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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

The Corporate Names and Identities Fraud --- "Confederate States" Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

A majority of the fraud schemes we have encountered and described have been semantic deceits and deceits by omission.  

The semantic deceits have involved using very similar names for dissimilar things, for example, using the same name, The United States of America, as the name of an unincorporated Federation of States in America and also as the name of a Scottish Commercial Corporation.  

Confusion could have been avoided simply by adding the word "Incorporated" to the name to denote the Scottish Corporation, but confusion was instead promoted by omitting the word "Incorporated" from the name. 

Thus you have a key example of the use of both semantic deceit using similar names and the practice of omitting key information to promote these frauds and impersonations. 

Similar frauds have been accomplished using acronyms that appear to be abbreviations..  

The United Nations is not the same as the UN.  The IRS is not the same as the Internal Revenue Service.  We could continue using many examples to demonstrate how the misuse and abuse of these acronyms have led to gross confusion and deceit of the same basic kind.  

Most pointedly, the United Nations is an international organization devoted to promoting peace and joint efforts to settle international disputes without war, while the UN is a commercial corporation founded in Vichy France in 1943, for entirely different purposes. 

Thus the General Public of this entire planet has been left deliberately unaware of the nature of the various named identities they have been dealing with, and this form of deliberate non-disclosure has left people prey to commercial corporations.  

WHO, INC., another commercial corporation, has been heavily involved in the current vaccine genocide, and profiting itself and making a bid for coercive political power granted to it under the False Assumption that it is a humanitarian and professional organization, while its true nature as a private, for-profit commercial corporation in the thrall of Nazis, is not fully disclosed to the public or even the members of the United Nations Organization. 

Although it has been a legal convention since the Second World War to designate incorporated entities using all capital letters, the existence and use of this language and spelling convention has not been taught in public schools or made evident to the General Public by other means. 

We would go so far as to say that the use of all capital letters to denote incorporated entities and, especially, to identify the estates of dead men, has been a trade secret, knowledge of which has been closely guarded and available from only a few sources used by Bar Attorneys and Paralegals and Linguists who are professionally interested in Latin and Latin derivatives.  

As a result, contracts involving undisclosed commercial corporations cannot be considered valid
and that includes any contracts, treaties, or other obligations entered into with WHO, INC. and all the other various so-called Three-Letter and other acronym entities. 

This prohibition and objection most certainly applies to all the various commercial agreements that have been set up and used to promote the regionalization of the "world government" promoted by these various municipal and commercial corporations for their own benefit.  

Pointedly, it applies to the so-called North American Union, which proposes to destroy borders between Mexico, The United States, and Canada.  The word "Commercial" has been omitted from the discussions pertaining to this arrangement: it should be called "North American Commercial Union" and it should be self-evident that this is a pact removing obstructions to commercial activities between these nations ---- not an excuse to erase national borders and denigrate national sovereignty.  

None of the Municipal Corporations nor their Commercial Corporation franchises have sovereignty themselves and they are certainly not in any position to give away the sovereignty of others, including our nation-states of the Union. 

We wish for these matters to be immediately and forthrightly addressed along with the limitations of all Administrative Code.  Please remind Mr. Biden that the IRS, like the Internal Revenue Service, has no armed enforcement capability.  Also remind him that the IRS is a private incorporated debt collector and that Title 26 was never passed into positive law or entered upon the Congressional Record.  Any armed IRS Agents trespassing against Americans will be just that --- armed brigands acting as foreign mercenaries engaged in criminal acts within the border of our nation-states.  Those impersonating our President and misdirecting hired guns in such a manner will be hung as inland pirates. Prompt action on the part of the Principals is necessary.  

We also wish to briefly discuss one particular piece of the overall semantic deceit pattern that is presently rearing its head again, and that is a conundrum presented by the use of the word "State" to informally refer to "Confederate States".  They are by no means the same thing and in this country they have a peculiar history involved in all this fraud. 

Confederate States are in fact what we have called "States of States" --- business organizations either incorporated or unincorporated that perform public services under contract for the actual States. They are not at all synonymous with the actual States they serve, but are often referred to mistakenly as "States" by act of omission.  

While we struggled to unravel these arcane records and facts it became increasingly evident that: our original unincorporated Union of nation-states initially called the United States also did business as the States of America and conducted business on behalf of the Union of nation-states at the national level.  This is the level of our government which is the "Union" referred to in The Articles of Confederation in reference to a "more perfect" and "perpetual" union by which they meant to establish their own American States-of-States and bind them together in a permanent Confederation. 

Later, it was this same Union-based Confederation of States of States operating as the States of America that created the Federal Republic and ran it under The Constitution for the united States of America, which explains why this contract used the word "united" as an adjective and did not include "united" as part of the name of the organization receiving the Delegated Powers. This also explains why the break-away Southern members of the Confederation of States called themselves "The Confederate States of America".  

The Southerners were being far more honest in representing themselves and the capacity in which they were acting --- that is, as States of States, not actual States at all.  

This is key to understanding the history and the nature of the so-called American Civil War as a Mercenary Conflict, and also key to understanding the morass that resulted in its wake, and the mess that we are still struggling with today, both in terms of reconstruction of our government and our run-amok foreign subcontractors left running things in the District of Columbia when the Federal Republic became inoperable.  

We wish for the universal understanding that these foreign, for-profit Municipal and Commercial Corporations and the Principals responsible for them have acted in Gross Breach of Trust and Violation of their Commercial Service Contracts known as Constitutions.  They have all  been served Due Process for seven (7) years and the resulting Final Civil Judgment was issued and published in April of 2014.  

It is not our desire or intention to continue to struggle with Employees that are not doing their jobs and actually harming our country and our people; we wish for them to be fired and sent home and for other agreements and means to be reached via a logical transition process. The Principals responsible for the performance of the Municipal Corporations need to fully inform and redirect  both Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump to come into compliance with their service contracts and Cease and Desist other activities and presumptions. 

Recently there has been an effort by some parties associated with the military services to create a narrative espousing the concept of the wonderful "lost Confederation" and attributing powers to it that it never had, and also attempting to give the Confederation the nature and attributes of Union of nation-states instead of admitting that the failed and long defunct Confederation was an assemblage of State-of-State business organizations that could not agree and which were bankrupted in the North and ruinated in the South and never reconstructed. 

The true government remains vested as it always was in our nation-states and people, and those instrumentalities appointed by them.  

We wish for similar universal understanding that these incorporated entities do not represent us, the American Government and the American People, and have merely impersonated us, stolen our identity, illegally accessed our credit via colluding banks, and run a fantastically complex and long-term confidence racket on our shores. 

We wish it to be understood that these organizations and the purported  Public Employees running them have usurped against their Employers to the detriment of the countries they are supposed to serve.  The nature and extent of this disservice varies but has universally affected all levels of government in the countries that have been impacted by these impostors and the deceitful practices they have employed to defraud, divest, and devalue their Employers. 

We wish for the dismantling of this venal system of fraud and impersonation, illegal occupations of entire countries by foreign mercenaries, and the manipulative usurpation of national governments by Municipal and Commercial Corporations using hypothecation of debt and other improper and arcane means to seize upon the assets and illegally confiscate and indebt the assets of Third Parties. 

We wish to put an end to the "GIA" -- yet another incorporated private for-profit Municipal Corporation franchise referencing itself as "the Global Intelligence Agency" and the unelected and unwanted services of the "Majestic Twelve", CIA, FBI, DOJ, SERCO, and affiliated organizations which have obviously operated without any lawful authority and in ways that are detrimental to peace and life on this planet.  These unelected rogue entities need to be defunded effective immediately, liquidated as corporations, and replaced by human operators who have the facility of common sense and moral conscience. The experiment in letting biological Artificial Intelligence like Kim Goguen run the world has failed. 

We wish for everyone reading this to notice that these so-called Agencies are all private, for-profit, foreign corporations that are and have been accessing and spending our credit, based on our assets, on their projects without our permission and  that the affiliated commercial banks have allowed this, and that their assets are now forfeit.  

We wish for everyone reading this to notice that these above-referenced Agencies and entities and their personnel have been engaged in this thievery for some decades without detection owing to the fact that these same purported intelligence organizations have also been failing to do the job that they were hired to do --- mainly to prevent crime and false claims in commerce and identity theft and credit fraud --- which are all the same crimes that they have in fact engaged in themselves. 

We wish for this unlawful activity to come to a full and permanent stop and for these Agencies which have not only failed their missions, but acted as international and global crime syndicates, to be thoroughly shamed and uprooted and replaced by not only by new management but new organizations.  The DOD, INC. personnel involved in the "GIA" and running the PENTAGON, CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, etc., have brought nothing but a history of shame and incompetence and criminality upon these organizations, which are better left in the dustbin of history.  

We wish for immediate action by all persons responsible for paying these miscreants to pull the plug on these unauthorized, unelected, and undesirable organizations and we notice that the various iterations of "Congresses" that have allocated funds for the support of these organizations and their unlawful and illegal activities are similarly operating in fraud and impersonating Public Legislative bodies while in fact operating as the Board of Directors of these same District of Columbia Municipal Corporations that have spawned these Agencies and operated them as franchises. 

We wish for these organizations to be busted on a worldwide basis, defunded, denied credit, all their accounts seized, and all their assets transferred to our ownership and control and direction.  We are the national and international American Government, the unincorporated Union of nation-states known as The United States and the unincorporated Federation of States operating internationally as The United States of America, and we are the only ones that are competent and lawfully empowered to straighten this mess out. 

We wish for the failed and unintelligent GIA to be defunded and disbanded immediately and for local police to be fully informed of the circumstance on a worldwide basis.  This is an opportunity to re-establish lawful and sane and moral governance for The United States, occupied Europe, Japan, the former Commonwealth, and other nations that have been impacted by this gargantuan con game.  It is also an opportunity to correct banking operations worldwide. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 20th 2023


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    1. Thank you Anna, James, Paul, and team.
      Thank you for de-confusing.
      Thank you for patient unwind of fabricated knots against knowledge.
      Thank you for making plain and revealed the long deceptions.
      Thank you for denaturing the power of lies.

    2. You have converted their lies and deceptions into our hands as power.

  2. If His Majesty Cardinal Mamberti, His Majesty King Charles 111 and Her Majesty Anna Julianna Wilhelmina Reizinger wish to go to war with His Majestic Lord and Regent Joseph Gregory Hallet for King John 111, Commander in Chief Donald John Trump and Tzar Vladimimir Vladimirovich for control of this planet, you lying ass cowards fire the first volley over Fort Sumter RIGHT NOW!! (21:59 hrs.EDT/ 6/20/2023)

    John 111

    1. That you address them by their claimed titles shows you just play along as a bit player trying to be recognized as of value to their schemes. Skip it. Mutual Respect, or No Respect.

    2. AnonymousJune 20, 2023 at 7:29 PM
      No agression of any kind
      thou Johny 111

  3. As Trustee and Executor for the Estates of ruth ann rankin chapman and john curren chapman 111, I, John Curren Chapman 111 in The Person of john curren chapman 111 and Son of ruth ann rankin chapman in the Person of Ruth Ann Rankin Chapman do hereby declare that I will pay in full any and all debts with Bills relating to all commercial debts charged against ruth ann rankin chapman, john curren chapman 111, their Persons or CORPORATE IDENTITIES found to be accurate, legitimate and true. I am informing the Internal Revenue Service, The I.R.S., Experian, Equifax and TransUnion of my intentions. I offer to assume full responsibility for the legal debts of the former United States incorporated upon submission and verification of claims and proof of asset ownership.

    John Curren Chapman 111
    Owner, Planet Terra

    1. Lol. Yeah. OK. Don't post when you're high, asshole.

    2. TO: John Curren Chapman 111 [Claimant 'Owner,' ?]

      Please inform - Please post your brief when/wherein/how/why the free, 'sovereign' billions man women child families, aka Mankind participate. Per your most concise and precise imagination.

      Please provide answer - per your 'claims(?)' accounting the "Declaration of Independence" which presented circa or July 2,3,4, in year 1776.

      Nation - L nation- natio birth . . ., fr. nasio to be born . . .

      COMMENT - Each and every Man, Women, child, baby is a "nation."
      You too are singularly and independently a "nation."

      REFERENCEs - Matthew 28:19-20 King James Version

      19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

      20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

      John 14:6
      Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  4. Merriam Websters Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition

    Definition: War - OHG werra strife. Akin to OHG werran to confuse.
    1. a. a state of usu. open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations. (2) : a period of such armed conflict. (3) ; STATE OF WAR . . .

    . . . 2. a. : a state of hostility, conflict, or antagonism. b : a struggle or competition between opposing forces or for a particular end.

    1 Control
    From L contra + ML rotulus roll . . .
    . . . 2. a: to exercise restraining or directing influence over : REGULATE.
    b : to have power over : RULE . . .

    2 Control 1 a : . . . power or authority to guide or manage . . .
    . . . c : the regulation of economic activity esp. by government directive . . .

  5. Only assertions, but no proofs.
    Are there any formal documents which prove the assertions, show them.

  6. there is a warming bottle of baby formula for you chubbins : )

  7. Dear Anonymous June 21, at 5:16 AM,

    KJV: Matthew 13:13, 14 and 15 is for you.
    KJV: Matthew 13:10, 11, 12, and 16 is for us.

    10 And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? 11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. 12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. 13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. 14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive: 15 For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them. 16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.

    - Follow the way, the truth, and the life.

  8. So, whens the Revolution Start?

    1. 6:30 pm tonight. Don't be late. And for crying out loud don't forget to bring your gun this time. I'm tired of loaning mine out to you slackers.

  9. There are 8 billion nations on earth. Every man, woman, child, baby is a born nation.

    A very small percentage of personalities, within the cult of death are revolting against the Living God of Life. The cultists of Death are in "revolution" against life, against their own life! Thus they are not among the 8 billion+- nations.

    Your job - defeat the personages within the cult of death. Defeat their "revolution." Get about your job.

    KJV: Matthew 28:19-20
    19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

    20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

    KJV: John 14:6
    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  10. Do you believe Mathew 14:22-33?


      Reminds me of a cheer from back in middle skull school
      We've got spirit yes we do
      We've got spirit how bout you

      On another note
      The titanic story and lots and lots of insurance fraud
      Today the little sub that evidently couldn't hmmmmm

      And 'G' if you're trying to take control of the ocean seabeds and floors you know for the protection of humanity and the ocean itself for World Parliament then this would be one of thise stories that could spawn some interest, no?
      2. The development and exploitation of ocean resources beyond 20 km. offshore is under the jurisdiction, supervision and administration of a World Oceans and Seabeds Authority (WOSA) that the World Parliament or provisional World Parliament establishes, responsible to the World Government under the Earth Constitution.

      3. Any claims by any nation to any Exclusive Economic Zones or to any ownership of oceans or seabeds or the resources thereof beyond 20 km. offshore, are invalid and contrary to the Principle of the Common Heritage of the People of Earth. The Earth Federation does not recognize claims to exclusive economic zones.


      It's a continuation of the previous PYRAMID PONZI SCHEME
      And they need you to doughnate, volunteer and play your part

  12. And 'G' wadda ya know
    A Terra Carta and Lloyds and ole king boy charles
    And if you think these bastards gove two shits about the environment or that they are going to honor anything when it comes to the serfs you got another thing coming
    Like your UBI and that so called prepaid creditor credit card being sold to you as your inheritance
    Nor the electronic communications that will supply those digits to that damned card

    And make no mistake your UBI or GAI (add an A and you get GAIA the new name for 'mother' earth) is part of the plan as stated in
    ACT 42

    Fits in really well with their DEMONCRATIC
    World Parliament scheme they are implementing behind the curtain

    Anna won't address any of this because her JOB is to get you to go along with the plan with the BULLSHIT she's feeding you while she steals your ass blind and fake builds assemblies

    15 years later and what the fuck do you idiots have to shew for your work
    Any of you free
    Any of you got bazillions of bucks

    Meanwhile their ROUNDUP of the serfs continues as they wipe out as many as possible

    It's all in the families

    1. The gift that keeps on giving


      The Stuart family are allied with the Wittelsbach family and through the Stuart's Hudson's Bay Company and its tax contracts with the

      United States through the 1871 District of Columbia Organic act they claim a portion of ownership over the United States. The House

      of Stuart established the Hudson's Bay Company with its subsidiary Saks Fifth Avenue founded by Andrew Saks and Adam Gimbel who

      was a Bavarian Jew and really a court factor of the House of Wittelsbach. The Wittelsbach family have covert shares in Saks Fifth

      Avenue and also in Macy's. The Straus family were from Bavaria and purchased R. H. Macy & Co. or Macy's along with Abraham

      Abraham who was also from Bavaria. The Bloomingdales migrated from Bavaria and founded Bloomingdale's which is owned by Macy's.

      The House of Wittelsbach built Mannheim Palace which cost them 300,000 gulden. The Wallderdorff family are nobles loyal to the

      Roman Catholic Habsburgs and members have been in the Illuminati. Countess Tessa von Wallderdorff is married with the wealthy

      American Hilton family.

      Jacobitism is really about a claim made by royals that they descend from Jacob in the Bible giving them their right to rule. The royals

      and their priests are the ones who put together the Bible.


      The whale of a 'new' 'titanic' story links back to Macy's and their grandfather


      What about laughing boy Stockton Rush, the head of OceanGate who finds his own deathtrap so amusing? He comes from the Stocktons, Rushes, and Davies, all superwealthy Phoenician families. He descends directly from Ralph K. Davies, director of Standard Oil of California under the Rockefellers. He was the head of government oil production during WWII. Later he became the head of American President Lines (the shipping juggernaut), making the Phoenician connection very obvious. Rush's father Richard Stockton Rush was head of Peregrine oil and was a President of San Francisco's famous Bohemian Club. The current Rush comes out of McDonnell-Douglas, one of the largest defense contractors. His wife is Wendy Weil, and her grandfather was president of Macys. “In an eerie twist of fate” she is the great-granddaughter of Isador and Ida Strauss, owners of Macys, and 1st class passengers on theTitanic. What a coincidence!

    3. Awe no more 10,000 leagues under the sea

      Who wouldof thunk it

      Damned thing looks like a dildo

      And golly g gomer that sub isn't certified

      World LIEcensing comes to light under ACT #3
      5. The World Oceans and Seabeds Authority shall manage, supervise, directly operate or require world licensing for all development of the mineral, oil, food and other resources of the oceans and seabeds from 20 km. offshore, to insure that all ocean and seabed development inure to the primary benefit of humanity as a whole, rather than to any special or private or national interest.

      Want to see me pull a rabbit out of my hat

      Such a shame they have predicted that a bacteria will eat the ship completely away before 2025 or 2030
      And what do ya know UNESCO is there to protect and serve the very fraud that they created to go along with the world steal
      If that isn't enough to blow the whole story, simply read theTitanic wreck page at Wikipedia. There we learn that the wreckage is too fragile to be saved or lifted, and that it is now protected by UNESCO convention. Convenient. We learn that although it has survived a century on the sea floor, it is expected to disintegrate very soon.
      UNESCO has made claims to any and all ARTifactsFICTIONS even if they are not found yet

    4. And just last night on one of their network tell a vision channels a new explorer and their submersables where in the great lakes murking around and looking at ships there
      Convenient huh that they would air that programming on the same day that the OceanGATE shit shew was being televised
      Hmmm gate and titan and blah blah blah blah blah
      Ya know like the Edmond Fitzgerald that never sank
      I believe that Miles did a write up on that one too
      But they made a song about that one too

  13. And golly gee there's that GAIA thingy

    And this guru is here to tell ya how it all came about
    Nothing Hokey Pokey about it, it was channeled
    Jacobitism is really about a claim made by royals that they descend from Jacob in the Bible giving them their right to rule. The royals
    and their priests are the ones who put together the Bible.

  14. John Curren Chapman 111
    Owner, Planet Terra

    Hmmm Terra and how bout that Lloyds of London and a
    Terra Carta


    Take off the pl and and an 'S' and what do ya get

    Your mental health and all things digital and social media use and the congnitive dissonance of the 'pl' and gee what do you get
    One flew over the coo coos nest

    Those ICD-11 International Classification of Diocese or I mean diseases are forthcoming
    And the psychos and their minions will have gathered all the DATA we've provided to them to collect and commit the sane

    In the meantime, it's business as usual

  15. And here comes the next stage and the actwhores on the whirled stage

    A dr again??
    At this point they're not even a dime a dozen, more like a penny



  17. June 22 - US Gov't's Side-Hustle is Child Sex Trafficking

    The US Gov't. is in an undeclared war against the American people and humanity in general.
    'Passion of the Christ Actor Jim Caviezel Implicates U.S. Government Agencies in Child Sex Trafficking [VIDEO]

    "During the interview, Bannon focused on promoting Caviezel's new film Sound of Freedom, which is based on the true story of a former government agent who embarked on a mission to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia.

    Bannon asked Caviezel whether he thinks that U.S. government agencies play a role in the human trafficking industry. "Absolutely," replied Caviezel. "The three-letter agencies, they're all involved."

    Jim Caviezel says that adrenochrome is ten times more potent than heroin, he says there are multiple Epstein Islands run by intelligence agencies/governments, and he once again calls out the Rothschilds and says the conspiracy theory of nazis in Ukraine happened to turn out to be true.

    "The adrenochrome empire. It is a chemical compound. It is an elite drug that they've used for many years. It's ten times more potent than heroin. It has some mystical qualities as far as making you look younger...  The agents that I've spoken to: Barrels of oil (body parts) are being sent to bio labs. Who is NATO? Who is the UN? Who are the Central Banks? They are the Rothschilds banks. Epstein Island isn't the only sex island out there. In this film, they do a raid, and the lady that ran that (island) wasn't in prison. You've got a lot of agencies involved in this."

  18. Spot on


    The INTERNET = The WORLD WIDE WEB = SLAVERY = the CHAINS / CHANGE / CHANG-E, the FLOOD GODDESS, binding humanity to the illusory 3D Trance State for the simple purpose of casting a veil over Reality and Wisdom.

    The INTERNET is built on LINKS = LINK-ON = LINCOLN = the LION KING = the SPHINX. This is yet another aspect of the FLOOD meant to perpetuate the Trance State.

    All of the INTERNET PIRACY Bills, and PRIVACY Bills, being brought forward at this time by different governments throughout the world, is the LION KING at work, manipulating the masses to enter into the secret sacrifice chambers of lunacy. Not only does humanity enter willingly into this realm of madness, … they scream, they protest, they resist, they rebel, they resent, they retaliate, they reject any suggestion relating to their loss of freedom of speech and expression of thought… (kind of a sorry sight) … when after all, … it’s just an illusion.

    Without the internet, the Arab Spring couldn’t have come to pass. All of the bullshit stories in regards to world events, especially since the WTC attack couldn’t have spread throughout the world, ever deepening the Trance State as people listen to whack-jobs and their ever-so-convincing orations that the world has entered into a mass awakening, … a bond with true consciousness, … when all the time, these charlatans are assisting in bringing to pass, the luciferian agenda of lunatic styled stupidity.

    The elite of the world are so obviously indoctrinated in the insane notions of the egregore Thought Process, but it’s the TRUTHERS, the CONSPIRACY PEDDLERS, the REPTILIAN AGENDA nut cases, who unwittingly, and unknowingly, are a major driving force in fulfilling the agenda of hypnotic control. Bringing to pass unequalled confusion and hysteria never before seen in the illusory existence of this planet. … and none of this could be done or accomplished without the internet, … the computer, … that system established to allow the presentation of the Ego, … to perpetuate the insane Mind of the Thought Process, … to hide, to veil, to deceive, … with the single notion of the destruction of Truth, Reality and Wisdom.

    … and so we worship the inventors of windows and gates (even as the 2 faced god Janus) … and we link into the madness of the 2 faced god of LINK-IN (1’s and 0’s, a penis and vagina), … LINK-ON, the god of Lincoln, … the deity of the Sun and the Moon. This is CHANGE, … definitely CHANG-e … the Flood Goddess we’ve been implanted to BELIEVE IN.

  19. At the walmart bakery today was the following notice

    Federal Copyright Guidelines (in bold letters)
    It is a violation of Federal Copyright Law (FCL is in bold letters, all the other text are not in bold letters) to copy, draw, outline or reproduce in any manner an identical reproduction or close likeness of any copyrighted material.
    This includes any trademarked, registered or copyrighted material in cartoons, magazines, television, movies, greeting cards and varioud other materials.

    Copyright infringement can result in severe penalties

    But they can copyright your name and your likeness based on the pictures and every friggin thing else
    Thats how they link everything back to the FAMILY ID

    And FYI google bought the copyright to a picture my brother in law took for $350

  20. In this paper on Obama

    Page 24 he mentions the FAMILY POPE

    Before we leave the Lees, I should point out yet another connection, already hiding in the text above.
    Even I didn't see it until later.
    Remember the Baron Stanley who was first Muslim member of theHouse of Lords? He married the daughter of the Viscount Dillon, Henry Dillon-Lee.
    The name Lee comes from Dillon-Lee's uncle, George Lee, 3rd Earl of Lichfield.
    He was a member of the Privy Council and Chancellor of Oxford University.
    The 1st Earl, Edward Lee, had married Charlotte Fitzroy, illegitimate daughter of King Charles II!
    Of course this links us to my last paper, on George Washington, where we found the Bennets were related to this same Fitzroy.
    Which means the Lees were closely related to the Bennets.

    Edward Lee's mother was of the family Pope, of the Earls of Downe.

    We also saw that name in my paper on Washington, linking us to Alexander Pope.
    The Lees were among the first Baronets created in 1611, being the Baronets of Quarendon, and were also related to the Baronets Lydiard Tregoze.


    These latter Baronets soon married into the Wilmot family, the Earls of Rochester. Before that, they were knights from Hulcote, and these knights have been linked to the Lees of Virginia.
    See The Lees of Virginia, p. 20, where author Edmund Jennings Lee tells us these
    Lees of Lichfield “continued down in unbroken succession” to Charles Lee, Revolutionary War General.

    THE FAMILY POPE OF MARYLAND------------------

    When the records were visable I was able to follow the links to folks who have been deceased for over 300 years and their 'estates' were listed as still in 'probate'????

    Ever herd of jewish law on copyright
    Witch kind of reminds me of JUDE LAW
    Like in our faces, no?

    1. Bathsheba Harris, b. Abt 1677, St. Mary's County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location, d. Aft 1706, Wicomico Hundred, Charles County, Maryland
    Bathsheba/Bathesda MARYland???

  21. Family ID F01182 Group Sheet | Family Chart

    Family 1
    Thomas Harris, b. Bef 28 Mar 1654, St. Mary's County, Maryland
    d. 19 Jul 1686, Charles County, Maryland - Probate
    (Age > 32 years)
    Married Bef 3 Apr 1680 Charles County, Maryland
    1. Bathsheba Harris, b. Abt 1677, St. Mary's County, Maryland
    d. Aft 1706, Wicomico Hundred, Charles County, Maryland
    (Age ~ 30 years)
    2. Mary Harris, b. 16 Nov 1680, Piccawaxen, Charles County, Maryland
    3. Thomas Harris, b. 6 Feb 1682/83, Piccawaxen, Charles County, Maryland
    d. 25 Jun 1733, Charles County, Maryland - Inventory
    (Age 50 years)
    4. John Harris, b. 5 Mar 1683/84, Charles County, Maryland
    d. 26 Jun 1754, Charles County, Maryland - Probate
    (Age 70 years)
    Last Modified 5 Apr 2020
    Family ID F01170 Group Sheet | Family Chart

    FAMILY 2-------------------------

    Family 2
    Richard Land, b. Abt 1650, St. Mary's County, Maryland
    d. 22 Mar 1691/92, William and Mary Parish, Charles County, Maryland - Inventory
    (Age ~ 42 years)
    Married Bef 14 May 1686 Charles County, Maryland
    Last Modified 5 Apr 2020
    Family ID F01181 Group Sheet | Family Chart

    Harriss, Thomas, 30th Feb., 1684; 19th July, 1686.
    To daus. Bathsheba and Mary, personalty.
    To son Thomas at 19 yrs. of age, land (unnamed)
    To unborn child if a son, personalty; if dau., 20 A. (unnamed).
    To wife Mary, extx., dower rights.
    Test: Chas. Musgrave, Henry Hagen, Mary Owsey, Edw. Gattly. 4. 21
    Thomas & Mary Harriss 9.192 I CH £173.17.4 Nov 23 1686
    Appraisers: John Corts (also John Courts), Ralph Smith.

    === Contributed by Ralph D. Smith

    May 14, 1686 - Exhibited will of Thomas Harris (planter, Charles Co.), constituting Mary executrix. Said Mary married Richard Land, and is now deceased. Said Land was granted administration. Humphrey Warren to administer oath.
    Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 13, p. 343.
    Charles County Circuit Court Liber H, Page 290
    3 Apr 1680; Indenture from Thomas Harris, planter, to Ralph Smith and Sarah his wife, the relict of Col. John Duglas; exchange of land; a parcel of land at the head of Petit's Creek part of land now in possession of Thomas Harris; bound by Pope's Hollow and land of Thomas Petits; containing 20 acres; /s/Thomas Haris; wit. Henry Bonner, Rando. Brandt; acknowledged by Mary Haris, wife of Thomas

    Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 13, p. 343.

  22. Con after con after con after con

    Hmmm, 'G' men, you don't say
    Griffin is mainly an actor himself, having been in the media since he was ten. He was a child voice actor from 1942. He was Army then worked for the Wallace campaign in 1968. So, like Alex Jones and these other people, he comes from the right side of American politics:not a revolutionary of any kind. A G-man from the start. So when he claimed to become a conspiracy theorist in the 1970s, everyone should have been VERY suspicious. Especially since they admit his books were publishedby the John Birch Society.

  23. Stealing their land through the MEDICI 'MINISTRY' ADMINISTRATION

  24. Hundreds of thousands of people being herded in to this area right around the dallas north toll road pay by the mile bullshit
    Takes more mooneye from your urnings
    This toll road was leased to a 'foreign entity' and not a dime of any of the urnings from these toll roads stay in the 'commune' or Texas for that matter

    Not their first rodeo - they are excellent herders
    Wipe out areas and herd them in to the desired areas and like magic a new heaven new earth is born
    Climate change in the air above your heads and climate change with all the area changes are used in harmony to create the desired outcome


    At the registers in the stores now they have a campaign for you to round up your purchase to the next dollar to help the poor MY ASS
    More suck the life out of you while their business as usual model marches forward in lockstep

    20+ HOA's being build in the middle of prime farm country
    Not a tree anywhere to inhibit the cnnection of everything to 5G

    1. million dollar homes sitting in what used to be a farm now enclosed in a (commune) field inside a HO and there are hundreds of these being built all around the Dallas MEGA (maga) region
      These are all within what they are referring to as UNION PARK or URBAN HEIGHTS
      More of what they are putting together around the PGA bullshit is called FIELDS
      Tranceforming former farms into nothing but HO's as far as the eye can see
      Hundreds of thousands of houses built on top of one another with GREEN SPACES provided for the herd as the rest of the land is 'labeled' off limits to the herd
      And of course AMAZON has warehouses built all around this area for fast CONvenient delivery within the same day

      Its like that fresh kills land fill where they took the deceased from the towers and now it is tranceformed to a green spaces lovely park for the herd

  25. 25:24 minutes in
    The New Commercial Core

    Sounds like Common Core like in their NEW EDUMACATION the have nots are gettin

  26. They just knocked off a bridge and a toxic train in yellowstone too
    Just like on Hogans Hero's (HH = 88) they just keep knocking shit down or blowin it up as they merrily move along with their whirled plans


  28. massive farm lands CONverted to HUMAN CONTAINMENT SETTLEMENT ZONES
    500,000 to a million bucks
    All HO's with amenities within your COMMUNE
    All situated in pay by the mile Dallas North Toll Way which was leased for 50 years to one of their crooks in arms

  29. These MASTER PLANNED COMMUNES or I mean communities are everywhere within the mega region

    Even have a water outfit known as the Upper Trinity Water District
    Hmm kind of like the Golden Triangle and the Presidio shopping center in Fort Worth
    Fort Worth - Houston - Dallas, the golden triangle

  30. All of it was farm land

    Starter home at $600K
    People have lost their damned minds

  31. American Express in on this one too

    And in on the damn building in Canada

    1. And I suspect that the folks outside of their new schooling for the kiddos, they have all kinds of folks on the outer fringe teaching the serfs the new ropes or should that be chains that will link it all together

      India providing the learnin material through the back door

    2. The restructuring of the system of education began in the Labor Department when William Brock became the Secretary of Labor in 1985. These hearings are classic examples of skewing statistics to fit a narrative with the unspoken narrative of being policy to support an open border and the inevitable flood uneducated, illegal migrants (cheap labor) across the border.

      See 1986: Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 – Simpson-Mazzoli Act.

      They've been working to destroy for decades
      80's is when they started shipping the jobs out too

  32. chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/


    They've created the problem and the solution will be their
    World Parliament
    Witch includes taking away the corporate personhood status and a GAIA Guaranteed Annual Income for the slaves
    Just gotta get them on board that fake love boat

  33. Human Research Standards

    Rand Corporation

    IoB and IoT
    S.884 - Improving Digital Identity Act of 2023

    And isn't the Eyedentity that has been assigned to you here by anna and crew culled/named an ILB?
    IoB IoT
    ILB (bil as in maybe bill, like an administrative bill?)
    You know to manage the payout of your 'prepaid creditor account' but in reality is Guaranteed Annual Income that is being solicited to the herd as their salvation and the answer to their 'prey'ors or maybe that would be 'purveyors'


    1. a person who purveys, provides, or supplies: a purveyor of foods; a purveyor of lies.
      Old English Law. an officer who provided or acquired provisions for the sovereign under the prerogative of purveyance.
      Land Office and Prerogative Court Records of Colonial Maryland

      Counties, courts, liber, all of it in those records and they existed, or at least they want us to think they did, way back to the 15th century long before the fake ass CONstitution and all this other BULL, BaalSHIT

      Does anyone remember a video anna did where she pulled what appeared to be a coin out of her wallet and made a statement to the effect that it was some kind of token that identified her as a some kind of aristocrat or had some magical power to the effect that she was immune to any of their shenanighans?

      Interesting map

      Thors hammer
      Rome MARYland

      Prince William County in Virginia today

      aka PORT HOLES like on a ship

      Go check out the trailer for their up and coming new film
      September has a very special place in their hearts and I believe it is to be released on the 23rd one of their favorite numbers

      The CREATOR is the name of the movie and it's all about their AI which when you really look at that AI it's like AL like AL from the shew Married with Children
      How about HAL 9000 from A SPACE ODYSSEE

      And hell we even have an internet service provider platform named odysee

      The movie War Games
      'Shall We Play a Game'

      Fandumb as the virtuAL world merges with the reAL

    3. MTA


  35. gitmo tribunals??

    World Parliament
    ACT #36
    World Legislative Act #36 (thats 3, 6's folks)
    Mundialization of Guantanamo Base

    Now either these two are clueless or they are part of the program

    They've (their corporate CPS) recently kidnapped my two great grandsons
    I have no idea if I will ever see those two little boys ever again
    One is 4 the other is 3
    I have no doubt they have updated their vaccine requirements and most likely chipped them
    As people lose their jobs and no work CPS kidnappings will explode and the trafficking of them all from one part of hell to another part of hell will continue unabated
    God be with my two precious little boys

    You are dealing with fucking criminals here you morons

    So you damned fools better wake the hell up

    And you so called illuminated ones

    If you truly are working to better this place start by giving everyones children back and SHUT DOWN CPS
    Earth to United States: Notice to Quit Guantanamo Bay
    Short title: “Guantanamo Bay”

    Earth to United States?
    That would be the Earth CONstitution, the same CONS running this continued heist on all the world

    And paperwork don't mean shit you fools

    1. Geodesy

    2. Whole new meaning to message in a bottle

  36. At 1:41 seconds that statue is atop the white house


  37. Lets ask ole Jim here if those three children he 'adopted' from China have parents they don't know about
    Did Jim pay a finders fee for those children he adopted?
    Does he know if their parents are alive and they were trafficked children?
    As they sit in front of their free masonic brick wall

    Stop human trafficking signs all over the place now
    Not like the birth certificate scam has been addressed at the source
    Nope it has not been

    And just in case
    ACT 43 culls for them to promote the TRANCEformation of the village idiots to be CONcerned
    World Legislative Act #43
    On Human Trafficking

    It's an ACT and the minions are performing their roles to promote the shit shew

    CPS recently kidnapped my two great grandsons just before midnight as they slept in their beds
    Start at the source not this bullshit they feeding the masses now
    4 year old and a 3 year old and the trauma that has been inflicted upon them is off the charts

    And the minions that work for them like the 'social worker' and the cops who come with guns to oversee that the kidnapping goes off without incident
    Lets not forget the judge who 'ordered' the kidnapping

    I've kept quiet about it - it's heartbreaking
    Those two little men are the innocent victims to this sick shit and they call this justice and protecting the children MY ASS
    It is trauma based mind control and those two young babies after having their dick sliced open at birth then subjected to 'legal' kidnapping
    Well you do the fucking math

    1. He's a 'special agent' for 'homeland security'
      Meanwhile under their friggin noses
      CPS commits the very same crime every single day of the year
      They are not there to protect the children they are there to insure a steady flow of unemployed single moms who do their best and yet they steal the children and then submit the children and the mother to their will
      With the blessings of the Attorney General
      Where the state of Texas hides the money
      Trillions upon trillions folks while they kidnap kids, eliminate any form of a way to 'make a living' therefore their kidnapping rates and recoupment funds increase

      They're all 'G' men and women working for the sindicate
      You don't have to go to the border you losers they do it every single friggin day all across this 'nation' and they made it legal and profitable
      for themsleves - they don't give two shits about your family

    2. And the grandparent well she had some issues with some charges 40 years ago and that prevents her from gaining temporary custody
      And that too goes along with the grandparent must follow their rules and provide for the children in the manner that they dictate
      And the grandparent who no longer works for the crooks who is totally broke and looks after her elderly mother to ensure the pricks don't kill here well her hands are tied
      She has no means (money to be extorted from her) to do anything
      Not to mention in 2005 CPS kidnapped this very mother of these two young boys (she was 5 at the time) from her bed at around 11 PM while she slept
      Social worker and cops with guns to insure the safe and carefree kidnapping went as planned

      Millions of unemployed now for refusing the clot shots
      Millions umemployed with giving jobs to immigrants through fusion centers and as this escalates the state will steal record numbers of kids in plain sight and the village idiots will say well you have to follow the rules and you have to work like a dog it's just how it is for you to live

      Sounds like a grand plan right

      And on the other hand step right up sign up get on board the love boat doughnate all you can and work for free to set yourself free and self govern while you wait for the shit shew to provide you with a pre approved creditor debit card
      'G' I wonder how thats gonna work out for ya

      And that attorney general is still getting paid 150,000 bucks after he was impeached or so the story goes
      But not to worry his senator wife is still tahnkful after she winds her selection in November of 2022
      The senate criminals are determining the rules for this ruse
      'G' I wonder what minion will replace that attorney general and carry on business as usual as the circus moves to another town with yet another magic trick to pull out of their hat

      Maybe it's this
      And then they will give us this which is running in parallel with the shit shew being presented to us today


  38. I think the guy looks like Sean Astin the son of Patty Duke
    Filmed two years ago

    And look at the stars on the whirled stage today highlighted at the start of the video
    Joe Rogan was on a shew called newsradio

    They guy in the middle some say he plays the role of Lindsey Graham?

  39. 38 minutes in and giving the kidnapped children the jab


    Fun for the whole family in the AMAZON
    But in the end all the pieces and all the money (credit) go back in the box — back to the central bank (government). We are not the words (vital statistics) printed on these birth certificates, for words are form without substance, existing nowhere in Nature, purely the artful creations of man.

  41. And if you don't see how the tranceformation from tell lie vision to your favorite you tuber being sponsored by
    Then you are blind

    1. IT's like this old house with Bob Vila internet meta verse style

  42. Check this out

    Found the name one that 'certificate' interesting
    Just an observation


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