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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Answer to OSJA and Kim S.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Kim, have you read my books (which have LOTS of "citations" of public records, Acts of Congress, Court cases,..... ) and spent any amount of time thinking about the evidence and records?   

Have you read "Disclosure 101 - What You Need to Know"?  or "You Know Something Is Wrong When.... An American Affidavit of Probable Cause"?  or "America, Some Assembly Required"?  

I am guessing that the answer is no, you haven't actually read any of my books and you haven't even bothered to pick up and thumb through --- at random even -- any of these books and much less bothered to chase down any of the citations.  

And neither has Ron or any of his buddies.  If they had done their Due Diligence, we wouldn't even be having a conversation about my logic and proof.  It's right there already for everyone to see.  

So why should I spend my time digging up more citations for you to ignore?  Please explain how that works?  And why I should spend my time trying to prove something to you?  I don't owe you the benefit of my work, but I gave it to you. 

It's not me that doesn't have "proof" and plenty of it, already presented.  

Let me give you an example--- they say that they are "sovereign" and that they don't have to follow any template for what a State Assembly is or what its functions are or how it's organized.  Ask them what a State Assembly is.  Ask them what functions and services a State Assembly provides.  Ask them if the Jural Assembly is part of the State Assembly or the State Assembly is part of the Jural Assembly. 

They won't know.  They won't even be able to follow the logic and admit the fact that the Jural Assembly, by logic alone --- apart from any knowledge of our history --- has to be part of the General Assembly.  

They say I'm wrong, that I am not trustworthy, etc.  What do they offer as proof?  Nothing, just their own wicked allegations and things taken out of context.  They say that I am a "Vatican Agent".  

Well, do me a favor and go to my website,, and look at the very first article, which is a letter I sent to Archbishop George of Chicago during my purported stint as a "Vatican Agent" --- read it. Just read it.  

In that letter I invoke my "Blood Oath" --- that is, the Communion Wine, and what I owe Yeshuah to seek justice -- and these Liars try to turn that into a blood oath taken to some unknown "secret society".  Is the Evangelical Lutheran Church a secret society?  Really?

They say "I" cheated Don Baker out of his money deposited in "my" bank --- but my bank still hasn't even opened its doors.  So, to use your words, where is the "logic" in that?  I didn't encourage Don to join a PMA or put his money in a State of California Credit Union -- no, that was Darla Hamblin doing that, not me. 

Take your evil and your lies and your Liars and depart.  Good riddance. 


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