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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Great Principles

By Anna Von Reitz

I was visited --- unexpectedly and unannounced --- last night, by one of the brothers who attended Thomas Merton.  I didn't recognize him at first and he played me along, until he finally introduced himself.  Then, of course, we had an interesting conversation.

He told me that Merton is haunting the little garden where his body is buried, and that many people who visit the grave site have seen him and had interactions with him in the years since he died.  Those who tend the plot also regularly either sense his presence or have interactions with him.  This surprised me, and made me wonder --- why would Merton, of all people, hang around his own grave after he was set free of his body? 

The answer came like a thunderbolt -- to be the "second voice" lifted to Heaven to invoke the presence of Jesus, when some poor and lonely soul comes to his grave to mourn and to pray over their own miseries and the miseries of the world. 

Of course, Thomas would do that.  He'd be there to be that Second Voice, so that nobody who came to his grave to pray, would pray alone.

Did the brothers need to be concerned, my visitor asked? 

What were the fruits of these encounters?  I returned.

A sense of peace and miraculous answers to prayer, he answered. 

Well, then, what is there to be concerned about?  Our brother is not resting when so many are in need and the membership of the Church is in such torment and turmoil. 

But, but, but.... we are not to communicate with the dead. 

Are the dead prohibited from communicating with us? 

Obviously, not.

Lazarus communicated with plenty of people.  Jesus communicated with his Disciples for weeks prior to his departure.  Innumerable interactions with long-dead saints and the Virgin Mary have been recorded and many, many miracles have been attributed to these encounters.

Why, then, brother, do you concern yourself about Thomas? 

He looked at me strangely.  I think it hadn't occurred to him until that moment that Thomas, like Jesus, was still walking about after his physical death, still tending to the heart-sore and the way-worn, still offering prayers.

One of the Great Principles is the Principle of Love.  Love is the glue that binds everything together.  Everything.  Including your body.  Love is far more than an emotion with many shades of color.  Love is the binding and creative force of the Universe. 

Those who truly love us are never far from us.  Those who truly love Mankind often continue to minister to us from beyond the grave.  It's not so strange, once you realize that love is literally what binds us together.   

My visitor trundled off into the night, leaving as he came, quietly and on foot, padding down my driveway in the fading light, a gentle, slightly-built man, clean-shaven, approaching old age.  He was a young Trappist in 1962. 

I continued to muse.

Yes, love is the great binding force, but there is a corollary law, and that is just as important to remember:  what we don't love, we lose.

Throughout our lives we are constantly being prodded to choose.  There is always a question posed and hovering over our heads, what do you choose or which do you choose?  Red or green?  Skinny or fat?  Right or wrong?  Blond or brunette?  Stocks or bonds?  Hearts or clubs?

Even when we are old and our choices are solid, we are constantly pressed and prodded by the urgency of choice.  Will you choose the True God or Mammon?  Will you choose love or hate?  

And everything we do not love enough, falls away. 

It is assumed that we don't want it anymore, like leftover birthday cake. 

So all the friends we lose track of, fall away.  The spouses we neglect, fall away.  The great passions of our lives that we don't answer, fall away.  In the end, even life itself, falls away. But love remains.

There is a great and looming question posed by the theft of our amnion estate and the false claims to own our DNA: do we love and respect ourselves enough?  Do we love the Source of our lives enough to treasure life,  to treasure our earthly estate and our divine origin? 

Will we defend that? Claim it?  Or will we leave our DNA and the divine mystery of our own incarnation discarded like garbage on the hospital floor?

Have we loved our neighbors enough? 

Most of us don't even know our neighbors anymore. 

Have we loved life?  Probably not nearly enough.

Have we loved our country? 

If not, no questions about why it is in danger of becoming a global criminal empire ruled by men all cut from the pattern of the Robber Barons.

It all comes down to what and who you love, and what we as the whole of Mankind care about.

If we don't give the Earth enough love, it falls away from us, and becomes sickly and barren.  Our pets.  Our families. Our friends.  Our faith.  All will fall away from us, without love. 

So those who would deprive us of everything to satiate their greed, those who would literally steal the breath from our nostrils, seek to keep us embroiled in fear and in hate, to keep our attention centered away from every loving thought, word, and deed. 

They seek to keep us centered on their abuses and nonsense, when -- if we would merely love more and fear less -- all their apparatus would vanish.  

Because what we love is bound to us, and what we do not love, falls away.

As you confront the Great Evil that has been built up like a towering prison edifice around us, as you quail before the might of the misdirected military, as you despair in the face of injustice-- turn away.

Turn your attention to those you love, to all the people and all the things you love.

There are those in this country who don't love America.  They do not think of it as their country, their soil, their rocks and trees.  To them, it is a hateful idea, a label, a political brand name, something they are ashamed of, and which they despise.

They don't have sense enough to know what their country is, much less sense enough to love it. 

And what we don't love, falls away. That's why the rest of us have to love it more than ever.

Here's my favorite quote from Thomas Merton:

"Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another."

I hope that on the balance, when you stop long enough to consider what I have actually written and what I have done, you will all realize that every word and every action, even my outrage and occasional name-calling, comes from love --- love for this country and its people, love for this planet and the glory of creation, love for the True God, our Creator, love for the teachings of the Jesus and the Prophets, love for all Mankind. 

Being a Fiduciary is not a labor that anyone would choose, and even my Lord did not command me to do it.  It simply needed to be done, and I was prepared.  So here I am, as strange as the whole circumstance may be--- in my view, or in anyone else's.  Love binds me to the work and binds me to the Earth and to the service of Mankind, and no doubt someday my pleasant ghost will kneel and add a Second Voice to other's lonely prayers.


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  1. I think 'some boys and girls' here need to grow up and quit entertaining evil spirits. Dead people do NOT visit anybody and that includes 'mary'. She has never visited anybody nor was it she who has appeared to anyone.

    1. Abby, I don't want to start an argument so this is all I am going to say: So... do you believe that Yahshua did not 'visit' Mary Magdalene on Resurrection day, and then His disciples after that? And that He did not appear to me nearly 20 years ago to reveal to me that He died, so that I could live, and He was accused, so I could be forgiven, and that I should believe Him and follow Him who said to me: "Come here boy, I can use someone like you." And I asked: "ME?" And He said: "Yes, I can use you, because you are not afraid to tell anybody anything."

    2. Hi Marcus, note that in this article Anna is talking about some mere mortal by the name of Thomas Merton. He is people and people do not return from the dead or speak to anyone, for 'to be absent from the body, is to be with......the Lord'. And we must not forget the verse 'it is appointed unto man, once to die, and then the judgement'. We are also admonished not to try to 'speak to the dead'.
      Now you are referring to Christ himself, and that is quite another story. He died, was resurrected and walked the earth for about 40 days afterwards. No human being is in that category, for Jesus is God, and we are not.
      So yes indeed I believe He shows Himself to folks, as He has shown himself to me at least once, and to my son at least once and to many others, as well. He, being the savior of the Believers, is alive and well and quite active, to say the least.
      I can tell you a number of testimonies in our lives that would literally knock yer sox off, one of them being during major surgery my son had just 3 days after 911. (on sept.14)
      What needs to be realized here is that Jesus is Jesus and we are not; and that he was resurrected from his grave and is alive; whereas human beings have NOT,have not yet been resurrected and do not show themselves to people.
      It should also be understood that nothing I ever say in this Forum is intended to be argumentative; just as now, I only wish to clarify to People that they should not get involved in thinking they are speaking with their dead loved one; they are a deception and we should not allow ourselves to be deceived or taken in by such trickery. So all my Comments should be taken as being 'for information' and education and to ponder for oneself.
      Marcus, thanks for your Comment.

    3. voice from the mountaintopSeptember 11, 2019 at 11:28 PM

      Abby 1-heaven is not yet locked 2-we,as in everyone, have the gift of free will and that includes after death 3-the spirit we have inside of us is a gift from the creator 4-if you have eyes to see and ears to hear the message is there, in the good book you quote so often! and 4-we are all the product from and OF the creator.....for in the beginning only the creator existed we have the same birthright as Jesus that's one of the main message he brought to us.. I pray understanding will one day be granted to you.

  2. Anna please stop commenting on things that are deeper in Christian faith. You have made so many mistakes over the years on critical issues it makes me wonder about your walk. You do not talk to the dead full stop. its a sin and we are commanded not to.

    1. No one understands Anna like I do, she's a being like you with planetary ruler (Gemini) retro-gates 4 times per year, meaning she will be abnormal frequently. However, her other energies are in good shape. Except her SUN(Interest in life) is Squaring her Saturn (Principality). This means she is making things difficult for herself, working too hard than she needs to, and she will not take my advice. My brother is a Gimini too, so they loves to talk, talk and have funs. No wonder why you see her mistakes. Her Sun is also conjoining with her positive inner pos.Pluto. This is why she has deeper understandings of secretaries of the crooks/ or Bankers = neg.Pluto. Bc I am flexible, not rigid. Christians are too strict with narrow view. They pick and chose and have full faith in their untested books, with full of (Prophecies/Predictions) Didn't Jesus say "Prophecies/predictions" will fail? He was not wrong there, including him, bc he is half-half. The crooks imitate Jesus too in Satan form. I talked to the deaths, all the times, to God and Angels too, even to dead pets, dead Kings, etc.. It doesn't mean I lose my relationship with God though. So be on the ground, most of you Air signs.

    2. Pinkham, do not try to make excuses for all of Anna's mistakes. There is no room for mistakes if one is going to be speaking world wide in a forum like this. Accuracy is a must, otherwise even small mistakes can be very very harmful to people.
      This is why I am very cognizant of making sure I am correct, before I post anything; and if I am not totally certain of my words being accurate, then I make sure I state IMO.

      Anna should be held to the same accountability that I hold myself to; she has given advice to folks that have then fallen into problems as a result, and that cannot be excused. At the least, one must return and correct their mistakes; but Ive heard none from Anna.
      So IMO, how is one to be considered reliable, if they make so many mistakes; and why should anyone have to endure trial and error, pick and choose what of her statements is reliable, and what is not......constantly.

  3. Thank you dear Anna,
    Thoughtful words
    As lately I am dealing with the passing away of a dear ex husband of mine whom i still loved greatly and he still loved me. Sometimes I know he is around here...and I wonder why, the only thing I can say, IT is because of LOVE.

  4. Thank you for sharing Anna., Christians are to judgemental and at the same time not judgemental enough for the things that need to be stood against.

  5. “The difference between the almost right knowledge and understanding & the right knowledge and understanding is really a large matter -- it's the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” So, contrary to my better judgement and for the benefit of everyone who will read the comments after I publish this: I will now jump into this hornet's nest. 1. I am not a Christian because I am not in Him, but He is in me. In my heart and in my head, and I know His voice. John 10:27> My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, they know me, and they follow Me. 2. I could easily write a book of several hundred pages on this subject matter, but I will today limit myself to 4 points. 3. Better to remain silent and be regarded as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. And in a common language that common folk with common sense can understand.>It's far better to keep your mouth shut and appear to be stupid than to open it and remove all doubt. Now, many people want to attribute that proverb to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, Earnest Hemingway, JFK, etc., etc., but all of the above were in truth and fact, quoting the Bible. Now if quoting the Bible makes people around you regard you as wise, just imagine what actually reading the Bible front to back, again, again, and again does to you who is feasting on His Words? 4. Imagine if you will that Yahshua returns riding a white horse, His eyes blazing like fire, He has a double edge sword for a tongue and He is wearing a white robe dipped in blood, and under that robe He is wearing a tee-shirt that says: "Who is yo daddy NOW?" OK, so you believe that there is only one god and I love and bless you, if you choose to only worship, serve, see, and have before you the Father of all creation, but open your mind for just a moment and go read the last few verses of the Old Testament in the Book of Malachi and factor into those verses the prophecy and evidence of the "Father of Lies" that Yahshua warned us and spoke of in the New Testament… NOW GO READ YOUR BIBLE, AND STOP PRAYING TO MARY! BTW: Yahshua was conceived in December, and born in September under the sign of Virgo(the virgin?) Just think about it and let that sink in...

    1. Indeed, by the description of the weather conditions and by the fact that the sheep were still in the meadows with the shepherds, tells us that it was likely Sept. when He was born, not anywhere near dec.25.
      In december, in that part of the world, bethlehem, it is too cold for the sheep to be out grazing. How dec. 25th came into being 'his birth date' is the birth of a pagan was celebrated at that time. But the Believers were celebrating a holiday at a different time, different week or month.
      So along came the catholic 'church' who decided why not all do holiday at the same time, and so they decided on dec.25. This was a heresay of the worst kind; christians/believers are admonished not to link themselves together with any kind of paganism. And this is what makes 'christmas celebration by christians, apostasy'. It is no way can be explained away as 'oh we are just celebrating Jesus's birthday'. NO, you are not. You are just wanting to join in with all the stupid hoopla and act like children because you dont want to grow up.
      And as an aside to all that, Jeremiah 10:1-5 christians are admonished to 'not learn the way of the heathen who go and bring a fir tree (xmas tree) into the house and nail it to the floor, etc.' Again, all that xmas tree stuff is ALL paganism, which is forbidden by God. So in essence, it is hypocritical to claim you are 'celebrating the birth of Christ, while participating in and joining THAT together with ungodly paganism.

  6. Beautiful message. I am a man in God's kingdom, not so much a man of the bible and religion ---- some of you get the distinction? Born again? , I was born right the first time.

  7. Born from Above is the correct translation... born again is false church dogma and Not Scriptural or properly translated in most modern english versions unfortunately. Lexicons & Many Concordinances to choose from and at No Cost... E-Sword & Blue Letter Bible are great places to easily translate the Greek or Paleo-Hebrew to english with a single click of a mouse... Study to show thyself approved... You can do it...

    1. 'born again' is not some false church dogma. It is totally biblical and there is much scripture about it. 'born from above'is the same thing. Being born again requires God to remove old junk from a person which does not belong there, and it requires Him to replace them with what is godly and good, and should be in one who is then 'born again'. Because he is no longer what he used to be, and has been made 'a New man in Christ'.
      It is quite an unexplainable event/transformation which no one can truly and perfectly explain. It is one of those things that must be experienced to comprehend. It is directed 'from above' but the work is done from here on earth BY the holy spirit of God.
      (one of the first indications is that you will almost immediately think how stupid the things you did, were, and you go 'what the hell what I thinking'' LOL. 'How could I ever do that'.
      And so you go around kicking your own self with much regret; and you can even be 'haunted' with regret so much so that you WISH there was some way you go just go back and change it.'
      But it has all changed, because upon sincere repentance and being born again, God has taken it all and thrown it as 'far as the east is from the west, never to remember it anymore'.

      That is the 'New Birth......thus the Born Again' because your life literally starts all over again from scratch, as far as God is concerned. It is the only 'second chance' one can ever have.

  8. H'm....some points are made in this link on Thomas Merton:
    Peace. ra

  9. Thanks for reposting my link above Paul, doubled up we might get some traction :-) Peace. ra

    1. Oh my what a mess this Merton guy was ! I could only read about half of the site that Paul S. posted here because it is so very long. But I read enough of it to realize what a mess TM was.
      I saw not one bit of evidence that he was any christian,not by a long shot.
      And in fact, I always feel worn out when I see or hear anyone elaborate a lifetime of spiritual I KNOW it is all so unnecessary; working to try to ''find their God'. In reality what I always realize from reading such stories, is that they are really searching for ''something out there that fits THEIR own desired mold'......not a true God at all. That is why they never find what they are seeking. Such foolishness.

      As I read the half that I did read, what came to my mind was Galatians 1:8-10.....where Paul the Apostle warned ''anyone that preaches ANY OTHER gospel that what we the apostles preach, let them be accursed'...........and he ends in v.10 by saying 'for do I persuade God, or men? or do I seek to please men? for if I pleased men, I cannot be a servant of God.'

      Oh it is really that simple, yet people go on endless searches all over the place, like Merton did, and ended up very empty handed, because he just really wanted his own ways.

  10. ...for want of a nail, a shoe was lost, for want of a shoe a horse was lost, for want of a horse a rider was lost, for loss of a rider a message was lost, for loss of a message a war was lost - all for loss of a horse shoe nail.

    Anna, thank you from the bottom or our collected hearts! your message is plain, simple, uplifting, powerful.

    Sadly, there are those among us, missing a horse shoe nail or two?

    ... Abby? Useful ----?
    ...Shelby? the Shell-shoked?
    ..."Good"boots? the "gob"smaker?

    1. You just leave Shelby out of your definitions

    2. I made no comments on this post at all so what is the issue?
      There was no call for you to insult me

    3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 11, 2019 at 9:08 PM

      I didn't make any comments at all on this article either Shelby.

      I didn't feel that this comment was worthy of my time.

    4. YOU GO definitions!!!!!, hold your ground on the short-sighted negativity amply and willingly provided by this trio of negative nellies!
      IMO...I think that the three of you are trolling here!
      Abby, you need to BE useful first. Bwahaha

      We applaud all your worth-while efforts Anna!!!!!!
      There are many here that are utterly grateful!!!!

    5. I'm not trolling anyone and I'm not negative either I call it like I see it and HOW THEY HAVE MAPPED IT OUT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE
      Lets see what you all do when they close the banks and shut everything down you think Anna is gonna save you?
      You seem to think these psychopaths are going to play nice with you and they are not
      They have a plan and that includes killing you no matter what the hell your paperwork says
      They want the earth to themselves and only those that remain will be microchipped
      That's how they rewrite history and start over, they kill everyone and steal the kids
      You do as you want that is your decision not mine
      I for one don't want to live in this degenerate, homosexual, prostitute, slave trafficking world wide mess so to me it makes no difference
      You have no idea the malicious intent they have planned and your DOD and DOJ CORPORATIONS ARE PART OF IT and so is FEMA, DHS, and the damned POTUS
      Ever wonder why they came out with POT US you know like the PolPot Regime
      Congratulations you will be among the living that will get to witness the rest of the world being slaughtered and you can live happily ever after with your microchip and the psychopaths

  11. Read to many books of esoteric stuff and ancient knowledge to me it’s clear we have to build our Chia aura in order to not start over without our past accumulation of knowledge. Take your memory with you is the boat through the underworld.

  12. Dante Alighieri - The Divine Comedy

    "The greatest miracle is that the world turned to Christ without miracles."

    Jesus Christ = Divine (anointed) Messenger from God.

    And message attributed to Him - "I am the way the truth and the life."

    Also Tao(attributed to Lao-tzu) means "way" or the way. (So I understand Merton's seekings)

    The stumbling block(upon YOUR way to life)includes questions/unknowns/uncertainties before us - such as, is it true, or is it not?

    Is there a greater miracle? Such as the Miracle of all Mankind/Lifekind(of yesterday, today,and tomorrow)upon our way to eternal goodness/life. But Of course there is a corollary to this; that way of an apparently false form, which merely mimics life, but which is upon its way to somewhere other than LIFE.

    Discern People!

  13. stephen king paraphrase: reading a book is telekinesis.

    i would say

    if you are reading anything, you are likely reading the thoughts of dead people [*]; they too (dead people) are influencing your thoughts)

    [*] author themself, probably influenced by other books (thoughts of more dead people)
    when audio recordings first came out, they were "voices of the dead" communicating from "beyond the grave".

    PHONOGRAPH, n. An irritating toy that restores life to dead noises.
    NOISE, n. A stench in the ear. Undomesticated music. The chief
    product and authenticating sign of civilization.
    paintings/photographs too, are pictures of past/dead (or future) things.

    that is not to say i advocate anyone communicate with any "spirits", but the devil is in the definitions.

    "scientifically" speaking, "spirit" seems to be a fancy catch-all word for anything someone doesn't understand at the moment

    Daffy and Bugs dash to a tree, where they begin alternately tearing off an endless row of "Rabbit Season" and "Duck Season" signs, until they hit a final one proclaiming it to be "Elmer Season." They both then turn to Elmer with devious grins on their faces.
    "spirit" also sometimes seems to be closely-related to alchemical "seed" [which is basically: 1) find/create a male gold 2) find/create a female gold 3) ... 4) all the baby gold you could ever want; abstract for whatever it is you are trying to acquire ]*&Query=spirit
    12. Any liquid produced by distillation; especially, alcohol, the spirits, or spirit, of wine (it having been first distilled from wine): -- often in the plural.
    [1913 Webster]
    13. pl. Rum, whisky, brandy, gin, and other distilled liquors having much alcohol, in distinction from wine and malt
    liquors. [1913 Webster]
    15. (Alchemy) Any one of the four substances, sulphur, sal
    ammoniac, quicksilver, or arsenic (or, according to some, orpiment).

    1. xerces! Allways a breath of fresh air, TQ. Peace. ra


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