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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Money Spell --- Chapter One --- What is a Dollar?

 By Anna Von Reitz

A dollar is a unit of measurement, defined as one ounce of fine silver. Whether it has a mint mark or not, one ounce of fine silver is defined as a "dollar".
It has been that way since the Coinage Act of 1792, and if you ask senior Treasury Officers and Judges, they will all look at you straight faced and assure you that the Coinage Act of 1792 has never been repealed and is in full force and effect, and supersedes all other authorities.
So....what happened?
As you now know, Faithful Reader, there were three Federal Subcontractors authorized to perform enumerated services under our constitutional system of government --- an American Subcontractor (1787) known as the Federal Republic, a British Territorial Subcontractor (1789) largely controlling U.S. Military functions, and a Papist Holy Roman Empire Subcontractor (1790) controlling what we think of as Federal Civil Service functions.
The American Subcontractor was entrusted with operating the United States Mint and producing our coinage, beginning with our familiar United States Dollar, and including all the other coins that base their value on the value of the silver dollar.
But the American Subcontractor ceased functioning in 1860. The boat was without a rudder, adrift, and the Federation of States was not informed of the situation. Instead, the other "Federal" Subcontractors rushed in and set up a foreign system designed to steal American gold and silver, both.
They acted in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their Commercial Service Contracts.
They did this by using a complex system of semantic deceits that successfully confused people about what a "dollar" is and is not.
First, they introduced Silver Certificates, which are warehouse receipts redeemable in fine silver, one ounce of silver per dollar. Because these receipts were redeemable in silver, people accepted them "as if" they were actual silver dollars. But they weren't, were they?
Nonetheless, people made the innocent, predictable mistake, and started calling Silver Certificates "dollars"--- even though they were never dollars in fact.
Next, in the initial round of the con game, Lincoln also introduced "Greenbacks" -- a British Territorial currency supported by bonds, called "1040" bonds, because they matured in ten or forty years, your choice, depending on how long you were willing to wait for the return of your money. Not coincidentally, Mr. Lincoln set up the first Federal Reserve in July of 1862, and also set up the Internal Revenue Service, along with it.
Jay Cooke, the mastermind behind this bond system, coined the phrase, "Government debt is a public blessing." and issued the bonds, promising that those who put up $5,000 in gold would be paid back $10,000 in gold when the bonds matured.
There was only one catch. You could only buy these 1040 bonds with Greenbacks, so, first, you had to exchange your $5,000 in gold for $5,000 worth of their Territorial Greenbacks, and then use the Greenbacks to purchase the 1040 bonds.
People eager to make good guaranteed profits and find a secure place to put their money during the crisis presented by the Civil War were happy to oblige this odd two-step process and didn't question why they couldn't simply buy the bonds with their gold?
After all, they thought it was their government backing this operation. They trusted "Honest Abe".
After the war, when the first of the 10 year bonds matured, investors came to the Treasury and asked for their $10,000 in gold.
General Sherman asked them what they had used to buy the bonds?
They answered --- Greenbacks, of course.
To which he answered --- then why would you ask for anything better in return?
In other words, why would you expect to be paid back in gold, when you bought these bonds with Greenbacks?
And now, everyone can see the devious theft pre-planned by Lincoln, and the reason that these "Federal" Treasury Bonds could only be purchased using Greenbacks.
The con occurred when people exchanged their gold for the worthless Territorial paper currency and then exchanged the currency for bonds, thereby giving both the currency and the bonds value. For free.
The outright theft occurred when the Territorial Government represented by General Sherman welched on the bet and refused to pay back in gold as promised.
The Federal Reserve System did a very similar thing, requiring conversion of actual assets into "Federal Reserve Note" equivalents as the basis for making loans, and then insisting on payment in "Federal Reserve Notes".
By 1865 when the first 1040 bonds matured, the actual American Federal Republic lay in ruins, the actual United States Treasury was rendered inoperable, and the Hired Help, the British Territorial United States Subcontractor running the U.S. Military, was having a field day.
They collected untold tons of American gold using this swindle and paid for it with paper.
Then, to maximize their profit from this con game, they sicced the Internal Revenue Service on the victims, claiming that their victims had received "Federal Income" from their bond investments, and owed a "Federal Income Tax" as a result of receiving back Greenbacks as payment for their gold.
For those who are having trouble following along --- the American victims put up $5,000 in gold, which they "voluntarily" converted into Greenbacks, Mr. Lincoln's Territorial currency, in order to buy "Federal" Treasury bonds. They were supposed to be paid back $10,000 in gold after ten years, but the rats refused to pay in gold, and paid out $10,000 in Greenbacks instead. Then, to add insult to injury, the "U.S." [Territorial] Military Government taxed those Greenbacks as "Federal Income" and recouped another 25% of the currency back into their own coffers.
The essence of the swindle, other than the refusal to pay in gold as promised, was to pass a foreign private bank script (the "Greenbacks") off as currency issued by our government, when in fact it was issued by the foreign British Territorial Subcontractor, and their private military bankers, instead.
Nathan Rothschild and Jay Cooke continued their collaboration to fleece gold out of the Americans in exchange for paper for many years and handed the concession off to their progeny. Things only began to fall apart in 1895 when the U.S. Supreme Court found the so-called Federal Income Tax unconstitutional and disbanded the Internal Revenue Service.
So, how, you may well ask, is it possible that they snuck back through the door, and re-established their whole fraud scheme a second time, so that we are just now seeing it unravel again?
For now, remember that a "dollar" is a unit of measurement equal to one ounce of fine silver, as defined by the Coinage Act of 1792, and for us, Americans, that remains true.
A dollar is not a Silver Certificate, which is a warehouse receipt.
A dollar is certainly not a Federal Reserve Note, which isn't even a (promissory) note (for failure to define who owes what to whom and when) and doesn't weigh an ounce of anything, not even paper.
We've been deluded into calling these paper products "dollars" when they are self-evidently not dollars.
So what are they?
They are privately manufactured commodities.
Warehouse receipts and widgets.
Since 1971, even the Silver Certificates (warehouse receipts) have disappeared from circulation, ending the last tenuous connection between actual dollars and paper representations of dollars.
So far as the Federal Government Subcontractors are concerned, there are no actual dollars in circulation at all. All the digits in all the Commercial Banks and Credit Unions are not dollars as dollars are defined. These digits are "dollars" in the jargonistic "code" of the swindlers, who have redefined what a "dollar" is for their own purposes and profit.
Owing to the 1968 introduction of phony multi-metal quarters and half dollars, the only actual coinage still in circulation are pennies and nickels, and they, according to the Coinage Act of 1792, can only be used to pay debts up to twenty-five cents.
So far as we Americans are concerned, there are half a billion silver dollars still in circulation, and our Federation of States has the unlimited right to mint as many more of them as we please.
We can deal in actual dollars because we are actual people. We can mint United States Dollars instead of the Federal Republic doing it, because all the duties, rights, and responsibilities of the Federal Republic have returned to us long ago by Operation of Law.
Well, kids, we have discovered what a dollar is. And what a dollar is not.
We've also learned about the Greenbacks Swindle and how honest Abraham Lincoln really was.
We've witnessed the U.S. Army (General Sherman) taking full advantage of the American people--- both North and South, and circa 1895, we've witnessed the demise of Lincoln's first Federal Reserve System and the first disbanding of the Internal Revenue Service.
About now, you are thinking--- I never knew any of this. Nobody said a word about any of this in school....

And a few seconds later, you will realize, oh, dummy me, the Swindlers are running the schools.


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