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Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Importance of Land and Who Owns It?

 By Anna Von Reitz

When the current world organizational structure was set up, three basic jurisdictions were set up: air, land and sea. 

The Pope controlled the air. 
The Spanish King controlled the land.
The British King controlled the sea.

And the Spanish and British Kings both owed their offices to the Pope, albeit, in different capacities. 

So when we talk about land in the modern world we are talking about: (1) cadastral surveys, and (2) Spanish Land Grants -- whether or not Spain ever directly occupied or possessed the land in question. 

Once the Spanish King put his signature on a Land Grant, that Land Grant and the Deed accompanying it, is the Possession of the Grantee and no superseding action can remove it.  

Land is what the rest of us call the Subsoil underlying a country.  Land is fundamentally important, because it underlies everything on Earth, including the Oceans.  It is what creates and gives rise to the Soil--- and the Soil's Jurisdiction defined as the top six inches of the Land.  You cannot have a country without land, and a nation (population) has no standing without land.  

So it is of critical importance that our land was--- and is---- properly granted to us by the King of Spain as of 1778, and the Deeds have been preserved along with the Treaties by General Cortez and his family, so that there is no question whatsoever that our country is rightfully founded and we have the possession and ownership of it as acknowledged by all current systems of international law.  

To the extent that pirates have come upon the land and tried to claim it and have enforced a brutal and foreign system of land "titles" to overlay the actual grants, grant-deeds, and patents, the Maxim of Law applies: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." 

The British King and the Pope combined cannot change what the Spanish King has written and what they, themselves, have agreed to.  

Whereupon we have invoked our underlying grants and deeds and patents and brought them forward with full standing to rebut the presumption that there are no Americans still retaining their native birthright and inheritance interests. 

We are here, present and accounted for.  The land of this country belongs to us and to all those who accept and retain their birthright nativity; and, with the land goes the soil, which is part of the land.


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  1. Are there instructions anywhere on our website as to how to reclaim or reinforce our land grants? Directions please.

    1. who are you looking for to "Grant" you what belongs to God!?
      God already gave man dominion, whose permission do you think you need to use your gifts?

    2. And He changes the times and the seasons: He removes kings, and sets up kings: He gives wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:
      Not we, we the people are not in charge!

    3. REGARDING COMMENT BY: woman:janmarie November 27, 2022 at 1:28 AM.

      Who writes: "who are you looking for to "Grant" you what belongs to God!?"

      W.J.M. You may be "believing;" (as you plainly bloviate) about "God" or "god" or "GOD," etc. Whereby your every word exposes serious flaws in your any foundation.
      Most obviously because you seemingly presume the word "god" - in whatever form - may be useful. Even though you likely know (if only in the very back or your mind?) the word "God" (no matter what written form) is arbitrary, capricious, meaningless, even devious, if not wholly useless.
      W.J.M. your writing leads to this - You live in a make-believe "world" and you care not to observe facts and acts. Facts and acts seemingly escape your notice.
      Suit-up in the armor of facts and acts, and gather the straight arrows of "truth" which, as attributed to the Sovereign Savior Anointed angel are facts and acts that we are called to know, by The Son of Man, (metaphorically or actually) who is the solo inheritor of His Father Kingdom (of wisdom, goodness, parental nurturing and peace making eternal. etc. etc.) It may be discerned HE intends we inherit the earth? Yes, but what inheritance was not firstly won?
      And as it is attributed to this Man's words: "I am the way, the truth, and the life."
      These words are useful armor, and useful weaponry to defend temporally/eternally what may easily be recognized as "good." Good! GOOD!
      W.J.M. I pray you arrive within and for the eternal “very good.”
      Best to you. Face facts, acts, and what is. And you may come to enjoy Anna’s exegesis?
      And may you win the inheritance HE may intend for you and all. Do you not agree - we have to win it? Even as you may prefer to short-cut the heavy lifting, by writing as you have so often written?

      And if the earth may be intended for us . . . what else have you to say W.J.M.?

      be well.

    4. anony357 pm,
      your mental meanderings about me are baseless.
      i hope you find help.

  2. Goodness! (IMO) Every Red-Blooded American must know everything that is stated above here, completely understand all of this as well as all its implications - ASAP!

    1. When America the Republic in session and the corporation been liquidated by April 28, 2018, they must stand down everything back to America the Republic of Benjamin Franklin and the founder this your regulate and feel good blessed

  3. I agree 200 percent Republic form of government let uphold international law, and Distraint notice and tried these foreigners, and Title 28.01 banishment off our organic soil, land jurisdiction this is an Republic form of government and we got this, states in session we rolling, give thanks to the most, blessed to all, family.

  4. The Republic is not in session. It was operated by the States of America who went home sine die during the Civil War and have yet to return. The States need to be reconstructed first!

    1. there has never been a Republic:...
      putting Republic with Free and Independent nations.
      the two do not go together.
      its like putting skunk poop with pumpkin pie.
      if you have Free and Independent nations united together, it is a Confederation, Confederacy, Confederal. its bottom-up authority.
      conversely, if you have Federal, its CENTRALIZED AT THE TOP.
      Central Government, Central Bank, its top-down authority:

    2. my comment just got wiped off as i was getting ready to post:
      i ended by saying:

      i believe *they* believe in "Karma", so,
      let "Karma" ride each one of their backs heavy, until every undue evil theyve done is worked off, multiplied by at least three.

      lol! guess someone is afraid of that? :):):)

    3. so yeh, there's been no change in the States of America, July 2, 1776.
      Theres nothing they can do about that either... its not ' ...from consent of the People/Elected Deputies', its '... from consent of the governed/ the *people*'.
      if the States of America, July 2, 1776, decided to adjourn sine die its none of Washington, District of the FICTION IsisColumbia's damn business. theyre not a part of our Confederated Union. they are not us.
      theres no law that we have to meet on any certain schedule but the one we make for ourselves.
      if we dont want to EVER meet again, that changes nothing about the States of America or our Confederated Union with one another.
      Apparently they thought it was a good idea to mercilessly attack us the same as they did to the indigenous nations and peoples also.
      it looks like they stole their land, and our labor.
      didnt "anna" say "she" knows of some kind of "Labor Bonds"? and "Land Bonds/Trusts"!!!??
      there ya go... land and labor. looks like both were STOLEN.??
      so on and on with the Stories and Excuses??
      shutting people down? cowards,... deleteing comments??? ... thats not going to change the situation. theres nowhere to hide.
      we, man, ALL have right to require restoration.
      and *you*man who break peace/cause harm, are held to restore.

      like i said,
      since i believe they believe in "Karma", and fear it, i say:
      let "Karma" ride all of their backs until they work off, by at least a multiple of three, each undue evil thing theyve done until they complete the required restoration. peace-full. law-full.
      and it is so.

    4. @woman:janmarie Federation, Federacy, Federal. Two very different things.

    5. You do you, and I'll do me. Come on people. The fix is so simple if you just actually except what we have done by changing our political status and coming back to the Land and soil that our LORD God, the creator, gave us. When that happens NOTHING ELSE MATTERS

    6. Man. Woman. No thing else. Give back ALL Legal Titels to those that Crea Te d them. The Given Christ/Christian name/s is Life. A.V.R. misdirects. Soul claimher using divide and conkher. American, German, Texan, Wisconsonite. Non. Only Man or Woman.

    7. They went home sine die bcuz they knew Lincoln was an imposter and everyone behind him would be imposters and all have been.

    8. Jan Marie is CORRECT....hmu here Jan: and I can send you what I have found. Here is my BitChute Channel:

    9. they are being reconstructed -join your assembly and help

    10. ddwk, your:
      "...Federation, Federacy, Federal. Two very different things."

      which two? thats three. what do you mean?

    11. anony 9:10 AM,
      whats to change? we never left the land-gifts given to man by God.

      their CystStem does not belong to American or indigenous American man; neither do those NAMEs, Dock-You-Ments, Courts, Bye-Laws, Depart-Ments, OffEyeSays, OffEyeSirs, PallEyeSees, and so on.
      thats their mess.
      let them clean it up.

    12. Be U Te Ful,
      thou art so right. man.
      ref.: jesuis said love God; love man, as self and you have FULL FILLED all Gods law!
      what is true is so simple! weve been so badly miss-led.

    13. anony444pm,
      i will keep your gmail. did you realize, phoen-tically, your gmail address c/b APOLLO DUDE?! :):):)

    14. isnt APOLLO Spanish for a chicken? so what do we have here?
      RES-idents war-shipping a POLLO? the cows against the chickens?

    15. anony948pm,
      that is not the July 2, 1776 States of America....
      i:woman say the July 2, 1776 States of America CONTINUE WITH NO INTERRUPTION TO OUR INTENT; and it is so.

  5. "conversely,
    If you have Federal, its CENTRALIZED AT THE TOP.
    Central Government, Central Bank, its top-down authority:woman:janmarie.

    This word 'federal' is informing/us or anyone willing to learn those hard-but illusive fakts that any federal entity is under a contract with us the living soli-walking people, (but not guys!)

    .[. guys are not people - could be anything but the soil-walking living people .]

    Make America Free and Healthy m

    1. anony627am,
      what contract? there is no contract.
      who signed it? Witnesses only, so = No Signatories. and No Signatories = No Contract.
      where is the consent from the governed?... there isnt any.
      where is the Legal Phrase "We the People" defined? nowhere.
      When did the People/ Elected Deputies get consent to change the form
      of Government unanimously instituted by the peoples consent? never.
      so then, there isnt a contract. its a farce like the Birth Certificates.

  6. the people are free and independent the Republic, with properly elected pepole acts administratively to direct International law, treaties and commerce.

    1. there isnt A Republic. there never has been.
      You guys are going to HAVE to read your UnanDecl and Articles of Confederation. study them.

      what definition of Properly Elected are you using?
      by what authority do you use that Legal Phrase concern the Deputies for the people on the States?
      show the law that you believe allows you to do that.
      Do you say there is a Referendum, necessary, whereby the people do consent?

  7. sense land can't be sold, no man can sell it, so it must be given, what is sold is a color of title a fiction, and that is created by a commercial corporations ,that fiction is not land, it is a use contract of a commercial public trust.

    1. you said alot there.
      exactly, land cannot be sold. who could sell something that was already here before any of us got here? its Gods. he gifted it to us to use.
      they know this....
      that is why, no doubt imo, they make-up their FICTIONS like "Grants", "Trusts", "Contracts" to use, along with Force and Abuse, to rob (a) man of the fruit of (that) mans labor to pay them what he does not owe them, for using "their" property .... that they know is not theirs.
      i say woe! over them like jesuis did. they are under the hand of creators judgment, and it is right that they are.

      man has right and is intended to make his claim on a portion of what is here and use it to take care of himself and his own loved ones. when he does, he has right to not be interfered with/ "trespassed upon" as long as he doesnt unlaw-fullie break peace.
      law:common:American and ancient, like [ref:] jesuis taught.