder my experiences.

      Many of us have dogs in this corporate fight and need to overstand we volunteered by our actions and duty for these events and MUST learn from our mistake. “THEY” are not the enemy of us, we are.

      Corporate Remedy: Man cannot sue a corporation although, he can lien one.

    11. your parag 1.
      i grew up around fantastic men who gave their word of agree-ment with each other over the kitchen table, in front of family and friends, and sealed it with their handshake. that is how (a) man makes agree-ments... in the open and in front of trusted others. if it was for something of great worth, they recorded their agreement in the newspaper, but not the details. i remember now how American, common law agreements between men works because i was often at the kitchen table with everybody else: there are no parties, performance, counterclaims, obligations, thats all Legal Society Private Language. and they, nor i, know what all those words that actually mean.
      my grandpas [common law] man- to- man agreements were simple, straightforward, honest.

      para 2
      refs.: jesuis: "but let your communications be Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil."
      matt 5:37
      james 5:12
      "but ABOVE ALL THINGS my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest you fall into condemnation."
      both luke 11:46 and 11:52 jesuis pronounces [that] condemnation/ damnation on the lawyers when he speaks the woes of God upon them for burdening men with grief, and for taking away the key of knowledge but not even entering themselves -- while they hinder the ones who want to enter in.
      i believe what jesuis said here is right and true. they are condemned, and rightly so. they, unlike us, do know what theyre doing. they study it for years. for money/filthy lucre.
      Thomas-Michael, i have often suspected that its built into the "nature" of contracts to foster controversy since, (i believe true that) in their own Private Legal Society Courts, they dont even have any standing to use the Courts unless they have a controversy.

    12. Thomas-Michael,
      many losses.
      thank God we will be fully reunited with loved ones in a very few years.

      i can understand how some people might feel that the corporate conglomerations are indispensable since we're so used to them now, .... but i do not believe they are for most things. just a few. i keep remembering things i learned years ago that jesuis said. ref.: luke 3:12-14., then phil 4:11 too.
      and do not at present believe i have a dog in the fight pertaining to corporations other than my claim on what belongs to me that the men and women used without my agreement... plus all that is derived from same.
      not having a choice is not volunteering.
      neither do our actions done under threat, force, deceits, non disclosures, abuses and so forth create any agree-ment, as compliance under threat is no more than coersion/other. thats just slavery/ "Human Traffickking"/ involuntary servitude/ other. not an agreement.

    13. I really enjoy conversations more now looking for lessons rather than trying to control others. Thank you for the insights.

      How did man settle disputes even in those kitchen table agree-ments? Common Law courts of their time I presume. Times don’t change, people do.

      “…they dont (sic) even have any standing to use the Courts unless they have a controversy. πŸ‘ Target acquired . . . Hence all of the entrances/choices leading to that venue?
      πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸš›πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ¦πŸ•³========✈️

    14. T-M, no, they never went to any kind of court. "court" was held at the kitchen table.

    15. janmarie
      Just as the folks on this sight claimed the name, provided two witnesses and are all 'volunteering' their 'services' to build exactly what these schmucks wanted you to build
      This time you agreed yet again under false presumption as presented to you by grandmama to do so

      Simple fact if they stole it they stole it

      Call LifeLOCK maybe they can help you get your identity back
      It only cost $9.99 a month

      Gee I wonder why LifeLock hasn't figured this CON out yet since they are experts at it and revealed it to the world instead of lying their asses off to ya and selling you yet another 'SERVICE' to help fix it all while sucking a monthly fee from you

      Maybe call the Better Business Bureau
      Funny kinda sounds like Build Back Better

      How about
      bippity boppity boo
      The Wonderful World (flip the w's and you get 33) of DISNEY
      Disney - funny isn't it add just one letter 'T', anagram the word and you get


      How about those there WARner Brothers - not their real names by the way

      Follow the white rabbit, down the rabbit hole

    16. Anna, woman:janmarie and so many others . . .

      Thank you for your insights.

      Have a blessed day!

      PS Never mix Private and PUBLIC! Like Medusa or Epoxy . . . Just Sayin’

    17. shelby,
      exactly..... i hope it turns out alright for people.

  22. Hey there - women:janmarie, and all her acolytes, take a lesson from your hero "Lincoln" (who actually did speak some wisdom)

    "that man [Thomas-Michael] can put more words into the smallest of ideas, than any other man I know."

    - peace

    1. Marcus Aurelius (The Philosopher King) of his meditations:

      "Be neither of the blue team nor the green team at the games."

      "avoid the public schools, pay for good education at home"

      It is your eternity which your may be adulterating?

    2. a12:36pm,
      lincoln is your hero?
      ... you brought him up, i havent.

  23. I respect wisdom, wherever it may be revealed. And you do not?


    Registering stuff that does not belong to the true 'owners'

    Just have a listen

    1. "they" will pick and choose those who are prosecuted

  25. Excellent! For people who haven't got any historical knowledge, would it not be enough to look at the whole covid shenanigans to conclude that the military committed treason by allowing the slaughter of the people?

  26. that’s-interesting:dear

  27. Hey Anna, thank you for this bitter truth. Love you to bits. As for "Christ-Mass"... I will not be celebrating it in future. Listen to this before Santa (Satan) arrives... Why The Elite Worship Saturn - The Black Cube EXPOSED!

    December 24, 2021 New World Order Cult of Saturnalia

    December 25th aka Christmas is not actually Jesus Christ‘s birthday and the bible does not mention his birth date at all.

    The elites are simply using December 25th as a day to spread the worship of Saturn throughout the whole world! We have all unknowingly participated in esoteric Saturn worship for thousands of years!

    The Saturnian cult has never stopped and its rites are still present to this day.

    It’s time to rethink everything and to make the necessary changes

    Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    1. Hoe else would you create a new world unless you tell the deaf dumb and blind the so called hidden truth and lead them to the so called promised land where at the end is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

  28. And everything is about HUNTER blah blah blah

    Like ORION the HUNTER in the sky
    The three wisemen in his friggin belt

    How about some two faced ABRAHAM
    Fits in with their fake ass ABRAHAM ACCORDS A A = 11
    Like American Airlines Flight 11

    Like two faced MONTANA

    Whole lot of emphasis being put on YELLOWSTONE these days
    One of their inbreds Kevin Costner did a special the other night on ole YELLOWSTONE and how it was preserved for this or that
    The New $100 Bill – 911 and the BIG ONE
    This new $100 bill is loaded with liberty symbolism. Of course, what better way to hide fascist tyranny than to tell the population that this is liberty. With all the liberty bells strewn about the face of this bill, it brings into question, “what’s this all about”?

    The chart immediately below shows the original Declaration of Independence with the lower portion showing the part of the bill that’s actually on the new $100 bill. Note the underlined part in red that refers to the “right of the people to alter or abolish any government” they deem repressive. This was in reference to Britain, but as stated previously, it applies totally to today’s US administration. So what’s this all about? Quite obviously, this is by design, and is the luciferian agenda at work. This is not the result of haphazard governing or ridiculous financial management, … THIS IS ALL BY DESIGN!

  29. Fake paintings and money laundering

    Interesting clip here
    Addendum November 29, 2022: Just one month later, the Epoch Times, go figure, is now running interference on this for the big dogs. Their art writer Lorraine Ferrier has published this piece, not only reselling Vermeer as real, but promoting the idea that the National Gallery recently proved he had a studio—“where he worked with assistants and taught students and apprentices”.
    Wow, what an exciting new discovery, right? How did they discover that? We keep waiting for Ferrier to tell us what indication or proof they found, but she never does. Not the slightest hint of evidence or argument is forthcoming. Finally, I could see that she was implying that simply because they had now downgraded Girl with a Flute to “studio of Vermeer”, that was proof Vermeer had a studio.

    By all means go get that epoch time rag - same shit different day
    Same liars

  30. And who would have thunk it

    The so called prince is a ROTHS Child

    Or maybe that should be RA's child? The sun god

    Oh I wonder who the masked actwhores are behind this fiction


      This one is a doosey

    2. He hasn't done any videos for like three months now

      He's said from the beginning give unto these thieving ceasars what is ceasars ie the sir(e)name (coat of arms not the right to bare arms which is how they get the people to fight and kill each other using phonetics to entice those who would kill their fellow man over this shit)

      They stole it through deceit and are trying to get you to claim (IT) out in the open

      TAG, YOU'RE IT

      Do you not get it

    3. luv yu shelby. gurl, youre an inspiration.


    5. luv yu too janmarie

    6. Or if not to "claim it?" Would it instead be for you to "reclaim" unencumbered (in some reversion manner?) Reclaim unencumbered that fraudulently manufactured name, which had been "gifted" to you, yet kept in hock under stealth, against you? That name which you were fraudulently inveigled to use since an innocent.

      Or give unto the "way, truth, and life" that which is the way truth and life. And may the devil take the hind most.

      woman Shelby and woman:Janmarie you too are welcome to continue to play your name game musical chairs.

      Or get a room.

    7. a5:38pm.
      its generally just recognized as appreciation or respect for someone else.

    8. Are you and Shelby guiding us to reject our "names" of record/registration (as per Jesus rejecting paying taxes, by returning the "coin" to Ceasar?) which names people have used since circa their birth?

      And are you suggesting people would be better off inventing some alternate naming convention, with each having a newly self created name? As per "women:janmarie" or "Shelby?" (is Ford Motors - or whomever - on her case?)

      I suggest we reclaim full/complete ownership of the names we have used successfully through-out our lives, and throw off the yoke of having been so cleverly enslaved.

      Women:janmarie can you elaborate on what you and Shelby agree upon above, as per your pillow talk?

      I don't know enough about you to be jealous; possibly I could be envious . . . (humorously appreciative)

    9. a1008pm,
      parag 1&2
      im just sharing, thats all.
      i didnt say jealous of *me*.

    10. correction
      changed my mind: parag 3
      your perceptions of interactions between people sounds stubbornly skewed so i dont think my elaborations would assist you. be well. :)

    11. Your swift communication cycle is admirable. And rare. thank you!

    12. Make sure you get that there flag for sail at $39.99 (flip the 9's it's
      3 -sixes)
      Honest abe grandmama here would never lie to you

      Meanwhile the military script is coming in mighty handy for the merchant sailing ship (SS Minnow) flying that there flag as they try to keep their NEW WORLD ORDER commerical business vessel/venture afloat

      The love boat is it
      Change one letter SPELL IT backwards and you get EVIL

      Ever wonder why the crew and passengers on the SS Minnow crashed in Hawaii never to be found?
      They couldn't get off that fucking eyeland no matter what they tried

      You'll notice that donations are sorely needed to keep the web archives afloat
      Look on the page in the right under the BIG BLUE (as in water) BANNER (kind of like Build Back Better) you see the 79 CAPTURES

      Well they've captured the end user via the IP ADDRESS whick links to your phone, home pc, and everything else because it's all LINCOLNED aka LINKED IN like in CHAINS/SLAVE

      That phonecian phonics aka phoenix teaching shit really works

      It's like Basking Robber Barons or I mean Baskin Robins they have 57 flavors to capture you
      You know like HEINZ 57 Ketchup

      Those CFR or I mean those CAFR reports are a heist you can be very proud of

      They're talking to each other right out in the open
      and we the deaf dumb and blind just can't sea it

      Ole humpty dumpty honored the code talkers when he first took office but it was also a slight of hand

    13. "honest abe grandmama". :):):)
      good finds on the word "sssss-witches". did anyone already find:
      having no production or re-productive creativity, they cant create their image and likeness with semen, so they use SEMAN:NAMES.

  31. Long list of usurpations by the conquerors the communist / Marxist who started (((Lincoln’s))) party.
    Rabbi Karl Marx pen pal.
    The 800,000. Mercenaries promised the land of all the white Christians the killed.
    Completely purged all state governments of whites and brought in 20,000 rifles to military uniform blacks to hunt down whites.
    Not impressed in the slaughter by NWO
    Patton was going to blow the whistle but not allowed. Smedley Butler told on the Jewish Coop to stop taxing the rich .
    Like war just don’t ask them to pay for it!

  32. Not sure WHO the Anons are nor do I care
    Anyone with half a brain would see this whole narrative is SHIT
    And I do mean shit
    Anna has produced ZERO results and all you have to do is read their world parliament DEMOCRATIC plans and you will see that your job in this their new world is to self govern yourselves while they steal you blind

    Here's your so called FEDERATION

    And here is the place you can read all about your so called democratic self government duties and the financing that is required BY YOU to MAKE IT HAPPEN

    Here have a read at the DEADICATION
    Dedicated with Love to the Conscious Self in every human body; and, with the hope that in becoming individually self-governed the people will establish Democracy as SelfGovernment in the United States of America.
    The accomplishment of this hope will prevent the almost certain destruction of this civilization.
    First PRINTED IN 1952
    Go read page 30

    While you're at it check out the Fying Mercury sitting on top the White House
    Which by the way is in the Democracy is Self Godvernment book on page

    janmarie and I can see you fools and if you can't then that's on you


    Quite the plot they have going here for their end times shew
    The gangs all there like when you watched the little rascals on the telly

  34. The same people running the same operations

    They're all in it together

    They change their faces/mask more times than you can shake a stick at

    Catch Them If You Can


    1. And listen up
      So off the charts you'll need to sit down

  35. They think this shit is funny


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