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Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Most Succinct Explanation of the Banking Problem Ever

By Anna Von Reitz

Please be aware of the fact that all the banks are bankrupt by design and by definition.  This is because of "fractional reserve banking" being practiced and allowed.  

Fractional Reserve Banking is a fancy name for check kiting---writing more checks than you have assets to cover. 

Banks are allowed to extend 7 to 10 times more credit than they hold as assets, and the assets they hold belong to depositors, so the banks have no skin in the game at all.  They are bankrupt by definition from the get go. 

The credit they extend is not theirs to extend.  It's yours.  

They write checks based on your assets and credit themselves for this via  check kiting, but since they keep the books, they get away with entering whatever digits they want to enter.  

Bankruptcy is a patented business model that is necessary for this fraud to continue.  Otherwise, those responsible for this situation would also be accountable for it.  But as long as they can claim bankruptcy protection and risk nothing but their depositor's assets, they have no motivation to stop.  

All the banks you see --- "central banks" and "retail banks" --- are bankrupt.  

When they advertise "home loans" they are soliciting you to loan your home to them as an asset --- a deposit --- that they can borrow against.  

They take your home as a deposit equal to its market value.  They then use your asset as the basis to extend seven to ten times the loan amount as new credit to other victims.  

They return the amount of the purported "home loan" to you, and you think that they have loaned you money, though in fact all you have received is a check --- a transfer instrument --- transferring "money of account".  

Money of account is not actual money of any kind.  It's just arbitrary digits entered in a ledger.  

They also take a "security interest" in your home, as if they had anything at risk.  And they force you to make monthly payments to repay THEIR loan, while they pocket the difference--- six to nine times the value of the check they kited on your credit.  Plus interest, of course. 

Here's my favorite clip from Godfrey Bloom, member of Parliament, on this subject.  In two minutes, his "hoary" speech, which he has delivered faithfully for years now, exposes the whole gambit: 

Parliament does nothing about it.  Congress does nothing about it.  Until bankruptcy protection is denied and perpetrators are jailed, nothing will be done about it, because nobody is being held accountable for it.  

If you are angry and outraged, you should be.  You should stand behind Godfrey Bloom and me and everyone else who is fed up with this abject criminality.  

A friend recently sent me a nice summary of case law demonstrating the fact that no National Bank can extend credit: 

"There is no doubt but what the law is that a national bank cannot lend its credit or become an accommodation endorser." (National Bank of Commerce vs. Atkinson, 55 Fed Rep 465)

"A national bank has no power to lend its credit." (Farmers & Miners Bank vs. Bluefield National Bank, 11 F2d 83, 271 US 669)

"Banking Associations from the very nature of their business are prohibited from lending credit." (St. Louis Savings Bank vs. Parmalee 95 U. S. 557)

"National Banks may lend their money but not their credit." (Norton Grocery vs. Peoples National Bank, 144 S.E. 501, 151 Va. 195)

So when you walk into a "National Bank" be aware that they have no capability to loan you any form of credit --- unless they are: (1) dealing in actual money, which none of them are; or (2) they are working in collusion with "central banks" to expedite the above-described credit fraud scheme. 

What would you call an organization that loans credit based on someone else's assets and then charges the actual owner of the assets for the use of their own credit?  Plus interest? 

Godfrey Bloom and I would both call such an organization a crime syndicate. Most people call it a "Central Bank".  


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  1. And of course, the solid gold, ground-breaking, and immutable source of truth about fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, and central banks, is G. Edward Griffin's classic book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island". That book lays in and fleshes out the entirety of what Ms Von Reitz has said above, in layman's terms and with extensive explanations taken from the "hidden history" which we all need to know and understand.
    I read that book nineteen years ago, in 2000 AD, and it changed my life by informing my perception with its imparted knowledge. In my opinion, the book backs-up everything Ms Von Reitz has said about banking. Available at Amazon or through your favorite book seller --

    Elias Alias

    1. ...well would not exactly say "ground breaking" considering most of Griffin's work was taken from Eustace Mullins research who already published many books on issue.
      Truly "ground breaking" book was out in 1899 "The Coming Battle"
      1911 "Real money versus banks of issue promises to pay"
      1912 "U. S. money vs. corporation currency"
      1914 "Other people's money : and how the bankers use it"
      1936 "Rulers of America; A Study of Finance Capital"

    2. Hi MikeV,
      Thank you for those links. Am downloading all of them now. I really like the way that site is organized and how it makes it easy for dummies like me to download important docs.
      Regarding Eustace Mullins, yes, I was aware of some of his work, which I discovered long ago because of his relationship with Ezra Pound, a poet who was pals with Earnest Hemingway during the ex-patriot years in Paris.
      I'm sure that Griffin would have gained some insight from Mullins' work while researching his book, Creature From Jekyll Island, but there is a difference between how these two different individuals react to, and communicate, the same truths. Mullins liked to talk about "the Jews", as if all Jews are the same. Griffin has a higher moral code than that and consequentially managed to reach hundreds of thousands more people with the message than Mullins ever did. That is why I used the term "ground breaking" -- not to mean that Griffin was the first to see through the veil, but to mean that he much more successfully got the message out to many more folks who needed the info. Here is my landing page for Mr. Griffin --
      Elias Alias, founder, The Mental Militia (1999)

  2. The subject matter of the "Godfrey Bloom" clip appears to be regarding immigration. Where in this clip does his presentation relate to what the above article "reveals" concerning "home loans"? .........

    1. Try this link.

    2. thank you Elias Alias, that link showed me the very same video that Anna's link showed.... I can only wonder what Chef-doctor Jemichel is even mentioning?

  3. 'Borrowers' walk into a bank, fill out an application for a 'loan', SIGN that application, the banker takes it and walks away with it. Goes and unknown to You, stamps it on the back with something like 'For Deposit Only' and then deposits it into The Bank you are sitting in, as IF it is their own bank account.
    Right there and then when they ADDED that to the App. AFTER you already signed it, makes the entire App./Loan Null and Void........because anything added After your signing, makes it so, if it is done without your knowledge and approval by initialing it. We are all familiar with initialing things when things are added or a correction is made.
    It is illegal to make any changes or to add anything at all to any paper After you have already signed it, otherwise.
    It is because the banks fraudulently stamped it on the back like that, that is WHY no bank will ever produce the ORIGINAL mortgage/loan paper/app during a foreclosure. A borrower could easily turn it over and claim the fraudulent stamp on the back of it, and it would be Case Closed and no foreclosure. It would also prove You created your own loan and the bank never loaned you anything. This is what makes foreclosures null and void, and fraudulent as well.

    In down to earth reality, banks should only be perhaps a storehouse for folks to keep their money for safety sake. The only other thing they should be is a Facilitator for customers to create their own loans, and receiving a small fee for doing so.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 13, 2019 at 1:18 PM

      Thank you so much for sharing this Abby.
      You just distilled this portion of "banking" down to exactly what we need to know!
      Thank you.
      This is so important.

    2. Yes Abby I agree that is "news you can use" that was an interesting bit of info.

      You said "It is illegal to make any changes or to add anything at all to any paper After you have already signed it, otherwise."

      After I looked at the word illegal in your comment I was had a feeling of overload. That word just seems so irrelevant in scheme of things with the overwhelming fraud that exists. To the point that it is getting harder to identify anything that isn't fraudulent and illegal, to the point of saturation.

      We have run out of ways to do anything that is legal and not based in fraud. I am not quite able to get it down in words here but I also appreciate your input on this.

    3. I learned all this from a friend/acquaintance back in the early 90's or perhaps before that. He has quite the credentials, was a CPA, an expert witness in some banking cases, and wrote a book with every little detail, which he sent me. He explained everything about how banks operate and especially how the 'loans' work. (about 250 pages) So I know this info is accurate. I ought to go back and re read it again. And it happens to be right here in my desk drawer, rather than packed away with so much other printed material.
      Legal, lawful, what a mixup of words; but maybe I should have used the word Lawful rather than legal.

    4. The problem is, Ive told this to folks who were already dealing with foreclosure, and they did ask the Court to produce the Original signed Loan Agreement, and they absolutely got stonewalled. Even their own attorney would not push or insist on the foreclosing bank to produce the Agreement.
      The truth of the matter is most of not all banks sell those Loan Agreements to other buyers, and they often get sold to yet another buyer, so nobody really even knows where that Original Agreement IS. And that is probably one of the biggest reasons I know of nobody who was ever successful in getting OA's produced for evidence.
      Now that brings us to another issue: Have you ever gotten a collection letter from a Broker who purchased an old loan of yours? Or this could be an old unpaid credit card, which they Purchased from the Original 'bank'.
      They would be considered as a 3rd Party, which you never did any business with - this is how you know they purchased it from a bank somewhere along way.
      I will never understand 3rd Party purchasers who would even consider Buying old uncollected loans or bills such as unpaid credit card bills. This happened to me in the very distant past, as a result of SHTF during the Carter years; a very bad time when jobs went upside down on people.
      I wrote them back telling them I had never done any business with them; what is this bill for; please itemize, include the amt. which may be interest, please show purchase or purchases with my signature, etc. Of course they had no such records.
      This is yet another scheme that is played on people.

      P.S. In the case of either federal taxes or state taxes, I used to be an accountant at a company, and the CPA I worked with quarterly told me at that time, you only need to keep your tax records for 7 years, 'because they can only go back 7 yrs. to collect'.
      So one might want to check that out, if there are taxes ''due' beyond that timeframe. Statute of Limitations.
      Various collectors will try to snow people or scare them with collection, but you can demand an accounting of what they are asking, which in most cases they cannot produce, and case ended.

    5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 13, 2019 at 7:00 PM

      If you get that book out, will you see if your friend wrote any thing about how the banks handle bonds?

      The info I am finding on bonds and banks is very disturbing.

      When they can't produce the orig agree for a house loan, does automatically stop the foreclosure? I'm assuming not since there are so many foreclosures and so few orig agreements available.

    6. goodboots, no the courts and lawyers and banks all say Copies are good enough. But IF the original would be produced, then yes the evidence is right there as they stamped it on the back 'for deposit only' or similar words - - and then the bank deposits it in their own account......instead of the borrowers account. You see what is going on there?
      The bank created money out of thin air by using the borrowers Signature to do it with. That is why it is the borrower who actually created the money because it was his signature that was the key. But the bank 'stole' it for themselves, making people believe the bank loaned the money........which is a Lie. And therefore the monthly payments they tell people they must pay ''back'' is also a lie.
      You see, they treat Promissory Notes exactly the same way they treat a check; thats why they stamp it on the back, deposit it, and 'turn it into money'.
      You see, you can use a piece of toilet paper to write a ''check' on and duplicate the way a check is written, sign it, and it is a valid instrument.
      So now you see how and why they treat a PM (as jamespansini corrected me, lol) the exact same way as they do an ordinary check.
      As to bonds, no he was not involved in that stuff, so nothing on that. Sorry.

  4. The banking mafia and those who run it

  5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 13, 2019 at 1:46 PM

    I want to come back on tonight and share what I'm learning about the bank issuing bonds.
    If you don't already know, be prepared to pass out!

    The reason I am making this comment now about what I plan to do tonight is as a heads up to people who know about bonds and bonding. I hope that the people who have knowledge about those subjects can get prepared and add what you know.
    Specifically, I plan to at least give a summary of the info I presently have concerning who's hands the bonds get passed from and to.

    To me, it is so horrible what they are doing that I can't believe these people can live with themselves.
    If my info is correct, they are most assuredly SLAVE TRADING... AND THEY KNOW IT. THEY. KNOW. IT. They also know that what they are participating in is abusive to completely innocent people, ruins their lives, steals their family members from them, steals their homes, and THEY. DON'T. CARE
    They don't lose a wink of sleep over it.
    IMO they are demons, monsters and psychopaths because I can't think of anyone with a soul who could make this kind of thing their lifes' work.

    I'm guessing that at least one of the three videos Shelby posted above touches on the SLAVE TRADING aspect of what they are doing.

    It's way, way worse than I thought and its continuing to get worse as I go... what this thing calling itself "our government" is doing.

  6. Abby, you need two pieces of information to have a legal (not lawful) mortgage .....the original NOTE, and the mortgage agreement...Out of the two, the NOTE ((Proississory NOTE) Is the most important, not the agreement....but no one is gettigetting the NOTE because they are taking everyone's home before they find out...!! Even if they do find out, the bank now has a new NOTE on the property , because they unlawfully sold it to a third or 4th party and can start all over again...!! Pocahanos tried telling everyone to stay in there house...well we did, and we got eveicted..!! Foreclosures are the hardest thing to judge simply returned everything REFUSED and sent it back...!! They need those houses in order to resell them at a new that dissent cost them...!! Oh , by the way, all forecloseures are handled by a huge factory mill(huge attorney mill) in which the the bottom line is get the house at any means possible...!!
    But to look at them first hand , you would think you are dealing with a normal company....Pite Duncan. When I questioned them about it, they immediately hung up the phone...!!Pite Duncun is working with MERS to resell the house..!!

    My house sale was the last entry in the county recorders office, before all trace of it was wiped away and put under a completely different recordering...!! That shows you the desperation of the banks...rob Peter to pay paul...!! And after 3 times going to auction , it went to B of A , for which the paid HSBC $120,000, but only sold it for $80, what bank would take a $40,000 loss....None..

    Somehow , the bank was able to manipulate the difference and sell it with a guarantee to B of A for $40,000 with the new loan and pocket the rest...!!

    1. James, yes you are absolutely is the Promissory Note that is what I should have said. Geesh, where was my head, just couldnt think of it, lol. Thanks for the correction.

      I think the reason for the disparity in $$$ in your incident you mentioned, is that I suspect these banks are in their buddy deals to their buddies, their kids, family members or just to pay back favors to people.
      Do you think that is what goes on? I have read where even judges get cheap prices on houses then make money off them one way or another.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 14, 2019 at 12:29 AM

      I would like to know how BONDS fit in with the mortgage fraud and the stealing of homes. I'm pretty sure they fit in with the stealing of children too.

      I am kind of getting how the banks and the courts work the bonds when someone is arrested even if my understanding isn't perfect and have a feeling that it is the same thing or same type of thing as when they steal homes.

      Trying to be brief:
      Probably we all already know they HAVE the Bond sitting right there that is supposed to be used for discharging the charges made to the Trust when someone is arrested... but they never tell us its available.

      Here's what my info says happens:
      If the charges aren't paid or discharged... (And all of them should be because the bond is sitting right there, we just dont know it) here's what they do, this info says:

      They put a money value (high) on the "defaulted" "contract/case/ticket" and offer it TO THE BANKS for them to pay it!!
      Why the hell would they do that?
      Well, this source says that the court might take a speeding ticket, for example, and whatever the value (very high) is that the court puts on it, the court then multiplies that by 8-10 times, and then offers it to the banks for the banks to bid on it, to pay it off.
      So the court might put a value on it of $10,000.00 then multiply it by 10/and put it out for bid to the bankers at $100,000.00.
      Well, they might only get an offer of $50,000.00.
      The court takes the bid and now (there's more steps but I'm leaving them out for right now)
      the bank is obligated to pay the contract off, I guess at the $50,000.00.
      Well, why would a bank do that?
      Because *they* then increase it again, but by 200-300% instead of 800-1000%, and the bank makes that profit ($50,000.00-$100,000.00 on a $50,000.00 purchase) and then bundles them and puts the bundles out on the bond markets and sells them as ... Get this... BANK SECURITIES!

      There are also ways that the BONDS are bundled and sold to the US COURTS!
      And they are sold to Corporations and mutual funds.

      But THAT may be, if my info is accurate, one of the reasons why they refuse to tell us that our trusts bond is sitting there with the trust NAME and SOC SEC NUMBER on it! Because if we knew, of COURSE we would just take our rightful position being the beneficiary of the trusts and give the order to for the BAR attorney who is the banks account executive: pretending to be a judge and ORDER THEM to use the bond to setoff the charges and settle the account, bring the balance back to zero and close out the account in honor.

      But these #$$&-+-&$#%-%&
      *TRAFFICK* US INTO so-called DISHONOR making a debtor in their system out of us, that in their system then makes one a criminal, that then in their system then makes one a slave.

      So they are creating debtors so that they can create criminals so that they can create slaves,... when the bond is sitting right there and they know it.

      Then they also make money while the man or woman is in their private for profit prison system.

      Then PLUS I suspect that in order for the "debtor" to "pay the bank "back"" for "paying the charges" that had the bond issued and was sitting right there so the charges could be quickly, easily and honorably discharged, that the bank also claims some type of perhaps imaginary CRIMINAL seizure "rights" on your property.

      Another factor, but one that I haven't gotten worked in yet, is that since they are claiming that WE *are* Public Property even before all this kind of mess starts, that that not only, according to them, means you have no private rights ,but it seems to somehow play into their claim to be able to mistreat people. Especially since THEY claim that they are private, even though they are just dead entity corporations, and they claim the Public Property People are inferior to them or something *like* that.

      Sarah Westall just had a very informative video about "Who [claims they]legally own you."

    3. This is a you tube video explaining their CRIS system and how the federal reserve trafficks every case
      good boots I know you don't get you tube but following the video link their is a report of cases and how they are making money on these cases, all ties back to CUSIP number
      9 times out of 10 the judge holds stocks and bonds in the for profit prisons
      Same thing with home mortgages from what C Johnson had reported a while back
      Couple of ladies have tied home mortgages to the judges and back to the MERS database
      C Johnson posted a video about it, I can see if I can find it but again it is a you tube video

    4. goodboots, a few years back I read what a retired Judge posted (cant remember his name right now). He was saying that ''they' take about a dozen people and bundle them into Stocks. Each of us is most likely listed in a Stock Bundle which is sold on the Stock Market under the Fidelity Stocks. Each of those Bundles are numbered with one CUSIP # then.
      He said something about 'if you know the CUSIP # You are bundled into, then you can find out how much $$ you are valued at/worth. He said it is in the millions of $$.

      Well I used to work for a stock broker, so I called him, since the Judge said we could ask a stock broker to find our CUSIP # for us, and that they may charge a small fee for doing so.
      But my stock broker boss told me he did not know how to go about looking up our CUSIP # because those number are already on each of his Clients stock buy and sell documents at his Main Office (the Main stock co. he worked under). So that ended my search.

      Now with that being said, lets think out of the box. When we do that we have to think its highly possible that the court system and others are given privilege to those CUSIP #......which is why everybody asks for your SS #. I suspicion that the SS # leads to the CUSIP 'stock' that we are then they can tap into our Accounts, and withdraw payments to themselves, from those.

      This is probably why, someone I knew who was in court on a trumped up traffic ticket, was unemployed and without income, told told the Court they had no means to pay, and they quickly just said, ok, you do not need to pay then. (I would bet they did get paid by getting it from their Fidelity Account)

      I am guess that hospitals do the same thing, maybe funeral homes do, maybe insurance companies do......? My 'gut instinct' tells me there is a ''good ole boys club' that gets access to our accounts. Even the electric company, IMO.

      So goodboots, I know beans about bonds or how they work, but I do have this much info about CUSIP and the Fidelty Accounts we are ''all'' in and being played with on the stock markets. Since we know WE are not getting any of the profits from those CUSIP numbered Fidelty Accounts, then can we safely assume those profits are being used to pay the tab at the court house and all these other places?

      I'll bet if we knew all the truth about Fidelity and CUSIP, we would go ...'damn, we have been rich all this time and going around turning down the thermostat to try to keep our electric/heating bill down'' LOL

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. PM
      Abby, yes that is exactly how it works..!! And before you could just say that you lost the number to your account by having ss# and the agent would do the rest in finding the CUSIP
      #...And the fidelity agent wound pull it up...!! Anmore, you need more than a ss#.

    7. James, thanks, I like knowing what others may know about this, but one thing the Judge never told was.......whether there was any way to profit from those Fidelity Accounts. I doubt there really is, they would make sure of that.......IMO.

      I think last yr or so, we had conversation on here about how ''they collection insurance on people when they die..remember that? And so we now come back around to this CUSIP # and Fidelity Account. I bet 'they' do that by wiping out the Fidelity Account that belongs to the deceased, eh?

      And then we can go a step further on that, and suspect that funeral homes can make claims on that Account if they handle the burial of such a one, who had no insurance......?

      (Maybe if someone knows people who own funeral homes, can pick their brain and find out. It would be very interesting to know.....because it seems there are just tons of people who have No life insurance at all, yet funeral homes do their funerals.
      So in other words we know that somebody is profiting from all the millions of $$ that are in Fidelity, and that many people die daily, so whose palms are being greased by Fidelity?

    8. Abby, you can bet that everyone who needs to get paid are getting fidelity..!!Lord knows they have enough to give everyone with those life force annuity bonds..!!

    9. But those days are ending because of KIM ...She has reached out more than once to Anna, but she refuses to cooroperate...!! I guess she is more interested in seeing America fall than helping the people..

    10. This is our chance to change things for the better...It was already in the works...HR24 and 25 are to audit the Fed and HE 25 is to abolish the IRS..!! This is it guys, the bill we have been waiting for..!! Personally, I would rather just make a formal declaration of war with the IRS and put all agents in jail ...Fed jail..!! Or just through them in GITMO ...!!
      They have lost their charter, they were paid off in 1999, and they are still pulling for an IRS which takes in 3.4 trillion every year..once the protection of the IRS is know, the fraud of this monitary system will show itself and quick...!!

      The banks are working as rouge agents and we need to put a stop to you were looking for a way to get rid of them, now do it or forever hold your tongue..!!

  7. I'm pretty sure that the Climate Stock Exchange is wheelin and dealin when it comes to the destruction of peoples properties through 'natural biblical disasters'
    'Climate Change' Committees, here's one in the UK
    When you have the tools and technology to change the climate it's pretty damned easy to create more service committees and the like to address the 'problem'
    And then of course you have The ROCKY boys and Resilient Cities to the rescue
    And how about World Urbanization
    How about the One Planet Summit
    UN map and the forced relocation of populations
    So you see while they steal everything in sight they claim 'sustainability'
    They ateal all the resources including the land and pile the remaining population on top of one another providing absolute horrible services while killing the population as they go
    Bill Gates and his vaccines killing, maiming or sterlizing the populace to curb the population because these crooks don't want anyone else on the planet to have anything, they would rather they all be dead

    1. All of this ties back in with the SMART Cities and FEMA Regions
      FRISCO/PLANO which by the way is where ole Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys has been building all kinds of stuff
      Even have a section being built out now that the folks in Texas refer to as Jerry World (you know like Wally World)
      All retail service jobs or 'health'care known as sick care not health care at all
      Still putting up bunch of car shops to sell you tires, oil changes
      Calliber Collision shops going up everywhere you know for when they dump some hail on the area and for any mishap that may accur when they take control of your car and crash you into an oncoming car
      How about Trump Heights in Israel
      These are all public private partnerships and they preplanned it all, IMO

  8. 21 goals (like agenda 21) or agenda to one government
    No jobs or shit paying jobs except of course those unknowingly working in the computer science sector helping them set up the digital utopia (prison) in prepartion for rfid chips for all and universal basic income - planned economic decay across the board to impoverish the entire planet and depopulate as they go

  9. Shelby,
    Thank you for all the links. Viewed them all and saved some to file here. Loved the 1942 map of the post-war NWO.
    In return, I'd like to brag just a bit by offering you a heads-up about a powerful new movie being made. You'll see my name as "Associate Producer" on this trailer for the upcoming movie (now in production) by Matrix Entertainment (a Constitutionalist conservative movie studio where James Jaeger creates documentary films). That movie is titled "Unsustainable", and I do believe it's right up your alley. ;)

    Elias Alias

    1. Alex is a CIA agent


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