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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

I Repeat and Repeat...

By Anna Von Reitz

Register nothing. Record everything.  Keep all your possessions on the land and soil. Permanently domicile all names and NAMES on the land and soil of your States.  Serve Notice with copies recorded with the land recorder's office of the State of State.

Do everything in terms of physical reality.  You live in an actual and factual world. When you describe and claim land and soil, you don't do it by a cadastral survey or a "property description".  You do it by a metes and bounds physical description and boundary markers.

Otherwise you are paying someone to use their "description" of your property assets and they are giving you a "title" to do so. 

How stupid is that? 

Let's see, I think I will drive around the neighborhood tomorrow and assign new street names and numbers, and then charge everyone for this "service" and take "title" to all these property "descriptions" and copyright them and pretend that this "entitles" me to charge the actual landowners taxes and other fees for the use of my description of their property. 

Are we all completely brain dead? 

I have reported these facts to everyone before.

How can you believe that you are buying land and soil, when all you are holding onto is some specious "description" in terms of "lots and blocks" --- whatever they are--- or "numbers and streets" --- which are our roads, thank you.... and our homes being infringed upon by a bunch of con artists and usurpers upon our lawful government and our Lawful Persons.

The next time someone tries to describe your home and land "for" you, or tries to sell you their 'property description" and give you a "title" to it, or taxes you using such a description, report them to the District Attorney for attempted fraud. This craziness has got to end.

"US Citizens" cannot actually own land in the States because they are acting as foreigners regardless of where they were born.  Actual American State Nationals and American State Citizens own their land and homes.

It is therefore outrageous that these States of States organizations are presuming against us and making these absurd "offers" to name our land parcels and thereby assume an ownership interest in them.

Wake up, wake up, wake up---


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  2. Anna, I have been discussing this very thing with others. How is it free if some entity gave it to you? The titles should be tied directly off of the purchase of the land, not the entity in presumed control of said land.
    My thought would be to first comprehend the current Authority of the BLM. I want to know if they are an entity that was created as a State of State by our original states and then just got perverted. My thought would be to have some sort of "Acknowledgement" from a recording office (BLM) to the fact that I claim my own land as 'fee simple' owner, tax free and without encumbrances (excluding road r/w and 'necessary' easements not blanket easements) according to my declaration of my ownership (in metes and bounds, of course). I think we could change the BLM from giving any sort of permission (title) to solely ACKNOWLEDGING and VALIDATING the facts of our individually declared and unrebutted claims. They must also maintain the Section monuments (primary) and road monuments (secondary).

  3. This is a topic worthy of imsightful discussion. It will however require us all to leave behind the preprogrammed notions and use logic and common sense. I would entertain a conference call of enough people were interested.

    Kevin Cote' L.S.
    845 987 0084 cell