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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Picture a Maze Full of Rats

 By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, there's a maze the size of Manhattan, and it's full of rats. At numerous locations in the maze there are feeding stations. Each feeding station dispenses ten kernels of corn each time a rat steps on the lever or punches a button with its nose. A Lab Tech refills the feeding stations with corn every hour. In this way, the rats maintain a minimum number of calories each as they continue to bump around the maze, but they are totally dependent on the Middleman, the Lab Tech, who provides the corn.
You and I are set up to function as the rats in this scenario.
The banks are set up to function as the Lab Tech, delivering the corn.
From our limited viewpoint, we don't see the Farmers producing the corn or the Agribusiness transporting, packaging, and selling the corn.
All we see is the hand of the Lab Tech refilling the feeding station reservoirs and the corn being dispensed at the Teller's Window, or the ATM.
Money is a control mechanism. It keeps us dependent, like addicts.
Without it, the rats are in disarray. There's no motivation to keep pressing that lever or nudging that button.
Without it, the rats have no reason to even stay in the maze.
And even worse, the rats get hungry.
All that has to happen is for the Lab Tech to stay home sick for a day.
Or for the Farmers to stop producing corn.
Or for the Agribusiness Middlemen to flub up one step of their role in the process.
And then, chaos reigns triumphant.
So, say that one or more of the disrupting factors listed above actually happens.
The Lab Tech stays home = bank closures.
The Farmer stops producing corn = the Fed stops printing Federal Reserve Notes.
The Agribusiness Cartel fails = paper mills failing, truckers on strike, etc.
The fact is that money, or what passes for money nowadays, is a commodity, just like corn. Without enough "corn" and without the personnel and infrastructure to deliver the "corn", everything comes to a halt.
After a while, the rats start eating each other, and things become very ugly indeed.
While your attention has been deftly refocused on the purported pandemic, the actual debacle is playing out behind your backs.
The banks are failing, the corn supply is being manipulated, and it's only a matter of time -- a relatively short time -- before the whole thing goes kerflooey and it won't matter if the banks are blamed for it, or the doctors are blamed for it, or the politicians are blamed for it or the farmers are blamed for it or the truckers are blamed for it.
There will be enough blame to go around.

Even we, the dependent victims of this System, will be blamed for it, though our part was only to passively muddle around our maze, push levers, bump buttons, and eat corn.


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