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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Election 2020; Russ Ramsland; Sidney Powell; Republic in the Balance 11.23.20

Election 2020: The Obvious AND The Hard Questions Russ Ramsland Joins me in Studio to talk about proof of election fraud & Corruption of Voter Tabulation Software

Sidney Powell vs Tucker Carlson



  2. Check this out at the 44 minute,exactly too funny.These paranoid
    freaks cowering

  3. Without prejudice all rights reserved. It will be interesting to see if all this is kept publicly on this site
    1---- I GAVE UP on trying to get even a little of my birth certificate trust money a couple of years ago. And as for YOUR/OUR RIGHTS. You and we I believe have been grossly deceived by a WELL CONNIVED, CONSPIRED and delivered SMOKE SCREEN to SECRETLY, avoiding and DIVERTing your OUR attention from the REAL CAUSE of EVERYONES NIGHTMARE. The CORRUPT INTERNATIONAL banks UNLAWFULLY CONTROLLING TAKING $$$ millions from YOUR OUR CUSIP TRUST behind CLOSED GOVERNMENT, BANKS DOORS. You American fools mislead everyone by the WORD of a FALSE FLAG, most of us whom THANKFULLY are NOT Americans DO NOT KNOW what claiming a FALSE FLAG means. You FOOLS go after SUPPOSED freedoms RIGHTS, HA HA HA, the CORRUPT INTERNATIONAL banks MANIPULATED government’s banks SHALL CONTINUE SECRETLY TAKING YOUR/OUR MONEY, BY CONTINUAL MULTIPLE THEFTS. Every transaction you do with a bank deposit, balance check, withdrawal, transfer et al, they TAKE, and YOU WE do NOT know how much they TAKE EVERY TIME. When you sign anything they take 1 time THEN--- ON SELL your signed document another 99 TIMES. YOU SUCKERS.
    2----A few weeks ago I posted that Anna only went after the puppets the international B.A.R. Association attorney’s, lawyers, courts, ELIZABETH QE II, and Lords of the British Admiralty. BUT NOT the puppet masters the international banks in her actions. You get rid of the current lot of attorney’s, lawyers, whats in the corrupt LAW UNIVERSITIES more CORRUPT attorney’s, lawyers, READY to TAKE over. The courts governments in 177 nation countries are controlled by the CORRUPT INTERNATIONAL banks. DO you REALLY BELIEVE Trump got voted OUT or the CORRUPT INTERNATIONAL banks KICKED him OUT. I also commented that Anna had also shown support for the unconstitutional BIT COIN currency, which I believe is an international banks/rothschilds attempt to get away from the US and other countries constitutional definitions of currency money value MUST BE GOLD BACKED and supported. That action allows the crooked banks to force YOU/US to give up OUR rights to constitution protected currency and money BUT also then STOPS any lawful claim by US against the banks offering currency/money lacking in VALUABLE CONSIDERATION which has been lawfully and legally declared by the Credit River Decision as VOID FOR ANY PURPOSE.

  4. 3---I have mentioned the numerous HENOUS crimes of the governments, banks, of but not limited to poisoning, HAARP genocide, premeditated murder. My wife whom is only 46 yo has been given the premeditated murder death sentence of first breast and now stage 4 bone cancer from these **INTENTIONAL ADULTERATIONS of virtually every natural and processed food and drink with carcinogens, vaccines, serums and blood products with cancer cells, compounds that destroy the human immune system, et cetera.
    4---**INTENTIONAL ADULTERATIONS. from the actions of Josef Mengele, byname Todesengel (German: “Angel of Death”), (born March 16, 1911, Günzburg, Germany—died February 7, 1979, Enseada da Bertioga, near São Paulo, Brazil), Nazi doctor at Auschwitz extermination camp (1943–45) who selected prisoners for execution in the gas chambers and conducted medical experiments on inmates in pseudoscientific racial studies. And STILL CONTINUED BY modern day scientists/chemists.
    5---A few weeks ago I accessed 3 CUSIP numbered accounts created in my name and PROTECTED by UNIQUE LOGARITHM CODES. my Australian TFN, CENTRELINK N, PHILIPPINE IMMIGRATION VISA N, I have documented evidence of in excess of 800 actions of banks, corporations accessing, brokering, selling, trading on just 3 of over 50 cards, number/ CUSIP numbers. Some I could not access.
    6---A few examples, of the UNLAWFUL TAKING ACTIONS; Traction Netherlands Boompjes 258; Atlas Portfolio Select SPC acting for and on behalf of its Segregated Portfolio 561; Trust Agreement (COEX-561); AMTAX HOLDINGS 561, LLC; 2582260 Ontario Inc; 5820 Forbes Ave, LLC; FIDEICOMISO RESIDENCIAL MITIKAH 2585; Goldcup 25815 AB; Schwimm-Verein Augsburg 1911 eingetragener Verein; BANCA MIFEL SOCIEDAD ANONIMA INSTITUCION DE BANCA MULTIPLE GRUPO FINANCIERO MIFEL FIDEICOMISO 1914/2014; VW Union 561; Deutsche Bank SPEARs/LIFERs Trust, Series DBE-561; 254-258 Nassau Street, L.L.C.; THE WILLIAM WHITFIELD LTD DIRECTORS PENSION SCHEME 56100; 2085 N.W. 115th Avenue, Unit 9 and 10, LLC; 208 B6 Limited, UK; MRS M W TRIM DECEASED 208056, UK; over 800 actions frauds.

  5. 7---It is known worldwide that the Vatican created a world trust using the birth certificates to capture the value of each individual’s future productive energy. Each state province and country in the fiat monetary system contributes their people’s value to this world trust identified by the social security number, tax file numbers or EIN numbers, maintained in the Vatican registry. Corporations worldwide, individuals became corporate fictions through the birth certificate; connected to the Vatican; to the Crown; to the Bar; to the Law; to the Judge; to the People; through the money; through the Vatican’s birth accounts; to the IMF; to the Treasury; to the Federal Reserve; to the Banks; to the People; through the loans; through the judges as the administrators; to the Sheriffs; or compensation. And judges administered the birth trust account in court matters favoring the courts and the banks acting as the presumed beneficiary, because they have not properly advised the true beneficiary of their own trust. Judges, Attorney’s, Bankers, law makers, law enforcement, all public officials, and public servants are now held personally liable for their confiscation off the true beneficiaries monies, homes, cars, assets, false imprisonment, deception, harassment and conversion of their true beneficial trust fund.
    Without prejudice all rights reserved.


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