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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Justice for All

By Anna Von Reitz

Excerpts from my correspondence this morning:

"Would it interest you to know that the Kingdom of Manna ousted Kim Goguen in 2017 and that her control of anything related to them is non-consensual? 

I have the letter from the Kingdom of Manna to prove it."

The Vermin used a Pacific Island Kingdom to set up a sovereign trust, the Manna World Holdings Trust.  Then, because they had computerized access to all the banks' Special Deposit Accounts world wide, they simply moved all the Special [Actual Deposits of Gold, Silver, etc.] Deposit Account records into this sovereign trust, re-labeled these accounts "Legacy Trusts" and "Legacy Accounts", and put Kim in charge of administering them.

But Kim is an AI controlled Eugenics Experiment, and they can override her brain at will, tell her what to do and what not to do, and she will do it, because the left half of her brain is largely separated from the right half of her brain, as you can readily determine by doing a brain scan on her. 

So, while appearing to be a more or less normal woman with independent will and reasoning abilities, she isn't actually a normal woman with independent will and reasoning abilities.  She's a tool by which THEY hope to retain control of the actual assets of the world.

Oh, and steal the assets from the rightful trustees and beneficiaries all across the board, while THEY through Kim, redistribute wealth that doesn't belong to them or her.

"The attacks on China are indicative of what her Controllers are willing to do to non-Caucasian people worldwide.  The virus preferentially attacks Asian, Indian, and African males.  Whites have the acetylcholinase inhibitor that renders the Nipah Virus harmless, but it is deadly for men in the target groups. 

This was done as retaliation for China inking a Trade Deal with Trump. 

Still so sure you want to work with Kim when she came directly out of the group responsible for this attack on China?  Knowing that the rats have targeted men throughout China, Africa, and the Indian Subcontinent— including many of your friends? 

How can you stomach that? 

Come to it, how can you put up with any of this hogwash?"

As ever, weak-minded men have missed the whole point.  They are the targets, and they are still waffling around trying to work with the monsters that have them in the cross-hairs and fully intend to kill them.  They pay attention to words, not deeds.  And they value money -- what stands for value -- instead of valuing what IS value -- truth, justice, honor, love, peace, life.

 "Stealing from the poor to give to the rich is not acceptable and must be corrected, but in the same turn, stealing from the rich on the assumption that they have stolen from the poor is wrong, too.  Justice demands the same consideration for all people or it delivers justice for none. 

Isn’t it apparent that the enslavement people have suffered on a worldwide basis started because a form of slavery against black people survived the Civil War in America and it proved so profitable for the rats that it spread and was applied to everyone? 

You have to recognize an evil for what it is, wherever and whenever it appears, and we must all attack it regardless of who the immediate Fall Guy is, knowing that what evil is allowed to visit others will eventually visit us, too. 

Given the fact that the Coronavirus has been unleashed to destroy the men of China, India and Africa by these Nazi-loving Eugenists and considering that Kim is the byproduct of their engineering, too, I don’t find your group’s excuses for continuing to suck up to her convincing— or helpful to the cause of peace and freedom, unless you all count being dead as being at peace."

I think that just about sums it up for everyone who has their head screwed on and who doesn't believe in their "commodity" --- or their Cock and Bull stories about unimaginable wealth just appearing out of nowhere to back their paper currencies.

All THEY did was to steal their Special Depositor's actual assets.

It's not hard to prove and not hard to see and not hard to explain, either.  They are hardened criminals seeking to retain control of other people's assets and to use other people's assets to pay off their own debts to humanity, too.  And if you take their sop, you are complicit in their crimes, too.

They fully intend to only work with those who will be their suck-ups and have no regard for justice or who actually owns anything.  So, once again, as with allowing a form of slavery to continue after the Civil War, you are being invited to allow a form of grossly dishonest banking, controlled by the same old villains, to continue.

And, just as the injustice against black people led to them being re-enslaved and to all of us being subjected to the same scheme of enslaving people on paper, you can bet that the injustice of stealing the Special Deposits will come home not only to the Perpetrators, but to those who cooperate with them in this scheme. 

It will all be known and shouted from the housetops, and every single one of those accounts will be audited.  There is either "justice for all" or justice for none.


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  1. These psychpaths don't give a crap about justice for anyone

    I suggest that you sit down when you read this
    Make no mistake folks this is beyond evil
    This has got to be STOPPED

    1. A book about these so called illuminated ones who wish to rule the world

      Their billionaire donors and people taking oaths to them

      They even have their First Testament see their website

      You either have the means to stop them or not

      The writing is on the wall they intend to take out anyone not going along with the plan

      Do you continue to let them move forward or do you provide the world with the means to take them on?

      And filing paperwork and waiting months/years to reassemble states is not an option

      Their biological assault on all

      This cat and mouse game being played over who controls the 'money' is bullshit

      You either have the means to stop them in their tracks or their slaughter of everyone continues

  2. Agree Shilby to some extent, Bill Gates too is guilty, for joining the crooks, plotting people. Don't you ppl ever trust your public emails. They constantly assist Google tracking your positions, profiling. There is a way to stop their unlawful GPS from invading your safety. Ask the electronic guys, you don't want the GPS stop working neither, you do need it sometimes.

    Anna and Paul should not be suspicious of ppl, When people mask off their last name, bc you use or propagate their last name to public space.

    Don't worry people. You have some generous savior(s) coming to help. The crooks should repent now. Don't trick no more, bc Large Meteorites about to hit UK, France, and Rome. We provide a safe landing for you, why do you want to land on your burning forest?

    1. Hey Pinkham have a read at this

      Check out where it talks about sickness vibrations of Hexagram 23 on of all pages '13'

      Just started reading it but some interesting stuff to say the least, thought you might find some stuff in here of interest

    2. Go to page 40 and read the middle paragraph that starts with

      (The old man using the name

      Look at the name of the 'operation'
      Sound about like what is happening today??

    3. Go look at the bottom of page 136, you will not believe what you read

  3. Never once did I fall for that Kim Goguen crapola. Stunk like fresh piles of prairie poo from day one.

  4. And for anyone who does not think that this is all being carried out for their untimate goal of the destruction of everyone on the planet, have a read

    The most diobolical scheme ever perpetrated on all of mankind
    The Greatest srories ever told that have made the money changes very very rich

    And the deliberate holocaust of a people and their lands based on lies and because of the brainwashing we watched these evil bastards destroy nation after nation

    And they working the script to the end on all nations

    I cannot stress enough that everyone see what they are really doing and their end game

    They even roped the Jehovah Witnesses in the scheme too through fraud
    This Russel guy wrote letters to Rothchild

    I'm telling you we are being deceived on all levels and people need to really see what these psychopaths have been doing from day one

    I mean no disrespect to anyone but this absolute madness has to be stopped else they are going to destroy all

    And to have the religious people all around the world brainwashed in to the end times these psychopaths have planned is absolute insanity
    It is prophecy my ass

    There is no creator EVER that would wish this on his creation

    1. Many gubmnt offices are being transferred to the Denver area and I believe it is below DIA, for the construction down under NEVER ceases. Bunkers for the elite, roadways, tunnels that we already know for the airline shuttles. MASSIVE undertaking! Some of the runways were ripped up and remade with heavier rebar and thicker me, thinks that it was for more protection for "THEM", yes, the Illuminati! Not just 18" of reinforced concrete for the jumbo jets.

      How many have seen those apocalyptic murals on the "first" floor?

      Prophetic? It sure is! Knowing it just didn't pass the smell test, three years after 9/11, I typed in The Truth About 9/11 and boy have I been enlightened! Silverstien saying he was going to "pull" the building (7), just does not happen in minutes. The demolition teams HAD to have been at work for a year or more in the three that fell gravity speed into their own footprint.

      Jonathan Kahn's "The Harbinger" portrays the nine prophecies that came to fruition, and specifically, the two laid out in Isaiah 9:10 (paraphrased) The sycamore(tree at ground zero that protected the first church in US, Manhattan) will be replace by a cedar tree. The bricks(buildings) have fallen, but we will replace with hand hewn stone(the memorial carved-on boulder). Kahn goes on about all the fulfilled prophecies in his fascinating book!

      Lord have mercy on those whom have no conscience...

  5. I see the vermin’s removed a lot of their Land Assignment to their Fictitious STATE OF State, to Pope, Queen, etc. To avoid liability. It seemed that they are conscientious, to reduce their liability or something. They still manipulate and violate the public records, and other laws.

    1. only the display is being clear, the pointer to unknown documents pages, could still point to the foreign power.

  6. I find it very intersting that under the tag Leadership in the below link

    That it states the following

    The "Supreme World Council" is already set up as a prototype of the one that will rule when the NWO comes into being.
    It meets on a regular basis to discuss finances, direction, policy, etc. and to problem-solve difficulties that come up.
    Once again, these leaders are heads in the financial world, OLD banking money.
    The Rothschild family in England, and in France, have ruling seats.
    A descendant of the Hapsburg dynasty has a generational seat.
    A descendant of the ruling families of England and France have a generational seat.
    The Rockefeller family in the US holds a seat.

    A decendent of The HAPSBURG DYNASTY has a generational seat in the
    'Supreme World Council'

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Anna a Hapsburg???????

    Telling you folks there is something going on here

    1. You can only tell if the fruits of her work are real or not, by coming up time. Her life is at risk, she puts a lot of hard work. So I don't think so.

  7. A policy guarding corporate business asked me my name. I saw he put one letter for my middle name and mentioned that the m full name is required as is the law and gov ids do put full name, any official use. Kinda snorted off “ I don’t care about the law” Would have been total uncalled for accosting but for holding a cigarette. No one around for 100 feet but municipal law dictates 20 feet and I was only 10. Warned me but did not offer a fine for the no harm alleged criminal use of tobacco

  8. Anna:
    Dan Lutz — (Philippines) thinks we're in Good luck: the US Military and US Treasury are on our side. How funny, on Ytube he said.
    It sounded like Somebody at Pacific Island Kingdom, or at the Manna World Holdings Trust site, been paid to corrupt.

    IS Kimberly Ann Goguen dead in 2017? Or half-dead, half-alive now?

  9. Are these legitimate or scamming UN Indonesia $10-Billion USA Dollars IOU's ?

    Why the World-Bank Vermins & UN are still playing with American paper-moneys? even though paper. The Indonesian seemed to show they have gold to back. I would demand Gold to be shipped immediately.

  10. This article reminds me of Pelosi's lies & accusations, same MO of Division & Disunity. Nowhere to hide from one's own public words. H'm... Dark To Light & Truth in Unity. Peace. ra

  11. Like old times. Lol. Somethings NEVER change.

  12. I just thought this was very informative and everyone should have a listen

    There are several more following the two linked above

    Another of his videos

  13. Go read about the 13 on the right side of this page clicking on the 13 names listed
    One of the links is below

    From the beginning they have lied to the world

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