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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Maxims of Law for Americans

By Anna Von Reitz

"As a Thing is Bound, so it is Unbound." 

That is, when you make a mistake, the way to fix it is to go back and correct the original error.  Therefore, we all have to go back to 1860 and correct the errors of the so-called Civil War, most especially those that occurred in the time period 1865-1868, when British Territorial "States of States" substituted themselves for the American States of States we are owed. 

What should have happened is that the populace should have been fully informed and all the circumstance should have been fully disclosed and new elections should have taken place and each State Assembly should have met and re-chartered an American Federal-level State of State.

That is still what needs to happen now. 

"Possession by Pirates Does Not Change Ownership." 

No matter how long ago nor by what means pirates come into the possession of assets, the actual ownership of the assets does not change.  Those assets must be returned to the victims or their heirs.

So, when British Territorial "Pirates" came inland from their designated off-shore jurisdiction, and substituted themselves for our lawfully mandated American "States of States" and took possession and control of properties, assets, material rights, and roles that were never authorized for them to possess or exercise---and did so under conditions of non-disclosure and semantic deceit--- they committed inland piracy and fell under this Maxim of Law.

Likewise when the members of the Territorial Congress operating as the Municipal Congress similarly usurped beyond the bonds of their clearly stated aerial jurisdiction and operated Municipal STATES OF STATES and substituted them for our mandated American States of States, they also acted as Pirates and obtained possession of property, assets, material rights, and roles that the people of this country never envisioned and never authorized. They and their operations also fall under this Maxim of Law.

The land and soil assets, rights, prerogatives, leases, money, and all else that is owed to the American States and to the American Federal-level States of States must be returned to the American States and People for their direct administration and their lawful government must be restored as quickly as possible.  

Piracy may not be allowed by the Popes nor by the Queen nor by any organization pretending to act as a Government for this country, nor can Gross Breach of Trust be accepted as any standard of behavior.  The American States and People have both suffered Piracy and Gross Breach of Trust.

This country's Government is owed to the American States, the American State Nationals and the American State Citizens.  The "United States Citizens" and "Citizens of the United States" under contract to provide us with specific stipulated governmental services have usurped far beyond the bounds of their explicitly described and agreed-upon roles, have acted as Pirates in Breach of Trust, and have obstructed corrective action by the lawful government for many years by pretending that their Employers are "Unknown" or are "Enemies". 

Nonetheless, by Maxim of Law binding all Government, assets possessed by Pirates do not change ownership and that actual owners are standing here demanding the return of their assets before the entire world.

What should have happened in 1865 needs to happen now.

The US Army that is the inheritor of the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) should explain the situation and assist the local people in reclaiming their lawful and true identities as Americans and should also assist them in paying for and organizing safe and honest elections, provide meeting space for the State Assemblies, and provide all succor and support to the American People to completely restore their lawful and legally mandated Government to full function. 

In this way they can escape participation in any further criminality and can accomplish their mandate of protecting America and the American People, and may also return the stolen assets that prior generations of Pirates obtained by fraud and deceit and undisclosed substitution.

"Fraud vitiates all that it touches."

As should be clear, a great deal of fraud has gone into the current circumstance --- constructive fraud designed to make the American People unaware of the substitution of foreign (British and later Municipal) States of States for the American States of States they were owed, also constructive fraud in the substitution of political lobbies for a government of accountable deputies acting as true agents of the constituents.

These acts of fraud were premeditated and for the obvious aim of financial gain and for the purpose of gaining coercive power over the people of this country, by their own employees and Trustees. A more shameful, backward, and obstructive circumstance can scarcely be imagined.

"Once a Fraud, Always a Fraud."

There is no way to clean up a fraud, except by expunging it.  We must go back to when the Territorial States of States substituted themselves for the American Federal-level States of States in 1868 and rewrite a clean history in which the people of this country are given all the facts and full disclosure, and are enabled to freely and absent coercion, choose their way forward as Americans.

This includes expediting without obstruction a general recognition of their lawful birthright political status as men and women living on the land and soil jurisdictions of the States of the Union, so as to properly identify them and to provide them with their exemptions and to respect their Public Law, as well as to honor the provisions of the respective Treaties and Constitutions they are owed.

This is the only honorable, lawful, legal, and moral solution to this Mess and anyone who tells you otherwise, is talking through their hat as a Jurist.  It is more than well-past time to heal these hideous wounds to our country and to face the facts and to accept the Maxims of Law that pertain to this situation.


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  1. I should look at the time period. The "state" laws in many or most likely all have all the laws applying to airplanes lined through and a note "see federal codes and rules" States were simply had all their laws concerning local people and private efforts with the stroke or a pen. Prolly around 1950s and 1960s when all the regulation poured in. Just read about Japanese town that sold hemp for 2000 years and a lot of Japan depended on it. United States and others bought the hemp throughout the war but MacArthur, the martial law guy closed down the production saying it was illegal in United States so also was it in Japan.Farmers just grew it and sold it before. Now a very few are "allowed" to grow with government permission, a license. What you could once simply do, grow your plants and food now involve planting, growing and harvesting and paying fees and fines to the monarch. How come we rarely hear of the Monarch political party? What happended to em?