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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

No Applications for DBAs for NAMES!

By Anna Von Reitz

I never told anyone to apply for or pay any State of State for a DBA to do business under their own NAMES.


You go through all this trouble to reclaim your Trade Name and seize the Derivative Names/NAMES and move them all back to safety on the land and soil of your State of the Union, and then you go pay the State of State to use your own NAME?

Are you nuts?

If you pay THEM to use your own NAME who owns the NAME?


Think, people! Use your own brains!

And if you can't use your own brains---- use mine, and follow my directions.

Don't half-use my directions and then mix-and-match and muddle around for yourselves and then blame me because you wind up in jail, fined, and abused.

Pay attention to the LOGIC of things. How on Earth could anyone ever swallow paying a commercial corporation for the use of their own NAME?

You have undermined the entire process by doing so, all that you are working for. Just because it says the Assumed Name Certificate is in preparation for a new business license doesn't give the go ahead and tell you to apply anywhere for anything, does it?

Since when do you have to apply for a "license" to conduct your own business when you own everything in sight, including the States of States?

Did I ever once say, oh, run down the local State of State and pay them for a license to use your own NAME??? Ever?

Anyone who has applied for a DBA from any State of State for their own NAME needs to immediately cancel and revoke any such action.

You already possess your own Name and the DERIVATIVES and have it safely on the land and soil by using my process and directions. Applying for a DBA to use your own NAME simply goes back into the same old trap and hands the keys to your "VESSEL" to the rats.

I want to make it very clear that I am not responsible for anyone's "bad luck" who adds anything to or subtracts anything from the process set out for you. If I didn't specifically tell you to do it, don't.


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  1. I don't claim the name. I am not the physical body,but the life force energy of eternal love in living Soul free Spirit who came in here the same way I'm gonna leave.
    My Free Will in SPIRIT whst love is from which the single point of Love gave birth to experience a Multiverse in which we give love and Service to others in a gift of free energy, because we are the source energy of eternal life that has infinite value in SPIRIT, because without us,their isn't a Multiverse to experience, because its all self aware.

    1. Keep thinking will work well when you no longer have the body you were given....until then, rethink it.

  2. I must say Anna that I am glad that I have waited to actually do just what has been said above.. I was online just a few days ago observing that process on the SoS site, and was thinking all the while. Why do I wanna pat 15.00 or 115.00 dollars in pirate money to a pirate in a state office seat who has no inclination to help me or anyone like me...because that costs THEM money, character evaluations, responses from once supporters that they don't want. And those people stop minding so well all of the signs in public that only the indocrinated minds can see...Thanks for the Notice Paul..greatly appreciated. so at this point, I am readt to drop a nuclear bomb on those asshats.. Wish me that Grace will be on my side and in my favor..I'll keep all the good people and other readers informed of the early deductions of the package and the later results if they so turn into such a thing rather than continuing to be character deductions...Peace.

    1. Even if you reclaim your name to the land an soil, what good will this do in a court of law which is all admiralty law and the land and soil is under water in Admiralty jurisdiction?

      Who in their right mind goes before an enemy for reprieve?

    2. There are several articles by Anna ( ,that explain why you would not enter a court, some explanation on what to do before the courts and even some explanations on what to do (depending on your own situation) within the courts. At the end of the day it is an "invitation" for prosecution. So yeah, no one should go before an enemy for reprieve, it is not an option they are unwilling to give you. Courts only mediate your STRAWMAN's losses.

  3. Do you still do the firm 56?

  4. Replies
    1. Look it up at or fill out the blue form on the right for a call from the team.

    2. Yes to both volunteered under semantic deciet, lies and fraud and bad information to pay the pirates in the first place..
      There will be a process at some point hopefully to be reimbursed fully with interest and penalty from these crooks but only if you do the process and learn it to the point that you know it and can articulate under duress..JUST DO NOT DO THE PAPERWORK WITHOUT COMPREHENDING IT....READ READ READ.....YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT

      disclaimer... I only wrote in all caps because I was " keyboard yelling " !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Creatorsdaughter You do not bring your name back to the land jurisdiction and by your SILENCE you have given them CONSENT to Govern you = remember the state on your BC is the Beneficiary to their CONTRACT called the Birth certificate Do nothing and you and any kids are WARDS OF THE STATE .

    1. Unless she dropped in here from Mars a couple of days ago she could not have missed the action on this blog. She is sounding like controlled opposition, surely she can't be that stunned if she isn't. Spreading FUD and gaslighting anyone who is impressionable.

      Happy to retract my claim if wrong, I was wrong once back in 1917 so there you have it.

  6. OMG......just do the paperwork and really try to understand it.
    Do you all realize that many of us have offered help in filling it out and explaining it ? I have personally left my number for anyone to call. I have spoken to mayne 50 people so far and got emails from maybe 50 more.
    Anna set the example and also challenged me to correct my status and help assemble my cointy and state...I took it many steps benefits me because it benefits you all.. I do this out of love and caring for my fellow sons and daughters of our Creator... He commanded that we loved one another, He made me a man to protect women, children, the old, the infirmed and the idiot...that covers everyone.
    Go to read the entire website...a few hours... read it again, ask contact info is on there..Sunday evening calls at 8pm is simple if you just do it 1 step at a time...we are here to help...for free.

    Kevin Cote' L.S.
    845 987 actual cell phone number

  7. I attempted to record the first two documents at Santa Barbara County clerks.....denied!