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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Bee's Bonnets and Beans

By Anna Von Reitz

Oh, boy, howdy, I have some folks angry at me.  They are howling from shore to shore.  They have been harmed!  They want compensation!  They want me to lead them through the process of enforcing commercial liens against these rats, and if I don't do that, I am obviously not a good person.

The problem isn't with the idea of compensating you.  I am all for that.  The problem is with what THEY do to compensate people they've harmed.

Follow me through the process by analogy:

You are in Third Grade and a schoolyard bully is stealing your lunch every day.  So you finally get your big brother who is in High School to come lean on this kid and give him the Evil Eye.  What happens?

Does the rat give you all your lunches back?  No.  He ate them. He can't do that.  Can he make lunches for you for the next two months and return them that way?  No, he never had the means to make lunch for himself.  That's why he stole yours in the first place.

So, faced with your brother poised with an iron fist over his head and the fact that he isn't going to get lunch today, what does he do? 

He shakes down two new kids, and steals both their lunches. 

Now, he has lunch and he has an extra lunch to share out with his little schoolyard capos who are there to assist his lunch-stealing business --- but two other kids are suffering.

You see how the misery spreads. What started with one kid losing his lunch becomes two kids losing their lunches, and on and on and on..... until someone actually stops the bully from stealing lunches.  Period.

The bully in this story is the government, which does virtually nothing productive.  The government doesn't have the means to make its own lunch, so it steals from you.  And if it can't steal from you, it steals from other people just like you. 

That's outrageous, you think. Pah! How could that be? 

Through manipulation of currency and through taxation and fraud.

Whatever compensation you demand for your losses, they already ate your lunch, so the only way they can pay you compensation is by creating more fiat money off the backs of other Americans--- the proverbial "new kids", your friends and family and co-workers, and even your own great-grand-kids--- people who never hurt you and don't owe you anything.

This is how the bully-- the government-- compensates people. 

It boots up the printing presses and devalues the value of everyone's money, including yours, by inflation.   It schemes up new ways to tax everyone to make up the difference. It hides and rat-holes all the profit from its sleaze-bag activities. It never, ever, pays a dime of its own.

According to the government, it is perpetually broke, always in debt, or bankrupt.  If it does turn a profit (and all this manipulating and racketeering does turn handsome profits) they make sure to spend it, re-invest it, hide it in slush funds, cashier it offshore, siphon it away into foreign economies like the Ukraine---- you get the picture.  Their money is gone or traded for currencies you don't use and can't spend, before you can draw your next breath.  

Just like the Pope and the Peter's Pence scandal.  They collected over half a billion dollars purportedly for a special Papal relief fund for those harmed by war, political oppression, disease, and natural disaster --- but where did it go? Into luxury condo investments and new Hollywood films and anywhere and everywhere but actually helping the victims of war, political oppression, disease and natural disaster.

Called on the carpet, what do the vermin say? 

Oh, they were responsibly protecting the principal you gave them and spending only the profit.... but, then you find out that they re-invested the profit into fast-food chains and hotels.... and the profit from that into stocks and bonds...and in the end, all they do is poor-mouth and enrich themselves.

They give 10% to the people who were the excuse for taking up the collection.

And as bad as that is, it is better than the Federal Government.

When you come knocking on their door asking for compensation for all your losses and suffering, they give you the sad eyes and tell you about the (bogus) "National Debt", and they show you and your lawyer their thoroughly cooked books, and they turn both their pockets inside out. 

Well, can't get blood out of a turnip, can you? 

All the "States of States" I know of and have to deal with are "self-insured".  That means that no insurance company will bond them and their operations, and there is nothing that actually belongs to them on the table for you to attach. 

All the impressive buildings that they use free gratis to carry out their filthy business on your shores don't belong to them.  They belong to you.  All the resources they manage and plunder don't belong to them.  They belong to you, too.

What happens when people who are harmed demand compensation from "the government" is this--- the victims wind up either: (1) paying it themselves out of their own resources, or (2) the criminals strong-arm payment from other innocent people.

The rats never pay one penny of compensation. Ever. 

Short of a pitchfork or an Act of God, you can never actually hurt those who hurt you, because you deal in Federal Reserve Notes and they deal in Swiss Francs, or Euros, or Pounds Sterling or "Special Drawing Rights". 

They insulate themselves from the inflation of your currency that results from paying you compensation with your own money,  and they just sit back and let the victims pay the victims and watch us inflate our own currency into oblivion.

They have their money in Rubles and Yen and Francs, and as we make these stupid moves seeking compensation via commercial liens and arbitration, the value of the rat's money increases relative to ours. 

They profit from the spectacle of us being paid compensation for their acts with our money.

The lawyers sit like spiders in the middle of all this, glutting themselves on all the juicy court cases and siphoning off a percentage of the take.  

The only way to get the schoolyard bully back in line, is by everyone ganging up on him and forcing him to stop stealing lunches. And its the same way with what passes for our government.

Compensation is when the Perpetrators, not the Victims, have to pay the bill.

It's when British Pounds come out of British banks to pay American victims of British Territorial racketeering, it's when Papal gold gets transferred to your bank account, that you get compensated. 

Otherwise, you are just spreading the misery and egging it on. If you can't see that, then go back and read this again.


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  1. I did read it again. Reference is made throughout to "fictions"being responsible for all this harm, injury and loss to our fellow man when in actual fact it is actual flesh and blood people that are intentionally causing it by not abiding by the charters and constitutions of the government services corporations created to deliver a service. Most people harmed by these criminal acts do not want private script as payment/settlement they want to see these bully scum pay for their crimes with actualloss of property so they understand the depth of their actions. Doesn't the bible write about an eye for an eye? No one has the right to deliberately cause harm, injury and loss deliberately without remedy. If the actual government of the people ever takes control are the people involved going to do the same thing? Is that the intention?

    1. True true, just let us not forget about the "useful Idiots" that are only doing what they are taught. This scheme started 150 years ago.
      Other than that, you go!

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate the masses, make friends.

  2. That is a LAUGHABLE response - so much so, I have DIFFICULTY believing you even WROTE it!

    You suggest - in essence - a CHRISTIAN approach - to address problems caused by children of the DEVIL, dedicated to his purposes in the earth.

    "Come, let us REASON together..."
    'How can two walk together except they be agreed?'
    'What fellowship hath the temple of GOD with BAAL?'

    Such an approach requires - on the part of ALL parties involved ---
    1 - love and concern for each other
    2 - a MORAL compass that says one should ATONE for their wrongs against others, and the CAPACITY to feel SAD for WRONGS done
    3 - a willingness to INDEMNIFY those you injured, with interest
    4 - a fundamental character decency that makes one APPROACHABLE, and OPEN to courses of action OTHER THAN one's 'personal agenda' of DOMINANCE and GAIN.
    5 - a CONSCIENCE!

    Well, just in case you hadn't noticed - the perps Anna is speaking of serve only TWO gods - money and power.
    They have NO conscience, and care nothing for your welfare, or that of future generations of yours.
    You and your children are just PROPERTY to them, to be used to squeeze out all the PROFIT they can get from you existing. You are nothing more to them than...

    a source of taxation, legitimate or otherwise
    a source of children (i.e., soldiers) for their OIL wars and munition sales profits.

    That is all you are to them; your personal GOD given right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS is altogether IRRELEVANT to them.
    You exist to do what they want, either by DECEPTION / COLOR OF LAW (as in the USA) --- or --- outright COERCION (as in Communist lands).

    It is BENEATH the dignity of these people and their lackies in national governments the world over to even CONSIDER you, much less sit down with you about their policies.

    You and your children are their PROPERTY - expendable as needed, for their profit.
    Think WAR.
    Think the inside job of 9 / 11.
    Think civil forfeiture - taking of property WITHOUT due process, or sufficient probable cause.
    Think emminent domain...MOVE out of your home of 30+ years, whether you like it or not - at the price WE DETERMINE to pay you for it!

    As a matter of fact, just THINK, period!

  3. When one comprehends the magnitude of the bully, even while he has been outed, you need a mass of people to corner the mass of the bully's team. To be honest, the Pope is not intelligent enough to have created this mess. He is only a public figure keeping it going. If you want to fix it, he and his team needs taking down. That means taking out the branches of his team starting with the tentacles within the USA. You can't take them to their courts because they own them. You can only take them to your own courts once established. To do that, you have to follow Anna's recipe with the State Assemblies. Then cancel their delegated powers and arrest and remove the congress. We didn't get here yesterday and it won't be fixed tomorrow. If it doesn't get started, it will never get finished.

    1. Dan..

      Yes, the courts are corrupt because of the BAR.

      If you are aware, please comment on Chris Hallet E-Clause and Kirk Pendergrass of Kirk's Law Corner regarding Petitions of Remonstrance.

    2. Sooo.. Dan, I am seeing you say the bully is huge, immense in fact. But the only remedy is the Assembly and the victory of the Continental Congress to replace the corrupt congress? And We the People need to gather in greater numbers to thwart this foe, yeah?

      Hmm, so... what really matters is not the fact of whether or not we as people can reciprocate the harm put on us and find our own justice.
      An answer could truly lie in the idea of what we would do with the compensation.
      If one of use could get compensation, they COULD (free will and all) help others file liens and reciprocate more harm, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. This would empower people with good stories (the wins) to offset the bad stories (the losses) we are fed through MSM.

      All of We the People want peace and harmony in our lives, for sure. Maybe punching a truck load of small holes in their boat COULD help them capsize, you know.
      No matter how, by lien or by our courts, we all do agree they need to be removed, heck Anna, you say those involved should be banned from owning another company to do it again. Right!
      Hitting them in the wallet, might make the companies loss their insurance and it becomes harder for them to operate, right.
      Then the Continental Congress (upon opening) would be instigating the liquidation of harmful and unlawful corporations.
      No matter which way it all get accomplished, it is going to be the MESS of the ages.
      In this war, liens could be made out like snipers and our congress would be an air strike, because we want this corporate b.s. over with.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate, Educate your Family your Friends and your Neighbors, the Fraud is real!

    3. Turtle, once you create the Continental Congress, you can then pull the delegated responsibility of the British and Municipal charters- including the Federal Reserve, UN, and the Intelligent Agencies and IRS and the MSM-they are all fired in one fell swoop. Trump currently has an option to become the President of the true Americans or get fired. All statutes and acts on the books go away along with cops, judges and BAR attorneys-their courts are no longer with any authority. This would also eliminate the political parties as known as well as election rigging.

    4. Thank you Dan,
      But I totally get the idea of whats-gonna-happen "when" the Continental Congress actually opens for business, this world built by evil men will end and chaos will ensue.
      Anna is doing here best to quell the incoming chaos.
      And I am truly excited to see the CG happen! Being involved here is my duty as a Jural Member, a natural born Washingtonian.
      But lets be honest here, ok. I am talking about the time from "here" to "there", which you do not address. Most people on this planet will fall prey to some sort of "UNLAWFUL HARM" from the corporate agenda. Your not telling me your ok with this? right.
      You mentioned an enormous enemy that I can agree with.
      So what do we do from now until then, huh? I am reading, I am studying, I am talking with family friends and neighbors... of course they think I am just CRAZY, and are just dreading the day they might have to support me. All of this education is great and definitely needed but at the same time has made my butt numb from sitting here. Nothing I am CURRENTLY doing is slowing them down with their global agenda. You feel me? We learn and apply LAW and they apply statues with conviction and a delusional authority... and I am the crazy one???
      NOW! the real question is WHY do my people think I am crazy????? And its so simple, I have NO proof to offer up, on how good people WIN. The only stories of patriot victories come from people who grew up studying fake-law for years and found out how to make it work for them. I do not see this as an answer to all with limited education or opportunities, heck I was stuck to a shovel the first half of my life and stuck behind a desk the second half... being indoctrinated as an adult for the sake of my "JOB".
      Now Dan, if you could guarantee me right here, that our CG can be up and running within a month, or even this year, I would happily drop any idea of seeking retribution. Alas, this you can not do, no "one" could offer me a guarantee of the american people, unless its a lie.
      So I try and think outside the "box", you know the ten square miles we all are presumed to live in. I think more people can comprehend "commerce" way way easier than fake-law, "commerce" covers the globe and fake-law covers U.S., I know you know this.
      So why not research, question, hypothesize heck even dream of how something might possibly work.
      Dan, I have never been a believer to the old saying "well it is what it is", or "that's the way it always been done". That sort of stale and unimaginative thinking is what makes people appear to be "sleeping" and not "woke".
      I have said it before, I agree that the current system needs to be replaced not just taken over, we need change, positive change. How can we get it? We can choose to apply our time and effort to the CG, and I think we all should. But if we have a way to take action now that COULD (free will) help others, I think people should be talking about it. I guess it really comes down to how much time each of us has to do what we think is best, right? And the more educated we are the better choices we SHOULD (free will) make. The CG is not here, right now to take the NEEDED actions for the people, so the people need to take action they feel comfortable with.
      I am comfortable with the commercial lien idea, except I don't fully comprehend it thus far.
      And Dan, you are not making any argument to not look into it. Thank you for the reply brother, best wishes everyday my people.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate, Question everything!

    5. Well Turtle, thanks for the background. To quote you "I think more people can comprehend "commerce" way way easier than fake-law, "commerce" covers the globe and fake-law covers U.S., I know you know this."

      Please know that I am Canadian. Fake law is not USA specific. Anna has already provided the remedy, but to be effective, it requires a minimum number of American Nationals/State Citizens. Until then, it is a waiting game for all of us. Liens may or may not work and that depends on the court administration at the time of presentation. As a blanket method of remedy, not likely. Hundreds if not thousands have tried various methods of approach for remedy with very few successes. They don't play by their own rules so everything is by chance. Your efforts might be better spent promoting the cause.

      My sincere best wishes.

    6. Dan, thank you for the clarification, I appreciate the call out.

      I deeply agree that promoting the cause will be a viable solution with enough people and time it will come to fruition, because there will be no second chance.

      I do recall you being a northern neighbor, aye. :)

      I am definitely missing something here, would a non-judicial common law lien (maybe this is not commercial?) still NEED to go through their kangaroo court (or an Article III court?)? I do agree that if it did HAVE-TO go through the kangaroo court the lien would be destroyed, because.... "They don't play by their own rules so everything is by chance." which is why I have not attempted to use it yet, its good for 100 years.

      So even if I am talking from a lawful point of view, not legal, is the first, and/or only course of action a court process? If so, I would think it prudent to save it for a Grand Jury review of my peers.
      Where is the rebuttal part of a corporate dead entity supposed to come from? They don't even have a right to talk to me, a living man. I am the only one that can allow them to argue my claim, I agree or they literally don't exist.
      I have no intentions of allowing the lien to be taken DOWN to their kangaroo court system.
      I made a claim in the form of an affidavit of truth and recorded it within the public record, this is (mainly) common law right.
      For the sake of argument, lets just assume the document qualifies as Common law, ok.
      I gave notice of the lien to the perpetrators (title company in charge of auction) in the form of an Auditor's certified copy and a simple letter informing them of the liens existence as a courtesy. 10 days prior to the foreclosure auction. Is it not the title company's sole purpose is to guarantee title? I clouded it and was ignored, their reply shows nothing but ignorance to common law. I ignored several invitations from the new owner's attorney (no subpoenas issued) to kangaroo court to discuss the lien, because I wasn't applying it at the time. They asked me to remove it from public record, ha!
      They need to rebut the claim within 30 days (once activated) or hold the lien as truth. Which would cause a default? And then.....order, judgement.....something, claim?

      That's all I got for now, thanks for letting me get this far.
      I truly appreciate this discussion brother. Sorry for being wordy, but painting this picture takes some paint, you know.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate, Never stop Learning

  4. Read the book

    We do not have time to play these games

    Either she has the means to pull the plug and bring up a system that keeps mankind moving forward and stops them in their tracks
    she is keeping the masses busy with paperwork while their soon to be engineered financial collapse takes everyone out

    Counting on these crooks to honor anything is absolutely rediculous

    1. There is a way. Get Trump to issue an executive order to withdraw US citizenship from all non-employees of the respective governments, declare all others(except non-status immigrants)as American Nationals, suspend all BAR memberships, revoke all incorporated charters including the SEC, UN, and Federal Reserve and boom we'll have a start.

    2. Shelby, I don't understand why you keep shooting the messenger- Anna. Hasn't she done enough with her team to bring awareness? Lighten up already.

    3. From Anna:

      Good thought that Executive Orders don’t quite work that way. He could do a lot to help via EO’s and he has already done quite a bit in the right direction. Getting rid of the corrupt members of both Parties would be the best answer with the least amount of fall out for average people but it remains to be seen if the remaining voters have brains enough to oust people like Pelosi and Biden and Romney. It is a big problem— huge, because we have some real shysters in charge of the Congress and the Municipal Congress changed to Oath of Judicial Officers so they all think they are unleashed.

    4. Dan I am not shooting the messenger I am stating fact
      This cat and mouse game is bullshit

      I for one have seen no proof what so ever of a Living Law Firm
      Two, nowhere is their published information about Anna's contacts, who she is talking to on these 'remedies' and so forth
      Three, if she has the solution then why not just pull the plug else the carnage continues

      As you stated above
      There is a way. Get Trump to issue an executive order to withdraw US citizenship from all non-employees of the respective governments, declare all others(except non-status immigrants)as American Nationals, suspend all BAR memberships, revoke all incorporated charters including the SEC, UN, and Federal Reserve and boom we'll have a start.

      Hmm wonder why orange man is not doing just that?

      Well because he is an actor - his role is to keep the masses amuzed while they work to take guns, complete their mass migration and move everyone in to UN agenda 21 regional zones for control, that's why

      Their UN build out is not yet complete as I see it with my own eyes every day, they need the 5G roll out complete, all the stack and packs built, all the people moved to their designated areas and so forth

      They have these areas surrounded from underground and above ground and the US military is part of it

      It's a premeditated kill project of millions/billions of people

      Repenting and coming over to the good peoples side is not an option because their aim is to destroy anyone that has any damned morals

      You either kill this 'beast' with one blow or else
      going to the BRICS side is a set up, it was from the word GO

      Their tell lie vision script

      They are the money changers and have been all along, they are not God's chosen - lies to get the 'regligious' folks to follow and OBEY the plan

      ALL the churches are their store fronts, every last one of them and they have been from the very start, stealing your money and preaching salvation while they systematically exterminate entire nations and peoples

      Absolutely sickening the level of brainwashing at all levels to get people around the world to sit back and wait to be killed so these sick psychopaths can have the earth all to themselves

    5. Shelby has passion is all... wild, uncontrollable passion. Shelby just happens to be in a position to see way way more than most being "into" data. Shelby's data is mostly negative, the proof of harm actually.
      Shelby seeks what we all want, answers that can get wins.
      No offense Shelby, thank you for the exposure.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate, Join your Assembly, Join your Militia, be the natural Americans we all are!

  5. Few actually look at the investments of states of state office entities actually fake officers pretending to be officers with such authority to invest in porn and many other things like piles of currencies, hundreds of corporations page after page, and now harder to find since Walter Burien pointed out the accounting records. What better place to hide a tree but in a forest. So many investments and many are merely shells used only for money transfers like the U.S. Citizen transferring capacity. Yet much of the so called money is written on an account at Federal Reserve that cashes gov bonds banks buy and the Fed account is always at zero. No forgiveness for circulating paper created for cheap literally a few cents. More then what is it control? Why? Just so your earth cow slaves don't get enough energy and time to look around and notice the bully is like the size of a mosquito yet controls billions of peoples daily labor, life, living locations, kind of living and a convenient bunch who now seem to enjoy paying and even going to jail for things they already had and in a better form. Don't scratch a hole in your head wondering cause deceit does not make sense by design, just see it and right on through it for what it is.

    1. HAHA I just imagined a bean stalk type giant with a mosquito for a head.
      Ralph wrecks the internet, the virus at the end, a body made up of thousands of bodies, this would be a closer visualization of what we are up against.
      "Do dee do, just doing my job as part of a foot, excuse 'me' as the rest of 'them' crush your house, do dee do."

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate....Everyone!

  6. Sooo... I am to buy the bank a house of their own? This COULD stop them from taking mine? This sounds impractical.
    And look, I don't want the sandwiches back, they went places... but my home is in the exact same spot as when they took it, you know.


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