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Friday, September 27, 2019

Day Two

By Anna Von Reitz

We covered David's basic legal process yesterday and his take on the foreign courts operative principles.  

Key to this is the Presumption that we are functioning as corporate PERSONS, as US Citizens (Territorial or Municipal) and as Residents in our own country. A Resident is someone who here on a temporary basis. 

They then assume all these things about you and act accordingly. The Municipal Government prosecutes you as a Territorial Citizen and the Territorial Government prosecutes you as a Municipal CITIZEN when in fact you are neither. 

So this gives you a bird's eye view of how you are being mischaracterized and as a result, how you are being mistreated and drawn in as a "presumed" combatant in a foreign commercial mercenary war that has been illegally promulgated on our shores for longer than any of us have been alive.

This morning we are zooming way out and away from the microcosm of court issues and looking at the Big Picture. 

David described how the Medical Coding system enforced by Obamacare has destroyed doctor-patient privacy and perverted the purpose of medical care into a political surveillance tool. 

The Coding System is designed to raise "red flags" which automate seizure of children by CPS without any proper sane review or due process. 

The hospitals are being used as AUTOMATED kidnapping centers throughout the western states. The purpose of this vast racket (40,000 children in Arizona alone) is superficially to make money for the STATE OF STATE organizations-- an average of 66% of all money going to Child Protective Services (CPS) goes into "administrative" costs.  And they just charge whatever they like for this "service" to begin with, so overall costs for us and profits for them are stratospheric. 

That's the least of the disservice and travesty. 

There are far darker agendas at work in these attacks on American families. 

A significant number of children seized by CPS disappear, are used as involuntary organ donors, used as stem cell donors, used as guinea pigs in medical experiments, and trafficked as sex victims and human sacrifices for perverts. 

And it has to stop. We have to make it stop. 

One way to help is to get your political status records and those of your children corrected and on the record. 

The United Nations and U.S. Secretary of State and the U.S. Secretary of Defense have to be notified of your repudiation of Federal Territorial and Federal Municipal Citizenship---both, as well as your claim of American State Citizenship. 

Claim your proper political status and make the effort to enforce it now. Join your State Assemblies. 
Get moving now.

As we have discovered, the British Territorial Government has been using our doctors and nurses to implement The Dead Baby Scam, and as we also learned, these medical professionals are being illegally conscripted as "Uniformed Officers" and coerced into foreign licensing agreements that are used to compel them to do whatever the British Territorial Government wants them to do. 

This is all grossly unlawful and illegal, against the Geneva Conventions if we are claiming our State National status, and against The Hague Conventions even if we were either Territorial or Municipal citizens. 

So--Queen, Lord Mayor, United Nations, Westminster, Pope Francis, and all others responsible for ALL of this deplorable criminality-- what are you going to do to correct? 

And what are we going to do about this? 

Use your minds, your voices, and your feet. 

Did you know that no vaccines have been properly tested and shown to be harmless under FDA standards for 30 years? 

Thirty years. 

In a landmark case yesterday, forced vaccinations were overturned and the Big Pharma pukes responsible can now be sued. 

The CDC has been forced to admit that  Morgellon's Disease exists and is connected to GMO foods. Genetically modified soybeans and corn are prime vectors-- which means taking on Monsanto. 

Many Americans have been aware of this for years and more are learning. 

Share, share, share.

"Be ye not like dumb driven cattle..."

Make the effort to educate yourself and educate others about what has gone on in this country, and then take action.   

Correct your political status. Record your choice to live as a State National/State Citizen. And if you are sick of things like this happening in our country-- join your State Assembly. 

Run, don't walk. 

This Seminar is everything and more than I hoped for. Many of the things that we have discussed are maddening, many of the stories are sad--- but we are making progress. We know now what the problems are and so, the process to correct is engaged. 

Your willingness to educate yourselves, educate others, and take action is key to success.

Nobody can operate your government but you.


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  1. all this "medical" stuff is "education" anna. which trump and the pretend-"anti-socialists" are still doing.

    QUOTE They use these tactics to kill patients in secret or get them to kill themselves/others.
    this has been going on a long time. if you don't want to "pledge" you are mentally ill. have some prozac children!!_(TV_series)

    you get soviet-style "diaries" in the "schools" so they can build a personality profile on you. see

    they try to build "community spirit" by creating psychological profiles on children, so everyone can be molded to "potential"

    the "hatch amendment" outlawed this, but they ignore it. they don't tell anyone noone has to "consent" either of course, public schooling is "mandatory" of course.

    trump is just more of the same. "reach your potential" UN speech tuesday. all the same.

    this goes back way before obama -- this is "no child left behind". way back to 1920s and before.

    this is soviet-style "education". the community is the classroom. the world is your classroom.

    (translated: the world and everyone in it is their labratory and guinea pigs)

    this is simply "community education" "lifelong learning" all the same.

    human capital -- you are to be molded into an upright federal citizen. (translated: world citizen). world gov. in everything but name. now trump is doing the pseudo "nationalism" but all the same.

    trump continues this "education plan" now targetting the world.

    this is just human capital in action.

    yes, "foster children" claim they were abused by their "protectors"

    the goal is outputs instead of inputs. you are all broken at birth, and need molded.

    really, it is just the bankers pushing all this.

    all they care is that you "graduate" (at each level). how that is accomplished is quite irrelevant. all that matters is the numbers look good so they get more funds.

    if you have good test scores, but bad grades, that really hurts their image/funds.

    rockefellers/carnegies/the foundations are directly involved in this. and the british "fabian socialists" of course.

    1. missing the forest for the trees anna. the "schools" are just labratories.

      teachers, just like masons/mormons/similar/etc. are trained to "answer the question you should've asked"

      so, they ignore anything you say, they are trained to just keep "pushing" to try to "break" you until you "flip" over to their side.

      masonry is really just mind control, as william cooper "mystery babylon" pointed out.

      all of this is justified as "community"

      when you see people (closet freemasons) bragging "i just went to church" this is supposed to make you feel guilty.

      they think everyone is a monkey that will just copy what they do. it really is that childlike.

      it's just programmed lab rats running around trying to program everyone else, knowingly or unknowingly. that's all.

      so long as you hold onto ANYTHING, then you can easily "resist" their programming. it is just hegelian dialectic/community consensus building/etc. all UN-style tactics.

      once you have a solid reference point, it is easy to see they are just making things up as they go.

      a good explanation of how they try to "merge" you into their "stories" yes, these people really do say things like
      QUOTE What that means is that the devil shows up in their bedroom, tells the person he saw what they did, and they better make a deal with him because they don't stand a chance of avoiding Hell
      they also like "the truman show" stuff like that.

      traumatized people quote movies of all the "bad guys".
      they also will tell you you are "batman" stuff like that.

      witness the "joker" guy (texas?) who shot up movie theatre.

      these people are traumatized, for some reason they think they should quote the "bad guy" in whatever movie/etc.

      they are trying to "break" people. then they can "forge" you anew, "remold you nearer the heart's desire" (world citizenry)

    2. the "jesus" angle to this is they tell you "i'm you and you are me"

      so, whatever the truth of that, this is nowadays being used to program people "be like jesus" (translation: be a world citizen like me)

      this is just more: 1) try to shatter your soul 2) try to rebuild you in the world citizen image

      we're all brothers! (in world gov.), etc.

      if you don't want to join their treason plans, you are told you are being mean, etc.

      are these 14 year old teenage girl snowflakes telling you this?

      no, grown adults, 50-60 year old men. it really is that pathetic. masonry tries to "target" you with an "image" they think you will fall for.

      so, they "approach" you with an "image" they think fits your "profile" to try to "merge" you into their story.

      e.g. if you smoke cigarettes, they'll approach you in the guise of "narcotics anonymous" cover story, stuff like that.

      scientology is also probably very similar.

  2. Rockefellers created the AMA and the Board of Education and if I am not mistaken they also fund and or own all the medical schools across the board
    Part of the agenda
    UNESCO and many many others setting these 'standards' for their world economy of school to work green global serfs

  3. Google gags our whistle blower web sites ppl.
    More CIA./CRF. Corporate gate keepers

    1. Google’s Grand Wizards Caught Casting Their Spells

  4. David Straight:
    Dad vs Cps - Lesson 1 - understanding the fraud and the truth

  5. TIME TO WAKE UP.... David Straight, Saturday Session 2 Sep 27, 2019

  6. Your personal health record is not personal or private - the information is being shared everywhere
    Paper records were confidential and not sharable, electronic a whole nother ballgame
    And they are using the data to target people, I've witnessed it actually happen

    Anything that gets fed into a computer is part of your profile, from doctor to doctor, from where you go in your car, shopping discount cards, what you buy and don't buy at the grocery stores, ALL OF IT
    The International Information System this would be CERN, IMO

    The underground network of cabeling it all together
    Rush for 5G is to bring it all on line, IMO
    Blockchain, crypto, all of it linked to 5G and the IoT (Internet of Things) and WE ARE THE THINGS
    5G and SMART meters are really bad, I already live in a mega region that they have literally wired to the max - the electromagnetic frequencies are off the charts - and they know it too

  7. Anyone have a news article link for: "... a landmark case yesterday" regarding "forced vaccinations"?

    1. these website do decent stuff on vaccines, don't know about this case you are talking though. If it was a big case these websites should cover it

    2. I'm generally familiar with and if the case is not a rumor then I am reasonably certain it would be posted there - however I don't see anything regarding this there. Nevertheless I just now submitted an inquiry (that was received) although I don't know whether or not I'll get a reply.

      I also had forwarded this to the founder of one of the top leading foundations devoted to ancestral-based traditional foods & nutrition that is a major supporter of alerting the public on the dangers of vaccinations and the founder thought it was a rumor. But if Anna could include the source of this case then it sure would be appreciated by this blog-writer/researcher/nutrition-theapy chef and probably others as well! What do you say Anna! .........

  8. Autistic child kidnapped by state ends up in CPS system before being trafficked – are they trying to “disappear” all vaccine damaged children?

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to file lawsuits against New York State for repealing religious exemptions from mandatory vaccination

    1. If anyone thinks the Kennedy clan is for the people, think again

    2. One of their inside guys is a 4 star jesuit general for USNORTHCOM
      UN map
      See USNORTHCOM on the map

  9. On June 12, 2017. Anna said the French formed the UN Corporation in Fall of 1943. But FDR comforted the French in 1942, during the German Occupation of France.

    Page two of FDR 1942 leaflet Dropped On France WW2, He said this Message to the French: signed Franklin D Roosevelt, at the bottom

    “The Americans with the help of United Nations, will do whatever we can to bring forth, the sane result….blabla…” to help liberate the French.

    Download the evidence now, before it disappears.$/Original-USA-leaflet-Dropped-On-France-WW2-The-_57.jpg

    So it sounds like the UN existed before 1943. Created by UK and American bosses.

    FDR sounds like the Illuminati member, using the same French slogan: “Brotherhood, Liberty, equality”.

    1. Prior to UN there was the League of Nations
      UN was the second phase of their plan to screw the world
      I saw somewhere the other day that the 70 Nations are to replace the UN??

      Look up the Earth Charter

      So while they steal all the resources and herd the rest of the people into overpopulated, polluted cooridors, they screaming the earth is going to die, climate change, we need green global serfs all around who don't think and will work our plantation as we see things, which is no electricity or running water, you eat bugs and grass like the rest of the animals while they sit in their castles or on their yachts eating buffalo steaks and drinking champagne


    2. Goebbels Explains The German Struggle

  10. That poster gives a Clue, Einstein was hired by both crooks to develop 2 Nuclear Bombs, to hit Japan on 8/6/1945 and make it pay the price. Very well arranged. See the timing.

  11. German also had a nice propaganda Poster back to UK & US (Inc):

    How funny tactic.

  12. I need to get my paperwork into an affidavit and a fee schedule filed with the SOS. Any help with templates would be appreciated.

  13. NOW WE ASK which STATES SANCTION ORGAN HARVESTING, as via Drivers License? Why aren't ORGAN DONATION RIGHTS renewed along with Drivers Licensees? Once on the List one is forever on the List. These Lists must be expunged, removed forever, & never shall a government ever sanction Organ Harvesting again.

    Organs harvested while family challenged 'brain dead ...

    Sep 27, 2019 · Hospital officials at HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center in Phoenix on Friday removed the organs from a man who had been brought in with breathing difficulties, turned off his ventilator and he died, according to officials with Life Legal Defense Foundation. The organization had been working with members of the family of Ruben Vati,…

    To: stars & stripes forever
    Brain death is a contrived excuse to protect doctors out to make a big buck harvesting organs.
    3 years ago I called for a dental appointment because I lost a filling. No answer. I tried for several days, gave up and called a different dentist.
    My wife told me his office was closed.
    3 months ago (3 years later), I found out his office was open so I got an appointment and had my teeth cleaned.
    I found out that he’d had a heart attack and then complications and went into a coma. After 3 weeks in a coma, the hospital declared him brain dead and started to schedule organ harvesting. Two days later as they were about to start cutting; he sat up, and got out of bed.
    That’s pretty good. Going from brain dead to walking around and going back to his dental practice.

  14. Ancient Village Of Monsanto, Miraculously Balanced Giant Boulders And Knights Templar Connection

  15. *WARNING* Most People Don't Even Realize What's Around Them!

    1. That is Crow777 in that video, I know his producer we were friends on FB before I got banned lol. They have an FB group if you have an FB account. Tell Lindsay Kalki/Bodhi mantra misses here if you stop by please :(

  16. They're even harvesting organs from newborn babies:

    Abortionist Admits There’s “No Question” Babies are Born Alive and Killed to Harvest Their Organs

  17. TIME TO WAKE UP-PLEASE WATCH NOW David Straight, Saturday Session 3

    1. David Straight, Saturday Session 1

    2. David Straight Evening Session Saturday,972019

  18. TIME TO WAKE UP.... David Straight, Saturday Session 2 Sep 27, 2019

    1. Getting these out as many places as I can
      Thanks Ready

  19. Bodhi - yeah thank on the Monsanto village. Poking around, looks like they slave traded to Curacao, then many Monsantos in St. Thomas, few in Puerto Rico, later one became a banker in Jew York City.
    This is posts by Monsanto's looking for their family research:

    Here Sephardi jew Mendes 'of' Monsanto (village), it may be Queeny as named relative w 'Mendes/z Monsanto who started the Poison trade. Haven't poked around on Queeny himself. Then Kitson comes up.
    Olga Mendez Queeny (Monsanto)
    Daughter of Emmanuel Mendes de Monsanto and Emma Kitson de Monsanto
    Wife of John Francis Queeny
    Mother of Edgar Monsanto Queeny and Olga Queeny
    and thanks to all these terrific contributions Shelby, Ready. Just so much to see &... can't get to it all. Thank s& stay sane

  20. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 28, 2019 at 10:32 PM


    >>>"So--Queen, Lord Mayor, United Nations, Westminster, Pope Francis, and all others responsible for ALL of this deplorable criminality-- what are you going to do to correct?"

    Perfect text....until "annavonreitz" gets to a/the keystone sentence again.. Then all of a sudden... a strategic "fumble"??... Just asking.
    Word-magick? Word-magick set-up? a misprinted, misspoken, or missing keystone word that can be used for word magick?... to claim the sentence doesn't **say** what we think it says/is surely supposed to mean??---to us anyway!!
    Joke's on you? Again?

    "Do you ever learn?", they say?

    Can you just hear it now?: "But it doesn't **say** "it", so that doesn't apply here."

    Be looking for these "typos?":):) in every one of "annavonreitz"'s articles!! Very noticeable. Too many. Too often. Same place. Seems weird. They show up so surprisingly-regularly in or around the keystone sentences in otherwise perfect text copy that they appear to, perhaps, be strategically-placed, for a specific reason perhaps?
    Something's not right? :):):)

    1. Your thinking is not clear here goodboots.

      Tell us exactly how the sentence should read to correct this "typo".

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 9:31 AM

      >>>"Your thinking is not clear here goodboots."

      •How so Paul?

      >>>"Tell us exactly how the sentence should read to correct this "typo"."

      • I already did post what one interpretation of a grammatically-proper, and lawfully-recognized 'closed finish' to that sentence might be, but here it is again, copied and pasted from my original comment above:

      " "But it doesn't **say** "it", so that doesn't apply here." "

      This may be a perfect example of the subtilty of word-magick??:
      You read what you think you see,... but they didn't actually write what you think you saw... you just filled in what you thought should be there, or what you thought was going to be there?...
      ...Then when you begin talking to them about what they did NOT actually write (such as even your "name" or "address", when you, the living man or woman have neither),...they count that *as* your mental "incompetence".
      Just saying.
      Everyone has to decide what they saw heard said wrote.

      Tricky, tricky! :):):)

    3. I have read that you can write your zip code on stuff but be sure it is in brackets [00000] or a box and presto it's like it's not even on the page or en vel ope

      For example the window boxes on the en vel opes you receive in the mail, the information is contained in a box? So does that mean all of it is not there?

      How about in a box written on a label?
      The labels is enclosed like in a box? So does this work the same?

      How amny forms do you fill out that have boxes on them to fill in last, then middle, then first and put your zip code in this box
      How about check this box for your sex or put your date of berth in these designated boxes on the form?

      Isn't the paper itself a box? 81/2 X 11 box?

    4. From what I have discovered...

      If you look at a statement you get from a utility or a credit card, it is very likely that the amount paid section will be enclosed in a box. It is the amount paid that should be in a box to make it disappear magically. Oops, I mean magickally.

      Since as you said Shelby that it can't be "seen" being in a box, then the recipient interprets that as you gifted them with free money vis-a-vis the four corners rule and I understand that the box has to be independent from the container.

      I have heard that if a cop forces you to sign something during a side of the road pirate attack, you can enclose a signature in a box and voila. I have further read that you have to draw the box first and then sign inside it assuming the cop is watching you. The cop may object if they are wise to the con job, and then you can sign V.C. or under duress. Something like that. All rights reserved is also recommended apparently.

      A signature is worth a lot of money to the perps apparently, Bill Foust had a great story in one of his videos about a friend who sent money through Western Union and predicted that they would ding the guy twice for a signature. Winston Shrout said that a signature can be worth a couple of million to someone who knows how to monetize it.

      Shelby the paper itself is not the same as a defined box, just like a jury box is a physical structure contained inside a larger courtroom structure.

    5. Bill Foust by the way mentioned in one of his videos that he got a lot of his knowledge (painfully apparently) from Winston Shrout, and in turn Winston said that he was involved in a group that was trying to learn as much as possible from a number of sources, one of which was Roger Elvick who is public enemy #1 apparently. Winston also was advised to study negotiable instruments which is how anything is done in commerce using money of account instead of substance.

    6. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 12:57 PM

      This is exactly the *kind* and of @$%%-+((*?!+-&%$#@& and *manner* of crap that they've been doing.

      I'm thinking what Will said about there *be*-ing no saturation point to their symbolism is, no doubt, true.
      So this is the *kind* thing that they would DENYDENYDENY and then give the people a Psychology Evaluation for bringing up.

      It could very plausibly fit into their deceit and lying and propaganda and fraud and non-disclosure system.

      Always making themselves "right" and always making the people "wrong".

      How about some variant of this, for an example:
      At their trial for crimes against "humanity", they might say:
      "Well, we didn't *reeeally* send it to her OR a Corpse-eration-- *SEEEE*!..., it's inside a box... She should have just ignored it, or sent it back."

      Or how about:
      It wasn't *REEEALLY* addressed to that dwelling or property!... That information in that box is for internal Corpse-erate use only. She should have known that since it was in a box."

      ---Obviously your point Shelby. :) but as far-fetched as it might seem, or even be, it is *an example* of the *way* they distort things and use non-disclosures and presumptions and trickstrickerymagick to fool our eyes and magickly make us think we saw what isn't there at all,...
      OR, conversely, to
      claim, presume, allege, assume, that what actually IS there does not mean what we say, think, believe, have been told (often by THEM) or taught it means!

      And so, OBVIIUSLY, we are "incompetent", if not worse.

      I get it!
      I get it!!

      Make the American people always WRONG by any means in their system, and them akways FAKEly right.

    7. Tell me how you really feel about all this? LOL Was it something I said?

      Or maybe just battle fatigue?

    8. Well OK, at the risk of adding insult to injury, this is where I saw the information originally I think.

    9. Bill gets to the four corners rule right at the beginning of this video, and how the box works.

    10. Great follow up Will
      From what I am gathering the actual envelope is a vessel in commerce
      Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours?
      Another song, Sending out an SOS sung by the POLICE
      Hence that is why Romley said do not open it send it to the court and make them open it and give you the document like the Live Born Record not the berth/death certificate
      When you request your 'birth certificate' you are getting it mailed to your 'address' and using their 'zip codes'
      The form you fill out for vital statistices ask for your signature as well

      I'm not sure if it is in a box or not I would have to go back and look at the form?

      All of it right down to the check you wrote for them to send you a copy has the strawmans information and you ass ume it is you when in fact it is not?
      Why would we be claiming this 'birth death certificate'

    11. One last thing, four corners, NORTH EAST WEST SOUTH (NEWS)

    12. The envelope is DELIVERED through the US POSTAL SERVICE like the baby is DELIVERED with a DOCTOR in one of their dry docked facilities

    13. Their LAWYERS from the BAR just keep writing all the LAWS to encompass the fraud, each new layer they write more SHIT MADE UP
      like the PATRIOT ACT
      Blame the event on someone else, steal trillions, role out new shit made up to cover their tracks, MSM owned by the same crooks and so is the military, sell more stuff for your protection working ever so slowly towards cashless, biometrically marked, crypto currency controlled

    14. In the beginning, THERE WAS A BUNCH OF CROOKS, who wrote God created the heaven, earth and man so that the Vicar of Christ, the Popeye, could rule over them
      He's Popeye the Sailor Man

    15. Yeah, we can find all types of references that could be considered hints or breadcrumbs but we aren't accustomed to interpreting them.

      I remember I saw the video from Romley about not opening it but taking it to the court. I think that is about entrapment by opening mail that is not for the people. That technically shifts the liability for opening the mail that is not addressed to the clerk that works for the court, there may be some immunity in place there. WOW this is crazy insane.

      I noticed someone that was frustrated by the idea of a lawful person, strictly speaking I guess it should be people, but grammatically using people isn't always correct, it's awkward.

      There are no boxes around a signature on a check, they want that signature. But since we don't sign in all caps in our name, they have that microprint line that says Authorized Agent or Representative on the signature line which looks solid but a magnifier will tell the tale.

      There isn't a box around the amount of the check either, it seems to apply to presentments in the form of a statement, then the box is applied to the amount. Bill Foust gets right into that in the second video I linked.

    16. No disrespect to anyone or religion just trying to provide in(sight)
      They also wrote
      Levitcus, levy taxes and
      Deuteronomy, due to our money
      Please do not take offense I am just working towards truth like everyone else

    17. Think about domiciled on the land, DOME
      I don't reside anywhere, I am domociled on the land (DOME)
      Under the DOME
      Anyway have a read at the GMO stuff that they passes recently
      Loads of stuff in the above link

    18. Shelby,

      "I don't reside anywhere, I am domociled on the land (DOME)
      Under the DOME"

      Now the Twilight Zone music can be heard by what you said under the DOME. You do know that there is a whole theory that the earth is under a huge dome right? Now to be fair it is most often associated with the flat earth argument where Antarctica is a huge ring holding all the oceans in place, and there is all kinds of support for that. The UN flag depicts this arrangement. I don't know what to think but there are also graphics on the net that show the proposed biblical representation of the cross section of the planet, and there is a section above that refers to the "firmament" with the waters above and below the firmament.

      Now, these are just artists renderings since the Bible didn't come with pictures as originally published.

      It is shown in the rough shape of a dome, there is also speculation that they tried to fire nuclear missiles into the upper atmosphere presumably to test the dome theory when it started to become possible to fire nukes up there. I have no opinion either way now with no way to know, just the messenger in response to Shelby mentioning the DOME.

    19. It isn't the earth that is the dome, it is the dome of the Universe, the egg

    20. Bohdi thanks for the link, I have not heard it phrased quite that way I will have a look.

      But the dome that I have encountered was cited as specifically covering the earth, the dome is the firmament and there are waters directly above the firmament. I saw it first in the context of the flat earth theory a few years ago. If I can find any links I will post for reference, I have seen gr aphics depicting this firmament/dome. In terms of distance to the top of the dome I have heard maybe 130 miles. This topic is on the internet and Youtube.

    21. YW Yah but those people don't know what they are talking about. The firmament is the dome of the Universe, the Universe is shaped like an egg and there are countless other "eggs" that emanate from the pores from maha Vishnu (that is the symbolism used to describe it). Watch that video it will explain to you how it really works and where the knowledge really came from before it got so corrupted over time by the Jews. That video explains the correct verifiable science.

    22. Bodhi thanks again, I have started watching the video and I will see how it explains things. Why do suppose it got corrupted then, what do you think was the motivation?

    23. Well the Jews just plagiarized a lot of it from egyptian and vedic sources and just people over time. Imagine if I hid the plans on how to build a nuclear bomb in poem like little red hiding hood and everyone thought the story was literal and all had their two cents about the exoteric meaning of the story and it changes over years because of the phone game effects etc. Mistranslations on top of that, on and on. yw again

    24. You can open the envelope it is addressed to a trust of which you are the sole beneficiary and administrator of. One aspect people like Anna et al who advise people to separate themselves from the trust get wrong (among many). It is your trust just learn to use it properly.

    25. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 6:26 AM

      Alternative POV:

      you, are the contents of the Corporate trust set up to finance the Parent cor-pirate-ation's crimes and other activities without your knowledge or consent, making it unlawful and FRAUD, because you are the natural OWNER of it all to begin with.
      In their jurisdiction that might also be:
      "Human Trafficking"
      "Slave Trading"
      "Aiding and Abetting into commission of crimes"

      PLUS, the biggie: they might still be able to make claims/draw upon or from, the contents of the Trusts -- (and they claim that YOU are the contents) ...especially if they claim to retain Trustee/
      Executor/other position, or Grantor.

      Plus, you have them.
      For their services.
      More un-ordered "services" not lawfully contracted for.

      If someone wants to remain in private-public partner-"SHIP" with them, I'm pretty sure they will be overjoyed though!

    26. I plan to study trust law in the near future and figure out just what kind of access they have to it without your consent/signature. I assume very little, at least until you die and they can "salvage" it as abandoned/lost at sea. There is no reason to assume this trust can operate any different than any other trust account and if they could just run ram shod willy nilly this would not be a very effective entity for people to use in the world of commerce and would have been sued into oblivion and abandoned long ago.

      >More un-ordered "services" not lawfully contracted for.

      You did contract for it numerous times. Birth Certificate, SS, drivers license etc

      >they claim that YOU are the contents

      Only the value of your labor and supposedly your rights to the natural resources of the land, though I have no idea how one would calculate or even prove this. I would need to see specific Cannonical documents that state this is the case in this legal realm before I would assume it is true.

    27. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 2:03 PM

      "You did contract for it numerous times. Birth Certificate, SS, drivers license etc"

      YOU apparently agree that YOU did; but that does not mean anyone else did!

      *I* did NOT and SAY I did not.
      Who are you or anyone else to say any different?

      You're starting to sound highly-invested in telling other people what they did, ... according to you...and between that and insulting me personally outside of any proof of your insults having any rational basis, you are raising red-flags with *me* concerning your motives toward me.
      Again, "point: blank", if you need it: you don't speak for me, so stop it.

      Thank you.

    28. >YOU apparently agree that YOU did; but that does not mean anyone else did!

      I did, when? I never did this I don't understand why you would even say this.

      >*I* did NOT and SAY I did not.
      >Who are you or anyone else to say any different?

      I have no idea what this even means, I never did this either.

      >You're starting to sound highly-invested in telling other people what they did,

      I stated facts you are making emotional arguments with no basis in reality. I am telling you what happened, you are responding by telling me it didn't. Are you saying you never got a birth certificate, social security card or driver's license? If so you have nothing to worry about then, none of this whole system applies to you if that is the case.

      >between that and insulting me personally outside of any proof of your insults having any rational basis,
      I never did any of this

      >you are raising red-flags with *me* concerning your motives toward me.

      Ok, I don't know what to say to this, if you don't like hearing truth you prob shouldn't go looking for it in places you re likely to run into it is all I can say.

      >Again, "point: blank", if you need it: you don't speak for me, so stop it.

      I never did this either. I never spoke for you about anything and you are projecting. Please try to get control of yourself and stop telling me what I am doing and why and what to stop doing that I never did. You need to take a step back and examine what you are doing not what I am doing. I don't know what has gotten you so triggered but taking it out on me is not going to solve anything. I am just trying to help you people telling you how everything really works so you don't get yourselves in trouble doing things other people are telling to do that is incorrect. If you aren't interested just ignore it no need to lash out at people.


    29. If you want to go into court and tell them you didn't do what they say you did and have documentation to prove you did go ahead, good luck. You won't be the first person to try it, most of them had a lot of time to think about it behind bars for their troubles if they weren't lucky enough to get off with a fine

    30. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 5:26 PM

      "...if you don't like hearing truth you prob shouldn't go looking for it in places you re likely to run into it is all I can say."

      :):):) Your unsolicited advice, often so full of unverifiable, questionable or just plain wrong information (according to what I'm studying) certainly isn't why I'm on here! lol.
      Flattering yourself?:):):)

    31. Lol here come the fan fics now, sank this low already? The only thing you learned of any value in this blog you learned from me goodboost don't kid yourself you are well aware of this fact. I never took you for one that would act childish and nasty instead of apologizing. You started all of this. Oh well, you go right ahead and preach on the corner about how unfair it all is with your sob story to anyone that will listen. I mean I don't really care. I don't need to flatter myself, I doubt anyone who frequents this website is confused about who actually knows wtf they are talking about around here. I don't care why you are here tbh, never cared anything about what you think. Being ungrateful and mouthy to the hand that fed you says more than enough.

      I look forward to laughing my ass about you claiming trolls are censoring you because of how much you know just parroting what I said here numerous times lol, what were you saying about flattering yourself? Your levels of projection are disturbing you should see a doc about that

    32. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 5:45 PM

      "If you aren't interested just ignore it no need to lash out at people."

      IMO, There is no reason that me telling you that you don't speak for me, and giving you directions to stop doing it, should be considered by you to be "lashing out" at you!!

      Unless you are used to giving people orders or telling them what they meant, or did or said without them being able to correct you, which I'm not saying that's true, its JMO about when people seem to try to overtake someone else's thought, words, decisions,and so on.

    33. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 5:49 PM

      Wow! Now THAT'S what I call lashing out!!

    34. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 7:57 PM

      Bodhi Mantra,
      To your following three quotes:
      1. "The only thing you learned of any value in this blog you learned from me goodboost don't kid yourself you are well aware of this fact."

      2. "Being ungrateful and mouthy to the hand that fed you says more than enough."k

      3. "you know just parroting what I said here numerous times":

      and the rest of your comments about me, I say:

      From the very beginning on this blog, in your own comments, you have been advocating that people operate in ENGLISH common law; whereas I, on the other hand, have consistently advocated for people to operate only in AMERICAN traditional common law authority and venue and all of my comments verify that very same thing.

      From your own comments though however, it does appear that you don't/didn't know the difference between the two forms of common law, ENGLISH or AMERICAN, or quite frankly, that there even IS a difference!... at least not until I posted my comments with me always talking about American traditional common law all the time!

      I am very well aware of how unique my comments are from anyone else's on this blog and also, from anyone's almost anywhere else, in general or specifically.

      I am also acutely aware of how very, very valuable my comments, work, research, and all of my intellectual property is, and so, I have already taken proper and lawful steps to protect same from encroachment or claims and so forth by others who might also recognize its value and try to or want to claim it as their own/other in order to make money/other from it!

      Therefore, you will want to make sure that you do not infringe upon my AMERICAN traditional common law copyrights and other protections by laying any kind of claim whatsoever at all to my comments or my research or my work or any of my intellectual property or other whatsoever at all because I can see where someone might see the value in it and try to claim it as their own and try to make money off of it! But it belongs solely and exclusively to me alone, in every respect.

      I am a lawfully-Recorded, lawfully corrected-status American state national who has lawfully claimed ALL of my intellectual and other property from the very beginning. And much, much more.

      You expressly do NOT have my permission to use any of my property whatsoever at all.

      This is your NOTICE.

      And as far as you making any more comments to or about me, if you continue, everyone else will just have to be your audience, because I'm skipping your comments from now on, except maybe to make sure my copyrights and so forth aren't being infringed upon, just as I do with everyone else :).

    35. This is the last response I am going to make just to point out how delusional you are one last time.

      >From the very beginning on this blog, in your own comments, you have been advocating that people operate in ENGLISH common law

      I never did this, never said anything like this, never said anything that can even be remotely construed as this unless by a delusional mind with no basis in reality. There is no place you can point to in order to justify this claim as you invented this out of thin air

      >I, on the other hand, have consistently advocated for people to operate only in AMERICAN traditional common law

      You had no idea what either of these were before I told you and still don't apparently because there is zero difference between these two things. You barely have any idea what you are even talking about and I have no idea why you feel the need to pretend like you do. Ego issues I am guessing.

      >You expressly do NOT have my permission to use any of my property whatsoever at all.

      >This is your NOTICE.

      You have mental issues are high on your own farts lady. This is why people like me rarely spend time educating you people. You are mentally retarded, egotistical jackasses.

      Caste not you pearls before swine less they trample them under foot and turn around and maul you.

      >make sure my copyrights and so forth aren't being infringed upon, just as I do with everyone else :).

      You are a stone cold retard, this doesn't even make the fist bit of sense. Whatever you say psycho boomer, enjoy your role play.

  21. Well this is very interesting I just had my very first post deleted. I was mentioning how I dislike that damn word "person"
    "Person" Lawful Person Legal Person barf and then oh yes I mentioned the correct way that the word "state" should be used when mentioning the big bad wolves. It should never ever have a
    "S" as in "State" or else it means a Federal Territory. Uh huh.
    I went to the law library with my friend today and we seen how it was used under USC Title 8 "State" means a FEDERAL TERRITORY. I wonder if this will be deleted by the invisible troll?

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 9:38 AM

      No, it got through!
      Do you have the rest of that Title 8 ref?
      REALLY important! Thanks!

  22. Maybe think of "PERSON" as a "PURSE ON" you.
    A "PURSE ON" a people?
    And, "they" being the "artful dodgers" pick your pockets)?

    A lead flight attendant (money cashier?) is called a "Purser?" or Pursur?" or "Persor?"

    Help me out, I can't spell.

    1. Same as pagan, pay again
      Leviticus - levy taxes
      Also levi 501 jeans like 501c3's
      Deuteronomy - due to our money

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 10:03 AM

      Now you've got me doin' it shelby!

      I'm not trying to hurt these men or say anything bad about them because I know next to nothing about either of them, but it did creep into my consciousness:

      Faust definition is - a magician of German legend who enters into a compact with the devil.

      Nothing to it, I'm sure.
      No doubt mere, perhaps slightly unfortunate, coincidences... Parts of life can be cruel.

    3. Get this, last conference call with Anna and crew, she explained that they needed the $60,000 to be able to go to Rome and get in to the Vatican archives and pull out doucments they need? Dealing with mold and bugs and stuff she claims they need these funds to preserve the records they looking for??
      So Anna who says that no one is coorperating at any level is skipping off to Rome to investigate and secure vatican documents?

      You don't just waltz in to the vatican and proceed to getting in to secure and guarded records so you can prove their fraud

      The recorded call for anyone who wants to listen, the statements about the reason for your 'donations' is so they can get to Rome and get the records out of the Vatican to prove their fraud - it's towards the end of the recording if you choose not to listen to the whole thing

      Something amiss here, IMO

    4. goodboots, try some of these.

      None of these are Fastow who was a lying snake behind part of the Enron scandal. Just sayin...

    5. Shelby, very very interesting. Finally we get to know what the $60 thousands was for; when we asked, we got no answer. Now we know why. And yes you are right, getting access to those documents is probably not gonna happen, unless some of the money was for Payola of some kind.
      If so that should be explained, too. When asking for such financial help it should be Itemized where it takes $60 grand for such a venture, cause I am suspicious. Sounds more like some Troup wants a Roman Holiday and for others to pay for it.

      So she says its to ''prove fraud'? Really? We ALL already have tons of proof of Fraud all over the place, and it just gets ignored. So I wonder just what good she thinks it will do to go get more? Like the vatican is gonna toe the line then?? In Anna's dreams, me think, lol.

      Anna, you should just go get hunkered down in alaska for the winter and quit dreaming of that Free Vacation at the expense of The People.

    6. ROFL no one gets into the Vatican archives and all the "evidence" to prove what they have done is already readily available to those who seek it out

    7. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 1, 2019 at 7:24 PM

      Yeh, like go bang on the door to the Vatican and force them to let you in to get in the libraries in the catacombs. Hahahahahaha truly hysterically funny. That annavonritz is quite the comedian.

    8. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 6:29 AM

      9/29 1:34

      Thank you Will!

  23. Shh it's a secret - The ROCKY BOYS
    Enemy (kinda of like enema) sitting in jew york the whole time spreading their interdependence philanthropy around the world for decades
    Even building human settlements for their lost flock
    Assisting in the world wide dumb down the people green global serf edjucation/brainwashing through their department of edjucation
    Front and center in the BRICS deal too

    Read an article yesterday that Brazil is staging ground for war on America

    Bush clan sitting on 150,000 acres down in Brazil

    Also hold huge interest in the destruction of the farmland in the midwest - this all ties in to NAFTA/USMCA deal and the NAU
    Gulianni and his law firm directly involved

    Bush signed documents creating the SPP along with leader of Canada and Mexico
    It reads
    On March 23, 2005, U.S. President George W. Bush, former Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin and former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, authorized the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), now under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Commerce

    They're all involved

    New Law Allows Sexually Abused Foster Girl to Sue Westchester County and New York CPS - Thousands More to Follow.
    Child Protection Services and the U.S. Foster Care system is the main pipeline for sex trafficking children.

    1. The set up
      Child trafficking through CPS
      The reaction
      New laws enacted to combat the issue (lawyers galore)
      RFID microchipping for everyone so we can keep track of you, all of you
      Selling services like facial recognition, fingerprinting and dna kits to parents for the mason created keep your kids safe programs
      Not saying this is not a good thing but think of the product they trying to sell you on the other side??
      Gotta be smart as a fox, think like the crooks
      They will use this as a means to sell the biometrically marking everyone for the safety of the world we just have to know what you all are doing all the time because we are the only ones who can keep you safe when in fact they created the problem to BEGIN WITH

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 5:46 PM

      Yes, sell more services, when they're unlawfully tracking everybody right now SO THEY HAVE NO EXCUSE AT ALL FOR SAYING THEY DONT KNOW WHERE EVERY ONE OF THE MISSING SONS AND DAUGHTERS ARE!!
      WHY NOT??!

      Isn't that kind of like them saying they can't keep track of the papers we send them?

    3. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 6:22 PM

      When they have said that these people can sue the State, County, CPS, for wrong-doing done by the Officers, Agents, Contractors of the State, County, CPS,/others, IMO, they don't care about the children that were harmed... They are the ones who legis-lated or carried out the legis-lation in order to put money in their own and the others' pockets...

      What the lawsuits are ACTUALLY designed to result in is:
      to further "bankrupt" us, *the people*,
      who, of course, they claim are the surety for their PRIVATE Cor-pirate debts.
      Which, we are NOT.
      Which these lawsuits will be: THEIR debts, NOT ours.


      Those children of course must have remedy for their injuries.
      Of course!!

      NOT FROM US.

      We will assist those who were harmed in obtaining their remedies from all of the people who hurt them and their families, including their innocent parents, if so.
      That's our part.
      Paying the remedy is not.

      DJTs E.O. #13818, 12/21/2017, freezes the assets of the criminals.
      These children and their families will be remedied from the frozen assets of the criminals who hurt them, not from the people who didn't, and we will help them get it.
      It's our DUTY to assist them.

      But these criminals who think they're going to do all this harm to all these innocent people and then run off and tell US we're going to pay their victims' remedies for THEIR CRIMES?


      They better back it up and take another look, because were coming WITH the victims of the crimes to obtain the remedies for them.

      They're not going to drive a wedge between all of us anymore, and point at us to them and point at them to us WHEN ALL OF US KNOW NOW IT WAS *THEM* 99.99999% OF THE TIME HARMING ALL OF US.

      Those harmed will obtain full remedy... But from the CRIMINALS, not from the people, just as it should be.

    4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 6:42 PM

      There is a video I saw recently claiming some people are having some successes against CPS.

      Its just a Corporation.

      I'm pretty sure the guy who got his children away from them showed that they are just a Corporation and not (even) a "Federal Agency(?)"
      And that they don't have a contract with him, and they made a false claim in order to take the children.

      Same shit we're dealing with here. But specifically geared toward CPS.
      I didn't follow.up. So I can't recommend it, but if I'd have had the time, it sounded good enough that I would have looked into it.

      If what he did actually was successful, then, people might be able to do a similar type of thing with our parents if they get captured and dragged away from their homes just because some greedy-assed, commission-grubbing lying contractor made false claims or gave false testimony about them, falsely claiming they need "help".
      These money-mongers are crawling all over each other trafficking in people.
      They are slave trading.
      They are human traffickers.
      I don't care if they wear a suit.
      They're CRIMINALS.

      They're human trafficking.

      I'm going to try to find that video.

    5. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 7:45 PM

      Abby!!, Shelby,
      I just really quickly looked for cheap flights --
      CHEAP flights from Juneau to Barcelona (Spain) are between $1100 and $1600, so say $1500 to $2000 to Rome!

      Three people = $5,500.00
      Per diem $250 ,= $750.00 x 10 days = $7500.00
      Three people come home $5500.00,
      that's still only around $20,000.00 going pretty cheap, but not "student-style" cheap.
      Whewie, that leaves a cool $40,000.00 or so to spend on mold and dust mites. :)

    6. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 6:33 AM

      Now its occuring to me that $60,000.00 would cover perhaps, could, I mean would be enough to re-locate self and family permanently.
      Well, I mean it would be ENOUGH...sufficient.

  25. And foreman Mike has an update on building that all seeing 5G wall for the sheep
    Be sure to send in your sheckels to help build part of the 5G infrastructure to put that virtual prison up around you
    How to you roll out 5G in plain sight and no one notice, YOU BUILD A WALL STUPID

    I bet they dont use those deep underground military bases to move migrants about, no they wouldn't do that while building a wall, would they?

    Deep underground military bases used to install the fiber optics for the 5G internet of things, part of CERN

    1. I would also wager to say this is what fracking is all about too, disguise for what they really doing which is laying the underground infrastruture for the 5G IoT (Internet of Things)
      Just a thought

    2. Shelby go to Greg Hunter's site, he interviewed someone who has a new take away on fracking and what the real purpose is, it was the Sunday release interview yesterday.

      I read somewhere that fracking is not producing oil or natural gas but simply hydrogen sulfide (H2S) which will burn but isn't petroleum based. The fracking fluids they inject are extremely toxic.

  26. The 4 horseman, thought this a good read

    Heard they are now on a mission to take away all vitamin c?

    I've heard and read a lot about vitamin B17 but we are not allowed to have it, hmm wonder why

    And I find this pretty interesting to
    You see this couple here has there own little plantation going on in California complete with schools and everything
    Guess what they grow, halo oranges and ALMONDS, Almond milk anyone
    Bet you can't guess what tribe they from

    They even promote war with i r a n so they can become the worlds largest producer of pistachios - elephant in the room anyone

    And the name of their company is The Wonderful Company

    They also bottle and sell fiji water of which they steal from the fiji people and pay them absolutely nothing for it

    Remember ole trump and his fumbling around drinking the figi water
    Free advertising for his fellow tribe criminals

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 29, 2019 at 7:48 PM

      That's right for Pete's sake. Don't they drill SIDEWAYS for "fracking"?

  27. I've asked on numerous occasions about UNIDROIT
    You see this organization in an intergovernmental organization working to make the 'laws' the same across the board - that would be Talmudic laws is my belief
    Go check it out
    Romley has mentioned it several times in his videos
    This i show they going to role out universal laws all around the world that they made up to suit their puposes

    1. Oh and the seat of UNIDROIT is in ROME

    2. UNIDROIT and the League of Nations
      UNIDROIT (formally, the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law; French: Institut international pour l'unification du droit privé) is an intergovernmental organization whose objective is to harmonize international private law across countries through uniform rules, international conventions, and the production of model laws, sets of principles, guides and guidelines. Established in 1926 as part of the League of Nations, it was reestablished in 1940 following the League's dissolution through a multilateral agreement, the UNIDROIT Statute. As at 2019 UNIDROIT has 63 member states.

      1st was the League of Nations then came the
      United Nations then comes 70 Nations

      The US signed these agreements and became a member back in 1964

    3. APEC, Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation?
      Sound like AIPAC to you? Just another face of their planned take over of all nations
      UN map
      Asian Pacific Cooperation or forced compliance
      I would also wager it is linked to the Rocky boys and their BRICS deal
      For their interdependent world initiatives
      Green global serfdom for all but the crooks
      They get $14 million dollar beach front properties
      Or how about the Bush clan who has 150,000 acres down in Barzil sitting on all the fresh water they will ever need
      But you serfs
      Don't worry though you can have your 200 sq foot tiny house box for $3,000 a month, share your clothes and food with the rest of the commune they have planned, walk or rent one of their bikes to get around or better yet they would just prefer you be dead
      People really need to see what's going on

  28. So, I have a question, why have any of us accepted birth certificates, issued from the STATE OF WHATEVER, with an assumed, fictitious name on it.

    That's identity theft U.S. TITLE 18-1028. And is a misrepresentative, scheme and concealment U.S. TITLE 18-1001, its also color of law and conspiracy against right U.S.TITLE 18-241and 242 and racketeering U.S. TITLE 96 and violations of U.S. mail U.S. TITLE 18-1341 and 1342 violations of OATHS OF OFFICES, by the REGISTRAR GENERALS OF THE STATES OF.

    Why, have we all been silent? Why have we not asked for records without an assumed name or fictitious name attached to it? How about a freedom of information to several different places, like U.S. TREASURY? Like White House? Like the HOUSE OF REP. [FEDERAL AND STATE] and the REGISTRAR GENERALS?

    Have a blessed day and live free?

    1. I mean I got out the long form birth certificate, they issued to me. The name looks like the same spelling as my name, but its in all capitals and my name is not on that certificate.
      Then I looked at the other names. They were spelled like mom's and dad's but they were in all capital letters, too. Neither mom or dad's name was on it, only names resembling there's.

      This is fraud! Right? Why are the REGISTRAR GENERAL'S of the STATES OF, sending us FRAUDULENT DOCUMENTS [US TITLE 18-1001] by U.S. MAIL US TITLE 18-1342 [ASSUMED NAMES BY MAIL] and 1341 [FRAUD BY MAIL].

      That document is not my birth certificate at all. It can't be because its fraudulent. I mean isn't fraud a crime, when someone uses your name without your permission? What about identity theft?

    2. My certificate of live birth is written in proper English upper and lower case letters, even mom and dads name
      Moms name is her maiden name not her married name
      This is where the bastard child comes in to play, wards of the state because through trickery we are all bastard children is my guess?

    3. Well it isn't identity theft per say, they created a trust in that name, they aren't using your identity anymore than a corporation using your name stole your identity. No one but you ever claimed that corporation is actually you and you (or your parents) signed the documents to have it created in the first place. You can name your kid Harley davidson doesn't mean the corporation Harley davidson stole their identity, these are two different worlds, one is living and one is not, two completely different legal realms, just because the masses don't understand it doesn't make it fraudulent in itself.

    4. Except that as James Comey famously said regarding Hilary, "intent" is king.

    5. And further, the game is to establish joinder with the living man/woman with the all caps name to make you surety for the debts of the corporation. That pesky intent thing just keeps rearing up.

    6. >"intent" is king.

      Plausible deniablility, malicious intent is the most difficult thing to prove in a court case. Yes joinder, see the last comment I made below : )

    7. They created a joinder when you got a marriage license
      This is David Straights presentation out of Arkansas
      At like the 1 hour 22 minute mark he discusses the marriage license and their blueprint for the joinder

    8. The foundling 'hospitals'
      How you are conscripted from birth
      Again no full disclosure and yet we have to jump through hoops to correct their fraud??

    9. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 1, 2019 at 7:31 PM

      Even if/though the "system may not be fraud" per se:
      The fact that'll they did not fully disclose from the beginning IS FRAUD and also, withholding the bonds is/might be construed to be FRAUD; using the system to make merchandiseof men is FRAUD!!! And on and on and on.

    10. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 1, 2019 at 7:38 PM

      Actually, to *me* JMO, one could a actually move, ... I mean permanently relocate oneself and one's offspring to Rome for $60,000.00.
      Just sayin'.

    11. Yes in a perfect world of justice and fairness it would be a clear cut case of fraud but in court you just aren't gonna win this argument/case. They tip toe on the line and know what they are doing if they didn't they wouldn't have gotten away with it for so long.

      You aren't going to be able to win a case for fraud against them unless you can do what I did with my letter I posted below, which is paint them into a corner where they loose their plausible deniability defense. I told them if they tried to unlawfully obtain jurisdiction they would be committing a conspiracy to do an unlawful conversion. They were already doing that of course but they can deny it and say you volunteered for the joinder if they had to in court and they would win. Your ignorance is not their problem after all and they are not responsible for you doing things to shoot yourself in the foot law wise. I put on paper that I was not going to joinder with the trust and any attempt by them to do so would be an unlawful conversion.

      Now if they move forward I have clear cut proof they did it knowingly against my will which is a slam dunk fraud case. You are never gonna tear down the system and yelling at the judge and politicians "you are cheating me" and sobbing will get you nowhere, this system is 1000's of years old, you have to learn work within it and how to navigate it. It is a game, a mental chess match and they respect a cunning and skilled opponent. Once you beat them at their game a few times they will learn not to play with you anymore.

    12. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 6:54 AM

      The so-called "DEAD BABY SCAM" is FRAUD.

      With malicious intent to harm.



      Nearly all of what we talk about is what has been claimed/built using the "DEAD BABY SCAM".

      It's ALL FRAUD.

      Everything knowingly built or claimed upon the "DEAD BABY SCAM" is FRAUD, too.

      There is just simply no way around it...As they are finding out.

    13. The so-called "dead baby scam" is a lot of conjecture can you prove this is happening? I hope you aren't just taking Anna's word for it. Even if it does happen the way she has claimed this is the internal workings of this trust system people voluntarily signed up for, you have no say over how a corporation does this internal paperwork/workings/system anymore than you do over the number of tomatoes Taco Bell puts on a soft taco.

      It doesn't matter what you think, it only matters what you can prove. If you want to beat the tables at how unfair it all is it won't change much, I prefer to do things that get results :)

    14. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 12:47 PM

      Well, for one thing Bodhi, (and that is all we need, just one thing):

      There is no lawful, valid, present, lawfully-enforceable contract with the people!!! :):)
      Is there?
      Do you know of one?
      I sure don't.

      It does not exist.
      I've been calling for it to be placed on the Record if such thing exists and after almost 120 days, to my knowledge, nothing has been lawfully so entered into the Public Record.

      I'll keep everyone informed as this moves forward.

      And for another thing, nobody I know of ever signed up for anything to do with all of this Law Merchant Admiralty Maritime malarkey, under NECESSARY condition of FULL-DISCLOSURE!!!.

      So, I'm not sure what you mean with your comments to the contrary.
      Please share!
      Thank you.

    15. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 1:05 PM

      "Your ignorance is not their problem after all and they are not responsible for you doing things to shoot yourself in the foot law wise."

      That sounds like what *they* say.

      Excuse you?
      1. Purposeful non- disclosure is not the same as ignorance!!
      2. They are not IN law.

      Why are you now moving into attacking using personal insults that have no basis in reality rather than just presenting a compelling argument?!! :) lol. Funny!

      3. "You are never gonna tear down the system and yelling at the judge and politicians "you are cheating me" and sobbing will get you nowhere,..."

      You're not talking about me here are you,?!! lol
      ... With the yelling and sobbing comment?... :):)

      I didn't think so!!
      Too funny bodhi!

    16. > There is no lawful, valid, present, lawfully-enforceable contract with the people!!! :):)

      Yes I know this is what I am always telling everyone here and why you don’t need to file a bunch of useless paperwork. The contract is not valid though they can enforce it under the color of law if people are ignorant of what they are doing and allow them too because they are consenting every step of the way.

      > I've been calling for it to be placed on the Record if such thing exists and after almost 120 days, to my knowledge, nothing has been lawfully so entered into the Public Record.

      I am not positive what you mean by this but I will assume I already answered this when I said it was the BC, SS and DL. It is indeed on the record and what they are using to operate under the color of law.

      > And for another thing, nobody I know of ever signed up for anything to do with all of this Law Merchant Admiralty Maritime malarkey, under NECESSARY condition of FULL-DISCLOSURE!!!.

      Of course they did, seems I am repeating myself here but just because they didn’t fully understand the contract they were signing doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Obviously there was no full disclosure which is why the contract is not enforceable to those who challenge it. I have been explaining this here since day one, all you have to do is challenge it when you feel the need to and know how to challenge it and they will leave you alone 99% of the time I imagine and the rare times they will push you then you have grounds to sue them.

      > Thank you

      YW : )

      > That sounds like what *they* say.

      I am just explaining how they are doing it and how they get away with it. I never said I agree with it, I am just giving you the legal facts on how the law and system works and how they are bending it without breaking it. This is what they would say because this is the truth and what they are doing and how they justify it.

      > Purposeful non- disclosure is not the same as ignorance!!

      I never said it was, what I did say your ignorance of what the contract you signed entails is not their problem or responsibility in the eyes of the law.

      > They are not IN law.

      They are in a legal grey area, they step out of that grey area into breaking the law all the time but as long as no one challenges them they get away with it. Simply challenging them in a lawsuit is the remedy

      > Why are you now moving into attacking using personal insults that have no basis in reality rather than just presenting a compelling argument?!! :) lol. Funny!

      I never did this to my knowledge, can you provide an example? I think you are misperceiving what I said. I am a very analytical person and can sometimes speak in a way that seems callous to some folks without knowing it because I speak very candidly, I apologize it is just my way it is nothing personal.

      > You are never gonna tear down the system and yelling at the judge and politicians "you are cheating me" and sobbing will get you nowhere,..."
      > You're not talking about me here are you,?!! Lol

      No just speaking in general about all of us, all citizens not you personally. You won’t win with a moral/emotional argument only a legal one.

    17. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 5:07 PM

      Well, it doesn't matter what you say or don't say because you can only speak for YOU!

      You can say somebody did or didn't do "whatever" all day long, but you have no authority over others!!!

      It seems strange to me when people come on a freedom blog like this one and start dictating what other people did or didn't do....raises red-flags for me.

      All of what bodhi is claiming are contracts are yet to be proven to be anything more than mere *presumptions* of contract! -- where no lawful, valid, lawfully-enforceable, present INITIATING contract exists or has ever existed!!
      Presumptive contracts can't even be claimed to exist without the underlying NECESSARY *INITIATING* contract and even then there are lawful limits..! :):)

      Simply put:
      1. There was no lawful written INITIATING contract.
      2. There was no INTENT to contract!
      3. There was no "meeting of the minds"!
      4. There was no full disclosure.
      5. There is no lawful contract.

    18. >You can say somebody did or didn't do "whatever" all day long, but you have no authority over others!!!

      Once again never claimed too.

      >It seems strange to me when people come on a freedom blog like this one and start dictating what other people did or didn't do....raises red-flags for me.

      Yah that would be you, interesting yes?

      >All of what bodhi is claiming are contracts are yet to be proven to be anything more than mere *presumptions* of contract!

      Yah I have said this countless times here for months and numerous times here to you just today. I have no idea why this is so hard for you to understand so w/e do you not really my concern.

      >Simply put:
      1. There was no lawful written INITIATING contract.
      2. There was no INTENT to contract!
      3. There was no "meeting of the minds"!
      4. There was no full disclosure.
      5. There is no lawful contract.

      Thanks for stating the obvious once again that you learned from the sources I provided to you. I find it really bizarre you keep telling me things you should be well aware I already know seeing as how I told you about them to begin with.

      I will do you a solid and just assume you are high on meds or drunk and forget any of this conversation ever happened because the alternative would have me doing a face palm and getting very annoyed at repeating myself while you speak it back to me verbatim as if I didn't just say it myself while projecting your actions onto me.

    19. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 8:38 PM

      Your comments make it sound like perhaps you're what you're calling me.

      Fortunately for me, I know how very, very valuable my intellectual property is so its all already been lawfully Publicly and otherwise Recorded, claimed, and copyrighted!!!

      Move along now.
      I won't be responding further.

    20. ahh the "no you" parroting projection the final frontier of the pre-teen lol. You are schizo hun, up your meds : )

  29. Left homeless by US medical bills

    1. Wink, I saw that story on HenryMakow twitter about the Israel skin donation "bank", where only non Jews donate their skin, never Jews....unreal. And all the Jews were just fine with that fact. I have heard these baby, adult sacrifices take place in secret locations. I have the gruesome video of the young woman being cut up and beheaded, so sad. Sorry I even watched it.

  30. This is how insane these people are - run don't walk to your state assemblies. Reclaim and re-assemble your true government. Instead of a lamb, the next sacrifice might be your child.
    Truthstream Media@truthstreamnews
    Anyone else take note of the fact that a Sanhedrin conference of 70 nations - which they refer to as "a global religion" - came together on the Mount of Olives and sacrificed a lamb a few days ago?
    The lamb was was set on fire as an offering

  31. NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina

  32. My mom got a traffic ticket the other day for running a stop sign. I wrote this letter for her and took it to the clerk and had them put in the case file. Never went to court and no bench warrant, just gone. No need to file power of attorney and relinquish this and that with the IRS and state department or any of that other nonsense. That is all the proof you need.

    To the prosecutor and magistrate of case #your case

    I first-middle: Last am writing to this court on behalf of the corporate trust known as FIRST MIDDLE LAST in response to an alleged code violation issued by one of your corporate officers. When I, the living person, was stopped; I was acting in a private capacity, not engaged in commerce in a public capacity. Your officer never had jurisdiction to make the stop or write a ticket and violated my right to travel.

    If this court is able to produce a claim from an injured party I will be glad to act honorably and negotiate a remedy for said injured party. If there is not a claim from an injured party, this court has no jurisdiction to adjudicate an alleged code/statue violation against a woman in private capacity. Any attempt to unlawfully establish jurisdiction will be presumed to be a conspiratorial attempt to commit a fraudulent unlawful conversion among a number of other serious crimes. If this should occur I will pursue remedy against the perpetrators in both their public and private capacity along with their employers to seek damages for all accrued costs and injuries associated with this matter in a common law court of record.

    I thank the court and its administrators for their cooperation and understanding in this mix-up.

    first-middle: Last _______ Date:____

    Fell free to dl it and use as you will. Handwrite in all rights reserved under your signature if you use it. Get the clerk to stamp and sign it and give you a copy.

    1. Bodhi - thanks man, appreciate this. Also would it be, in the larger jurisdiction of things, you're mom is actually owed for her time & trouble & distress for having been detained & inferred upon, by the Corporate Mercenary LEO. Ultimately is she owed shekels, here?
      As we move forward with our jurisdiction as supreme to their gov services corp injection, interference into our lives, its also our ability to force upon them the responding kind of claims they attempted to make upon us, as monetary values, as their corp jewdicial-banking-court systems.
      Soon I hope we're able to whip out such a paper, present it to them & as simply, force them to PAY US IN TREBEL DAMAGES immediately or incur our Lawful Court of Record damages, arbitration or however. Just wondering... cuz its TIME FOR THEM TO PAY UP... seems only then will they leave us alone.
      Thanks & stay sane

    2. Bodhi, I am in the process of watching some of your videos
      This one in particular about the Scofield Bible

      You might find this of some interest

      The Scofield Bible, Rothchild and Oxford Publishing

      Thanks for the above letter reference

    3. Another link of some interest Bodhi and others

    4. Hey bruv,
      Well technically yes but if you want to win the case you would have to properly set it up and get the cop to screw up. Technically they don't have the right to stop and talk to you at all but you aren't likely to win a case for damages for simply being stopped. Now if you told them what is in that letter and they still hassled you etc then you could build a decent case against them you may be able to win if you can get them to do some silly stuff they shouldn't be doing. I think the police are nice to have on the roads to stop the criminals, drunk drivers and joy riding half wit speeders. I have no problem with them doing their job I only have a problem with them acting outside of their jurisdiciton. I earned the right to be a sovereign with my research and knowledge, which is what I am often saying about this not being a bad system most people need to be treated like children because they act like children and are dangerous and dumb. The system is fine when it isn't being abused. If they can't figure this stuff out or don't even try too they are right where they need to be imo, just my imo

    5. Thanks for the feedback Bodhi - thought you would find that interesting

    6. Know More News just did a decent show some conspiratard aspects but also some decent material I know you will enjoy this Shelby lol

    7. Bodhi - Yep, Know More News does great work, showing in their own words what JEWS themselves say. And now Seattle Nov 8, 2019 their new 911? So that would be 2 corners of USA. Whats next after Seattle, Miami or Broward County? Whats the next corner Arizona? S. Cali?
      Will the jews send out warning messages just like they did pre-911 for Seattle to only their jews?
      Sen. Al Franken: One of the widely disseminated stories was that no Jews died in the collapse of the Trade Towers because they had received calls telling them not to go to work that day. To tell you the truth, I got the Jew call. I had an office in the Trade Center where I used to do most of my writing. The call came from former New York mayor Ed Koch. “Al,” he told me, “don’t go to work on the twenty-third day of Elul [September 11, 2001.].”

    8. The scofield stuff is legit good info ty Shelby

    9. Yah Adam does some good snoopig Wink, he is a little light o esoteric knowledge though so tak that stuff with a grain of salt when he waders off the path of his wheelhouse lol. Good guy though and good work.

  33. This scam has gone on for so long and on such a vast level I wonder if there is any means to pay, we are talking about staggering amounts of money, currency, etc. This surely has to be part of the problem in front of them, Anna has alluded to this I think.

  34. It's not a problem for them they have hide outs everywhere, private castles, hundreds of thousands of acres of land, all the wealth they could ever need for many many lifetimes
    Their aim is total death across the board to all people, they have no intentions of giving anyone anything back
    Georgia Guidestones is their blueprint
    500,000,000 million is all they need left to manage ther earthly plantation and according to the Kalergi Plan those people will be brown

  35. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 1, 2019 at 7:58 PM

    Totally agree Shelby.
    They TOOK IT. Where the eff is it?
    This "dog ate my homework malarkey" is OVER; like,
    Oooooo, poof, abracadabra it's magick they can't FIND it!!. O Boohoo, let's all get out our tiny violins and play a tiny sad song...they can't find what they stole from us. Maybe we can hire some professional wailers and mourners.
    What they stole wasn't fiction.
    Its here somewhere.
    Where is it?
    We want our stuff back.:):)

  36. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 1, 2019 at 8:07 PM

    Will, agree with your 10/01 11:56.

    But they're not acting in good faith at ALL.
    They haven't changed anything.
    They haven't started closing their FAKE courts.
    They have retained access to our Trust accounts for themselves.
    They've ramped up the mortgage frauds and land thefts.

    They're still acting in bad faith, and have gotten worse.

  37. I looked on the UN website and found the ICD 10 codes used for medical identity and whatever they put in your "world" medical file. Lists all things in a strange way and codes not intended for things are stuck on them anyway is one thing VA does. UN explains the program that 40 some countries are signed up for yet only 4 I think in compliance. Obummer got right with the program and entered everyone in the 57 insular states. He was honest about that. He would call them "the insular states" and referred to 57 not 50 states. So they could make up quarantine lists and arrest "diseased" people. A local job for 19 dollars an hour inspecting coffee stands for health it was discovered is a part time local job for a doctor with authority to quarantine if necessary. Part of some weird medical arrest and genocide plan most likely that is falling apart it seems.

    1. ICD10 coding also includes the medical code for beheadings

      They will behead you, organ havest and then bill your Obamacare insurance companies for your death cashing in on your birth certificate bonds and making a bucket load more from selling your organs, skin, hair, who knows what else

      Rockefeller created the AMA and he also funds all medical schools - all diseases and codes and such come from organizations that these hethens started

      Let me give you an example, NCQH is supposed to be about quality of healthcare and the care you receive - funny it is a 501c3 now isn't it? As they progress in their death care roll out they streamline their operations creating more groups as they go

      Think in this context Organization of American States (OAS)

      They not telling anyone about the North American Union they got running in parrallel to the crap we being fed on tell lie vision

      Go look up stuff about the North American Summit or Summit of the Americas I think is what they calling it

      See guilianni and the bush gang have big plans for the new commerce routes and the North American Union

      Their 21 goals to depopulate the united states includes the loss of all industrial jobs like car manufacturing, steel industry, you name it they have killed it by taking it to other 'nations' for cheaper slave labor cost

      Hence why everything you buy at walmart is made in vietnam,haiti, indonesia, india, all the places they have destroyed and taken over their entire infrastruture for their planned green global serfdom and poverty for all in their jew world order

      And look no further than to these so called heros who have been participating in carrying out this plan for decades
      Read the below link about them quarantining entire sects of population until you comply

  38. Anyone know anything about 21st Century Cures Act?
    $6.3 billion dollars handed out to NHI for this ACT

    How about Social Determinants of Health or SDOH
    SDOH is defined by the World Health Organization
    Read more in the link below

    I hope the link above works for everyone

    What they are doing is rolling out their US healthcare initiatives all over the world which would include everyone on the planet getting their dose of required vaccines - except those of course who do not have to get them like the Bill Gates family

    This is world wide folks all of it

    Pay close attention to how they derive and add ICD10 codes to the medical billing codes

    Data, data, data

    So while they put all this money in to these IT initiatives there are people who have no clean drinking water or a roof over there heads and they wonder why their health or mental well being is bad?

    Can't build the people sufficient housing and give them clean inflouidated water, we must put $6.3 billion dollars towards the information technology sector?


    1. Take note HiMSS is a non profit that works GLOBALLY

      Does the following map look familiar

      UN map