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Monday, August 7, 2023

Woo-Woo, Yes, Virginia....We Have Two

 By Anna Von Reitz

My husband listens to talk radio.  Conservative talk radio.  He does this even though he knows that I have taken the Pledge Against Mass Media and hold the whole industry in suspicion.  

This week, the craziness has been punctuated by repeated incidents where various talk show hosts have finally noticed that we have two systems of justice in this country, and double standards galore. 

They noticed that while Trump is being hounded without a single scrap of injurious harm in evidence related to the charges, Joe Biden's influence peddling is being evaded and ignored. Just like Hillary Clinton's many crimes in office.  

All of Biden's and Clinton's wrong-doing has been swept under the rug, even though the rug is buckled up and trying to hide a lump the size of the Empire State Building. 

But, for all that, Glory Hallelujah! Somebody finally noticed that we have double standards and misapplied and unequal Justice in this country. It's gotten so bad that it's impossible to ignore, and it's creeping like the Blob out of Mid-America into the Beltway.  

So why is Donald Trump catching it in the shorts, and Joe Biden is golden and untouchable? 

It's because Donald Trump is being misaddressed as a Municipal CITIZEN of the United States, and the proceedings are a mockery of justice, because he has already been judged and found guilty as a Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the United States. 

This is "the Treatment" that Ammon Bundy is getting, too.  The Ultimate Bum's Rush. Guaranteed to work 96% of the time, and all predicated on the 14th By-Law Amendment of a Scottish commercial corporation that went bankrupt in 1906. 

Nobody could make this up.  Nobody.  There's no point in accusing me of lying.  Just look up the facts. 
Turn this observation over to a competent researcher with access to more search engines than Google Goggles, and the truth will be self-evident. 

The whole phony "Fourteenth Amendment" was a set-up to entrap and illegally confiscate property from Southerners and Federal Civil Service workers in the wake of the Civil War.  And it is still being misapplied to average Americans (and former Presidents) 158 years later. 

If we, collectively, had the brains of a goldfish, none of this could stand. We'd stand up and put an end to the fraud, dissolve the DOJ, and put an end to all the injustice this corruption has caused. 

Here's my crystal ball: Trump will be convicted and they will throw all that they can throw at him as punishment, then, they will drag their feet on an appeal right straight through the 2024 Election. 

Why?  Because in their minds, they are protecting God and King, not just acting as criminals engaged in an unjust enrichment scheme. 

They are delusional -- and highly self-interested, too.

They are self-interested for two reasons -- the tons of money and property that these rogue courts are illegally confiscating and have confiscated for years, and the fact that what they are doing is a capital crime. 

It's not just a felony.  It's a capital felony.  And if we ever get our heads screwed on and get our courts of General Jurisdiction rolling, they will be strung up on street corners like Christmas ornaments. 

They know it. They can feel it beginning to breathe down the back of their necks. 

And that, Virginia, is why we have two standards of justice in America.  


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