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Monday, August 7, 2023

International Common Law Commercial Claim Notice: A Proper Reading:

 By Anna Von Reitz

It used to be the custom that apprentice lawyers “read the law” as preparation for their chosen profession under the guidance of an established practitioner. Law was a trade established under the Guild system in Europe, not a profession, and every lawyer served as an apprentice. I am a rare and belated product of that system of tutelage, which, though uncommon in the modern day, has never failed to have its charms and advantages.

I was greatly favored by fortune to study under two great men who were very accomplished Masters, who between them, had practiced American Common Law, British Equity Law, Maritime Law, Admiralty Law, Martial Law, Ecclesiastical and Canon Law, during their long and illustrious careers.  So, while I am not and will never be a member of the Bar Association, I am well-educated and competent to render that rare thing: a proper reading of the law and history written as law.

It will come as a surprise to many that some forms of history are written as law and use legals terms that an average person will be unaware of, so that the truth is hidden in plain sight--- easily accessible to lawyers, but conveniently hidden from the General Public.  With the advantage of having a competent and willing interpreter at your side, let’s examine some key events in American History that were preserved by lawyers and written down in historical legalese:

Quote and Fact: “Seven southern nation States of America walked out of the Second Session of the Thirty-sixth Congress on March 27, 1861.”

Because it says, “States of America” and not “States”, we know that the entities represented were States-of-States, also known as Confederate States, that were members of the original Confederation formed by The Articles of Confederation in 1781, and we already know from other readings that this Confederation was the American Subcontractor awarded the Service Contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America in 1787.  

Also, because the odd construction “nation States” is used instead of “nation states” or “Nation States” we know that the entities operating these “Confederate States” were sovereign nations. In this case, the Union states were the sovereign nations operating the member organizations of the Confederation. For example, Florida was operating The State of Florida, and The State of Florida was a member of the original Confederation.

All this additional information is instantly available to one who is trained to read the law and who can then also read history written as law.

The Congress which adjourned Sine Die – meaning without a date to meet again, had to be the Congress of the States of America Confederation and not the Congress of the United States, nor the Congress of the United States of America.

Why does this matter?  Because…. There were three (3) original Federal Subcontractors, one American, one British, and one Holy Roman Empire organization, and we are now discussing how the lead Subcontractor in possession of the key contract, the original Federal Constitution issued in 1787, committed suicide.  They just walked out and left the door wide open.

On April 15, 1861, two weeks later, President Lincoln convened (a) Congress under the Executive branch by proclamation (Number 1): “I do hereby, in virtue of the power in me vested by the Constitution, convene both Houses of Congress.”

He doesn’t say which Constitution or which Congress he is convening, but we know….

It cannot be the adjourned Congress of the States of America because Lincoln was not an officer, much less an Executive Officer of the States of America. He was literally prohibited from serving in any such capacity, because he was a Bar Attorney and The Constitution of the united States of America had been amended in 1819 by the ratification of the Titles of Nobility Amendment, sometimes known as the “missing” or “original” 13th Amendment, so that no Bar Member could hold an office in the American Confederation doing business as the States of America operating under The Constitution for the united States of America.

No, the only Congress that Lincoln could convene was the Congress of the United States of America, Incorporated, the British Crown Corporation Subcontractor operating under The Constitution of the United States of America ---- and he would have to do that under Executive Power as the “President” of this foreign British Territorial Municipal Corporation.

See the Switch?  Let’s make this very explicit and plain:

The Congress of the States of America Confederation, which was running the Federal Republic under The Constitution for the united States of America, adjourned, and didn’t come back into Session.

This left a vacuum of power and an opportunity to usurp.

Lincoln called another, different Congress, the “Congress” of the British Territorial United States of America, Incorporated, into Session.

He could convene that “Congress” because he was President of that Corporation.

So, Lincoln pulled a deft substitution fraud on the people of this country and replaced the Congress of the American Federal Subcontractor with the Congress of the British Territorial Subcontractor, instead.

Our American Federal Government thus came under the control of a British Crown Corporation headed by Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney holding allegiance to the then-Queen Victoria.  

Lincoln, by pulling this sleight of hand and appearing to convene the “missing” Congress, while in fact convening a different Congress entirely, proved to be one of the greatest con artists in history.

Americans are still confused by this little parlor trick and virtually all assume that the American Congress operated in what they call “de jure” capacity prior to this, and then operated in what they call “de facto” capacity ever since --- but no, that’s not what happened.

There were two (2) completely different Federal Subcontractors involved before and after these events: the original American Confederation of States operating as the States of America, was literally replaced by the British Crown Subcontractor operating as the United States of America, Incorporated.

The mechanism was simple.  The Confederation stopped functioning, so the British Territorial corporation moved in and started functioning in a capacity never intended for it.

Lincoln repeatedly abused his position of trust. 

Lincoln wasn’t eligible to serve as President of the Confederation because the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA) had been ratified by the States in 1819, prohibiting Bar Attorneys from holding public offices in our American government.  As a result, Lincoln had no Public Office in our government, but he was free as a bird to serve as “President” of a privately owned and operated foreign corporation, the United States of America, Incorporated.

Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, deceptively occupied the office of President of the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Crown Corporation, and passed that foreign private corporation “presidency” off as the Public Office intended by, and owed to, the people of this country when they voted in the General Election of 1860.  

Lincoln and his supporters knew this and continued with the deception anyway. They operated under a “cloak of secrecy” then and their successors have continued to operate under a cloak of secrecy ever since.  It was in this way that the Federal Republic owing allegiance to the American People was set aside and a substitute organization, a privately owned and operated British Crown Corporation, was stood up in its place.  

Having already betrayed the Public Trust by misrepresenting the nature of his “presidency”, Lincoln next usurped upon the American Federal Subcontractor, and put his own British Crown Corporation in the driver’s seat under his own Executive Power. 

Lincoln was occupying no American Public Office when he did this, nor at any other time during his “presidency”. 

His Administration and everything associated with it was a fraud in the nature of a Half-Truth. 

The United States of America, Incorporated, was a Federal Subcontractor operating under The Constitution of the United States of America, and Abraham Lincoln was its President.  That much was true, and that did afford him an ability to legitimately exercise some limited and enumerated delegated powers.

However, that constitutional contract did not afford Lincoln or any other British Crown Corporation "President" the sweeping powers he assumed on April 15th, 1861

Finally confronting the abject criminality of “Honest Abe” and his cohorts, we can now better understand the terrible consequences of the Mercenary Conflict, disguised as a Civil War, which followed. 

Let us notice that: 

(1)  Our American Federal Republic was undermined by infighting among the State-of-State organizations that were members of the original Confederation established in 1781.  If they had simply stood together and exposed Lincoln's charade, the so-called Civil War and the usurpation of our American Government by British Commercial Interests, would never have happened; 

(2) The Confederation in possession of The Constitution for the united States of America was vacated by its own members, never dissolved nor overcome by any act of war.  The re-establishment of the Federal Republic only requires each State of the Union to reconstruct its own State-of-State organization and send delegates charged with the responsibility of running the Federal Republic to Washington, DC. 

(3) Nothing that Lincoln did was credible.  It was all in the nature of a deliberate fraud scheme based on half-truths and semantic deceits based on similar names and substitutions of Public Offices for private offices. As this entire history was begun in fraud, it ends as fraud and is null and void as if it never was. 

(4) The cloak of secrecy about all of this was provided by members of the Bar Associations preying upon the ignorance of the General Public and the inability of the General Public to read law and history written in the form of law.  For one population, the lawyers among us, the entire circumstance is plain as day and always has been. They failed their Public Duty as Americans to reveal this dire usurpation, for the simple reason that virtually all of them are Bar Association members, and as Bar Association members, they owe allegiance to the British Crown. It was this conflict of interest which motivated the Americans to enact the Titles of Nobility Amendment and to attach it to The Constitution for the united States of America in the first place. 

I am not a Bar Member. I have dishonored no contract, broken no Oath, and disavowed no allegiance by telling you what all this means in plain English. 

(5) As Lincoln occupied no Public Office in the American Government, his actions including his Administration of the entire so-called Civil War can have no valid impact upon us,  and results in no indebtedness for us, unless we count actions such as the final surrender of the CSS Shenandoah, taking place on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, that would have naturally fallen under the delegated powers that were assigned by The Constitution of the United States of America. 

(6) All the debts and all the usurpations that we and our Government have suffered at the hands of these British Con Artists are due and owing redress from the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London.  Lincoln and his Successors have been under contract to render Americans good faith service the entire time, and by both word and deed, they have defaulted and dishonored their obligations and defrauded us.  They have organized an unauthorized foreign military district court system on our land and soil and used this to practice personage against their faithful employers, turning what should be an institution of justice into a den of thieves intent on illegal confiscation of American property for 158 years. 

(7) The long dormant American Government has awakened and our States of the Union are now in General Assembly throughout the country.  The British Government and Crown are making a feeble attempt to pull yet another substitution fraud, by offering to send their Operatives into our Assemblies to disrupt our progress and to occupy our Federal Republic "for" us --- offers which we have firmly refused. 

(8) Owing to the many decades that these British Commercial Interests have been enabled to act under color of law while carrying out their despicable acts of terror and despotism "in our names", they have accrued an insurmountable debt to the American People, and so these Corporations and their franchises stand foreclosed. We require the assistance of all right-thinking people, all peacekeepers, all valid law enforcement agencies, and all allied and friendly sovereign governments to recoup control of our Good Names, our physical assets, and credit. 

(9) The banks of the world also bear responsibility for the inculcation and preservation of the Cloak of Secrecy protecting this Great Fraud against the American People and many other sovereign nations and peoples. The Bank of England is especially implicated, together with the various iterations of Federal Reserve Banks, the Swiss Octagon Group, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, together with their associated Insurers and Underwriters.  This immense fraud against the lawful governments and living people could never have happened without the willing assistance of the banks as accomplices to the Crimes of State involved.  

(10) On April 25th 1863 Abraham Lincoln bankrupted his British Crown Corporation operating as the United States of America, Incorporated. 

Five years later, 1868, another British Crown Corporation organized in Scotland and doing-business-as The United States of America (Incorporated) booted up, and the banks allowed this foreign impersonator to access the credit owed to our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America. 

They instituted the Greenbacks Scheme, by which they created a new investment instrument, a Treasury Bond payable in either 10 year or 40 year version, but in order for investors to buy this particular investment, they had to first exchange their gold for Lincoln's Greenbacks and then pay for the Treasury Bonds in Greenbacks. The investors understood that they would be repaid after 10 or 40 years with gold plus interest, however, when the Treasury Bonds came due, General William "Tecumseh" Sherman refused to pay in gold, saying, famously, --- "What did you use to buy these bonds?  Greenbacks.  So why would you demand repayment in gold?

Thus millions of mostly American investors were defrauded out of their gold and suckered into investing in Greenbacks instead of the gold-backed investment bonds they imagined were on offer.  The gold-backed Treasury Bonds (unknowingly backed by the defrauded private investors themselves) were nonetheless due.  By 1906 this goose was nicely cooked and "The United States of America" Incorporated in Scotland was forced into bankruptcy -- with the result that the American people were again forced to pay the bill for these criminals. 

(11) On Christmas Eve, 1913, as that bankruptcy was settling, the Successors to that Corporation operating as, again, the United States of America, Inc., engineered the installation of a fiat money scheme based on the issuance of our credit against us and against our best interests; they also misappropriated the seigniorage owed to ourselves as the actual Underwriters. This action resulted in labor being used as the asset underlying the currency and a system of debt slavery being imposed on this country by and through Principals owing us good faith service. 

(12) On March 6th 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt announced to the Conference of British Territorial Governors, that "the United States of America (Incorporated) is bankrupt!" --- and the cost of that bankruptcy would again be passed off onto the American populace as the presumed Underwriters and Guarantors of all the spending that these British Crown usurpers were doing "for" us and in our names, as preparation for their latest war-for-profit scheme-- the Second World War.  

In concert with this, the same Crown Corporation interests were obliged to issue and publish a fixed exchange rate by which they proposed to exchange one of their I.O.U.s predicated on labor performance in the future for one American Silver Dollar.  In this way they received the bulk of our silver currency in inequitable exchange for their promised future performances and acquired an exchangeable debt amounting to trillions of ounces of fine silver, payable on demand. They simply never thought that someone with standing to make the demand would make it, but here I am. 

(13) Following the Second World War the Bretton Woods debt-credit system scheme was adopted despite the fact that its success depended on a constantly expanding economy --- which is an impossibility.  The fiat Federal Reserve Note was made the world Reserve Currency at the cost of becoming the Universal Debtor, accepting all corporation debts worldwide. The Bretton Woods Agreement predictably failed, with the result that this country was taken off both the silver and gold standard and the fiat "Dollar" was backed by refined petroleum instead. 

At each juncture all these deals are being made "for" us and purportedly with our permission via acquiescence, by the Successors to the original British Crown Corporation that Lincoln used as a substitute for the Federal Republic all those years before.  But there was never any excuse for the banks to allow these pikers access to our credit and no full disclosure ever given to the General Public; and although it is well-known throughout the world that the people of this country are it's government and the contents of our Constitutions are widely published worldwide, the banks and the attorneys responsible shook their heads and wondered where the American Government went? 

As recently as 2018, Karen Hudes, a former Employee of the World Bank was claiming that our government was "in interregnum" and "Absent" --- whereabouts unknown.  

The Confederation was never Reconstructed and the Perpetrators conveniently forgot to tell the still-standing Federation and its Officers that they were "Absent", too, while murdering them and burning down their homes and making false allegations against them and forcing them to flee to the wilds of the Pacific Northwestern United States in fear for their lives. 

This is how these traitors and criminals treated their Employers and those entrusted with the actual government of this country. 

They stared every day at the people they were pillaging, plundering, and defrauding in bad faith, and pretended not to see them.  They made us pay to use our own credit.  They purloined and leveraged and issued foreign titles as land descriptions as a mechanism to gain an interest in our property by copyright -- and then issued mortgages against our property in our own names as consideration for our use of their vacuous copyrights. 

And all the while they pretended that we were doing this evil to ourselves and willingly, voluntarily accepting the burdens they were heaping on us, thinking that nobody would ever figure it all out, and even if we did, we would be so poor and miserable and powerless, we wouldn't be able to drag them on the carpet for it. 

This is a commercial affidavit; not a Point of Law. 

By these actions they have rendered themselves insolvent and owing all their debts without benefit of bankruptcy to this country and nation, all the way back to April 15th 1861, plus reasonable and customary interest. 

Additionally, these same British Crown Perpetrators have recently caused a worldwide disaster via another mode of war profiteering executed by Uniformed Officers, aka, licensed Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses, by which they have used biowarfare to commit genocide.  

At the same time they have made a False and Outlawed Claim in Commerce by introducing harmful scraps of their own patented and artificially engineered mRNA to the human genome and using that undisclosed ruse as the basis to claim literal ownership of the recipients of their "vaccine" as Genetically Modified Organisms. Their claim was pre-denied and outlawed by our government and the government of each sovereign State of the Union and a fee schedule of $1 Trillion United States Silver Dollars, also payable in gold, per American killed, maimed, or disabled was published globally. 

This has accrued, at our latest best estimate, a debt of 687,000,000,000,000.00 due and payable by all the corporations and Principals involved.  

I hereby declare them all insolvent and forfeit for cause. 

I am fourth generation Wisconsinite born and bred on the land of Wisconsin, one of the sovereign and independent states of the Union, inextricably part of its soil and heritage, extracted and immune from any presumption or mischaracterization or impersonation resulting from undisclosed and unconscionable Third Party registrations or any other False Claim issued against me, my ancestors, or my progeny by the United States of America, Incorporated, in 1861, or by any of its Successors at any time since.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                   The United States of America

                    In care of: Box 520994 

                    Big Lake, Alaska 99652

August 7th 2023


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