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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Territorial Attempts to Commandeer Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are increasing efforts on the part of Territorial U.S. Citizens ("Tories") attached to the British Territorial Government allowed as a result of the Insular Tariff Cases (1900-1906), to cause disruptions in our Assemblies and attempts to commandeer our Assemblies. 

So who are these people?  

After The War of Independence the peace process allowed the former British sympathizers known as "Tories" permission to stay in this country and allowed British business interests to retain ownership of their businesses, though they were not allowed to actually own land in this country.  Instead, their valid interests in their businesses and property investments would be held in trust by the British Monarch, who would issue "titles" to them in token of their donation of their property here to the National Trust established for them by the British Monarch. 

These facts are self-evident in the Residence Act and administration of the Territorial Government ever since. When the Constitutions were set up, the second Federal Constitution created a power-sharing arrangement with the British Territorial Government known as The Constitution of the United States of America (1789).  We have had Tories and those adopting Tory political status among us ever since. 

Technically, these British Territorial U.S. Citizens and those adopting such citizenship are foreigners, even when born in this country.

The problem arises when Tories trick Americans and coerce Americans under color of law to adopt Tory "Citizenship" and subject themselves unknowingly to the British Monarch --- which is precisely what they have done by registering American babies as U.S. Citizens and using this undisclosed legal scheme to lay claim to their victims' estates. 

Think of it as a huge identity theft. 

These same Tories living here among us and still claiming that they are providing us with "essential government services" have not only impersonated us individually, they have impersonated our State of State organizations, replacing, for example, The State of New York with their own entity doing business as the State of New York.

Now, they have offered to occupy our Federal Republic and substitute their version --- a British Territorial Federal Republic --- to replace and usurp upon the American Federal Republic. 

We are receiving multiple reports of organizations purporting to be "the Federation" and drawing people into these groups thinking that they are participating in our American Federation.  This is just more criminal deceit on the part of these Tory organizations trying to substitute themselves for the actual American Federation of States.  Some of these organizations even claim to be associated with me and my work, when they are foreign usurpers "pretending to be" the Federation. 

They are also trying to come in, after the fact, and commandeer our State Assemblies and unlawfully convert them into British Territorial Assemblies. 

More Substitution Schemes.   

It's up to us to stand fast and not be bamboozled by these Pretenders.

Everyone has to be alert and hair-trigger on detecting these people when they walk in the door.  Some of them are so indoctrinated that they actually believe that they are acting as Americans when they claim to be some version of Federal citizen.  This is not possible. 

No man can serve two masters.  

You either live and act and work as an American in an American State Assembly, or you act as a "dead" incorporated British Territorial franchise corporation belonging to and literally owned by the British Monarch. 

Some of these people act purposefully and attempt to confuse others into obeying their directions and believing the false information they are spewing, such as substituting a "New York State [Trust] Jural Assembly" for The New York Assembly ---- and all to lead people astray and take over the American State Assemblies we have developed for the past three years. 

They hope that by impersonating us, they can usurp upon our authority and our property rights.  

They hope to substitute their organizations for ours.  

They hope that we will be ignorant and unable to tell the difference, that we will accept U.S. Citizenship, not knowing that it is foreign.  

They hope that we will be docile and willing to accept titles instead of demanding patents, that we will sign sale contracts and leave them unperfected, that we will not insist upon receiving a Bill of Sale when we buy things, that we will be their pawns.  

After all, they've gotten away with this song and dance for 160 years. 

They think we are all dumb as stumps, and unfortunately, a lot more Americans have to wake up in order to prove them definitively wrong.  

In this mental battle to know and assert who we are, the fundamental difference between the American Way and the British Rule, must be discerned---- and we cannot be wishy-washy.  They need to conform to us, not the other way around. 

Via the Residence Act we allowed them to stay here and via other provisions, we allowed them to keep their private property even though many Tories undermined American interests during The Revolution and have continued to undermine American interests ever afterward.  

It was an Undeclared British Territorial U.S. Citizen, the Bar Attorney, Abraham Lincoln, who promoted the Civil War in order to give economic advantages to the British Government.  

Between 620,000 and 750,000 Americans died and another 194,000 were permanently injured in the Civil War.  Even more Americans have been killed by the "live exercise" of Covid 19 -- thus far, 1,127,152 deaths have been reported with unknown numbers of people permanently disabled.  

We owe it to all those Americans who have died because of the lies, misrepresentations, fraud schemes, and con games of the British-affiliated Territorial Government and its Agents to stand firm and not give an inch.  

We owe it to ourselves, our children, and everyone else, to open our eyes, know who we are, and refuse any "offers" to be or act in any other capacity than plain old Americans, nationals of our Several States, operating our own State Assemblies. 

We cannot and will not allow any Undeclared British Agents to subvert or commandeer our efforts; we will not let British Territorial Officers redefine our Assemblies, or substitute their organizations for ours.

If we see any Assemblies going off track and falling victim to these hucksters, we will dissolve that Assembly and start over with those members who have studied and who know the truth.  

We have generously hosted these people among us for over two centuries, and their insane devotion to a Monarch who cares nothing for them, has caused us nothing but grief, death, loss, and endless wars. 

So all Americans who are involved in our State Assemblies, stand firm and ready to educate Americans who have been fooled into thinking that they are some sort of "National Citizen" or "Federal Citizen"  -- and ready to identify British Territorials who don't belong in our Assemblies. 

British Territorials have their own Assemblies --- District Assemblies for U.S. Citizens, and Municipal citizens of the United States have Municipal District Assemblies. Send them on their way. 

Beware of claims from people who say they are working with me or the Federation of States or the Continental Marshals. Check them out and ask questions and check out answers. The future of your State and the quality of your lives depends on you being vigilant and alert and aware of both those who are ignorant of the issues, and those who are deliberately pursuing a disruptive agenda.  


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