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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Morning Session with David Straight

By Anna Von Reitz

We got off to a great start. David is every bit as coherent and easy to listen to in person as his YouTube presentations.  (Some other speakers aren't as smooth in the free-flow of live audience presentations-- but David delivered a 100%). 

This first morning session covered a lot of introductory information --including one of the simplest guidelines to different kinds of law I have ever seen, and also a very useful way for people to function well and in proper jurisdiction. I will try to describe this very briefly:

L and = Common Law = Law of Property, Equity and Rights 

A ir = Ecclesiastical and Canon Law = Law of Trusts 

W ater = Admiralty and Maritime = Contract Law

This is basic to understanding the jurisdictions and kinds of law and what we are talking about as opposed to "venue". 

A venue is a place or level where a jurisdiction is being exercised. For example, right now we have State, county, and Municipal courts all functioning under Contract Law.  These are different venues with different contracts but they are all functioning under the jurisdiction of  Admiralty / Maritime law. 

Another vital point I found to be useful to everyone is that each jurisdiction has its own language and that invoking and holding your jurisdiction involves first and foremost using the language of that jurisdiction.

I have, of course, known this for a long time just as a matter of practical head bumping and reading law, but never encountered just a simple yet correct explanation of it. 

Gold nuggets aplenty besides this, but in terms of great and supremely useful insights that help everyone understand things better, this is a sample. 


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  1. Excellent!!! David Straight has it down. Thank you Anna!

  2. Cool David Straight is one if those very very special people .

  3. Own language? Speak like a sailor in maritime court in municipal air jurisdiction ecleastical. Latin?common law speak colonial got it๐Ÿ˜œ

  4. If you understand Common Law why are you advocating filing all the ridiculous documents you suggest? If you understand Common Law you should know the people are already sovereign and can operate in their sovereign capacity when the need arises.

  5. I wonder who handles the law of the air where they are dumping chemtrails all over the world on a daily basis
    Poisoning their flock of followers every day
    Would that be the fake Pope
    Tell lie vision folks
    The church is a storefront for their agenda and always has been

    While they keep the flocks busy with all their different variations of religion and gather huge profits as they go the sheep are non the wiser that they are being fleeced and lied to from cradle to grave


  6. How about Edward Snowden, think he's legit?
    How about Assange
    Read the link above
    See who Joe Biden really is? He is now on the 'stage' running for the fake presidency role
    Tell lie vision folks, tell lie vision

  7. All your favorite actors - organized crime
    I've been telling you about Gorbachev and him sitting on the sunny shores of California planning out disarmament
    Hmm this guy says Gorbachev is also a fraud

    Cosell’s host actor, of course, is none other than iconic Hollywood actor Rod Steiger, the hidden father of Marlon Brando AKA Burt Reynolds AKA the “late” Hollywood actor currently starring on the world stage as Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

    So who is Mr Putin on the world stage today???

    It's all organized crime and hollywood is front and center

    1. Shelby, Im certain marlon brando and burt reynolds are not one and the same person, and Im also certain Putin is not some mere actor. Ive been seeing all 3 of these guys for decades.
      Just because stuff is on the internet, does not mean its all true. Are you saying you believe all this stuff? I thought you were much smarter than to fall for all this crap.

    2. How about some Ron Howard and the roles he's playing
      You don't think they can't pull this off with tell lie vision?? Really??
      You bet I believe it because they've lied about everything else what the hell do you think tell lie vision is??
      If you don't that's fine, you can believe whatever you like
      Just remember the actwhores are rounding us all up like cattle and laughing all the way to the bank, the banks they no doubt created for the entire scam to begin with

    3. Im not talking about all the corruption and games and schemes they have been playing all along, but that has nothing to do with marlon brando being burt reynolds. And now ron howard came from being a little 6 yr old child star now all grown up, as an actor only.
      And to think that a comedy actor suddenly became the AG is really far out. Where is your proof of all these doing such 'double duty'.? Show me the proof, dont expect me to just take internet guruism for being anywhere near truth.

    4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 28, 2019 at 10:58 AM

      I've jumped over to look at some of those websites showing those lookalike photos.
      To my eyes, Some of them definitely have a strong resemblance!
      Others, it was a definite "ooo, well, no! Not even close."

      I will say this tho', since we are the "EL-ites'" entertainment-- and looking at how far down the rabbit hole of deceit goes, I honestly wouldn't put it past them: with all the makeup, wigs, plastic chins and noses, fake eyebrows... They do it all the time for their movies.

      I remember a long time ago they used to refer to Wash.DC as "Ugly Hollywood."

    5. goodboots, well lets just take the u.s. atty. General, for example.
      Who expects me to believe that that ''actor' plays every week in ''The Conners' which is an ongoing show right now......And then runs over to the AG Office and 'acts' like our Atty Gen. And I think each ''job' would require flying across the country constantly. ?
      That IMO is ludicrous, especially since the guy is a long time dedicated actor in that business; and knows shit about Law. Lastly, there is not a single motive for being such a willing fraud, anyhow.
      Burt Reynolds? Who expects me to believe he went around for decades putting on make up back and forth to pretend to be marlon brando, and burt reynolds........for Decades. That would include lips and that nose, all quite different from one another. Voices are totally different, also.
      Im pretty sure lonnie anderson would agree with me.

    6. The magic of tell lie vision and green screens
      Hell they don't even have to be in the place for them to film and say they are?
      One set is the CONners and a few doors down is the next set the White House
      Ever hear of a voice over? How about putting another face on the host actor
      They can put a green screen behind any actor and you would think they are in the actual place
      And if you think these actors are going to be honest think again they are all in on the CON like the CONners
      I'm pretty sure through ole Able Danger they setting the stage for the resurrection of George Clooney as JFK Jr
      Think about his magazine named GEORGE
      Wasn't to implicate Bush Sr it was telling you who he really was George Clooney and laughing all the way to the bank
      No one killed Kennedy he is now the acting Elder of all people on earth and he plays the role of Jimmy Carter
      It's a standing thing with them they kill them off and some even attend their own damned funerals
      They are all part of the Illuminazi's
      It doesn't require flying across the country just change movie sets
      And he doesn't need to know anything about law he just has to play his role and read his script and do what they tell him to do

  8. ''each jurisdiction has its own language?' = learn to play the word game.

    Well, to hell with all that, I say.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 7:54 PM

      We the living people are only LAWFULLY in one authority: Amertradcomlaw; and the language spoken is: American common language, the language of the common people, and it is the only language most of the people know or understand.

      Therefore, we do not LAWFULLY "stand under" any NOTICES, etc. given to us in any other language,... Including B.A.R. "English": it is a foreign language to us.

      We DO NOT have to learn other languages!
      If someone wants to communicate with us, *they* are required to furnish " us* with an interpreter who can translate what they are saying into OUR language, not the other way around.

      Because of that, a BAR ATTORNEY, paid for by the Corporate "State", is supposed to be furnished for us all FREE OF CHARGE TO US!

      That is what the Office of the so-called "Public Defender" is all about. We're ALL supposed to have been, all along, been furnished with one of their own BAR ATTORNEYS since we were being trafficked into their FOREIGN-TO-US cor-pirate private tribunals!!!
      We DO NOT have to learn the language of Sharia and English Kings Bench and English common law and Roman Maritime and Roman Admiralty and Law Merchant and Noahide and Talmudic / other laws!!!!!
      To suggest that is NOT just to throw off the responsibility of the Muslim and English and Roman and Jewish jurisdictions onto us, -- that would be bad enough--
      but here's the kicker:
      We see this being played out every single day in Europe now, that: Muslim people are not prosecuted for rape, etc. because they have claimed that they are under THEIR OWN LAWS, Sharia, and others cannot interfere.
      Look at the "no go zones" for another perfect example.
      The Muslim peoples' rights to their own authority/ jurisdiction is preserved AND upheld AND IMPLEMENTED.

      We cannot be LAWFULLY held responsible for anything communicated to us in Mandarin Chinese, Urdu, French, Latin, German, Gaelic, or any other foreign language, including B.A.R. English, because without years of training, we have NO WAY OF COMPREHENDING WHAT IS BEING SAID.
      This is known.
      So it is also known that if someone wants to give us NOTICES/ communicate with us and try to hold us responsible, they have to SPEAK TO US IN OUR LANGUAGE.

      WE DON'T HAVE TO LEARN EVERYBODY ELSE'S, especially when they are making false claims to begin with.

    2. That sounds sensible. I believe that "legalese" the BAR language is copyright protected and that BAR registration is required to use legalese strictly speaking. That should then be an aspect of the license requirement to practice, but I think Anna may have said even that is a crock.

      You can't get a license to commit fraud, but still it is used with the intent to commit fraud, and to make it worse it is within the context of a legal fiction anyway. Dead men tell no tales thus can't cough up anything of use.

      This wasn't an accident.

    3. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 28, 2019 at 6:27 PM

      Someone told me you can get permission from the BAR Assn to use it.

      All that I wrote above about the language I've read from credible sources or researched and found myself, but the real proof is seeing how the immigrants are treated.

      When there are no BONDS to steal, the attorneys suddenly know how to treat people like "living men."

  9. Is there going to be an audio or video of David's presentation made available?

  10. Jurisdictionary law course shows jurisdiction as critical. First thing he writes on a pleading, that the court has jurisdiction.

    They use time limits as well in their courts, so you have so many days for various processes. If the time runs out the judge loses jurisdiction on that case so might wanna try an extend the time if running out. That course is written on daily practice, real practical things that the author used regularly in their courts. He found that only a select number of pages in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were all he used mostly so wrote the course to be simple, nothing but the nuts and bolts of it. It all helps to keep learning and learning more, of the things we should all know. My dad and brothers and other farmers I recall did know about deeds, property and only the new generations were taught to ignore those kind of things.