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Monday, September 9, 2019

Revenge of the Robber Barons

By Anna Von Reitz

We don't study history much, at least not history that matters, so very few people remember the anti-trust and anti-monopoly actions that toppled Standard Oil, gave rise to the IMF, and unleashed the Revenge of the Robber Barons on innocent people from here to Bangkok. 

J.D. Rockefeller and the Railroad Barons discovered something important --- you can control both ends of anything connected by and dependent upon a transportation corridor, whether its people traveling from Boston to New York City on a sleek passenger train, corn being transported from Kansas to Wyoming on a rickety old freight train, or oil being pumped from Beeville,Texas  to Galveston, Texas.... the access to whatever is on the other end of the line, is what drives the market, and the Middlemen who control the pipelines and electrical grids and trains and trucks and planes control the markets via control of the transportation.  

It's really simpler to think of this as pipelines, J.D. Rockefeller's specialty, because it is all about "pipelines" of one kind or another --- oil pipelines, drug pipelines, people pipelines, services pipelines, banking pipelines, commodity pipelines, even pipeline pipelines. 

Every system that transports something or someone from Point A to Point B is a pipeline, and that is clearly how old J.D. saw the world.  

Control the pipeline, and you control the Producers of whatever is being delivered, as well as the Consumers, waiting on the other end for the Product. 

In this way, Standard Oil, which wasn't really an oil company, conquered the known world.  It simply controlled transport of oil, both crude oil going from wells to refineries, and refined product going to docks and tanker ships and railroad yards.  

With the flick of a pen, Rockefeller could impose extra fees on producers, and tax consumers.  His position was not unlike the coercive power of a government.  And therein lies the rub, the clue, and the answer to what has happened to this country since 1922.  

You see, the business of providing government services is just another pipeline. 

That's how J.D. saw it.  That's how Nelson saw it.  That's how all the Rockefellers saw it, and still see it to this day.  

On one end of the Government Pipeline you have the Service Providers --- all those Government Employees and Programs.  On the other end of the Government Pipeline, you have all those people who have become dependent on Government Services.  And in the middle, controlling everything, taxing everyone, is your own deceptively named corporation---- the U.S. Postal Service, not the U.S. Post Office, the Department of the Treasury, not the Treasury Department.... 

So you have one group, public employees, that is motivated to spur on need for their services, and another group that screams bloody murder in the politicians' ears if those services aren't available, are slow, are inadequate in any way..... and in the middle, you have the pipeline owners, happily dictating everything to everyone, including the price of all these "services".  

While Public Employees and Public Employee Unions are a fairly obvious target, and so are all the people clamoring for more and more and more free benefits and more services and more money spent on them ---- it's the pipeline owners I want you to focus on, because they are the real problem. 

You see, J.D. took it hard when "the government" dismantled Standard Oil, so he and his Buddies decided to dismantle the government, and make a mockery of it.  How?  By turning it into a pipeline operation.  

As usual, they have no moral compass in any of this.  They didn't think about the countries they were selling down the tubes --- literally.  They didn't bother themselves about lying to the innocent victims of their schemes.  All they thought about was profit and control, profit and control, profit and control.

For over a hundred years they have profited themselves at the expense of billions of people, billions of truncated, miserable, unhealthy lives.  And they haven't cared at all.  

Whether it was oil or Aid to Families With Dependent Children, the schtick has been the same: control the pipeline and thereby control both ends of the pipeline, the "markets" connected by that pipeline.  

So who actually owns the Government Pipelines?   Who sits on the Board of Directors for the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES (INC.)?  Who owns the IMF? (Hint, it was started by Standard Oil.)   Who owns the Federal Reserve?  Who owns the Department of the Treasury?  

All it takes is a good Private Investigator with some industry contacts.  Most of it is public record, one way or another.  In a month of hard slogging you can track down every single Government Services Pipeline, every Board Member, every CEO.  

Who is in charge of the Exchange Stabilization Fund?  President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin.  

Who is Chairman (and President) of the National Security Council?  President Trump.  

Who is in charge of the Conference of Governors?   

What is a "Municipal League"?  

Tri-Lateral Commission?  Council on Foreign Relations?  Council of State Governments?  Council of County Governments?  

And exactly what are all these unauthorized, unconstitutional, un-elected, un-official agencies?  Who knows?  Raise your hands?  

These are the pipeline operators.  They are usurping upon and controlling all aspects of government services.  

They are standing in the background telling Janet Reno to firebomb the Branch Davidians.  Shoot Randy Weaver's wife and little baby.  Murder LaVoy Finicum.  And they are getting away with it under color of "law", because they own and operate the Pinkertons --- the private security forces represented by all the Law Enforcement Officers.  

This entire system of oppression grew out of the railroad transfer corridors (pipelines for people and commodities) and the bank transfer systems (pipelines for financial transactions) and the program services organizations (pipelines for "public" services) and it all bears the earmarks of J.D. Rockefeller and his Sons and their Belle Epoch Cronies ---- the Vanderbilts and Warburgs, the Carnegies and Astors, the Winchesters and the Edisons and all the rest of the Party Hearties, who, one way or another, were involved in "pipelines" of various sorts.

And still are, to the detriment of the whole Earth and everyone on it. 

They have contrived to run the government as private pipeline enterprises and have privatized government functions to the point where there is no government anymore.  Now they hurry themselves home, looking for the dream they slaughtered, only to find that the friends and neighbors they betrayed are waking up.  

Fifty "extra" years of the Marshall Plan?   Seventy-five extra years of the Victory Tax?   Bankrupting the trademarked "Federal Reserve System"?   Stealing the receipts from the bottomry bonds placed on our "vessels" without our knowledge, all the insurance paid for by us?    Our identities stolen by people appearing to be government workers and hospital employees?  Our DNA stolen as "discarded DNA" by Snooper Poopers at hospitals and fake police following us into public toilets in hopes of cigarette butt or a used napkin?  Our homes being mortgaged to pay for the debts of foreign "service organizations"?  

It's all in the pipelines, folks.  


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  1. Perhaps this is a take-off on the cover article in Barnes Review entitled, "Revenge of the Neanderthals"?

    Sociopathy can be considered 'learned' behavior.

    Psychopathy may have genetic elements.

  2. This from

    1. My sister lives in Perth. Thank You for sharing. I will send to her as she thinks it's only an "American" problem...gues in a way she is right.

  3. Oh 'they' just think they have control of all the pipelines, but there is One Pipeline they are powerless against and cannot compare with; and I happen to have a personal relationship with The Director and with His Son, and in fact I have my invitation to sit on the Board of Directors and I will take my seat at the table as soon as ''the Meeting starts'.

    1. Sorry to break the bad news to ALL of you people ----THEY OWN YOU --- and you better wake up from all of your delusions, especially you people that are BRAINWASHED with your religious dogma and talking about the "bible" --- they are LAUGHING at you and so far they are getting the best laugh and probably the last laugh also ----- we are LOSING badly and we have no chance to really correct much of anything without a MASSIVE INFLUX of Capital/Money. Sorry to break the bad news to you Abby---YES THEY DO control ALL the "pipelines" ---- I know when you live in your own little made up world it is hard to FACE THE FACTS

    2. Another funny thing with the bickering and the pseudo intellectuals on here trying to impress people with their "knowledge" ----- YOU AREN'T as smart as you think you are

    3. BigT you just go right on thinking whatever your little ole heart wants to think.....Im Still on the Board of Directors and Im still sitting and eating at The Table. (you dont have any news for me or anyone else. What you have is your own opinions. See, I got my seat on the Board by enduring 40 plus years of opinionated folks just like you, so I am quite used to it, lol)

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 9, 2019 at 5:53 PM

      Big T!!
      They don't own me!!!
      Violent theft is not a substitute for being the true owner.

      False claims in commerce and committing the crime of slavery does not a lawful owner make!

      I hope you can see that they have no rightful claim on any of this and were not letting them have any of it either!

      I'm going out on a limb and saying:
      "I'm sure we're not losing and I'm sure we will be having the last laugh. Very soon probably."

      Time will tell.
      Tock. :):):):):)

    5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 9, 2019 at 6:35 PM

      And as far as your criticisms of what you call pseudo-intellectuals "bickering" and not being as smart as they think they are:
      That is probably the only way were going to be able to sort through all this jumble of misinformation!... Everybody working on different things and then bringing their own puzzle pieces that they get figured out to the table for everybody else to look at.

      When have you ever done that?

      It takes some courage to put yourself and your ideas and your possuble mistakes out on display for the whole world to see.

      I can't recall you ever bringing anything to the table yourself.
      Honestly, the only thing I recall you ever doing is complaining that OTHER people haven't gotten this all figured out for you yet.
      And as for praying, people who are praying's prayers are covering you too.

      Its starting to look like you're kind of ungrateful for the hours and years of work that people are putting in free of any charge to you, while you sit there doing basically nothing to help and criticizing them for being too slow and dumb to suit you.

      It's kind of annoying.

    6. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 9, 2019 at 7:02 PM

      As for needing money.
      They stole everything "on paper" already and made claims on it, saying all our debt was prepaid in their system!

      How could we possibly owe anything with all debt being prepaid??

      Well, if they had two sets of books,...which they DO.
      And they stole the CREDIT, ... which they did.
      And they left the "debt" and said we still owed for services that were already paid for!

      Imo, we do not need to tell them to "apply the national credit" to the "debt" as Annamaria keeps claiming she needs to do!!

      The credit was already applied when they stole it from us an entered it onto their books as if it belonged to them!!

      They simply need to put the stolen credit back on their books from whereever they're hiding it ... *ALL* OF IT... and deduct the services WE ACTUALLY ORDERED FROM THEM and return the rest to us.

    7. Looks like Ucadia is back in the house under a different handle.

    8. Everyone you have to go listen here
      Then visit here

  4. Pipelines or "Duct Works"

    Ab-duct - to kidnap. opposite Adducted.
    Ad-duct - to draw toward the axis of the body,Surface chemistry.
    Con-duct- Group agreement with the Duct workers.
    De-duct - Deduce, ferret you out from within the ducts. Debit?
    Duct-tape - patty cake patty cake keep it together.
    Duct-tile - Maleable.
    Ed-duct-ucation -Draw you thru and shape you into Ductile form.
    In-duct - Induce, Haze you into their cadre. (my def.?)
    Pro-duct - feed the duct works (Feeed the
    Re-duct - Reduce, diminish you from the duct work (my def.?)
    Se-duct - Seduce, woo you into the ductss.
    Tra-duct - Traduce - destroy you (Trusts?)
    Via-duct - as per the ancient Roman Water Works.
    "Walks Like a duct, smells like a duct, looks like a duct..."

    help me out here, what am I missing??

  5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 9, 2019 at 12:42 PM

    They do not own the pipelines.
    The pipelines were funded by the people so the people own all those pipelines.

    All they are is contractors without a lawful contract.

    All of it, ALL of it, belongs to the funders of it.
    They know this.

    They are in DEEP shite.

    Again: let it sink in :) :

    They are WITHOUT lawful contract!!! All the pipelines belong to the pipelines' funders. They own NOTHING.

    See why they're trying to CHEMTRAIL and poison us? :)

    1. You have to go check this out
      It on you tube get someway to watch it
      1 7 m i n mrk l i s t e n anyway
      This is what you have been preaching girl!!!!!!

  6. I highly suggest you read through the following
    Ever hear of Cecil Rhodes and his '7' wills
    Might find some high level names in here like HJ Heinz, Balfour, Oppenheimer

  7. Fruad and extortion all across this nation stealing everyones children and putting people in their for profit prisons
    Shut down a complete family court in Texas

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 3:51 PM

      Do you mean they actually DID shut down a family court?!!

      Yes shelby and it is all securities fraud IMO now, and what you were pointing out about the debtor/ creditor copies of the BCs, ... Isn't that "COUNTERFEITING" SECURITIES? or at least credit embezzlement?

      Since the "Judge" is the Trustee over the Constructive Trust/"case"/ contract, I think it perhaps is either or both or more.

    2. According to what I have veiwed they shut the whole court down and dismissed over 1200 cases.
      The cop was dirty, the judge, the clerks, the da, CPS, they tried everything in their masons manuel to convict this guy potentially putting him in one of their for profit prisons for 27 years
      based on falsified records - they tried to get him on a civil level and that didn't work then they worked it all over to criminal - this is a family court here working to keep his son away from him based on fictional charges that they made up as they went along - these are the guys that framed the SMU, shit made up slogan
      The nation of west virginia even dissolved their state supreme court
      These guys are going to the state level talking directly with 'senators' about the courts
      One guy working out of Tenneessee is stellar in his articulation and how he is working the Tenneessee legislators across the board on the fraud that is taking place - they know it all reverts back the the American Bar Association and the BAR out of england
      They hitting these lawyers hard in countless nation states, florida, tenneessee, ohio, minnesota, kentuck, south carolina
      These things all coming to pass over divorce and child custody as the father is being set up across the board to be pillaged through the courts

    3. This is all part of their destroy the family unit objective
      Goal 21 gain control of the edjucation system - ROCKY boys and their BOARD OF EDJUCATION and the colleges they fund to teach nothing but nonsense - brainwash the generations to become vegan, ride your bike, live in 200 ft loft, share everything while the crooks steal everything in sight
      Tiny House Living series on tell lie vision teaching you to go without piled on top of each other while they steal all the land and everything below it, on it, above it
      Not their families though, just everyone elses

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 11, 2019 at 6:51 PM

      1. was it a West Virginia family court that was shut down?

      2. Who was the man they were imprisoning for 27 years?

      3. "These guys are going to the state level talking directly with 'senators' about the courts"
      ----WHO ARE "THESE GUYS"?

      4. "One guy working out of Tenneessee is stellar in his articulation and how he is working the Tenneessee legislators across the board on the fraud that is taking place -"
      ----WHAT IS HIS "NAME"?

      5. "They hitting these lawyers hard in countless nation states, florida, tenneessee, ohio, minnesota, kentuck, south carolina"

      thank you!

    5. It was a Texas court

      West Virginia impeached it's entire supreme court

      Again the supreme court of what people, their fake corporate people?

      John Gentry in Tenneessee is in the below link
      He is the one working in Tenneessee

      If you can get you tube this video shows three of them working this angle?

      The guy they trying to put in jail for 27 years is Ned and they using falsified information (the below you tube details the entire case)

      Again I share things so we can learn
      Everyone is working on something and the pieces all fit together

    6. I might add that all of these guys have been through the ringer when it comes to divorce and weaponized family courts
      Please note that these guys say they have claimed their birth right political status
      I have sent annas link to these guys and asked them to look at her information about the state of or STATE OF etc etc etc
      See what comes of it?

      All I can do is share the information
      So we have Annas state assembly trying to be formed and then we have this

  8. Thing is, every single one of those entities and people listed in this Article, are all on their last legs of operation, and dont even know it, lol. Days, weeks, months, a yr. or 2, I dunno, but they dont need to count on any long term plans. (the Board I am involved with, is gonna pop up for the long haul and After their stench is all 'fumigated')

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 10, 2019 at 3:54 PM

      I'm with you Abby, I think they are being toppled now.

  9. See they are trying to destroy all governments and bring in a new world order under their rule
    This is how you subvert the people and those they think are 'their government'

  10. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 2:55 PM

    I'm just going to keep reminding people that the Declaration of Independence is where their own property, rights and statuses are lawfully held in lawful international authority.

    If people don't find their way back to that, there are just going to be all these splinter groups.... Many well meaning, some for misinformation purposes, diversion, or for the money to be made by getting a group of scared and hopeful people to follow you.

    The DofIndep is like having a "national" meeting spot like the one you have for your family members, where you all agree you will go if there is a disaster and you get separated.


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