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Saturday, November 26, 2022

More Idiocy Concerning "the" Confederacy -- Which One?

 By Anna Von Reitz

The actual Confederation -- not "Confederacy"-- was created as of March 1, 1781 and functioned under The Articles of Confederation; it ceased operations after Lincoln's election in 1860, because the Southern Delegates walked out, leaving the organization without a quorum. It has never resumed operations since then and has not been "Reconstructed" by the States that created it. 

The remaining Northern Delegates milled around and created what they called "the Union Confederacy" and the absentee Southern Delegates formed what they called, "The Confederate States of America".  It is this second, Southern group that is popularly called "the Confederacy" today.
So, right out of the box, you have the original Confederation that was formed under The Articles of Confederation, rendered useless for lack of quorum. 

You have two splinter group "confederacies" neither one of which are operating under The Articles of Confederation. 

The Northern splinter group calls itself "the Union Confederacy" and later, just "the Union" --- which it never was; the Southern splinter group calls itself "The Confederate States of America" and later, just "the Confederacy".  

This is what the records say and this is what happened, no matter how much people wish it were otherwise, and no matter how many axes there may still be to grind. 

The Confederation is for all practical purposes, dead.  It has been dead for 162 years.  The actual States can reconstruct it or bury it upon their current-day reconsideration, but it is not viable as is and hasn't been for a very long time.  

Before we move on from this solid point, let's review what the Confederation was and where it fit in the structure of American Government. 

The Confederation was the third structural element of the American Government.

Prior to creating the Confederation, the independent States created a Union of States standing together under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, doing business as the United States. 

Two months later, the same independent States created a Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.  Both of these organizations were and are unincorporated by definition, and both were formed in 1776.

Five years later, and still in the grips of The War of Independence, the same States created the Confederation and began doing their mutual Maritime (Commercial) business as the States of America.  

This represents a logical progress of development.  The original Union of States gave rise to a Federation of their States conducting International and Global business.  Five years on, they re-delegated powers originally exercised by the Federation to the Confederation, thereby separating the Admiralty and Trade Powers (Federation) and the Maritime Commercial Powers (Confederation).  

The structure of the American Government allowed the Union of States to control the National Jurisdiction of the soil while being protected by both the Federation operating in International Jurisdiction and the Confederation operating in Global Jurisdiction.  

Everything functioned as intended for 85 years, and then, the original Confederation failed for lack of quorum. 

There is still one other point about the Confederation to be considered. 

Whereas the Union and the Federation had the independent and sovereign States as members, the Confederation membership consisted of the states-of-states business organizations that the actual States employed to deliver government services.  

When the Union and the Federation held meetings, the States sent delegations.  When the Confederation held meetings, the states-of-states, like The State of Ohio and The State of Florida, sent delegations. 

These meetings were called "Congresses" and the delegates sent to these meetings were, of course, Congressmen, even though they were considering business in distinctly different jurisdictions and even though they varied according to the kind of entity, State or State-of-State, being represented as their membership. 

Note that the Confederation is distinct and different and apart from either of the two confederacies, North and South, spawned from it.  Notice the difference in the verbiage: the Confederation (1781) is not the same as the "Confederacies" formed from it in 1860.  

And, importantly, neither of the Confederacies can claim any authority vested in them by The Articles of Confederation.  These Articles approved by the States were for a perpetual union of State-of-State organizations -- but this union and the organization that represented it, failed in 1860. 

Also note that one of the resulting Confederacies, "the Union Confederacy" calling itself the "Union" and the State-of-State organizations supporting it and calling themselves "the Union States" during the Civil War, can easily be confused with and mistaken for the actual Union of States formed in 1776 so far as the verbiage is concerned. 

As a result, when we talk about "the Union States" it is further necessary to explicitly define the context of the conversation --- are we talking about the 1776 Declaration Union States, that is, the free, sovereign and independent States, or are we talking about "the Union States" of the Northern Confederacy representing, for example, The State of New York, during the Civil War?  

There are two different Unions involved, differing in kind and in power, originating in different time periods, having different characters, different memberships,, and different inherent powers and limitations. 

Today, we face well-funded Opportunists who would seek to commandeer our efforts on the proverbial wooden nickel.  These people who claim that the Southern Confederacy never surrendered and therefore that it  represents the only valid part of our American Government to survive the Civil War, are blissfully ignorant.  

The free and independent sovereign States survived it.  The Union of those States survived it.  And the Federation of States survived it.  

All of these Powers are greater by far than any unauthorized splinter group of state-of-state business organizations representing the Southern Confederacy, all of which were ruinated in the collapse of The Confederate States of America, whether they formally surrendered or not. 

Meanwhile, why didn't the sovereign and independent States represented by the 1776 Union and the Federation of States participate in the Civil War?  

First, because the Civil War wasn't a war.  It was an undeclared and illegal Commercial Mercenary Conflict engendered on our land and soil. This is proven by the fact that there is no record of any Congress issuing a Declaration of War, and no Peace Treaty ending it.  

Second, because we chose a different route -- to pay the cost of buying all slaves their freedom, and to abolish and outlaw the evil practice of enslavement from that point on.  

The Good News is that two-thirds of the original American Government survived the Civil War, and that portion, the 1776 Union and the Federation of States, is more than sufficient to operate this country with no reference to the Confederation at all. 

Remember that the Federation of States provided all external business negotiations and services from 1776 to 1781; we can do so again. We don't need the services of the Confederation to manage our affairs. 

Also notice that all powers originally delegated to the Confederation returned to the Delegators by Operation of Law, when it ceased to function, so the Federation from whence those Powers came is already in receipt of them and is merely exercising them again. 

Observe that when we issued the Summons for the State Assemblies to come back into Session, it took less than two months to secure adequate declared representatives from all fifty States to "reboot" the entire structure. 

Observe that there are now fifty (50) State Assemblies in Session. 

Those Territorial "States" which had been organized under the provisions of the Northwest Ordinance and then left in limbo awaiting the time when the free and independent sovereign States would reconvene and enroll them as full States in the 1776 Union finally got their relief as of the first of October 2020, when the States enrolled as of 1860 voted unanimously to enroll all the Territorial States. 

This action has provided us with fifty (50) fully credentialed States of the 1776 Union, fully empowered to exercise their Treaties and Contracts. 

Finally, please note that our free, sovereign, and independent States are republican in nature, and have never been democracies subject to the demands of mandates or majorities or large numbers of delegates representing various political factions. 

For the purpose of claiming our assets and invoking our so-called reversionary trust interest, we have more than enough self-aware, fully documented, recorded, and declared Americans standing as independent sovereigns in their own right on the land and soil of every State of the Union provided for under our own Public and Organic Laws. 

There is no need, no legal provision for, and no lawful reason for the British King or the Pope, either one, to assume any right or interest with respect to our property and material assets, nor any role for them related to our property and material assets that is not provided for within the context of our venerable treaties and service contracts. 

Any other argument seeking to condone their avarice in the face of our long-established objections is insupportable.


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  1. no need to have someone interpret our two Government papers for you.
    you can read for yourself and youll quickly see that:
    both our Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen united States of America
    and our Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union are made BETWEEN THE STATES ONLY and includes both trade and Commerce! it does not include any other country, including the "country??" Washinton, District of Coumbia/Isis.
    if thats wrong, someone please show me so i can make it right.

    so, the Deputies/"Legislators" did wrong; in law: changing from a Confederated Union.... IF THEY EVER ACTUALLY *DID* CHANGE IT!!!! i have to wonder.
    ... I mean, look at the "elections" now --- "officials" openly changing "vote totals"... i seriously doubt that the Legislators would change the law-fully instituted Government just a few years after an 8- year War to establish it.
    it just doesnt make any sense.
    something else happened that is not being told yet.
    and its required that all be peace-fully and law-fully restored.
    all these heinous acts are riding on those peoples' souls... their own bad "karma" is like a skinny monkey riding their back with big triangular razor teeth chomped into their neck.... they cant get away, hes dug in, hes gonna get his.

    1. I would suggest further study and research if you don’t comprehend the material. 🤷🏻
      Additionally, humbly and politely asking questions, so as to receive evidence, verification and explanations for your questions and misunderstandings, would be far more helpful and conducive to a peaceful informative discussion on the facts, that could spark debate and dialogue between those with the similar interests in freedoms and equality, than a non- evidenced, uninformative rant/tirade about how you perceive things to be. Jus a thought…

    2. Yes Janmarie! I have discovered what EVERYONE has been tricked in to doing to THEMSELVES at the local DMV. What you are saying about the existing government and all those Organic Laws IS correct but it all began to change after the 10 Bills of so called Rights. The 14th Amendment altered the CITIZENSHIP CLAUSE in the body of the Constitution which wipes out ANY rights conferred to its "citizens" in that original document. I have lots of videos I have made regarding this and they are FREE, no need to DONATE to receive HOT AIR from a wiccan witch in the Great White North! Here's the link:

    3. 1. the 14th amendment was not established lawfully 2. by claiming ones birthright status one retains rights not privileges and is no longer a subject to the 14th amendment citizenry scam and can address the DMV. Also, check out Norton vs.Shelby or EPA vs. W. Virginia case text. DMV has no proper authority or jurisdiction.

  2. "...for the purpose of claiming our assets and invoking our so-called reversionary trust interest..."

    didnt "anna" just write that there ARENT any "Trusts"?!

  3. ....finally please note that our free sovereign and independent States are republican in nature...
    free and independent State are not republican, democratic, theocratic, monarchical, communistic, socialistic.... those are all man-made and all Political, and all Politics are FICTION. ... theyre Free and Independent!
    our Unanimous Declaration, July 2, 1776, does not have the word *sovereign* nor the word *Union* anywhere in it like "anna's" fabricated "Union of 1776"!!! it does not have the word "republican" in it either!!! omgosh!!! lol!!! what a crock!!!
    read it for yourself! :):):)
    you guys better start checking this stuff out for yourselves. its not hard to do!
    i encourage you, just read it! you'll see what it says :).
    its says the States are
    FORMERLY known as the United Colonies
    now each is Free and Independent
    and they are united together under God's authority AND PROTECTION!
    this is hysterically funny!


    1. It seems to me that meaning for your independent State/sovereign comment was meant as a Republic- not republication...?


    3. REPUBLIC. A commonwealth; that form of government in which the administration of affairs is open to all the citizens. In another sense, it signifies the state, independently of its form of government. 1 Toull. n. 28, and n. 202, note. In this sense, it is used by Ben Johnson. Those that, by their deeds make it known, whose dignity they do sustain; And life, state, glory, all they gain, Count the Republic's, not their own, Vide Body Politic; Nation; State.
      A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.

    4. anony657pm,
      are you talking about definitions?
      if yes, pls specify. also, what difference(s) are you pointing out? ty!

    5. anony714pm
      so then what is your definition for that word, and in what context is it so-?used?
      no criticism, just an FYI if youre interested:
      bouviers is LEGAL, so its for CORPORATIONS, not man.
      you listed 4 or more possible LEGAL definitions for that same word....
      which def. is it? even in their jumbled-up, deceitful system, i believe that may be referred to as something like "Void for Vagueness", and then considered "inadmissable" when there are multiple defs and its not made known which one is being used... factcheck that tho, i dont know LEGAL.

  4. ...this action provided us with 50 fully credentialed States of the 1776 Union...

    omg! now ive really got the chuckles!!!

    what is a "Credential-ed" State?
    by what authority and law are they "Credential-ed"?
    who needs "Credentials" if one is free and independent?

    i will wait................ :):):) lol!!

    1. W.J.M.
      Sink your parasitical proboscis into this:

      From George Santayana:
      "Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

      (your presumptive claim to "independence" is laughable, You have zero "credit"able worthiness; Though your parasitism may give you short sustenance, in that you too "...among [your kindred] savages, [your] infancy is perpetual.")

    2. anony 11:18 pm.
      wel, youre apparently the vril lizard, not me, so go stick your proboscis in your own eye why dont you?

    3. As revered Historian George Santayana wrote:

      "...infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

      woman:janmarie - enjoy your perpetual ground hog days.

      And, as we are yet in "the season of Thanks," I mediate/pray with all on this forum who "give Thanks" for our duty bound Historian Anna Von Reitz. Thank you Anna, for compassing the route out. To greater freedoms, greater "independence." "Independence" in concert with mankind in loving wisdom.

    4. Emotional tone scales range through various "states," from total "Oblivion " to potential eternal "Serenity of Being."

      In the descent to oblivion there is an identifiable state/condition knowable as "the glee of insanity, aka the glee of irresponsibility." Clues to one who is in such a condition/emotional state (glee) is sometimes evidenced in their communiques. A case in point:

      "omg! now ive really got the chuckles!!!

      what is a "Credential-ed" State?
      by what authority and law are they "Credential-ed"?
      who needs "Credentials" if one is free and independent?

      i will wait................ :):):) lol!!

      Readers, you may discern evidence of one in a state of "glee?" Humbly submitted to the readers of this forum,


    5. i dont care what youre writing.
      youre mind is flying around.
      not worth my time.

  5. Surname, family name, clan name, tribe name is the trap being set. There is only the Christ/Christian name/s. Truth. What contract has Anna/annA enticed the Wo/Man into?

  6. @woman:janmarie
    Just a friendly observation:
    For those of us that seek truth rather the proverbial drips of the gently squeezed designated runner’s teat, try less decorative sarcasms like a turd on a velvet cupcake I imagine more will consider and perhaps consume it.

    Too many do not honestly seek the actual truth to espouse on their brethren rather to merely replace the derrière in the throne of the disingenuous.

    You have worthy points of discussion clouded in gotchaisms of youthfulness. It blocks the light of your wisdom. Been their done that to self defeating frustration overload.

    Thank you though for trying to trip those hypnotized into thinking it through. Focus on the intention rather the ambiance. Let OUR independence discern truths. Let the puzzle pieces speak freely for themselves as they are turned and revealed.

    Have A Blessed Day!

    1. Thomas-Michael,
      you are right, there are those who arent invested in finding whats true, and rather, are working to keep it covered up.
      yes, the gimmickiness of some of my comments is intended to break that droning hummm of legalese-like mumbojumbo that can add to mans unnatural, already half- hypnotized brainwave state.
      really luv your: "Focus on the intention rather [than] the ambiance.
      Let OUR independence discern truths.
      Let the puzzle pieces speak freely for themselves as they are turned and revealed."
      yes, yes, and yes. inspired words. heart and mind open. thank you.


  8. Babylon is Fallen