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Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Unknown Past

By Anna Von Reitz

It’s often said that those who don’t remember the past are condemned to relive it, but what if you are never told your own past? What if you get a twisted version of it, and make bad decisions as a result?
Today, we are going to talk about the Unknown Past --- the past we are never taught in Public School. We are going to focus on the Civil War and its immediate aftermath, a time period from 1861 to 1888, because that’s where our country got off-track, and where our intended Federal Government collapsed.
Hostilities began in April 1861 when Southern Confederation troops opened fire on Northern Confederation troops garrisoned at Fort Sumter, South Carolina.
That is, the military units involved were both in the field representing Federal States of States --- all members of the Confederation of States formed under the original Articles of Confederation formed March 1, 1781--- that were estranged from each other.
Our unincorporated Federation of actual physically-defined States doing business as The United States of America, wasn’t involved.
As a result, the Civil War was technically a “mercenary conflict” like Vietnam, and not a true war at all, and the Parties to the conflict were not Sovereign States.
We are never told this in our history classes. We are left to assume that the “Confederate States” involved in the Civil War were actual States --- not businesses providing governmental services to the actual States. We are also left to assume that this was an actual war, not a mercenary “conflict” between rival business enterprises.
As a result of the foregoing facts, no formal Declaration of War could be issued by Congress, and none ever was. Instead, Lincoln issued an Executive Declaration allowing the Northern Confederation troops to fire back.
Similarly, at the end of the hostilities, no Peace Treaty was ever signed. Lee simply surrendered his Army and everyone began picking up the pieces—a process known as The Reconstruction.
It will come as a great shock to most Americans to learn that The Reconstruction has never been finished and is in fact ongoing. The vast bulk of the Reconstruction Acts have never been repealed and are in full force to this day.
Nobody can finish the Reconstruction but us, and we are not even aware that we need to do anything --- so there it sits, in limbo, decade after decade.
Our Federal Government is crippled and functioning in ways that we never intended it to function as a result.
This is the perennial “Emergency” used as an excuse by the politicians for their many improper and unauthorized actions.
Educating the American Public about this situation is not in the best interests of the politicians, who are usurping upon our power, so we simply aren’t told the truth about any of this.
Instead, we have to figure it all our for ourselves, and then, we have to overcome additional obstacles which have been placed in the way to further obstruct us from taking action.
To understand and overcome these obstacles, we have to grasp some more of the Unknown Past.
When the Constitution(s) first set up the Federal Government, Powers belonging to the actual States and People were “delegated” to three distinct entities to exercise in our behalf.
Most Americans are aware of the fact that Powers were Delegated, but how and to whom was never made clear. Now we know that the Constitutional Agreements were the result of the Treaties that ended The War of Independence.
The Americans kept control of the bulk of their International and Global Powers by delegating them to their own Confederation of States, the British King kept control of the Territorial Government functions and was allowed to do business in our name as “the” United States of America, and the Roman Pontiff was similarly allowed to do business as “the” United States and to provide municipal services, primarily Postal Services.
So you have the actual Federation of Sovereign States doing business as The United States of America, and you have a British Territorial Government doing business as “the” United States of America.
You have a Union of sovereign republican states doing business as The United States, and you have a Roman Municipal Government doing business as “the” United States.
The argument for this is that these foreign entities were exercising our delegated powers and acting in our behalf, so they should operate under our names as well.
This is how we came to have two entities operating as “United States” and two operating as “United States of America”.
And this is also how both the Pope/Pontiff and the British Monarch became our Trustees: when you exercise delegated powers for someone under contract, you act in their behalf and are obligated by your agreements to act in Good Faith.
So, what happened when the Confederation of States doing business as the States of America, and exercising the bulk of our powers in international and global affairs, dropped off the map at the end of the Civil War?
The Territorial and Municipal Subcontractors stepped in and filled the gap, pending our completion of Reconstruction, but it wasn’t to their benefit that any such Reconstruction should ever occur.
We had, and we have had, the foxes in charge of our hen house ever since.
When we object and take exception to this, they shrug and say, well, it’s your own fault. You can reconstruct your States of States any time you wish, but you haven’t done so.
Meantime, they continue to operate under our names, to indebt us without our authorization, and to claim “Emergency Powers” that don’t exist.
Putting an end to this situation and finishing the Reconstruction is what we have to do, but first, we have to overcome a few other obstructions that our erstwhile Trustees have placed in our path.
In 1868, the British Territorial Government reconfigured itself and began functioning as an incorporated franchise of the United Kingdom, and specifically as a Scottish Corporation misleadingly calling itself “The United States of America, Inc.”
So now we have three entities operating “as” United States of America – the actual unincorporated Federation doing business as The United States of America, the British Territorial Government doing business as “the” United States of America, and a Scottish commercial corporation doing business as “The United States of America, Inc.”
Confusion and commercial fraud have been the predictable result, and it only got worse from this point on, but we digress: for right now, focus on 1868.
The Scottish Corporation dba “The United States of America, Inc.” published their own “constitution” – which was remarkably similar to the actual Territorial Constitution – except that this corporate constitution was used as The Articles of Incorporation for that entity, and included numerous by-laws deceptively presented as “Amendments” which were naturally assumed to be approved by our States. And never were.

That, too, is another story.

This supremely deceptive document is called “The Constitution of the United States of America” and most Americans have assumed it to be their Constitution, when in fact we are left looking at the Articles of Incorporation for a long-defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation.
Amendment 13 of this document abolishes private slave ownership.
Amendment 14 of this document enshrines public slave ownership and declares all criminals to be slaves.
It then continues by declaring all “citizens of the United States” --- the Municipal Government --- to be criminals. This is because the Papal Government sided with the South in the Civil War, and the Brits were intent on collecting war reparations and suppressing “rebels”.
Amendment 14 also made it illegal for any such “citizen of the United States” to vote in the corporation’s elections.
Conveniently, they proceeded to misidentify all Americans as “citizens of the United States”, to disenfranchise everyone but their own employees and their dependents, and to arrest, tax, and enslave all the purported “rebels”.
This legal charade and abuse was applied across the board, causing then-President Andrew Johnson to make three Public Declarations of Peace, holding American civilians harmless.
Remember, our actual States were never involved in any of this, and our People are not “citizens of the United States” ---- that is, not employees, dependents, nor officials of the Municipal Government, not rebels, and not debtors owing any war reparations, either.
Nonetheless, the Scottish Corporation maintained that if we wanted to participate in their private corporate elections, we must “register to vote” and enfranchise ourselves to them --- the consequences of which were never disclosed.
This disenfranchised nine million Americans at the time. By now, that number has increased to approximately 150 million American Electors.
President Trump, as the current CEO/Chairman of the foreign corporations providing us with governmental services, can put an end to this situation via issuance of a Presidential Declaration of Peace – the same correction applied by Andrew Johnson.
President Trump merely needs to recognize the fact that the bulk of Americans are not Federal Citizens of any kind, that we are a peaceful civilian population that had nothing to do with the Civil War, that the governmental services corporations are at peace with us and have been at peace with us since 1814, and that we are natural Electors – not Voters – owed our voice in all Territorial and Municipal Elections affecting the exercise of our Delegated Powers.
The millions of Americans misidentified as Municipal “citizens of the United States” would be enabled to participate in the elections as Electors, not Voters, and Mr. Trump, whose goals and values are aligned with the majority of Americans who want their country to be great again, would have millions of new supporters at the polls in November 2020.
The American States Assembly has recognized the necessity of correcting our own political status records, which have been systematically falsified under the corporation’s 14th Amendment, the necessity of assembling the actual States of the Union, and the necessity for those States to form a new Confederation --- thus ending the Reconstruction, ending the perpetual “Emergency” and restoring our Federal Government.
It’s one thing to drain the swamp. It’s another thing to take the dam out of the river that is causing the problem in the first place.
Now that you are getting a basic understanding of the Unknown Past you can appreciate the consequences of leaving your country on autopilot for the better part of a century and a half --- and also the necessity of grabbing an oar and actually participating in self-governance—which is what government of, for, and by the people requires.
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  1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 1:48 PM

    I'm reposting this quote from Bodhi a couple of articles back:

    "When you look for correlation between opinion and what facts can be cobbled together, hopefully the truth emerges somewhere in the middle."

    1. Sounds like something I said in one of my ridiculous rants that I get on. Wait, I did say that...

      I remember, I was actually musing about the origin of mankind vis-a-vis the Annunaki connection which is sitting out there and Bohdi responding to my statement that he quoted above, and offered the Annunkai as "astro-theology" I think? Just trying to find out if there is anything to it.

      The cuneiform Sumerian Tablets are the origin of the theory and were transcribed by Zecharia Sitchin, who people either adore or would like to burn at the stake.

      How like life huh?

      I know a good chunk of the story, I just want to know what the probability is that it is correct. Still...

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 6:13 PM

      Did I ascribe that gem to the wrong man!

      Oh, so sorry! That was a wonderful thought that rang true. Had to publish it again in case someone missed it! Sincerest apologies.

    3. Thnx goodboots, not that trying to hog the credit, I just realized what context I offered it in, which was Annunaki.

      But it applies to just about anything really, certainly on this blog and subject.

      By the way goodboots, I read again with interest your post a day or so ago about Louis T McFadden doing the right thing to try and set things straight. That was some new info for me, very nicely done. Even caught red handed, HJR192 was still almost a pathetic burnt offering and a middle finger to the people being thrown under a bus during that really tortuous period. High crimes going down then boy!

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 6:39 PM

      Thanks will.
      I haven't gotten to do my own complete research yet on LTMcF so that info is puzzle pieces picked up along the way... Some may even have come from annamaria...she does give lots of info out.

      I find it extremely weird that criminal charges can pend on the Corpses "Congressional Record" for over 85years when they know the remedy has not only been withheld from the people, but that those living people who figured out what was going on and tried to lawfully access their accounts were imprisoned or worse.

      What a sad sad state of affairs.
      I'll prob post what I find out when I finally get time to dive into it.

  2. So the rascals.stold our name more idenity.fraud The united States of.America

  3. It is my opinion that this thing we call corporation, whether it be a corp providing gov services or something else, must be wiped from the face of the earth. Its purpose is anathema to life. It will destroy Mankind if we allow its continued existence. Probably won't happen because it is too profitable to too many people, but if we plant the seed.....

  4. And Trust,s.a way to mask your sssets

  5. Anna said "When we object and take exception to this, they shrug and say, well, it’s your own fault. You can reconstruct your States of States any time you wish, but you haven’t done so."

    That is a very disingenuous statement from these creeps, I can't imagine that even being a little bit true.

    That is pure lip service to deflect culpability for their actions.

    We have been hearing month after month about how they behave just the opposite. Infiltrating the assembly meetings by the likes of Destry and other apparent stonewalling tactics.

    Colorado isn't going to go down without a pissing contest, too many assets in place there, Anna said so herself.

    These are not the actions of anyone who wants to willingly return any control back the the rightful stewards of the states for reconstruction.

    The Treaty of Verona mindset hasn't gone anywhere.


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