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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Haunted Thanksgiving

 By Anna Von Reitz

It was perfectly obvious to me at age seven that LBJ and the CIA killed Jack Kennedy.  There was never any doubt. My parents shot glances at each other across the kitchen table. They knew, too.  

They didn’t want to know, but they knew. 

If we all knew, why don’t you?  Why does there continue to be any veil of doubt or ignorance at all? 

I think we all knew and still know.  It’s just that some of us had guts enough to own it. 

My hero in those days was Jim Garrison, a Texan, who knew the truth, too, and dared to say it, “Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy.” 

It was such a relief to hear a grown up come out and say it.   That’s why I loved Jim Garrison then and the reason I still remember him like a lighthouse tower in a time of darkness.  

And I watched this country coil in pain and rage and most of all, confusion.  How could something like the JFK Assassination happen here? 

How could the Warren Commission Report or all the whitewash since ever be “accepted”? 

It wasn’t accepted by me.  Not a bit of it. 

LBJ and CIA, FBI and M16.  

Jim Garrison, a grown up, thought the same things as me.  He fingered them for the crime. He exonerated Oswald. And he stood his ground, like the best men in Texas always have. 
He gave me hope that Justice would be done. 

But the people in this country wimped out and failed.  The majority were so hurt they just wanted to push forward into any future they could find, and I think we all felt helpless, too. 

What do you do when those entrusted to uphold justice are dirty, rotten skunks? 

So the great and terrible Thanksgiving week of 1963 rolled on; Jim Garrison stood tall from the beginning to the end of all that was to come. 

And me? I named my white rabbit Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Nobody but my Father understood why. 

It was all I could do in my childish way to memorialize a young man who died as a scapegoat.  I knew Lee didn’t do it. I could see it in his eyes: hopeless fear. I heard it when he told the reporters, “I’m a patsy!” 

I had no doubt that he was. 

My Father sat down in his favorite chair one night, and hefted my seven year-old self and my white rabbit, Lee Harvey Oswald, onto his lap.  He petted the rabbit’s ears and nodded. 

Sometimes his silence was more than enough. 

No need to tell him what had really happened, or why I named my rabbit after Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Years later when my rabbit died there was a tiny white popsicle-stick cross in the flower garden with Lee Harvey Oswald’s name printed on it. An innocent young man, only 24 years old, who loved his country and who was horribly betrayed — by the Vermin, and by us all, just keeping our heads down and moving along like a herd of sheep in a rain storm. 

I have paused every year since then and thought about it all at Thanksgiving time, about JFK, and Jim Garrison, and Lee Harvey Oswald — and how this whole country, one way or another, myself included, has failed them all. 

The CIA got away with it.  LBJ got away with it. JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald paid for it.  Jim Garrison stood almost alone—- a little girl and a white rabbit in Wisconsin notwithstanding. 

We have all paid for it in our hearts and souls, because we didn’t hold the Vermin to account for it.  There was no justice for JFK or Lee Harvey Oswald, either one. 

And now, the seeds of that have spread so that there is no justice for any of us. 

I did read the Warren Commission Report when I grew up enough to read it.  

Then I took out to the back forty, tied it up with twine, and used the block of paper for target practice.  It was already so “full of holes” it quickly succumbed to the .22 caliber fusillade, followed by some .357 shots,  followed by some Winchester 30.30’s from my old deer rifle, and finally a few  good blasts from my Mom’s twelve gauge, fired from the hip, using 00 buckshot.  

It was a lovely fall day, crisp and sunny, and I stood looking at the demolished target, the Warren Commission Report reduced to bits of white paper littering a hillside in Old Wisconsin, bits of it beginning to flutter away in the wind. 

Seemed like a fitting end to it.  

Perhaps I should have taken a picture of it to send to the bureaucrats in Washington to tell them how I really felt about it? 

Then there was Wounded Knee, and Pine Ridge, and Ruby Ridge, Ollie North, and Waco, the Twin Towers, and another Blue Ribbon Committee Report not worth the paper it was printed on, and now you wonder how “our” elections could be stolen? 

Did you miss the raid on the CIA Offices in Frankfurt, Germany? 

All these evils, all the lies and false flags and murders and everything else, are being perpetuated by the CIA and other misdirected “Intel Agencies” that are being paid for out of the Public Purse but not operated for the Public Good.

These elections are skewed the same way the CIA/FBI Combo does everything else: by fraud, violence, deceit, propaganda, non-disclosure and abuse of power, by acting under color of law, by the cowardly pigs in Congress standing by and doing nothing at all about any of the alphabet soup Agencies, and by people like us never asking the question: how did these unelected, unaccountable, out of control Agencies get a license to bully and kill and steal from the rest of us?  

How do they get off entrapping people on American soil? 

How do they have any right to surveillance us? 

Looks to me like we need to be the ones doing the watching — rat watching. 

I can tell you how the feckless members of Congress have worked it, and numerous political administrations, too.  It’s easy. They create these Three Letter Agencies and hire them to be their storefronts and sock puppets. 

DOJ?  Created by the Scottish Interloper that impersonated our government after the Civil War, to function as an in-house law firm to protect the Vermin from the Public—- paid for at Public expense. 

CDC?  A private, for-profit corporation used for illegal purposes by the DC Swine like Fauci, using Federal grant money as leverage to get any “scientific” results they want.  All at Public Expense. 

NIH?  Same thing. 

WHO?  Same thing. 

Go to any University Campus and you can order any scientific results and whatever scientific opinions from so-called “experts” that you want.  Just bring your purse. 

Wave the carrot of government graft and you can have whatever results you want, made to order, and never mind the facts or the logic. 

The Pandemic is just more of the same, once again brought to us all by misdirected Government Agencies that have no actual authority at all. 

And now we have “the QFS” — another CIA Op coming to us from their new bosses in China. Note the name of the Operation: Crimson Gate, a gate being opened into your backyard and into your pockets and blood streams by CIA Contractors working out of Wright-Patterson. 

We still owe a debt to JFK and his family and to Lee Harvey Oswald and his family, too. 

That debt is to clean up the Royal Swamp that has been substituting itself for our American Government.  All of it. 

Beginning with the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, the CDC, the NIH, and the CIA.  And all the politicians and Boards of Directors standing behind them, misdirecting them.  

Remember the slain and the innocent and the heroes like Jim Garrison this Thanksgiving. In between the Turkey and the cranberry sauce—
size up what you can do to return this country to sanity. 

We have a debt to pay, but it’s not to the IRS. 


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  1. The British/Khazarian CIA, FBI, MI6, etc. and their masters, will soon meet their end in a Lake of Fire, but first God's wrath will be poured out upon them, and "they shall seek death, but death shall flee from them. Before this decade ends.

  2. Justice will come. They think they get away with all these things, but there is a place where the souls go, who were not judged upon the earth.

  3. We definitely can each pray that the unruly states of affairs will find an amazing resolution by the power of God!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Anna, Paul and all of the PaulstramerNet visitors.
    Make America Free and Healthy m

  5. It is what the Bible calls the end of the eon. A new eon of light will emerge but not before the darkness has fulfilled it's appointed role. "Fear not for I am with you, even to the end of the eon."
    Fear not!!

  6. Thank you Anna, it all needed to be said!!

  7. Agreed, happy thanksgiving, thankful for Anna and her unveiling knowledge

  8. Goodness wins because that is what Creator legacied....Godspeed!🙏💕🙏

  9. CITIZENS ARE but I am NOT one of those flag waving idiots. U.S. Nationals are not DMV card carrying LIARS CLUB members and therefore are not under any duty or obligation to pledge allegiance to that USA WARFLAG.

  10. part of whats being waged against us is a Demoralization Campaign, to try to create Hopelessness in us so we just rollover.... looks like theyre not planning to stop any time soon either.
    it seems they want us to take on the "guiltdebt" for what *theyve* done... example: oh!...its *our* fault because *we* didnt stop them...
    well, that is a crock because they made so damm sure that we never found out, until now, what they were doing. so, NO,... its not our fault and they will have to keep their guilt, all of it. this same crap has been being done for centuries/more by THEM....before we were ever born, so NO! its not "our fault", ITS THEIRS.
    they just need to, for once, grow a set because they played, now its time for THEM to pay.

  11. I want to learn more about the QFS. It sure does scare me. And how come someone like Charlie Ward is its "official spokesperson"?

    1. What exactly do u mean by someone like Charlie Ward, what do u know about Charlie? He seems like a very good and honest man full of Gods love for humanity,,, If you know something tell it, if not keep ur trap shut!!!

    2. didnt cw admit in a video to being the "Procurer" of tean AG fee males for someone?

    3. does anyone remember something like that? id like to know, as i only read something like that one time... the story may have been untrue or about people who were old enough to make their own decisions. anyone know for sure?

    4. Because he’s fat?

  12. LBJ was an interesting person, I knew a man who lived around a half mile from LBJ's home when he [LBJ] was a kid growing up in South Texas. When LBJ reach that point where he was wheeling and dealing, lots of people lost a lot of money in those promotion's, the Texas Rangers were always one step behind him back then. As he would quickly switch property out of his name and into his wife name. The line used on the Texas Rangers when they came knocking was to the effect "well I thought it look or was a good deal to get for my wife as a present for her...I really didn't have any interest my self in it..." One investor who was well liked had several others follow him into one of the investments where they all lost everything. This guy killed his self over the damage to everyone he brought in to that investment. *During LBJs campaign for the U.S. Presidency, the churches here were up in arms against him over his dealings. And they almost cost him his bid for the UNITED STATES PRESIDENCY! This is where he, the Congress the Senate "past" legislation to stop churches from giving political condemnations about someone they knew to be of questionable creator, this [law] was under the color of "mixing church and state. *Back under English rule, it was the priesthood who came down hard on English corruption, government lawlessness so on. Which brought about there [English] law enforcement people going after the priest. They were so heated by the English for this that if they were captured, they were to be killed under the English law system here! Some of the colony's had laws against religious practice of another religious inside there colony borders, if cough- in sermon the priest could be put to death! There followers under law could not own land, nor have there own business, nor marry. This is where the real separation of church and state comes in under the Constitution which did away with these old law practice's.

    1. I've read "Blood, Money & Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K.
      by Barr McClellan." I'd like to see another book written with the info that you've presented here! Do you write, Judson? .........

  13. Anna, You left out GHW. Bushit! The bastard was one of the main players in the killing of JFK. And the sorry POS was put down! Trum and JFK. jr was there to see him to the big blaze below!!!

  14. Anna, what you present here could (IMO) make for a documentary featuring the reenactment of you and your white rabbit Lee Harvey Oswald! It could make for a great "Haunted Thanksgiving" if perfectly produced (maybe by Stephen King?)
    Several years ago I meet with an aspiring producer a number of times on the theme of a possible movie script that (if I think about it now) could possibly weave together with the above mentioned "reenactment." A major part of the this script idea is a 180 degree shift on the overall perspective of unconsolable grief. The imagery for that is one inspired apparently by a psychic (maybe Jean Dixon?) who apparently saw an image of JFK dancing on his hearse! It's a perspective that as far as I know was never fully presented to the main stream consciousness. A perspective (originating from the other side) that IMO deserves to be considered.

  15. It was this Freemasonic ‘Killing of a King’ that triggered my curiosity from a young age that there lurked a sinister, concealed hand behind the events in the world. LBJ, FBI, CIA, MI6, Mossad etc are just the agents of that evil force. Once you perceive that force you understand so much more clearly events in history and foretelling in The Bible. And I do believe that God wins and NCSWIC on his timing!

  16. Trademark Act of 1946 as amended public Law 79-489 chapter 540, approved July 5, 1946 60 stat.427

  17. Federation of union states, attachment of all federal property to routing number of Global Family institution

  18. I so agree with all that you say and love to read and learn from all of your great wisdom. Jim Marrs also has a lot of info on JFK. He passed away but YouTube has a lot of his work there.

  19. woman:janmarie, I agree. God will give them their free reign here on earth as fulfillment of His Word. But all we have to do is flip to the end of the book and we see that they meet their end. They will pay in full until every last dreg is drained from the glass. The hottest and darkest places in hell will be reserved for them. And it will be for eternity. It will never end.

  20. Anna: my folks had a big bound copy of the warren commission in table top format, and as a child (I was born in 63) I read that from cover to cover, flipping through it again and again. As you said, even as a child it was easy to see he was set up, and when Ruby gunned him down it was obvious to this 10 year old that he did it to silence him. Maybe that’s why I’ve never easily been fooled and willing to be labeled a “conspiracy theorist.”