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Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Science of Systems -- False Heroes Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

We are aware that a large multi-level interlocking trust directorate exists in the business world which represents the ultimate form of insider trading. This then provides the profit that allows the illegal takeover of all the other business interests and economic sectors that we see today.

No doubt when it all began during the days of the Roman Empire it was natural enough for powerful families to unite for their own self-interest and mutual gain. By a process of aligning power with power and gradually expanding to include the most powerful interests in new business sectors, it became possible to influence and later to control one economic and political sector after another. 

Now, these same "power sectors" have a well-oiled machine that assists them in securing and maintaining control of vast numbers of people and farming them like sheep or cattle, for the benefit of these relatively few business, banking, media, security, and entertainment moguls. We estimate that around 15,000 individuals control 8 billion souls, and they do not manage the 8 billion for any good purpose. 

That is to say, that they do not manage the "world" created by men for any noble or enlightened purpose, but merely for their own gain of profit and political power.  They have no reason for living, being, or existing beyond their own gut, and perhaps to be entertained by their own meddling and often disastrous impact on the lives of others. 

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are both good examples of what happens to these members of the so-called elite.  They spend their lives building and protecting some part of the Great Wall between themselves and their cronies and the rest of the world.  They form a cancer within the body of humanity, which sucks all resources to the tumor, and expends all energy on the tumor, with the inevitable result that the host dies. 

This core group of interlocking economic and political interests representing the  leadership of "the world" is profoundly corrupt and sick in all respects, yet nobody in the General Public, and certainly nobody within the leadership of this core group of allied self-interests dares to speak the truth about this and begin the process of reform where reform is needed, among the elites. 

As a result, no vision of a better world comes forward, because those who have the means to promote it have no interest or motivation to pursue a better world.  Instead, they have all been schooled on Machiavelli and B.F. Skinner and are now great Devotees of the Hegelian Dialectic, with the result that they treat other people like animals and become animals themselves, and they run around creating problems so that they can then solve and profit from the problems they create, e.g., this murderous so-called pandemic.

Into this madness we are born, and as this "tumor" in the body of humanity comes to fruition, entire world civilizations die.  In the past, this phenomenon has been limited to a country or maybe a few allied countries -- but the parasite moves on and forms again to repeat the cycle, merely centered in a different part of the world. And it has now expanded its operations, so that its parasitic "life cycle" is impacting the entire planet.  

Most recently, the leadership found that doing business in Europe and The United States was becoming more difficult, so they resolved to open up operations in China about forty years ago, with the intention of moving their headquarters and beginning their elitist network in China.  They planned a grand global merger of corporate interests to create US-CHINA, INC.  This is what Joe Biden is still trying to promote, even though the Chinese have wised up and have cold feet. 

The entire situation in Ukraine today is a result.  With China showing signs of Buyer's Regret, the elites had to quickly open up another staging ground for their criminal operations, so they murdered the elected government of Ukraine in 2014, installed a puppet government, and began using Ukraine as their geographical base to promote their so-called "programs".  

They also began refurbishing the world banking system to facilitate their money laundering and give them more precise control of everyone else on Earth. 

The so-called "Quantum Financial System" or QFS was born, the brainchild of a single computer programmer who happened to be a Colonel in the Air Force working with the CIA goons at Wright AFB.  QFS is an MS-DOS-based digital currency system designed to control and surveil every purchase a person makes, and would also serve as a political tool to punish any dissidents by denying them the ability to buy and sell. 

The QFS born out of operation "Crimson Gate" would serve as part of the implementation of a worldwide "social credit" scoring system similar to what China already has in place as a means to control its nearly two billion people. 

Everything hit a rock in 2009 with the discovery of exactly who all these people are and how they are all connected.  For the first time in human history, we have been able to identify the members of the elite machine on a worldwide basis, and get organized to destroy the tumor, down to a cellular level, once and for all---- but then, the question becomes, how to organize humanity? 

We have a completely new and healthy system designed, but first we must address the False Heroes Fraud, which has served to perpetuate the Elites.  Those at the top of the Pyramid Scheme's spider web choose spokespersons and administrators like the Presidents of the United States and the King of England to serve as the faces of their entire network, just as they create philanthropic and cultural organizations to serve as storefronts for their much more unseemly occupations.  

These False Heroes, like the storefront organizations, talk a good line and convince the General Public of their sincere care and interest in the welfare of the people of their country and this planet, but as everyone can see -- they are either: (1) not in control, or (2) not sincere, because we can all see the results.  

This is all a scam. 

We need to be honest. 

We have pinpointed the people who currently control the man-made world.  We know who they are and where they live, the aspects of the system that they control, the means used to control them, all of it.  And now we must move on to a new and far better world. 

We wish for the true heroes to arise in each nation, for them to stand up and bring forward a new vision for mankind, one that is not disconnected from whatever was good in the past, but built on a completely different pattern of diverse and individual control connected to Universal Consciousness. 

We are not drops in the ocean; we are each the ocean in its entirety. 

We wish for those comptrollers, those who are evil and those who are still basically good, to realize that their system, the system we all grew up in, is at an end, and the system that the WEF and the other Corporatists planned will not be replacing it.  

We wish for all concerned to realize that their most minute motivations and actions are known, and that we can pick and choose the outcomes. Having identified the individuals responsible for various parts of this system makes it possible to control the controllers.  

It is rather that we wish for cooperation and a new wind to blow upon the Earth, and for this change to be voluntary.  We wish for everyone, seeing that the "elites" and their mechanisms are known and now exposed, will simply see the advantages and the inevitability of what we propose. 
Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 22nd 2023


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