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Monday, September 9, 2019

More Red Flags for Fairbanks and Elsewhere

By Anna Von Reitz

More Red Flags for Fairbanks and Elsewhere

A couple days ago, Destry Payne, who has been closely associated with the off-track Michigan General Jural Assembly organization and who has also claimed to have Dual Citizenship in Luxembourg, claimed that President Trump was following his "Orders" by terminating the Act of 1871.  

I pointed out that the Act of 1871 was repealed in 1874. 


And here we have a report that is much, much closer to the mark: 

"it is intended the oath of every serving member of our forces will be cancelled, and they will be required to  undertake a new oath of loyalty to Brussels"


  1. Sounds like the US criminal Congress making secret treaties detrimental to our people. This is the information that I have.
    Lord James has been threatened with the police, told to retract comments he made in the House of Lords on #EU Defence Union plans, is facing demands to resign and told to remain silent on the issue from now on. #EUArmy #Brexit

  2. Oh Boy! Now I am baffled beyond baffled. About Trump about or military control and command etc. Trump following orders from WHO? What Etc. And How Does Trump Just terminate The act of 1871 and then you say it was repealed. Repealed by Congress?? Are these not two separate actions. And How does it fit in With Brussels?? PLEAS HELP ME UNDERSTAND

  3. This all brings new meaning to "informed consent" especially if the information on which consent is given leads to deliberately undisclosed intention. Therein lies the propaganda mechanics. Threaten the security of a people then provide the idea of ultimate protection, get consent then the real intention is revealed. People are voluntarily giving consent to an agenda they know nothing about until afterwards. Consent should always be conditional.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 10:24 AM

      Conditional, yes. Consent IS conditional, always:
      Full disclosure.
      A clear offer and
      acknowledgment and acceptance.
      And so much more;
      In our native language.
      In writing we can read and see.
      Wet-ink autographed by us.
      Under no duress, threat or coersion.
      And more!
      We just have to remind the CRIMINALS of that. :) :)

  4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 10:18 AM

    Repeal of Smith-Mundt Act, 2003... Corporation Allows itself to propagandize the America people.
    Hr3166ss2b, 1996: to lie to us.

    I believe they are trying to re-write their own CRIMINAL (LouisTMcFadden, 1933) history.
    Throwing out all different fairytale versions... To see which one we'll accept, and start chanting is "our history"!
    They count that as consent!!!!


  5. I have read that Putin has instructed his soldiers
    to administer their oath on "Russia" and not the
    "Russia Federation".

  6. NATO in Brussels
    UN plan
    USEUCOM which if you look at the below see whats been headquartered in d c since 1945
    video out today 700 club about how israel is turning green, made in israel or grown in israel after they killed off the Plaestinians and stolen all their land and water plus taken the gas and mineral rights from the levant

  7. wink wink is back up

    1. like I said he runs on donations so anyone who can help him out please do

  8. Just a reminder tomorrow focus all of our energy away from their ceremonies - give them no energy - NONE NONE NONE

  9. Cannot stress that everyone read down the right side of this page for valuable information about the intent when the eu was created

  10. For profit migration

  11. Falsifying records of the land through MERS

    1. Robo signing of documents to falsify the chain of title

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 10:51 PM

      You are amazing Shelby.

  12. Just want to put this out there, today so people can see how easy it is for them to create 'fake' 'identities'
    So were these 'victims' fictitious entities that they created on paper and then when all was said and done they cashed in on stocks and bonds for a 'person' that never existed in the first place????
    Something to ponder
    This video in the beginning says some things that led me back to the article
    We found the same thing with the Handy Sook 'victims' not in the registered death databases??
    I know for a fact that they converted paper documents using software that could translate what was on the paper into digital format, which means that they have a digital signature for more than likely anyone who can write in cursive - think about that
    Robo signing making sense to everyone now?
    And when they blow this system up as they plan to do they will have their 'currency reset' ready to save the masses but you have to abide by their rules to obtain their 'services'
    Lets look at the GSA shall we, formed in 1949
    The General Services Adminstration an independent agency of the United States government, was established in 1949 to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies. GSA supplies products and communications for U.S
    So after the second WW they set up shop over here, they had already taken Africa, Russia, Germany, and proclaimed the Balfour declaration to steal Palestine, then Viet Nam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria you get the picture and our military men and women were used as the cannon fodder
    Lets have a read about Cecil Rhodes and his Rhodes Scolars and their blood diamonds that they stole from the African nation and continue to do so today
    He left 7 will for his followers on how to destroy the world and the people of it so they could take it all for themselves
    He also left his diamond fortune that he maimed and killed millions in Africa to take all of it over
    This is why today we have USAFRICOM

    1. Please do not take my assumptions the worng way, if someone you know personally perished as a result of the 'event' I am not saying those incidents were not in fact real
      Read the document I left above see the evidence of the buildings being completely empty just prior to 9 1 1 and somehow just couple of years before the 'event' there were suddenly companies located on the exact floors of 'impact' one of which was labeled Ratheon?
      Those buildings were full of asbestos which they know causes cancer, hundreds of thousands of new yorkers suffering today and I am sure are being pillaged by the medical profession for cures to the disease they created all in the name of a ritual and a way to depopulate the masses
      These are some sick ass things we are dealing with here
      As I stated before, from the bible
      Leviticus - levy taxes, also where levi strauss and 501 comes from (501c3 more like it right)
      Dueteronomy - due to our money (their fake monopoly money)
      There was a guy on you tube who did a video about how those books relate directly back to the j u u s, j u s u i t s but of course they took it down
      Anyhow some points to ponder


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