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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

A Plan for Global Tyranny


November 28, 2022


  1. I'm new to Karen Hudes and Anna Von Reitz ; not taking sides but the first thing I notice is Anna selling products and covering her one eye and I have not seen KH do this ; that said I don't see Hillary Clinton covering her eye either'm going to assume they are both shills for now ; interesting I am one of those big head people ; we're not aliens, just CroMagnons ; we have many traits ; just google rh negative ; most I find are introspective , introverted and feel we just don't fit in with society. I also happen to be seriously gangstalked, overtly since 85 and I often get the v2k messages but the mind control runs much deeper than that ; since Trump got in I've had 2 way comms , even from some public figures..
    I don't claim to be an insider, just a bystander, but my experiences are similar to KH in terms of being poisoned, drugged, accidented, committed etc etc..I don't care really ; I'm just one person , not important, but I want to get the message out to warn others of this extrajudicial practice and it's dangers

    1. your comments are probably very important to people. say what youve got to say, everybody else does :). glad youve made it 30+ years.
      they have lumps/ cn burst. they are accidentprone. and have lots of car accidents, and fall down steps... pathetic.

      yes, many people, especially ex-military are saying they are "losing the [un-remembered] programming"... from non-consensual experimentations on them, especially the MKUltra type. Jose DelGatto(?) mid-1960s, Robert Malech/Molech, 1974 -- "Voice-2-Skull" patent, i believe.
      so much more. funded by the Queens Navy as i recall.
      many, many more people will believe you now,... to their shock and horror.

  2. Attn: site mod ; kindly delete my comment above and this one..thanks

    1. i just commented: 'any anonymous can say that', and it got deleted. now ive made the same comment THREE times.

  3. i just commented: any anonynous can say that!... and it just got deleted!!


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