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Friday, September 27, 2019

More Nuggets -- David Straight Seminar Afternoon

By Anna Von Reitz

You just can not under-estimate the value of talking with other people and hearing things that are new or from a different perspective.  This seminar has already reminded me of things I haven't thought of in years and pointed out some issues that may be a cause of concern for us, mainly because the bureaucrats are constantly "Moving the Cheese" and changing offices like a revolving door.

Although most of us have no particular cause to think deeply about it, the current political system does not allow for any steady or lasting change, because every four years opens up the possibility of a completely different political agenda opening up and every eight years, for sure, there will be a massive change. 

This has the effect of revving up a Jumbo Jet or a Supertanker, spending two and a half years getting it moving, facing another disruptive election cycle, and then having to push forward again in hopes of being able to get something accomplished.

The good news is that if you get a bad regime you get to change it every four years, the bad news is the disruption this change causes and the zoom-bust effect it has on government operations.  Just think of a Jumbo Jet luffing into the air for a fifteen minute flight and you will get the flavor of it, and the reason that no matter what your political persuasion, this is not an optimum way to run such a big albatross as the US Federal Government.

Within that four year cycle are many other disruptive changes that always occur at the Cabinet and Agency levels, where it is not uncommon to have two or three new bosses in the course of four or five years.  This has its own miniature tsunami effect, within the larger disaster of the General Election Cycle.

And it is the overall crash and burn effect and constant change that all this causes that has me concerned and thinking--- what if something as fundamental as your repudiation of Federal Citizenship just conveniently got "lost" in the myriad changeovers?  Even worse, what if it is --- secretly, of course, corporate policy to scrape the records clean and start over every change in administration, or even every change of appointment?

Given the other things the "governmental services corporations" do, to hide information and change reference numbers, etc., ---a process that we call "Moving the Cheese--- it is practically a no-brainer that they would use changes of the guards in this insane asylum as an excuse to "accidentally-on-purpose" neglect to pass on information to the incoming politicos. 

Information about your political status would be a very likely victim. So, if you are like me, and you fully informed the United States Secretary of State of your declared political status years ago,  it may be time to do so, again.

One of the Very Good Points that David Straight makes in his presentation is that the United States Code exists as a means for us to hold our employees to account, or, from my perspective, to remind them of what their own self-acknowledged duty is and what their published corporate policies say.  When you look into their mirror, you see a codified Public Policy that is supposed to drive their private corporate operations.

So according to their own published system of things, those of us who owe a permanent allegiance to a State fall under the Definitions found in Title 8, --specifically, 8 USC 1101 (a) 21.  Now, they will try to say that this particular bit of Federal Code applies only to the natives of American Samoa for reasons I don't at this moment pretend to understand--- and I am more than prepared to believe that for internal domestic  "Federal Purposes" this is true, but for non-domestic (with respect to the Federales) use it also applies.

We are American State Nationals who live and breathe and have our being outside the Federal hegemony.

In order to make them understand we need to make full use of this double - entendre --- and demonstrate the application of the American State National status (Wisconsinite, Coloradan, Californian, etc.) non-domestically, by making sure that the U.S. Secretary of State receives a periodic reminder in the form of a Declaration of Political Status Repudiating Federal Citizenship.

This is not the same as Expatriating your various Persons from Federal Jurisdiction and is not the same as going to a U.S. Embassy and doing a wholesale repudiation of all citizenship. 

We retain our State National status in any event, always, which means that we remain attached to The United States, and if we so choose, can also retain our State Citizenship.  All we are "repudiating" is any foreign British Territorial or Federal Municipal Citizenships being "presumed" and "conferred" upon us without our knowledge or consent.

You can't Mix and Match political status as an American.  We have only one form of Citizenship---- State Citizenship, which has nothing to do with either Territorial or Municipal United States citizenship.  So as we are reclaiming and asserting our State National and/or State Citizenship political status, it is probably a good and necessary precaution in view of the revolving door nature of political office elections and appointments to send a copy of such a Declaration to each new U.S. Secretary of State. 

I have, of course, done this in the past and have denied any Federal connection abundantly and on the record, but just the same, after hearing David speak, I think I shall "re-up" my credentials as a non-Federal, non-domestic, non-citizen by sending a new Declaration to Michael Pompeo. 

Do I really trust any of these characters farther than I could throw them?  No.

So why trust multiple generations of these actors to keep decent records, especially when those records deny them power? 

At least by going that extra mile and sending and recording one more piece of paper, nobody could say that I acquiesced, or there was no record on file, or plead that their dog ate my clearly enunciated denial of having ever voluntarily adopted any form of Federal Citizenship.

And then I will record it and the mailing receipts and green Return Receipt Requested card for good measure. 

This is far from a desirable circumstance.  We would all wish that once would be enough, but if we keep working and developing our own Recording Offices we can look forward to the day when we have an efficient, trustworthy, professional and stable government instead of an endlessly changing political sideshow. Until then, better safe than sorry.


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Where can i find a recording to listen to on the meeting with David Straight and Anna

    2. Scroll down on this page under the links.

  2. Already came across the same conclusion regarding "government", well which government? the Federal Government, OK specifically the Congress, OK which Congress the 1st the 2nd the 110th??? There is no Government in a general sense because sessions of Congress is an individual government then you have the current administrations a separate frame work of government, how do you hold the current government liable for what the 100th Congress did or the 50th, technically a unique "person" in its own right. I believe each #'d Congress is a clean slate starting with a "clean hands doctrine" not liable to previous Congresses actions and restricted from pursuing any wrongs of the past sort like a silent NDA with exception to individuals that go off the reservation blatantly and publicly.
    Note all the listed "Special Sessions" and when the last one took place, I argue we have been in a Special Session ever since (1933) they as noted in the article "moved the cheese" we have been in Regulars sessions of a perpetual Special Session (New Deal).

  3. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 1:37 PM

    Also there are at least 3 "U. S./ of A. "Congresses":
    1. General Congress Assembled, 1776
    2. Continental Congress
    3. Corporation's Congress.
    Maybe more.
    Would have to identify.

    Plus the s/State Congresses, which are the actual *n/National* Congresses.


  4. >the current political system does not allow for any steady or lasting change, because every four years opens up the possibility of a completely different political agenda opening up and every eight years, for sure, there will be a massive change.

    Yah ... not really, the agenda hasn't changed in 100's of years, Zionism global serfdom.

    >what if something as fundamental as your repudiation of Federal Citizenship just conveniently got "lost" in the myriad changeovers? Even worse, what if it is --- secretly, of course, corporate policy to scrape the records clean and start over every change in administration, or even every change of appointment?

    None of this matters as the people never lost their soverignty unless the believe they have, legally it never happened.

    >In order to make them understand we need to make full use of this double - entendre --- and demonstrate the application of the American State National status (Wisconsinite, Coloradan, Californian, etc.) non-domestically, by making sure that the U.S. Secretary of State receives a periodic reminder in the form of a Declaration of Political Status Repudiating Federal Citizenship

    Pointless waste of time

    >You can't Mix and Match political status as an American.

    Actually yes you can, this is indeed what is done in the commercial system for those who know how it really works and how to navigate it.

    >So why trust multiple generations of these actors to keep decent records, especially when those records deny them power?

    The only record that matters is the Constitution. I suggest people that want to be part of a group that actually understands all of this go to National Liberty Alliance ( as Anna and her sources really don't understand what they are talking about most of the time.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 2:36 PM

      IMO and in my own private experience, National Liberty Alliance is was has been basing its version of "common law" on Magna Charta-based English common law. Not on OUR Declaration of Independence-based AMERICAN common law....

      I listened to their calls for a year to a year and a half and also read John "Daresh's"/Viturek's?? nearly 300-page "lawsuit" the Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury filed.

      For one thing:
      (This is *extremely important*)...


      All any Grand Jury can do is:
      1. Issue Indictments or
      2. Make Presentments!

      See what I mean?!!
      When somebody SAYS this stuff to us, we go: "OmyGOSH!!!!....That's RIGHT!!!!... They CAN'T!!!"
      But they try to "pass it off on us" as truth and law hoping we won't notice.
      But we DO notice.

      First of all, major steps are taken to keep all of this info away from us for 12-13 years in school.
      And THEN, like now, groups are bitching and harping and name-calling and throwing fits of anger and disgust and indignation, while collecting "donations" for years, and then try to get us to agree to put on a smile and "eat the same exact shit" we've been "served" before.


      Somebody else will have to "eat that shit". We're not going to.

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 2:41 PM

      The "Constitution" is a (claimed) commercial contract supposedly with our States.
      It never went to a vote by the people.
      That was necessary.
      It didn't take place.

      I know that messes up the decades-long narratives told to us, but it is FACT!

    3. >Grand Juries don't "bring cases"
      Well it depends on what you mean. They most certainly can investigate whoever they want and bring an indictment. An indictment is a "case".

      >And THEN, like now, groups are bitching and harping and name-calling and throwing fits of anger and disgust and indignation, while collecting "donations" for years, and then try to get us to agree to put on a smile and "eat the same exact shit" we've been "served" before.

      Agreed, the nonsense Anna is on is mostly jus that, nonsense. NLA does do some decent work from what I have seen. They have actual knowledgeable and correct sources on their website like Bill Thornton. They are also well organized which is why I even mentioned them because people are always making comments here asking "what can I do" etc. Anna is in la la land most of the time writing fiction, NLA is actually doing what she writes fairy tales about doing which is forming grand juries and helping people with cases and creating a national network.

      >The "Constitution" is a (claimed) commercial contract supposedly with our States.
      >It never went to a vote by the people.

      It is a signed contract by the representatives of the States who in turn represented the people who elected them. It is a binding contract between the States and Federal government. The people are sovereign the contract has never applied to the people only the organizations designed to work for them to tell them what we gave them authority to do and not do.

    4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 4:26 PM

      [In *their* system, ENGLISH common law] Grand Juries can't bring a CASE.
      They can issue an indictment or make a presentment.

      English common law Grand Juries are only used for criminal cases.

      It is *English* common law, not AMERICAN traditional common law. ATCL has no Grand Juries at all, ... In American traditional common law, if you're accused of something, you GET a trial. It's every American's RIGHT to have a trial if they are accused of something... ESPECIALLY if you are accused of a CRIME!

      The 25 English Barons (instead, here, imposed on us in America is: the ## of selected, hand-picked, stacked, "electors" who receive instructions from the Prosecutor who is supposed to STAY OUT OF IT!) get together and decide whether or not THE ACCUSED SERF should get a trial or not!

      Then the Grand Jury's job is over.
      They never enter the courtroom.
      They never BRING/FILE :) a CASE.

      That's the Prosecutor's/Executor's job in the ENGLISH common law system...
      Very, very different from OUR AMERICAN traditional common law with NO Grand Juries at all!!

    5. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 4:53 PM

      "It is a signed contract by the representatives of the States who in turn represented the people who elected them. It is a binding contract between the States and Federal government."

      I have posted the details about this before so I won't do it again right now but, NO, the "Constitution" did NOT pass at either the:
      1. peoples' Con-federated Union level nor at the
      2. peoples' National (State) Legislatures' level nor at the
      3. peoples' Local level,
      which is exactly where it would have had to have passed in the first place to even be moved to the next level: the National Legislatures; and THEN on to the Confederated Union level last.

      It didn't pass any of the three levels though: most importantly, it never went to a vote by the people, which is where the debate and then the originating approval would have happened...and WITHOUT WHICH it COULD NOT lawfully be moved to the next level, which would have been to the National Legislatures second.

      You're are still thinking TopDown Oligarchy (Roman Municipal Civil Law)??
      Like where *I* supposedly elect *you*, and from there on then *you* "assume" PLENARY power to decide things the way you want them "for" me...acting as my proxy rather than be-ing my elected deputy/delegate??

      That's not OUR AMERICAN government!!!! :):):)
      That's what we've been given to take it's place! :)
      OURS is a whole different system.

    6. Is Bill Thornton still around? Good information from him, but I haven't looked for him in years.

      I am a bit skeptical that the government can't hang onto anything of this nature that is sent to them. All governments seem to be be pretty efficient at keeping track of the things they want to, when THEY want something.

      Just a bit uneasy with the selective stupidity from the government, everything is digitized to computer storage I would think on some level. And be very afraid people, there are vast storage buildings where the government can store the data being sent to them from your cell phone and your fridge that is spying on you. The internet apparently doesn't forget anything either, we never hear the end about that.

      But they can't keep track of a piece of paper sent to them? And it has to be sent every four years to remind them? In this day and age with all the storage available everywhere perhaps they are just not making it a priority to remember things that don't mesh with the agenda.

      There will come a time when all that information is gone, we are at risk of losing a significant amount of historical record about this time frame in the rush to "archive" to computer storage. It was smart to use the old microfiche storage that at least is readable. Safe to say we have advanced somewhat beyond clay tablets with a hammer and chisel.

    7. Kind of like the new whistleblower they can't seem to find any information on or be able to identify, give me a break
      See they can target us but not their own
      The whistleblower didn't have to blow any whistle at all they have all the information, create the story and throw on their tell lie vision news (north, east, west, south) stations and the sheep will follow

    8. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 11:29 AM


      >>>"I am a bit skeptical that the government can't hang onto anything of this nature that is sent to them."
      • :):):)

      >>>"the selective stupidity from the government,"
      • :):):)

      >>>"your fridge that is spying on you."
      • For some reason lightbulbs are tied in with the Fed Communic Commish, too.

      >>>"they can't keep track of a piece of paper sent to them?"
      • ...?? because living people have *papers*; and entities/corporations have *documents*?
      Dock-u-ments? Dock-it/et. .....
      -ments: Denotes action or resulting state.
      = the resultant state/condition of *docking*??


      Dock. To curtail or diminish, as, for example, to dock a person's wages for lateness or poor work. The cage or enclosed space in a criminal court where prisoners stand...
      • so, a document could be: being acted upon or put into a state of being curtailed, diminished, caged or [put into an] enclosed space???

      Sounds extremely plausible to me.
      Word magick?

      My God in heaven this is evil.
      May God turn it around 180°, and send it back upon them: to cover them; and without remedy.
      They truly have reprobate minds to participate in these types of things against innocent people....or anybody really. There are many other ways to handle things. not using these cruel and unusual punishments.
      And then think of what they are [said to be] doing to the sons and daughters they kidnap.

    9. Interesting observation regarding the docking of a piece of paper, as in curtail or disaffect.

      Agreed, it would be one thing if they were just criminals, but with intention to cause harm, and also physical harm to innocent kids in the most despicable way is beyond belief. This planet is hiding some deep, dark secrets.

    10. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 3:33 PM

      "This planet is hiding some deep, dark secrets."

      [With left eyebrow raised and eyes narrowed]:
      Yick... caa-reep-peey.

      Ugggh, I think these perverts are going to haul them all out in the open too, trying to creep us out.

    11. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 4:47 PM

      Yes, and in case you missed the full impact of it amid all these moving parts we've got going here all at one time:
      Again, the suffix "-ment" denotes action, so in B.A.R. English
      [ens legis = legis-late = man's made up laws upon other men vs. creator's law upon all mankind]
      then, a little abra-CA-DAVER wordmagick over the pretend DEAD MEN, and the magi-strates
      [1. magi: magic: magick:
      2. strate: strata: stratum: layer/level
      = {functioning on the} magick level]
      might be using that/those two-dimensional papers/ word-containers?
      .... No..... what are the papers functioning *as*?: are the papers, the BOND-paper papers, the thing/"res" that is the VESSEL?? I'm thinking the thing BONDED using Bond Paper might be what is the VESSEL,....not us...
      Questions: Because the Corporation is the VESSEL? and the VESSEL is the CREDIT BIRTH CERTIFICATE BOND: THE CORPORATION? THE VESSEL?

      Well, that's not right yet... Just thinking "out loud". But it's something like that.
      Anybody know?

      Because we the living man or woman are just supposedly the SURETY for the VESSEL. So we can't be the VESSEL, right?....
      everything is *as* something else: it's all pretend...

      Well, anyway, moving onward:
      the papers carry, transport, move, hold, the words, which are "the things/the "res" " being used to:
      1. BRING about action
      2. RESULTS in a state or condition ("estate"/ "status")
      3. BE-ING curtailed
      and/or diminished
      4. ENCLOSED or caged.

      So, again, here we go...that would be in a box with four corners!!!!!
      a cage: is a jail cell...a four-cornered box.

      DEAD MEN are in the enclosed space of a box with four corners too,
      called a casket.

    12. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 5:05 PM

      And another box, Will, to go along with the jury box you brought up:
      The witness STAND.
      Aren't people (/witnesses) supposed to STAND UP TO TESTIFY?
      People stand up to testify in Church, at city Council meetings/other.

      Why are they sitting down to give their testimony?
      On the witness STAND?
      Sitting in four-cornered box called a witness stand?

      Talking to people who are in a different box.

      With people in the courtroom that have not "crossed the BAR", so they are not even included or counted as being there.

      And the only one STANDING (*with* STANDING?) is the at-torner who is working for the Corpse(-eration) owned by the Queen/Pope/ Eng/Vat/"jew"???

    13. I think you could be right about the witness stand about actually standing. The old time movies depicting court procedure have shown people standing to take their oath at least. There may still be some hidden issue with the stand.

      The idea of a stand could come from common British verbiage. At a trade show the British often refer to the "booth" where your company is located on the show floor as a "stand" rather than a booth.

      You're right about the BAR which is the port to board an enemy vessel which is the court.

      If you really want to blow your mind, Bill Foust explains it well here, I got my info from these videos originally. But I have seen correlation with other sources also.

      Standing is authority to act as a first party interest in a matter I believe.

    14. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 7:17 PM

      I can't get on YouTube but I have watched some Foust's videos in the past -- a year or so ago.

      "At a trade show the British often refer to the "booth" where your company is located on the show floor as a "stand" rather than a booth."

      British have *stands* for their *shows* in *commerce*.

      Stand in commerce. Sit in a four-cornered box. Sit outside of the vessel. A show. Hmmm. And since standing is authority to act as a first party interest, they have their witnesses sit in/on the Ens legis witness booth, a four-cornered box to give testimony, with the Corpses at-torner being the only one allowed (to be) commerce....[being first party interest].

      ...whoo, lots there. Rabbit tunnels going be very which way!

  5. Theory and Idealism is far far from Reality.

  6. This whole article operates from the predisposition that the government has the power to define who you are. They do not and this kind of thinking is what keeps you trapped in this false paradigm. You don't need to file anything with anyone as our sovereignty is given by God not men or their institutions, the sovereigns create the institutions to serve them and are ABOVE.

    Also if you want to go down the route of believing they can and trying to leave it from within it, which is an absurd notion to begin with on the face of it, but I will play along in this fiction. Even if you were to believe in this absurd paradigm what are you basing your "legal" theory on that makes you believe some "new government" can create a new contract with you without your consent/signature or break an old one filed on the record?

    This entire line of thought is ridiculous and whoever buys into it doesn't even have a basic understanding of how the law and contracts work

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 6:17 PM

      Great summary of main points IMO.

    2. Bodhi, no disrespect intended....but we do NOT live our day to day lives in God's world...We live and spend our moments in a world of man... these men have taken it upon themselves to "help" us with our presumed "consent" under an "unconscionable contract" at the time of our birth.... They have even "moth-balled" the peoples court system and have perverted any other course of remedy we might have.... If we lived in a world of God I could agree with you.... Except I am not so wrapped up in my self to see the painting on the wall, they rob and lie to me for their gain, you say we need to do nothing? I think that statement is incorrect.... you would stand by and say nothing to a random person calling you an alien of this planet? If this person had a friend that believed his claim over your silence, and this second friend believed you needed to be contained, interrogated, charged, and punished by his standards... you would still stand by and be silent? The Fact of the matter is this, they made false claims against each of us, if we don't say different... then they are right in their world, the world we all actually live in, anyone that thinks they have to do nothing in this fraud is just being a self centered fool.

      Documented American Assemble.
      IMO, Assembly = Grand Jury = Petite Jury = Charges = Punishment ?

    3. Turtle I agree if we just take their word for the mis truths that they try to shove down are throats in law if you do not rebut their lies they become truth in contract statutory law. To do nothing once we know the truth= facts would make us as bad only worse than them .

  7. Still, "Notice to the agent is Notice to the principal," etc.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 4:55 PM

      What is that reminder in response to chef?

    2. Chef, while I somewhat agree with your statement of notice, there is an assumption that the agent will notice the principal and vice-versa. However, I do not assume responsibility for anyone else's decisions and in that light if the principal is fraudulent and I am not aware of it, I refuse to accept the responsibility to notify the principal on anyone's behalf. e.g. if you notice me, then you must notice my principal. My contractural agreement is with my employer and not you.

      The problem that we all face is, the front-line people in most cases are not aware of the fraud by way of compartmentalization. On the other hand if you notice my principal and s/he does not notify me then I still assume no responsibility. I think that 'following orders' does have merit on a case by case basis especially on the front line. Higher up, maybe not so.

  8. No matter how disenfrancashed we are, we could bring back our real govt. if we had fully informed juries, where the judge says you can judge both the law and the facts before you and the juries understood this....but they don't, and from previous comments , they don't care anymore....everyone just wants to live a peaceful life without complications...!! You have to go through a ton of legal battle just to hold anyone accountable for their public duties...!! If we could just get people on juries who were fully informed we could change a lot fast..!!
    Like the people on this site...!!

  9. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 27, 2019 at 11:20 PM

    The Agent "IS" the Principal, from the legal standpoint.

    1. Blanket statements are not the answer. The bank teller is not responsible for the fraud of his/her employer. The public school janitor is not responsible for the board of education. The design has been to take people from being self responsible for self sufficiency to becoming dependent upon others for their livelihood and over time they don't know what they don't know. We cannot paint everyone with the same brush.

      I often wonder what state will the world be in if we eliminate the much of the government and the agencies connected. How in this day and age will these people live without a job to go to to support their families. That doesn't cover the corrupt corporations who get shut down and the employees suddenly becoming unemployed with no alternatives to go to. Without a source of income, how will they pay rent? If they cannot pay rent, where will they move to? How will they find food to sustain themselves? Even the thrift stores charge for clothing they acquired for free.

      It is indeed a twisted ball of yarn. Methinks the State Assemblies have a lot of work to do besides just taking over the governing interests of the people. Does anyone wonder why the masses are so reluctant to jump ship?

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 28, 2019 at 12:29 PM

      "The Agent "IS" the Principal, from the legal standpoint." presumes one is competent enough themselves to know who the Agent of the Principal actually IS before delivering their law papers just nilly-willy to anyone remotely connected with the Principal!! :):)
      For example, one would be acting incompetently to hand a NOTICE of Liability and Claim against McDonalds Corp. to the 16-year-old working at the drive-thru window and expect that employee to act as Agent for the Principal!!!
      Of course!
      But I do heartily disagree with you about employees not being responsible for their employers crimes... Oh, yes, they most certainly are responsible and just as guilty, too if they knew about the crime and kept quiet rather than reporting it or if they participated in the crimes.

    3. Dan Carpenter, True, however the top guys do tell their workers to cheat the public on their behaves, and their agents do follow their boss orders. Yes they all should be responsible, but their employees should be charged lesser to some degrees.

      Satan's attempted to win over me, since last week and their traps failed. They didn't give up yet, they are determined to win at all costs. So people beware, and don't fall for their sweet talk to help, be wise and cautious. They are real, and they dwell in high places.

      Like I said, Bankers and false Authorities continue to play their games.

  10. Take Note: satan is the god of this world, and he is well known as the LAWLESS one. Now ponder that, then ya'll know what you're up against and why you might go one step forward, and then 3 steps backwards.
    2 Thess. 4:4

    he is also the author of confusion and deception (like a twisted ball of yarn)

  11. Everyone who wants freedom from fraudsters can start right now to re-construct their affairs outside the beltway, the corporation, the grid, the 8 to 5 grind. The sun rises and sets every day 365 days a year. Needed commodities can be found in abundance almost all over the earth. Eating a pure fresh vegetable, fruit and grain diet will enhance longevity and digestive requirements for nutrition.

    In 2010 we went off grid and lived - with my wife - in a building needing a toilet, water, heat, windows, doors. For $100 in parts we heated water by sun and set up cooking and off grid housekeeping. We eliminated ants, a giant hawk, bats and yellow jackets. We cooled veggies and food in a lower-able rack into the cellar. We hauled water in 5 gallon buckets. We recycled our own humanure and enriched the soil with its end compost. We lived in the woods at the edge of town, and used a small pickup to provide for our transportation of selves and goods. We bought clothing and furniture at thrift stores. We used headlamps for after dark light. I hooked up a small generator to the building, wired a few circuits, and we now light our kitchen cabinets bought in Mexico custom built for a few hundred bucks and installed them in the kitchen, enjoying light as brand new construction, electricity from wired outlets, and a six burner stove also from Mexico. We have comfy down blankets, new huge windows made from salvaged sliding glass doors, and are continually innovating and upgrading the life style.

    We go south to Mexico in the winter and enjoy God's provision of warmth during winter there, then return north in the summer. We receive no mail except as delivered from our desired contacts to specified mail drops we choose. We have no recurring "monthly" bills ON PURPOSE. We have excellent dental and medical work again furnished by the professional health craftsmen and women of Mexico. We live with cash only, no bank accounts to tie us to the system of thieves and liars.

    Sure, it requires a few changes and adaptations, which God has well equipped all His children for. We learned fluent Spanish. We learned many essential competencies. We rejoice in each new competency we gain, recognizing we are on a path of eternal progression and mastery for the duration of mortality and to be continued in eternity. We visit our children and grandchildren at will. We serve the Lord in his Temples. We search for His marvelous mysteries in his Scriptures, striving to apply them as best we can. We will be serving a mission in a few more weeks.

    The lesson for us is we make our own way with the Lord's help and with determination and by using our imagination, taking action to solve every problem for ourselves, we find humor in solving problems, and constantly sustain each other with teamwork.

    I've been a college art teacher, have operated an insurance agency for 28 years, and from those exposures to the system have discovered the fraudulent nature of government and corporate business.

    So in prepping to take fuller part in resuming our heritage as American Nationals running our own government of our States and Counties, I feel this is an available approach to many people as a direct commitment to learning and living independence once again from the devilish system that above all strives to make everyone serve it with its monthly extortions of all kinds, and fakes the fact that it has "created us" via the dead baby scam that stole our true identity as free people.

    Give your own version of independent living a try and more and more will discover freedom is nearer than they imagined, more freeing than realized.


  12. This article here really hits it home

    Same thing going on here and it is my guess that all the killings and slughteres that have been happening in Mexico are all the same, UN and Vatica, Crown operations

    If they look like combat soldiers, dress like combat soldiers, and are armed with combat soldiers’ weapons, they are combat soldiers, not civilian police officers