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Monday, September 9, 2019

Revenge of the Robber Barons Part Two: Control Mechanisms

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, we discussed how J.D. Rockefeller's understanding of pipelines and how they control markets and delivery systems of all kinds, was applied in a predatory way to take over functions of government and also, then, to enslave the markets on either end of each "pipeline".
We observed that any system that transports someone or something from Point A to Point B, can be considered a pipeline ---- as in, a pipeline for drugs, a pipeline for commercial banking transactions, or, as it happens --- a pipeline for governmental services.
Obviously, then, transportation is a key element to the whole scheme of "privatizing government" and reducing it to a pipeline operation, and so is blocking transportation.
In order to establish a nice profitable little monopoly, it is necessary to be able to keep others out of the pipeline market that you control.
That's what got J.D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil into trouble in the first place: monopoly business practices.
So it isn't just about controlling and operating a pipeline, it's about keeping other service providers from operating their own pipelines in competition with yours. It's about controlling the "flow" of commerce --- not only via conduits, but via the deliberate construction of dams and levies and "shunts" --- diversionary structures to manipulate the direction of flow.
In order to pull all this off and attain the kind of control they wanted, the schemers first had to transport you off of the land and soil of your State of the Union, steal your actual identity, and "redefine" you as a thing.
And this had to be done in at least two of the three jurisdictions of the law, because as the saying goes, it takes two to tango and two ends to every pipeline.
So which two jurisdictions of the law did these con artists corrupt?
We have the proof that they corrupted the jurisdiction of the sea (British control) which is represented by Territorial Governments worldwide and the jurisdiction of the air (Pope's control) which is represented by Municipal Governments worldwide.
The jurisdiction of the air was corrupted first, both in terms of time line and moral depravity. And this is where Kurt Kallenbach's work plays such a pivotal role of discovery.
If you stop and think about your own genesis as a living being, you will recognize that you came into being when a certain unique egg was fertilized by a certain unique sperm. This moment of fertilization is when your own unique DNA first coupled together to form a zygote, and ultimately, you.
So in actual fact, you came into Being approximately nine months prior to your exit from the womb--- an event marked down as a birthday.
A few days or weeks later, the Bean Counters take things a step farther and "register" you as donated public property, which generates a "registration date" also known as a "birthdate".
Neither the birthday nor the birthdate have anything to do with you, the natural man or woman.
The day of your actual genesis, and your Point of Origin, is the fertilization date; and your fertilization day is forever unknown and can only be approximated.
The birthday doesn't represent your true origin; instead, the birthday marks your appearance on the land or at sea.
The birthdate marks the registration of your name as a public property owned and operated by the schemers.
So the first artificial separation ("severance") that the plotters set up as a means to denigrate you and redefine you as a mere Thing, is the birth day assignment and the Given Name.
The second thing that they do to artificially "transport" you into their corrupt jurisdiction is to mistake the fact that you are born on the land.
To do this, they redefined hospitals and courts as "vessels" belonging to the British Territorial Government --- howbeit, dry docked on the land of one of the American States.
And they subjected you to their foreign municipal law and the foreign international Law of the Sea, by misidentifying you as a "US Citizen"---- not an American.
So their first pipeline is designed to: (1) sever the Divine Contract between Man and Creator by not recognizing the fertilization date as your true Point of Origin----and therefore not recognizing you as a natural living man; (2) substituting the birth day as your Point of Origin and a Trade Name for your God-given identity; (3) redefining you as someone born "at sea" instead of on the land; (4) mistaking you as a US Territorial Citizen --- as if you were born in Puerto Rico; (5) deliberately misidentifying you as a Ward of the State of State --- a pauper and public property in their Commonwealth system; (6) subjecting you to Territorial Statutory Law and Law of the Sea ----- all of which amounts to: (1) kidnapping you from your natural jurisdiction on the land and (2) transporting you into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea so as to (3) subject you to foreign law and (4) seize upon your Lawful Person and assets via unlawful conversion of both.
This whole Turkey Trot Fraud serves to convert your Lawful Person (on the land) to a Legal Person (on the sea) and to convert your assets from private ownership to public ownership, conveniently subject to their administration.
Once you are misidentified as a British Territorial Citizen and as a Ward of their State of State operation, they can move you to Municipal jurisdiction and basically rent you and your assets to the Pope as a Commonwealth property.
To be blunt and explicit, they make "you" into a Public Trust, with the filthy British Territorial Government retaining the "beneficial interest" and the equally filthy Municipal Government retaining the "legal title".
Read that --- the Queen gets the first cut of the cream off this criminal exercise, and the Pope gets all the service contracts and administrative control functions to pad his larder. The Pope's Municipal Government then seizes upon your Given Name, and sells "you" as a commodity.
They do this by spinning off various kinds of corporations named after you: a Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust named in the form: JOHN ALLEN DOE, a Public Transmitting Utility named JOHN A DOE, a Public Charitable Trust named JOHN DOE, and so on, only using your Given Name as the basis for all this chicanery.
So from one basic identity theft, more forms of identity theft are spawned.
You are not only misidentified in the jurisdiction of the sea as a British Territorial Citizen and as a Ward of one of their failed State of State operations, you are mis-characterized in the jurisdiction of the air as mere corporate entities, which are similarly Wards of their failed STATE OF STATE operations, permanently severed from your Divine Nature as a living man or woman.
The only jurisdiction of the law that remains pure and operable, is the jurisdiction of the land, and you have been kidnapped from the jurisdiction of the land to promote all these profitable and highly criminal abuses of God's children.
Which brings us back to the pipelines.
As you can see, they diverted the natural pipeline from God to land jurisdiction.
You were created as a unique Being by an Act of God; not a birthday. You are meant to live on the land, not the sea.
You were delivered safely to the land jurisdiction of your State of the Union, but British Agents operating in Breach of Trust deliberately mis-identified you as a British Territorial Citizen, as if you had been born in Puerto Rico.
They severed your time-link and provenance as a Divine Creation when they bypassed and ignored your actual Point of Origin and substituted a birthday for it.
That's the first shunt.
That denied your identity as a living man owed all the protections of the actual Law, and brought "You" under the State of State Statutory "Law" instead.
They then transported you off the land jurisdiction by a false assumption of Territorial Citizenship. That's the second shunt.
That unlawfully converted "you" to a foreign political status and removed the guarantees and protections of the Constitutional Agreements.
And then they sold the Territorial Citizen (already converted into a Thing and not recognizable as a man or woman) into slavery to the Pope's Municipal Government. That's the third shunt.
Now the pipeline operators have you and everyone else right where they want you ---- misidentified as a "Thing" owed no protection or respect, subject to a foreign legal and monetary system that they run, and rendered utterly dependent on a pipeline system they control as a monopoly.
Is this evil? Yes.
Is this criminal? Yes.
Is there anything we can do about it? Yes.
We can expose them and their self-interested lies for what they are. We can expose their "System" and root it out like an invasive weed ---- root, stem, and leaf.
The current iteration of this "System" in America started immediately after the Second World War, basically with the signing of the Peace Treaty with Japan in September of 1945.
We were kept in this fictional "wartime status" in order to implement the infamous Marshall Plan to rebuild the rest of the world. We were worked as slaves and leveraged and taxed and our production was subjected to punishing tariffs in order to pay for it.
Once the rest of the world was rebuilt, the slave masters kept us toiling by using the "Cold War" as their excuse for continuing the wartime "emergency" status, continuing to collect the so-called Victory Tax from Americans, etc., etc., etc..
And all this leads us back to a discussion about God, and which "God" we are serving.
A number of things happened immediately before and after the Second World War that reconstructed the pipelines.
Before the war we have the Nationality Act of 1940, codified as Title 31 USC 1321/1322, which affected average Americans in Breach of Trust.
We also have the infamous Buck Act in 1940, which consigned actual US Citizens and citizens of the United States to literal enslavement.
Then, immediately after the Second World War, we have in quick succession:
1. The Lanham Act of 1946 which was supposed to protect our private property interests --- but wasn't enforced in that capacity;
2. The Supreme Court Case of Everson vs. Board of Education which gave teeth to Separation of Church and State---that is, separation between their "nation" operated as a theocracy and our country;
3. The National Security Act which created the National Security Council and identified that unconstitutional, unauthorized, and un-elected body as the de facto government responsible for these outrages;
4. Public Law 107 -293 (see also PL 97-280) which very clearly confirms that the National Motto is "In God We Trust".
Well, folks, if you have been following along you now know that there is a difference between John Adams and JOHN ADAMS.
And I have in my hand a brand new US Silver Dollar, upon which are emblazoned the words, "IN GOD WE TRUST".
The God they are referring to when they say---- "In God We Trust" ---refers to a foreign "god", Baphomet.
Just as they have attempted to sever our Sacred Contract with our Creator by substituting a birthday for our Point of Origin, they have substituted Baphomet, the Father of All Lies, for our land jurisdiction God, the Creator.
Similarly, they have converted not only the "God" being invoked, but also the "Trust" being invoked.
As our students now know, "IN GOD WE TRUST" is Dog Latin, unintelligible either as English or as Ancient Latin.
What this really tells us is that in their view, "GOD" is a corporation, and so is the "TRUST" that these pipeline operators are pushing.
All these venal self-interested lies and false legal presumptions have been used to redirect the flow of people, goods, and commodities --- out of the pockets and control of the actual people, and into the hands of the pipeline owners and operators, out of private ownership into public ownership, where our assets can be administered by clerks and judges operating private in-house corporate tribunals that are also owned and operated by the same criminals.
Both the fake corporate courts and the private security "Law Enforcement Officers" are used to implement and enforce these crimes upon the people of this country and throughout the world at the behest of the "National Security Council" ----an un-elected, unconstitutional, unofficial, unauthorized committee, which operates to defend the Baphomet-worshiping Municipal Government and studiously neglects to say which "nation" and which "national security" they represent.
When you tear the lid off the patents these cretins have protected under the guise of being "National Security" interests, you very rapidly learn that none of this is being done in the interests of living people. It is all being done to secure corporate advantages over living people, and to make corporations into "gods".
J.D. Rockefeller would be proud; the Living God, not so much.
Those responsible have been given the Sign of Jonah and the Prophecy of Jeremiah, which is as true today as the day it was first uttered. They can have Chapter 31 or Chapter 51 of the Book of Jeremiah, but one or the other -- depending on their own choices --- is going to come down on their heads, as sure as I am sitting here writing this.


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  1. I don't understand...why would the corporate state push opioids then take them away....dont they know that taking away opioids quickly causes more pain not less..!! It has to be done gradually...!! But they never gave the chance to the patients...!! I am currently trying to get diasapam (valium), which was put under the psychiatric world..this is luducris..!! Most psychiatrist are totally unfamiliar with valium, which is not used for psychiatry but for muscle spasms...!! So we have to see a psychiatrist to get valium, but the Dr is only to happy to recommend psychalogic drugs for depression...It is a conspiracacy...

    This whole system is based on money..valium is cheap.I can get valium for $7.99 without insurance..i can't even get aspirin for that...!!.

    And how can we be Christians if all of this is going on..!! They have us turning to false God's because they are not giving the churches the truth..!! The millinalls are being separated more and more away from the true God ...I don't think God Would approve of "fiat script" which basically steal from all our brother and sisters...!!

    Anna, I don't know why you don't work with kim, because she is a good person and between the both of you, you could really kick some ass..!!
    You are letting your pride get in the way..You want to control everything..!! What makes you think that you will be any better that Kim at handing out money to the people..!!

    Kim has given up trying to fund the BANKS because she realizes that the money is always used for something else...!! The money is never used for the people..never..!!

    These people want absolute control and so does the STATE...!!Now out of convience, the people are being forced into facial recognition in order to get on a plane with little trouble...strickly, out of convenience...!! And most of them are doing it..!!You need to put your heads together and figure this out..!!
    Unless you have a different agenda, other than the good will of the people...??

    1. James, picture it this way metaphorically speaking. In the beginning, 1776 the Founding Fathers created a cookie jar and as national interests were created, funding was used to fill the jar with cookies, lets call it the people's jar. Everything those cookies were used to purchase goods and services those goods and services belonged to the people. Along comes the pirates who created another cookie jar. Fraudulently, they gradually stole the cookies from the people jar and put them in their jar. Everything they spent those cookies on was claimed by the pirates as their property. The difference between Anna and Kim(and others like her) is that Anna wants the cookies and property back from the Pirate's cookie jar to give back to the people so that the people's property belongs to them, the Americans.
      Kim has been, perhaps unbeknownst to her, the opportunity to spend the Pirate's cookies but the property and assets will still belong to the Pirates, not the Americans. Therein lies the problem, who does the money/assets really belong to? The Americans. Who is Kim giving it to? The Pirates.
      Its the same scam because the Pirates own all the assets(projects) that the good people build that Kim is trying to fund. The game is rigged so that the efforts of the people's labour and assets keep filling the Pirate's cookie jar, not the People's jar.
      There are many good people doing what they feel is right, but the pirates behind the curtain are still playing a game. The funds Kim has may belong to the people in the truest sense, but it is funds stolen by the pirates and the rules Kim has to follow are defined by the Pirates.
      That's how I see it.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 7:47 PM

      James it will probably sound squirrley bec. I dont have an injury, or muscle spasms but I love turmeric! Also MSM. I think Abby has mentioned that. And I just started using magnesium OIL when I work all day in the yard or on the house now. The magnesium oil works kind of like an Epsom salts bath I've been told. I know Swanson vitamins has a good price on the oil and free shipping sometimes.
      I hope you find something to help soon.

    3. goodboots, yes MSM is great stuff. I use 1000mg caps, 2 or 3 per day, along with a D3 oil cap (5000) and together I am mobile.
      I have also used magnesium oil but I dont like the graininess that it leaves on the skin and needs to be washed off. But Im sure it has its intended effect.
      I might add that from research it seems that the most needed element for the heart is magnesium; and it is said ''that heart issues are not from too much salt, but too little of magnesium''.
      Of course this would mean ingesting magnesium capsules.

  2. >And I have in my hand a brand new US Silver Dollar, upon which are emblazoned the words, "IN GOD WE TRUST".
    >The God they are referring to when they say---- "In God We Trust" ---refers to a foreign "god", Baphomet.

    Meh this sounds like quite a stretch. Even though all caps script is indeed debased Latin in their legal world (Roman civil law), outside of their legal realm it means jack squat because they use all caps in common law documents as well.

    Private property signs are in all caps also and they are legally binding as English in common law and even civil law so I am gonna have to say you are confused about this and trying to make a false equivalence between two different worlds you don't fully understand. There is no logical reason for this to be done so what would be the point according to you just for a joke?

    1. Because a proper noun is always upper and lower. Anything else means it is something else. Private property signs are simply conspicuous text and have nothing to do with proper nouns.

    2. Again, here we have the jackasses, a pack of elitists who decided they could take over the world, and so THEY simply decided that ''all CAPS is now going to mean such and such'. And so therefore it too is just more bullschitt as to CAPS suddenly meaning what THEY try to tell us it means. (what the hell do they mean 'dog latin' LOL)
      Folks, wake up here and see what a silly little childish game that 'they' have tried to play on us. The SIZE of letters is nothing more to me than to make them easier to see - - thus, why signs are printed in CAPS.

      an 'a' is an A and a 'b' is still just nothing more than a matter the size that that pack of looney tunes tries to tell us ''changes things'. LOLOL

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Rog you stated the obvious and completely missed the point of what I said and why it is important. It only mean something else in THEIR legal system not outside of it. In their court they make the rules, in my court I can make the rule that everything has to always be in caps if I want.

    5. Do you think if you go into their court and say the private property sign is not in English it was in dog Latin therefore it doesn't matter so I decided to go onto their property and it is just peachy I can't be convicted for trespassing? That isn't how it works. Dog Latin only matters in their legal system in relation to naming and classifying legal entities, outside of this it means nothing.

  3. Also Baphomet is a symbol that represents esoteric concepts, not a God, it like the Bible and the Christ is SYMBOLIC, not literal

    1. Bodhi
      Go have a listen
      Then go have a look at their other site
      Again I say there are many groups working to restore cannot figure out why they all over the place
      These guys here hve actually shut some offices down from what I hear
      With your mind and gift to articulate I believe you woule be a great asset to them, IMO
      The video is long but lots of information in it, hope you can find the time to listen

  4. Just being alive should not be this complicated.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 9:21 AM

      That is why we, the living people, have our own American traditional common law authority that itself is under authority of the laws of nature and of natures creator!

      We have been being secretly trafficked by these backstabbing lying CRIMINALS.

      It's unforgivable what they've done.

    2. And the so called honorable military generals are all part of it
      The world command along with NATO
      North Command, that would be the NAU command
      Cecil Rhodes and his seven wills and blood diamonds
      Agenda 21 - agenda to one government and their 21 goals
      DEINDUSTRIALIZATION OF ALL NATIONS, computers and service jobs only future because they say so
      Opiod epedemic was planned and carried out by the very same crooks
      It's depopulation
      They will withhold meds now until you see a psych this is also part of their plan to psychologically evaluate everyone on the planet it keeps the JD Rocky boys and the AMA, CDC, and all the doctors supplied with a flock of patients not to mention it keeps his petro chemical based big pharma in the green new deals
      Same thing with the 74 vaccines they give to our kids - keeps big pharma in the green
      The flu vaccince
      15 million dead from flu vaccine in 1918

    3. You know I thought this same thing in the past creative but now I am not so sure. This world is a meritocracy and this is capitalism. There will always be a caste system in this world and the smartest will always rule over those that are not as smart. We live in a Republic as sovereigns but most people in this Republic are children in adult bodies. Would you really want ghetto thugs operating under their own sovereignty? I would say it is a good thing the police can be "tyrannical" against them to keep them in check and unable to hurt others. If people aren't smart enough to figure this system out are they really smart enough to a king in their own right? The alternative to a meritocracy is communism, this system is much better. The only problem I see is too many people are taking advantage of the system because people got lazy, dumb and complacent. If we change these things we can solve the problems if the masses aren't smart enough to overcome these issues they are probably right where they need to be and getting what they deserve tbh.

  5. Meet some of the brain dead people working on their regionalism plans to herd the cattle in to urban communities
    Again a private organization carrying out the plans of the UN, IMF, BIS, Queen and the Vatican for and Interdependent world or green global serfs eating grass and bugs, riding their bicycles and forced to use public transportation as per the climate change weather modifciation biblical prophecy plan, just sayin
    Teaching people it is OK to accept your death and die because it is all just a virtual reality or bible prophecy and you don't need those flesh suits
    While Ted Turner one of the new world order proponents sits on hundreds of thousands of acres raising thousands of buffalos
    But wait cows fart too much eat to much grass how can it be that ole Teddy boy can have his very own spread complete with buffalos, unrestricted in what he does and his land is safe from the UN agenda
    Teddy boy owns all the billboards and TBS and his ex wifey is GI Jane herself (GI get it German intelligence) again may not be German just another crypto is my guess

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 3:08 PM

      "green global serfs eating grass and bugs,"

      Shelby, I laughed and laughed until I had tears in my eyes.
      Well... What do you expect chattle to eat?
      Steak and a twice-baked potato??! :):)

    2. I'm glad I made you laugh good boots

  6. The thing that must be remembered here is that none of the things Anna is talking about happen to you, the Man or Woman, they happen to a piece of paper. "You" were not converted to anything, a piece of paper was.

    We have been spoon fed this term "identity" which means: Sameness; the fact that a subject, person, or thing before a court is the same as it is represented, claimed, or charged to be, for our entire lives not really knowing what it means. In other words, you have been led to believe you ARE a piece of paper. When anyone asks for ID you should reply, "that's impossible, I am unique!"

    As with the legal term "person," the term "identity" should be understood for what it is, a thing that does not apply to us. Even in common law our persons do not "identify" us, they are our property. Once we realize this stuff is happening in another world, a foreign world, a world not of our making, we can get a clearer picture of what they are up to.

    1. Person does apply to you and everyone else many patriot movements get this wrong. It isn't that the term doesn't apply to us, it is that it applies to MORE than just us. There are real persons and artificial persons, private person(a) and public person(a) each with different sets of rights and privileges under two different systems which we can choose to operate in when it suits or goals and needs.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 3:34 PM

      May be true Rog, until they claim you, y.o.u., the man or woman as "surety" for the "trades" that they, the attorneys, are making for their bankers... For a cut of the take, of course. So they can live high on the hog in exchange for creating despair upon innocent peoplefor their master Lucifer.
      Then what they scribbled on their documents is unlawfully "converted" and they put those handcuffs on y.o.u., theinnocentman or woman, not on the piece of paper named You or YOU; or when they take your family member as their property, it is not the piece of paper they put into their commercial private for-profit corporate policy enforcers vehicle and drive off with, it is your son or daughter; or when they threaten to shoot you if you don't leave your home because they said they sold it: they are not threatening that dam piece of paper.
      No, they are pointing their fffking gun in *your* face, not at a piece of paper.

      They are CRIMINALS.
      May the creator see fit to take them into hell early. psalm 5:5.

    3. How are your studies going goodboots? When I see your comments it looks like you are picking a lot up very quickly. I have tons more books and videos for anyone interested. I would like to help spiritwalker get her house back honestly, I think it will be fun and fulfilling.

      I am working with JD from and on a case soon, a big one for half a million or so against a bank, I am excited to file the papers. I have been studying the case file for a week now and prepping and I think I will file a void judgment suit in a bout a week or so then try and force them into negotiations.

    4. Goodboots, until they claim you, y.o.u., the man or woman as "surety" for the "trades" that they, the attorneys, are making for their bankers.

      Proof of claim.

    5. Bodhi, it's the difference between identity and agency. We are not a piece of paper, identity. But we may move the shoe, the person, around the Monopoly board, agent.

    6. Bodhi, as per your comment to help spiritwalker, you go buddy
      Like I have said there are many groups all across the country cracking their 'secret code of non ethics'
      I can't wait to see how things go
      Like I said in an earlier comment I think you would be a very strong candidate to really help us knock some 'balls' out of the park, lol
      I listened to a video the other day where the guy made the comment 'it's like you're playing chess, poker and monopoly all at the same time with some word salad mixed in'
      They also refer to alot of the stuff they are seeing in courts as SMU, shit made up
      Anyway hope my contributions to the cause help everyone - all eyes are important

    7. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 9:25 PM

      Rog, I would love to hear more about how you would use proof of claim...In one of my situations, I notified the "court" (before I ever got very far into any of this "unwinding their fraud" thing with other people/groups),that it looked like the attorney was committing fraud AND also that the plaintiff needed to show proof of claim, ...from the very beginning--- that was four and a half years ago.
      I now imagine that they had many chuckles and jokes over expensive wine paid for by us :), about the entertaining "cow" that thought they could get out of the pen by "giving notice of suspected fraud".
      Oh, hahahahahaha, i can just imagine how delightfully funny that must have been. Hahahahaha.
      Especially when they followed up on my numerous notices of fraud and calls for proof of claim... By preparing the documents to steal my farm. Hahahahaha.

    8. it's like you're playing chess, poker and monopoly all at the same time with some word salad mixed in'

      lol yes I would say that perfectly sums it up. Just think of it all as a fun challenge. I certainly enjoy your contributions I think you have always had a very advanced understanding and provide everyone with good info and links and people should be paying attention to what you are telling them in the posts you make. Ty for the compliments <3

    9. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 10:46 PM

      Hi Bodhi :),
      I've been enjoying your comments again.
      Yes, I just can't seem to get away from this stuff now.
      Now, suddenly, all of this info about bonds and how they misuse them is landing right in front of me!! One thing after another. It's like.... Hmmmmmmm.
      The info is totally SHOCKING (*DOG LATIN*, teehee) to me...what they are doing.
      I seriously can't even BELIEVE that they actually set their lives aside to do this to innocent people.
      There are no words to describe how bad this system is in the way they are misusing it.
      IMO they would not be as bad if they were just hauling off and murdering people with a gn. At least that is simple and over with. But no, they are torturing people, AND THEY KNOW IT. Ruining peoples lives and families, taking their tiny sons and daughters, stealing everything people have worked and eeked out over their lifetime .... And they're just slurping down wine, mincing around, ordering people to do this or that, when WE'RE THE BENEFICIARY IN THEIR DAM SYSTEM...WE'RE THE ONES WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GIVING THE ORDERS TO *THEM*.
      I mean its not even enough to steal everything, they IH well,... I'm not going to go on and on. Suffice it to say, IMO, what they are doing is one of the top five worst things I've ever heard of.
      Maybe, overall, in the top three worst.

      When you start getting info about the bonds-- whose department gets them first, and how they are passed around, it is apparent that the huge entire washington DC/Isis system calling itself "our government" *is* a slicked-up, buttoned-down, slave-trading and stolen-property-trafficking organization. There's no way around it! It is staring you in the face. They intentionally did this. They set this up this way, to do this.
      And all roads do seem to lead to the POPEs chair, via the "royals" and bankers.
      Then they "bundle" those slave trading bonds and sell them as mort-gage- [French: "DEATH -pledge"] backed securities to people to put in their dam 401k's, if the info I'm getting is correct...
      And the people think their 401ks are backed by housing "loans"!
      Shit. Something's got to change. They need to hurry it up , too.
      I am interested in the books and videos you mentioned ...are they on your website, esoteric awakening?
      Will you be posting your work with JD online somewhere? That sounds great... Working with him. That website is very good. Can't wait to see your papers and see how you take down the leviathan.

    10. It's the trinity, dc, queen and the vatican
      I put out a link yesterday about their MERS database and how they rolled that out for the specific purpose of stealing the land recording, paper recordings
      Everything being converted to electronic medium which makes it harder to track down the thieves, no paper trail
      Think about the CORPORATION LIFE LOC
      So they already stole your 'identity' and now they selling a service so you think you are protecting your 'identity' and 'credit' - they are charging their CONSUMERS $9.99 (upside down is 666) a month stealing yet another $120 in monopoly money a year from the unsuspecting dumbed down goy
      How about Equifax, Experian and Transunion - all collecting data on all of us for years without our knowledge or consent and they will use that data to create their social credit score on everyone
      First it was get your free credit score, then it came in to being that you could review all your records once a year for free, then they added the FICO score to the mix
      SMU - more shit made up by the crooks in the know
      And this one is classic how about IsisRaSet (IRS) income tax collector CORPORATONS set up to assist the down trodden tax payer - pay this CORPORATION moolah to help you get a lower bill from the crooks who took the moolah unlawfully in the first place - selling a service
      Same with CORPORATIONS that will help the CONSUMER in consolidating their debts
      It's an all out MONOPOLY game
      We use their fake money, they through fraud, gather the earthly wealth like the land, gold, minerals, etc etc etc and the dumbed down goy haven't a clue because the Rocky Boys and their DEPARTMENT OF EDJUCATION ensure that the goy learn nothing but the basics of being a slave to the system
      Like their Common Core Edjucation thing they have going now
      Mass producing green global serfs because that's what the teachers of these global serfs have been taught to teach them
      See they been telling us, Bernie Madoff, like Bernie made off with the money
      Chemtrails also another thing to think about - now they selling all kinds of detox stuff?
      Autism and CBD oil - the vaccine industry harmed these kids no doubt in my mind and then they come out with CBD oil to sell (snake oil salesmen)
      Not saying it does not work for people just using as an example
      The parents are not aware that at birth the child in vaccinated within hours of birth
      Vitamin K - a blood clotting agent - this is the one I think is causing the autism it's going to the brain of the child and causing an issue whent he blood is just beginning to flow after birth
      What is Vitamin K - anybody know - what's in that vaccine - anybody know
      Next up they vaccinate for Hep B - anybody know what it is? Where did it come from? Who defined it? The AMA a Rocky boys CORPORATIONS that define and make these things in to reality
      How about all the diagnosis codes and HCPC codes they constantly updating - these are all products of BIG PHARMA and PETRO CHEMICAL solutions, the Rocky boys and the Medici family
      And now they got a psychiatry boom going on because they want everyone in the world to blatherin idiots according to the diagnosis codes that they made up (SMU, shit made up)
      Just like the indiots of Scientology - another created 'religious' sect to suck the monopoly money wealth from the goy and brainwash them in that realm
      And now you have the Illuminati First Testament, how about that
      Rambling a little but you get the jest of it

    11. GBs, I'm sorry you lost your farm. I'm sure words cannot describe your loss.

      I do not know what you did at the time, but merely claiming fraud is not enough. Conditional acceptance upon proof of claim invokes the law merchant. That is the law they are following. That and flaws in the paperwork. Sending notices of fault and default seems like a lot of trouble, but it is the language they understand. There are no guarantees as you are dealing with criminals which makes me wonder if anything short of force will stop this nonsense.

    12. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 11, 2019 at 12:35 PM

      Thank you Rog, your sincerity touched my heart.

      "There are no guarantees as you are dealing with criminals which makes me wonder if anything short of force will stop this nonsense."
      This is the sad state of things, it appears.

      Just FYI if you happen to follow along with what is going on with me as it progresses:
      I had been listening to the NLA calls, who I don't support, but they had wonderful commenters who I
      learned alot from; and I had actually, semi-unknowingly, done a "conditional acceptance" without even knowing there was any such thing...
      the fact is, I'm finding that an honest man or woman is going to be doing the right thing just by virtue of dealing honestly with others.... Even the true, honorable Commerce system is based upon the commonly-held ethics and morals of the people in the nations who agree to participate in the Commerce system!
      How could it be otherwise?!
      ...That was how they kept the pirates OUT: Ethics. Morals. Principles of fair -trade between the "member nations".
      I don't feel like I lost my farm. I believe I will get it back with much, Much, MUCH more besides.
      I did not willingly agree.
      They have no excuse.
      That attorney added his own company name to my farm and I told him I would pay him after he took his name off and corrected some other things.
      But instead, he chose to set their property-theft machine in motion and began having me threatened by his corporation's "bankers"/"administrators" /"BAR attorneys"/ others, threatening me with jail time and "punishment" if I refused TO PARTICIPATE IN FRAUD AGAINST MYSELF?!?!
      That's the way I saw it....:
      That they were threatening to harm me if I refused to be coerced, under threat of violence andor imprisonment andor other undue punishments, into agreeing to commit fraud against/upon myself! For them. For their benefit. And I knew something was horribly WRONG.

      I took it that if I did not agree to commit fraud against myself, that they were going to imprison me andor "punish"me and or otherwise harm me.
      For what?
      For refusing to commit what I believe to be fraud?
      Against myself?
      *I* certainly had committed no crime!
      Since when is refusing to participate in what looks to be fraud a crime?
      It isn't a crime at all in any lawful authority and it never has been.

      Therefore, I say, that there was no sale of my farm, there was only the transfer of stolen property from one man or woman to another that has to be returned to its rightful owner... me.

      Like I mentioned to Bodhi, I'm just now getting into the bond: slave/ stolen property, "trading" they do.
      They are using our living-hand "signatures" to *CREATE* the "funds" for their system/and so forth, but they are claiming Powers of Attorney over our affairs that they say authorizes them to determine ("legal determinations"?) what happens to the funds and our "hard asset" properties, including our own physical bodies...which is why they claim they can jail/warehouse/ capture/ claim/ chain,bond our physical bodies: they have secretly claimed it is "surety" for their "legal" slave and stolen property "trades".

      But these are the very types of thing the Declaration of Independence dissolved: these very "political bands/bonds/chains!", that they attach to us using all this sleight-of-hand- abracadabra- paper-shuffling word magick they think they have so cleverly gotten away with.

      It all just gets more and more sickening the farther down the rabbit hole I go.
      The worst of it so far is this:
      They are using our stolen funds/credit to fund their child sex trafficking and child and other satanic ritual abuse operations and other "black ops" worldwide.

      This is all in accord with my present best information, to the best of my ability to discern it while under the engineered disadvantage of their Hr3166ss2b,1996/other.

    13. Oh you are getting into the bonds now? You really are studying like a busy little bee lol. Very nice, are you watching the videos at Sounds like you are consuming the "training materials" there, based on the topics you bring up.

      They cover pretty much everything, great material and website and JD is a really cool guy. He also runs the website, after you finish everything on find your way there next. If they took your farm I would file a void judgment and do what I said I am doing above by putting the pressure on them to give you settlement. Should be fun and good practice to exercise this new knowledge : )

    14. Yah I have the materials posted on my website and video channels and I will most certainly keep everyone up to date with what I am doing and how I am doing for those interested. Watch this when you get a minute.

      Richard Cornforth Lecture On Void Judgments

      All the books are on my hard drive I would be willing to make a zip file of them and post a link for you if you want.

    15. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 11, 2019 at 11:01 PM

      I will check out what you've posted here that I can access.
      No, I just looked around on that first website when you mentioned it before; haven't studied anything there yet.
      I'm not sure yet how much of the info will be actually applicable for me but I'm still interested.
      I'm in American traditional common law authority, being one of the free, sovereign and independent people, so I'm not even subject to their Corporate Courts and have no plans of entering them.
      However, they are CRIMINALS so, I do realize I'd still better know what they are doing.

      The bonds thing, I didn't plan. I just started getting all this bond info winding up right in front of me. And, ohmyGOSH, how anyone could do the things they are doing to known innocent people is beyond my imagination. IMO they are truly psychopaths and much worse. I'm sure there are many people who got into "law" and "justice" thinking they were actually supporting the law! And no doubt, many of them have discovered different once it was too late to get out... Perhaps they "knew too much". Idk.
      But I suspect a lot of those people who were "stuck" all these years are bailing and making a run for it now! Last chance perhaps for them to try to find forgiveness for themSELVES for the horrible misery they so coldly dished out to the innocent in order to enrich themselves.

      Anyway, I'm in AmerTraditcommlaw, not their Special Admiralty/ Maritime/English Common Law/Kings Equity crappola mish-mash cover-their-crimes gobbledegook "jurisdiction".
      They're CRIMINALS.

  7. Anna, enough is enough. ALL of this is bullschitt, and you keep right on playing into 'their' hands, making people think they have to do this or that to untangle themselves/ourselves from WHAT? I'll tell you WHAT: from nothing more than WHAT 'they' say and write and make up in their smoke filled back rooms..........which is nothing more than bullschitt !

    Anna, time for you to wake up perhaps? This is ALL NULL AND VOID ....Period. And that is all you should be doing; since you love filing papers so much, why dont you just file ONE which very large 'legal Brief' listing ALL their shenanigans, stating they are all null and void and all declared of NO effect because it was all done without ANY knowledge or consent of ANY of the Names they have used like a game of marbles in some back alley.
    But no. Instead you have done almost 2000 ARticles of playing into their hands telling ''them' that you actually BELIEVE all their hot air. And so you further serve to muddy up the already tons of onion layers.

    What does it take for you and your followers to see all of this stuff is ultimately all made up unseen invisible self-proclaimed power over the People that has NO solid foundation other than THEIR say so.

    Anna, its called F R A U D. You come out with all kinds of ways to fight.........FRAUD? You gotta be kidding. Its time for a REALITY check and to quit playing this (same as) a Ponzi scheme.

    1. from Anna,

      There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with criminals and becoming criminals ourselves in response is not a viable option.

    2. The system itself isn't fraudulent necessarily, just because people don't understand how things work and they don't work the way they think they do doesn't make them fraudulent. However they certainly do commit fraud all the time within the system because no one is keeping their feet to the fire watching over their shoulder which is why people need to learn how the system works and make it work for them against those abusing it.

    3. Bodhi it is tempting to position it that way, that the system itself isn't fraudulent. The devil is in the details like most things. They want to have it both ways. If the game is commerce and the maxims of commerce apply, anyone who doesn't know that is disadvantaged. But commerce is about competitive advantage. Withhold the details, pretend, extend, obfuscate, and don't let on. Make false claims in commerce to keep everyone off balance. Lie, cheat, pretend it works one way and when people catch on, change the rules at random when the heat gets a bit too much. Register nothing, record everything. Oops they found out, close the recording offices so they can't escape. Change the rules as often as it takes to keep them ignorant. Lie, keep lying. The sycophants that lap up our bath water like dogs will defend us. Release the hounds.

      Survival of the fittest, it is a game, the spoils go to the victor. The animal kingdom is brutish and short, so let's pretend that mankind is no better than animals and force them to emulate conditions that exist in that realm.

      What's that you say? Animals can't sing or dance, write music, write poetry, paint, draw, create motion pictures, create technology.

      Savages all of them, including mankind. No hope, no point in continuing this experiment, it was doomed from the start so let's put it out of it's misery and send a big middle finger to the creator in the process.

      No fraud? Hilary is one lucky chick then to have Comey make an absolute ass of himself publicly pretending that she may have made egregious errors in judgement, but c'mon she really didn't mean to, there was no intent to commit fraud, she just wasn't every organized, poor dear. Let her go, nothing to see here, move along and get on with your lives. She really didn't mean to do anything wrong, she is a standup gal.

      We all know anybody else would be in an orange jumpsuit.

      Sound like a compelling, well designed system free of fraud and misrepresentation to you with only the best intentions and the interests of everyone on the planet in mind? Sound like a place you want to be?

    4. Have a listen
      Weaponized family courts and the new act on human trafficking

    5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 8:05 PM

      Just my two cents worth, speaking to a friend:

      I don't think you said anything at all, abby, that sounded like you thought we should act like criminals to deal with these CRIMINALS.
      And as a matter of fact, I think that would be completely outside of your character to even think of doing something like that.

    6. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 8:34 PM

      Will that (6:48 pm) needs to be made into a video... You could show memes from the megameme folder as you talk.
      Exc. Ell. Ent.!

      I agree that IF people were FULLY INFORMED, and actually AGREED, the system might actually be able to be a good thing for people, ... if selling people ever can be. :):)but some people would actually probably do very, very well in that kind of system if they were actually treated well, as promised.

      But I am so glad to hear you delineating between operating in lawful, ethical, moral commerce and being just a plain old damned-by-God (John 3:18) CRIMINAL.

      These people, or whatever they are, are NOT in COMMERCE!!
      Anymore than they have a "MILITARY."
      Both lawful COMMERCE and the lawful MILITARY are honorable, ethical, honest, and necessary.
      This bunch of hoodlums with their red shoes and blood on their hands are barely even worthy of the peoples' contempt let alone to be treated as if they were actually operating in ethical commerce.

    7. Yah agreed Will exactly. Just like your car, just because someone sells you a car but doesn't give you a manual on how to repair it doesn't man they defrauded you, caveat emptor as is the Roman saying. How do we know they didn't tell people how this all worked in the 30's when it was instituted and they either didn't care, didn't understand it or just didn't pass it on.

      There are some shady barely legal elements to it no question but it is no one's responsibility to tell anyone how anything works in this world. As you said, nature is brutal, survival of the fit and what not.

      I wouldn't say it is a failed experiment lol, it is just a dark age, the kali yuga, things aren't always like this, it is just the cycle. God is always creating and destroying, you cannot create unless you destroy, there is no light without darkness, no life without death. This dimension is like a weigh station, a test to see what you get for the next incarnation. You move up to "heavenly" lokas/dimensions or down to more dense "hellish" ones to work on where you messed up there. No sense in being emotionally attached to things, it is a game, play to win the prize :)

    8. Anna, huh??? Where did I even slightly suggest doing anything criminal?? Where did you pull that out of?? Anna, thats as flimsy a response as you have every given, and its actually an insult to my intelligence for you to think I would accept that as a viable response.
      Yes, there is a Right way, and I just told you what it was in my opinion above which you just responded to ! File just one large 'legal Brief' outlining all the shitt that is a con-game they have been using against us all along - all their grand theft, putting us all on papers of their choosing, FRAUDULENTLY - because we are ALL our own Property since we are all FIRST and ORIGINAL OWNERS of our selves, before they decided to steal us off for themselves - days or weeks AFTER we were born and took our first Breath !

      Theft does NOT mean ownership. In a nutshell, it really ALL boils down to JUST THAT. Everything they did is fraud, null and void.
      So Anna, why dont you work from that angle, instead of 2000 articles of ''how to squirrel yourself out from under their FRAUDULENT theft of You'' endless, non-paying-second-lifetime-job that is guaranteed to last on past eternity, to dig out from under their FRAUD........and that is guaranteed to take up all ones time so you make sure they will never actually LIVE their life !

      So why is it you just dont go ''straight for the jugular' and File and nip it all in the bud in one fell-swoop? Why do you do things the hard way? Why do you string this all out and further steal peoples' lives by all this stupid 'occupation of life'?

      And just what DO you really DO, besides talk and write?? You've been at this for years now, and there is not one shred of progress from those $50-per page filings you said you made, a couple yrs ago? And all the others you claim to have done?

    9. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 11:12 PM

      'How do we know they didn't tell everything about the the 1930s,?'

      1. they put it under SILENT JUDICIAL NOTICE and
      2. took oaths not to tell us and
      3. were working under licenses to commit crimes upon us issued by the POPE which he supposedly revoked in 2013 with his Moto Proprio and
      4. LouisTMcFadden entered criminal charges onto the Congressional Record against them in 1933 and
      5. they made up HJR 192 to "skate" around the criminal charges, but
      6. then denied us access to "our Trusts";
      7. [Also ,Erie Railroad Co vs Tompkins, 1938... I haven't read it, I don't know BAR Englush.].

    10. Will, your comment @ 6:48 was so right on target, it should be framed, lol. It just says it ALL.

    11. Well they took oaths not to tell the people we were in bankruptcy but they out remedies in the bills. Obviously the end outcome is shady which they can do with the system when they are the only ones that know how it operates, but the system is a good system when it isn't being abused it created unheard of economic growth and prosperity.

    12. Wow I just wrote a big reply to everyone who responded to my post, with some more 2 cents worth and it vaporized! Gosh don't you love it when that happens? I can't remember half of it now and it took me more then half an hour to write. Ouch.

      goodboots I agree with your all of your points in your post on how they withheld the details as part of the 1933 bankruptcy and when gold was confiscated and replaced FRN's etc. Erie Railroad vs Tompkins is thought to have been the nail in the coffin for American Common Law, and everything was rewritten as "public policy" in 1938, and statute law became de facto law after that, all fraudulent 80 million of them to replace just one.

      Do no harm...

    13. Also Bohdi I know you didn't say that it was a failed experiment. There are factions in this world that do, and have contempt for the creation and wonder of the intricate balance that keeps it all going. The ecological balance and the functioning of nature.

      The French existentialists have shown their contempt through the various avant-garde writings critical of the human condition as they see it. But even they are small change compared to some of the truly hard core, ingloriously unhappy bastards that have nothing good to say about this world. And can't wait to stick a fork in it's eye, metaphorically speaking. These folks need to get a happy meal and take a happy nap and wake up in a better happy mood huh? Do ya think?

      I confess I would have to do some more research again to identify specific entities that have expressed contempt for creation and the universe at large. Lucifer writ large does come to mind, we all know that.

      I have been at this for many years and I read everything I can. When you look for correlation between opinion and what facts can be cobbled together, hopefully the truth emerges somewhere in the middle.

      What of the Annunaki story for example? Are we really cross bred with homo-erectus and Annunaki DNA to be slaves? Enlil is depicted as being contemptuous of humanity and wanted to erase as a failed experiment, whereas Enki is said to have an affinity for his creation. Who knows? Anybody wanna weigh in on this? I am gonna

      I was testing the boundaries a bit during my outburst last night, but I know you were just offering an opinion on the potential for fraud in this world. I just differed with you at that exact moment when I was caught up in the spirit of the outrageous fortune of it all.

    14. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 11, 2019 at 7:50 PM

      Will, the strange and sudden disappearance of comments has been happening more often to me. It happened once yesterday as I was about to preview and once today too, at preview.
      It almost seems as if it might be in real-time.
      Because I've noticed that it NEVER happens on inconsequential posts or on posts reiterating concepts I have commented on before, but is ALWAYS on new thoughts I'm sharing or on conceptual connections I'm making, or when the comment I'm making is very LOGIC based!
      Maybe someone is invested in keeping people stuck in old thought patterns. :):)

    15. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 11, 2019 at 8:58 PM

      Bodhi, I'm not an "arguer", but I know you can handle it, so I want to comment further about the bad intentions of those who put this fraud system in place that have caused so much unearned and unnecessary, misery, suffering and death to so many people, including the sons and daughters: because I, for one, am never "letting them off the hook", not just for DOING all of this in the first place, but as much, or more, for ENJOYING doing it.
      They have no excuse.

      1. It is my present understanding that they did NOT have ANY remedies in place at all until Louis T. McFadden entered criminal charges against them in their own Corporate "Congressional" Record; and then the remedies they did come up with were only put on the books to keep them from being rounded up and jailed... That if they had NOT put those remedies on the books, they would have been arrested.
      [It is said that LTMcF died under questionable circumstances a couple/few years later... .. I haven't gotten into that much tho.]

      Bodhi, there are more reasons to believe that they intended to do harm.
      1. Look at how they treated the indigenous Americans and are STILL treating them! It's CRIMINAL.
      2. Look at how they have treated other peoples worldwide. Invading other peoples' countries and homes, not for freedom or to feed them or to assist, but to TAKE what they are jealous of other people having because they WANT it all for themselves; and they don't seem to mind having their paid feral dog corps get rid of anyone if you don't just get out of their way and let them do whatever they want.
      Isn't that what we hear is how they treat those little boys and girls when they rspe them to death?.../ just lay still while we hold you down?
      That's how it sounds via the info I'm getting.
      3. Sir William Shakespeare called them Perfidious Albion/ treacherous England 200 hundred years before Americans said "STOP IT!" in 1776.
      4. The middle section of the Declaration of Independence shows how the people were being treated by them 250 years ago; and its the exact same way they are treating people now.
      They haven't changed.
      At all.
      It's who they are.
      They view the people as if we are cattle or sheep, something to be owned, managed, bought, sold and slaughtered when they're done using them up.

      I can see your point that if men and women decided for *themselves*, "Let's put all of our wealth together and have each of us start out our lives with three million peoplebucks apiece, giving us each 3/mill pplbucks worth of credit to be used as we so desired, to be applied against our lifetime's worth of needs," it could be a good system. If everybody agreed and got to participate equally...
      I think that is the point you are making.

      But, as I know you well know, that is not our situation at all and I say there is waaaay too much proof showing their bad intentions from the very beginning.
      What they have done is unforgivable in my book. If they had contented themselves with just STEALING everything, that would be one thing!!!!
      But the murders, death and suffering intentionally and knowingly caused, oooooooh, NO... There is no forgiveness for them from me.

    16. I see, no worries. I spent many years do precisely this:

      >When you look for correlation between opinion and what facts can be cobbled together, hopefully the truth emerges somewhere in the middle.

      I put it all on the website for those looking for these answers that didn't have the time/energy to do it themselves.

      Annunaki is astrotheology same poisoned foundation myth the Jews are famous for with their born of sin nonsense and the holohoax. I actually plan on writing an article on this topic in the near future. Stop by the website and you will see it isn't really so bad, it is just the natural cycle, we are in the dark age, the kali yuga but we are om the cusp of the awakening of th age of Aquarius, their system is falling apart, no worries :)

    17. I know they intended to do harm good bots lol I wrote extensively about what they did are doing and why. My point was the system itself is not inherently bad, it is the system Rome used as world empire. My point is it is a good system to use for global commerce and produces wealth, the fact that it was re-instituted for nefarious purposes is a whole other matter.

    18. Is it falling apart or is it controlled demolition

    19. That website has a lot of good info occasionally but it also has a lot of hot garbage. It is a massive catalog of some good researchers and some awful hacks. I don't fault the site itself as imo it is basically the same thing as a library and you don't call the library crap for having a $hitty book.

      Take what you read on that site with a grai of salt and always do your own follow up research. That being said that was a decent article and I agree with most of it and have mentioned many of the same things myself over the years about movements and groups being co-opted for this NWO agenda. I disagree with his comments on Blavatsky and to a certain extent Icke and Tsarion as well. Blavatsky was a master and had no ties whatsoever to any of these fraudulent NWO groups.

      I see what he is saying about the claims of Satanism with Tsarion and Icke and I haven't been too keen on this myself sometimes in the past because obviously there is no Satan in the Christian sense so it gives the vast majority of people the wrong impression especially with respect to the mysteries and paganism. Abrahamic cults are highly brainwashed and superstitious and call everything the devil when you try to get them to understand things they have no background to be able to process. I have run into this many times especially in the patriot movement and it is incredibly annoying when they don't realize it is their cult doing all of this not the "pagans".

      However these people are inversionists and since Satan means adversary in Hebrew, an adversary being the opposite pole, then calling them Satanists is not really an issue as long as the person you are talking too also understands what Satan really means and what real Satanism is not the LARPy Anton Levey clueless types role playing some edgy nonsense for attention.

      Otherwise pretty decent article

  8. Anna, wrong! Our birthdate is the date when we first took our first BREATH, and therefore is our official beginning. And NO God did not create each of us in the womb. He merely created the mechanism and the ability of mankind TO PRO-create. We are all Procreated, not created. Get over this self aggrandizing fairy tale that you/we are somehow ''specially handcrafted by God'. Go study your real bible - God said 'I created the mechanism and gave you capability to procreate, now YOU go and multiply'. Try to digest what that simple little verse says, and stop flattering idiots to think they are 'hand crafted'. God does not handcraft idiots.
    And here's a little Common Sense for those who need it spelled out for them: IF each person was 'handcrafted by God'.........then explain why we have so many millions and billions who are born with severe handicaps, born in garbage dumps, born unhealthy and remain that way - - you would then have to say that 'God failed in his crafting'. And we know that is not the case. And so we are back to........ ''go YE and multiply'.

    Otherwise, how would anyone explain the difference between Creation and PROcreation.


  9. Abby, surely you mean our bodies are procreated?

    1. All human beings are procreated. ( Only Adam was created and so was Eve.)

  10. Can somebody please take John Adams and JOHN ADAMS and have them stand beside each other, and then tell me how many people do you SEE standing in front of you?

  11. Abby, you are half correct..!! The best thing you can do is file a countersuit (counterclaim), against them which is mandatory or you will lose..!! A counterclaim as far as I have been told automatically is a win for you...!!
    It is FRCP 13, and is hard to defeat..!! What are they going to say , it's not fraud...prove it..!! Make the prosecutor do her job..!!

    And when you counterclaim , make sure you make it hurt...wheather criminal or civil counterclaim for millions..!! Remember, everything is civil..!!

  12. Firing BOLTON was the best thing Trump could have done..he is a war monger and President Trump said tha t Bolton would like to solve the problem in Iran , Argentina, and Venezuela with one massive air strick...!! This is what you get when you hire a long time military man for a nation security position...He would rather get us in war than do things diplomatically...that was the whole reason he wanted to meet with the Taliban until they made the mistake of killing a serviceman...he wants to tell them that he knows that America has caused problem in the world and is working it out...!! Every time you hire a military man for the nation security postion, this is what you get..!! Why doesn't he hire outside the military...!!

    1. James, yeah agree I couldn't believe it when they hired the old windbag-warmonger. He is another chicken hawk sycophant who thinks war is a great idea if they can send 18 year old kids with the rest of their lives over to do to the dirty work. It is a complete disgrace. It's very touchy to know which side Trump is playing on, very unpredictable. To those on the outside trying to catch a clue what the hell is going on. Trump is of the lower rungs of the money powered interests, the financial lords of commerce. I do think he is over his head and got broad-sided with how things really work up there.

      The military swaggers around the world doing the evil bidding of the Queen and the Vatican by proxy and it is all very tidy they get to stay behind the scenes and act royal, oozing regency, culture and breeding like the beautiful people they are...

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 11, 2019 at 2:02 PM

      Here Will, here is the word you dropped:

      "like the beautiful people they are NOT..."

      You're welcome!! :):):)

    3. Thanks Goodboots, for setting me straight LOL!

      That was tongue-in-cheek of course, that is how THEY see themselves. I was dissing the whole lot of them, whoever they may all be jointly and severally :)

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 11, 2019 at 2:21 PM

      I knew you were making fun of their arrogance and their being such dimwits... You left it hanging out there though and I just had to take a whack at that piƱata. :):):):):)

    5. Yep I did leave a sizable port to latch onto, but I do like to get a jab at the beast when opportunity presents itself. :)

  13. I just watched the video from Monday night
    Anna spoke about planned sinking of ships
    Well have a view at this - they are sinking ships

    1. Anna also spoke about up in Minnesota they have thousands set up there preparing the slave labor for the FOXXCONN plant in Wisconsin I believe
      There used to be a you tuber from Alabama that said that entire neighborhoods are now full of chinese?
      All along the gulf which is exactly where the ole ROCKY boys are touting a manufacturing resurgence
      IT IS NOT A COINCICDENCE that Katrina, gulf oil spill nor anything else that happened in the gulf went down because they planned and orchestrated it

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 11, 2019 at 2:10 PM

      Who is the "they"? Our heroes? or the DeepState? Are the ships flagged "Military" or commercial?
      Which nation or corp?
      (So I can try to look it up in a forum besides YT.) Tks.

    3. ship link doesn't work shelby

    4. Here it is again
      Good boots as per your questions
      NASA, NOAA and countless others are modifying the weather to create the havoc and get people off the land so they can come back in and rebuy for pennies on the dollar and remake as they have plans too
      NEXRAD, DOPPLER Radar and other things being used like ships out in the water to create the issues
      25 point plan for world domination on the congressional record
      This site has a lot of information about weather warfare
      Hundreds of thousands of companies working weather modification which is why they now have Climate Stock Exchanges
      CO2 tax, welcome to their fraud
      Spraying chemicals in the air and that includes the USAF CORPORATION and all the airlines
      Tons of you tube videos from Mike Decker filming them doing exactly that all being orchestrated out of military bases that Gorbachev and his FOUNDATION working on I would imagine
      The interstate highway spy program and tacking on tolls for the slaves to use the roads - all planned
      DOT yet another CORPORATION working within the realm of the UN plan and their world domination and control of all highways, bridgs, dams, you name it
      Bush, Guilianni and NAFTA or otherwise known as the USMCA deal
      Hope these links help

  14. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 11, 2019 at 6:56 PM

    Never mind I got some great info already, tks though.


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