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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Yes, There Are Liens and Claims on Everything

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, we put liens on everything, BC Bonds included. This is because it all belongs to individual Americans and their lawful government. It doesn’t belong to our employees who have been benefiting themselves at our expense and cutting deals using our assets.
In order to receive back all your assets you have to reclaim your American political status. If you don’t do that, all your stuff will be held in Trust for you and your progeny until you do “come home” and nobody will be able to do things like sell your gold-backed bonds to Red China—- something Larry Fink, CEO of Black Rock, tried to do last year.
The liens I put on everyone’s property have prevented such seizure by Secondary Creditors and preserved your assets for you and all you have to do is declare your political status as an American.
If you can’t do that in good conscience, then you have no business benefiting yourself from American assets. Read that, if you don’t want to be identified as an American, that’s okay, but in the same token, you are no longer owed anything by America. If you don’t come home and claim your stuff out of the slush pile after you have been given full disclosure of the situation—- as you have been—- it’s your choice.
You can waive your inheritance.
The assets belong to Americans in fact. They don’t belong to U.S. Citizens nor citizens of the United States. The assets belong to New Yorkers and Texans, Iowans and Alabamans, Wisconsinites and Californians, and so on—- the living people of the fifty States of the Union.
If you want to work for a bankrupt foreign corporation and you are so loyal to that corporation that you choose to abandon your own country and birthright —- fine. Be a stateless, penniless, mercenary “soldier of fortune” if you think that’s romantic.
The rest of us took steps to preserve everyone’s inheritance — yours included. If you don’t want it and don’t want to admit that you are an American, that’s okay. But don’t think that you are going to be disloyal and unaffiliated and inherit as much as a penny from this country.
Doesn’t work that way.
Americans fought and died for every dollar, every stream, every mountain. It’s all theirs, and if you aren’t an American, it’s not yours.
Simple as that.
Now, if you think I did anything wrong by placing liens on everything in this country in favor of the actual owners and Priority Creditors— the Americans— speak up.
Bear in mind that without my action your share would already be gone and in the pockets of foreign creditors.
Bear in mind that I was one of the few Americans on Earth who had re-established lawful standing and had the ability to claim it all back for you.
And bear in mind that you were uselessly dead asleep at the time, unable to defend yourself or your BC Bonds or anything else from the international cabal.
And bear in mind that I preserved your inheritance for you and stood in the door keeping the pathway open so that you could claim it --- for free. I did all the work, paid all the fees, took all the risks, suffered all the abuse from the corporations that were counting on seizing your assets, defended the American interest in the assets in the international banks and diplomatic forums --- and got nothing out of it, but the same share I preserved for you.

Go figure.


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