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Thursday, September 12, 2019

They Are Attacking Us

By Anna Von Reitz

I have worked hard and put in my time, but no, this is not "The Anna von Reitz Show" even if it sometimes appears to be. 

My work is standing on the work of thousands of other Americans, both alive and dead, whose work has contributed to and built the whole edifice of what we now know, brick by brick. 

The things I tell you about the history of this Mess and what we need to do and how we need to do it are well-researched and factual --- and these are all things that every single one of you can confirm for yourselves, because other Americans have already done it.  

Contrary to many "Opinion Blogs" ---what is presented here, is not, for the most part, my "opinion".  When it is my opinion, I trust that I say so and make that apparent enough.  

What I am telling you is backed up by reams of work that I and many other Americans have done, so when someone attacks me and libels and slanders me and the work that I am bringing forward, they are actually trying to blackball literally thousands of Americans who have contributed to the research and tested the conclusions.  

They aren't attacking me --- they are attacking us.  

They are attacking all the Americans who have loyally brought their puzzle pieces forward, decade after decade, and built the knowledge that we now have, and which I am sharing for free, with all of you.    

And that is reprehensible, because these people, including myself, have not done this for fun or out of self-interest.  We've done it in spite of what it has cost us in terms of time and money, endangerment and loss. 

A few weeks ago I told the story of Bill Benson and his heroic efforts to track down the truth about the Sixteenth Amendment and the fact that it was never ratified by our States.  

Now, there's a "brick in the wall" for you.  

He published his findings and photos and proof in a two volume over-sized book called, "The Law That Never Was".  

His reward?  He was viciously attacked, railroaded through the courts, his book was suppressed and forced out of publication, he was sent to Federal Prison for his efforts and denied medications he needed to live.  And then, he just disappeared into "the Prison System" and neither his lawyer nor I nor any of his other friends knew what happened.  He was just gone.  And the rats continued their attacks on his lawyer, Jeff Dickstein.... 

I remember sitting on my porch clutching both volumes of his book and crying like a schoolgirl.  Why?  Because I knew just how much those books really cost.  

It's not just the time and money and skill it took to compile "The Law That Never Was", its the suffering and separation and heartache and loss of health and everything else that the work cost Bill and Jeff and their families.

When they attacked Bill, they attacked us.  All of us.  And when they attack me and try to smear me with their brush, it's the same thing.  Make no mistake. When you hear some idiot saying that I libeled them or slandered them or that I "lied" to you or that I am a "Nazi Zionist" or some other crap, be aware that they are doing what they always do --- accusing me of their own sins, and attacking all of us who have paid the price to establish the facts and bring you the news.   

Here's the rest of the story --- a friend came back just recently and told me that contrary to my worst fears and assumptions,  Bill Benson is alive and well and his book is back in publication and available for sale again!   

I sat at my desk and shook my head and wept.  

You can't destroy the truth.  Somehow, despite everything, Americans keep standing up for it.  Even Americans who have been profoundly abused, like Bill Benson and his wife and family, have stood tall and not given up.  

"The Law that Never Was" is not cheap at $140, but given the large format and photographs and small press runs, you can bet that Bill is selling it at very little more than cost. 

Imagine what it is really worth to have proof that the Sixteenth Amendment was never ratified by our States?  With this book in your back pocket, all you have to do is prove that you aren't a "citizen of the United States".

Here's the website for Bill's online store: 

I highly recommend that all the State Assemblies scratch together a few bucks and order themselves copies to have in their archives, ready to defend their members against IRS attacks.   There's a difference between these United States and THOSE united states. 

Bill Benson paid the price to prove it.  

And I've paid the price to tell you the truth, too. 

Recently, I issued a warning --- a friendly warning, but a warning nonetheless, about the "assembly" operating in Fairbanks and the organizations that the gone-astray Michigan General Jural Assembly set up. 


Because they are operating in a way that leaves them and their members open to attack.  This insight is no particular genius on my part.  It's more in the category of spit and wind. 

We are living in a British-backed Military Protectorate, and have been since 1863.  

They don't like the prospect of the Americans finally reconstructing their government and putting an end to the Gravy Train, so they are quick to clamp down on any group that isn't properly declared and credentialed.  They regularly arrest, abuse, and jail unwary patriots and send us the bill for these "services". 

I don't have any particular knowledge of any Federal plan to arrest these folks in Fairbanks to make an example of them, but let's put it this way --- the folks in Fairbanks aren't doing this the right way, and that makes them vulnerable.  It makes their whole group vulnerable. 

They are also in Alaska.  It would be a smooth move for the Federales to try to associate them with me and blame me for their wrong-headed failure to declare and record their political status.  And whatever else they can hang on them. 

This is not my first rodeo, folks.  I have seen this set up before.  That's why I have made it clear that what is going on in Fairbanks isn't happening according to my playbook and has nothing to do with The American States Assembly.  

I know things about how rain falls.  And I know the international law.  And I know how the Federales think and operate.  

So when I tell people to "run like a gazelle away"--- it's not because I have any insider knowledge and its not because I wish any ill to befall the people in Fairbanks who are trying to think their way through this.  

It's just the facts. If you don't declare and record your political status as an American, you have no business trying to assemble an American State, an American Jural Assembly, or anything representing itself as such.  The Federales are employed to protect our government, and protect it they will, even against us---ironic as that may be. 

So, I will tell all of you what I told Bruce Doucette just before he took the actions that landed him in Federal Prison for 38 years: you have to declare your lineage and political status and record it, and you have to stay in your proper jurisdiction.  It's not my "opinion".  It's the facts. 

If you choose to go your own way and do your own thing, and ignore what I am telling you and think you are going to cherry pick what you like and discard what you don't like --- be aware that you do so at your own risk.  I am telling you the truth and doing my best to explain it, and that is all I can do.  

From every side this week, I am hearing about how evil I am and how wrong I am.  I have been labeled as everything but the Anti-Christ.  I am hurt by this as a living being, an old woman in Alaska, who has spent many years trying to save my country and benefit my fellow-man.  It's discouraging.  And thankless. 

I am in good company, however, with all the saints. And what I have done and am doing for love of mankind and love of this country, I don't regret.  I just wish that more people who get their heads out of their butts and do their part and pay attention to what I am telling them, because it is not just my "opinion" and what I am telling them has already been paid for at great cost by other Americans who have suffered to make this information available.  


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  1. Let me try to make myself clear: ALL of this stuff is FRAUD, and the People should not have to do tap dances, headstands, or jump thru hoops to undo their fraudulent nefarious deeds against us. All fraud makes their deeds Null and Void; so once again I will ask........Why does Anna not file one big law suit against these crooks/governments/entities to just Nullify the whole damned mess?

    We have States now suing the pharma industry for their harm against the masses which they have done with their opioids, ON BEHALF of the People they have harmed ! Nobody is told to try to get Remedy on a one-on-one basis. So Why then is this mass harm any different?

    IMO, Anna has perhaps made attempts to do an all encompassing Lawsuit against the bastards, and has perhaps had no success, and so is this why she has resorted back to the People doing it on a one-on-one? Just my suspicion, because otherwise doing this on an individual basis makes no sense whatsoever.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 12:52 PM

      You have to make the claim yourself if you claim to be a living natural born, sovereign man woman who is an American state national.

      Nobody else can speak for you.

      That's the way I presently understand it

      BESIDES, the claims annamaria says she is making are NOT for *the people*: the natural born, free, sovereign, and independent living men and women who are American state nationals...

      Instead, her claims are being made for *People* = which are *legal fictions* = that she has tagged as *Lawful Persons*, in the new unincorporated government system she has claimed to have set up and that she named by using the name of our Union and Confederation.

      ....She is not making claims for the living *people*.
      She can't.
      Only the man/woman can make a claim for themselves.

      She is making *claims for Legal Persons/Fictions* she calls "Lawful Persons."

      Again: Lawful Persons are NOT the living *people*, they are just another Legal Fiction and ALL such Legal Fictions are nothing more than the pipelines/conduits/ vessles /"transmitting utilities" used to transfer your property to others.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 12:56 PM

      Sorry for the double post Paul, this comment ended up being published farther down in the comment section instead of here under Abby's comment where it was supposed to be, so I reposted it correctly.

    3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 1:38 PM

      Also, I think more and more of us are understanding that "nothing that is supposed to work HAS worked" no matter how well-intentioned we all are, because these people who did all of this are admitted CRIMINALS.
      The FRAUD they committed is a CRIME against each one of us.

      Hell, they have broken the laws of every lawful authority for decades with impunity using violence, lying and murder to silence the people who objected.

      They have much to gain, and their only respectable escape is, to incite us to violence back against them.
      That would allow them to blame us.
      But instead, their "barndoor" is open and their naked violence and crimes are hanging out there in full view for the entire world to see.

      Are they going to ask for forgivenesss?
      ...They know none is coming.

      Or try to make up for what they've done?
      They cannot.

      They can only keep pretending that they are privileged to do the things they have been doing because an alleged pedi in a dress and red shoes told them they could.
      Well, and now that is not working either.

      The people are p!$$€d, ... And the CRIMINALS finally understand that they are not going to get away now.

      They have nothing to lose at this point.

  2. I just want better instructions on how to deal with the courts when they are trying to trick you into jurisdiction. I am also very confused on what laws apply to whom? Even if I am properly documented as a man on land I still should be subject to certain laws or it would just be anarchy. So if someone has materials on that please post them up.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 11:34 AM

      Great question and its simple. There are two laws:
      1. Do no harm to another man or woman.
      2. Dont damage or take what belongs to another wo/man.

      There you have American traditional common law. (Not the English Law or the Special Admiralty version).

    2. Floyd - Take Neo's class. It's outstanding. On point for you. One is just beginning.
      Will, Denver

    3. Thanks for responding I will look into that information!

    4. Floyd: Look into Kurt Kallenbachs membership. Very affordable and he has hit the foundation of all this fraud and the way out which is complimentary to the information Anna presents.

      Any Law dictionary will prove the difference between Lawful Persons and Legal Persons. Look it up for yourself and gain clarity. Research proves that Anna knows the difference and others Opinions and accusations are unknowledgable. People = Living Lawful = Tangible Legal = Fiction

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    5. I wouldn't pay money for anything go to

    6. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 5:19 PM

      I listened to the free video on bitchute about void judgments Bodhi Mantra.
      Want to listen again tonight and take a few notes.
      Thanks for making it available to all, free of charge on your bitchute channel!

    7. Bodhi, have a listen to this
      The 144 ley lines
      Found it to be very interesting

    8. To Floyd from Anna Von Reitz:

      We are having good luck going into the courts and just saying, "I'm the victim of identity theft. My name has been hijacked and my credit hacked. This DEFENDANT has nothing to do with me or any asset belonging to me, and neither does this PLAINTIFF and I demand any proof or evidence otherwise to be brought forward and entered into the public record of the court."

      What are they going to do? Bring the BC? Hardly. That is hard evidence that you were a baby when they forced an Unconscionable contract on you.

      They are the ones bringing the claims so the burden of proof is on them, not you.

  3. Both.correct.the duration the depth the corruption at highest levels will fight change.take a mass awakeing.but bright minds have to make it simple.for common folk.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 11:36 AM

      "bright minds have to make it simple.for common folk."


    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 12:49 PM

      You have to make the claim yourself if you claim to be a living natural born, sovereign man woman who is an American state national.

      Nobody else can speak for you.

      That's the way I presently understand it

      BESIDES, the claims annamaria says she is making are NOT for *the people*: the natural born, free, sovereign, and independent living men and women who are American state nationals...

      Instead, her claims are being made for *People* = which are *legal fictions* = that she has tagged as *Lawful Persons*, in the new unincorporated government system she has claimed to have set up and that she named by using the name of our Union and Confederation.

      ....She is not making claims for the living *people*.
      She can't.
      Only the man/woman can make a claim for themselves.

      She is making *claims for Legal Persons/Fictions* she calls "Lawful Persons."

      Again: Lawful Persons are NOT the living *people*, they are just another Legal Fiction and ALL such Legal Fictions are nothing more than the pipelines/conduits/ vessles /"transmitting utilities" used to transfer your property to others.

    3. Millions of people have no idea that this is even going on

    4. Anna has made this simple to comprehend but it is very obvious some living People need to spend some time going back to definitions before offering an opinion on things they have not yet wrapped their head around.

      To elect to function in a Lawful capacity is to state conclusively you are [A]live.

      A Legal Person, a true corporate fiction, can not ever function in a Lawful Capacity, but a living man/wombman may elect to function as a Legal Person if they so choose, making a claim on what is not theirs, waiving their unalienable rights and accepting servitude, without having any understanding of the difference or the joinder they create.

      If in doubt look up every word even if you believe you know the definition and use more than one resource. You will be in for many surprises.

      Do yourselves a favor, Don't follow opinion, reeducate yourselvesby research. Use the pearls given as an opportunity to clarify facts.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 5:14 PM

      Exactly Shelby and we have the honor of telling the people about the simplicity of the AMERICAN traditional common law system.:
      Paragraph 1 and 2 of the DeclaraofIndep lays it ALL out;.... everything we need to know about living being a non-militia man or woman is right there, in American common language.

      I agree with Abby, burn the dam Blacks Laws books! :):)
      Hell, that's for the British serfs, not us. :):):). Let them kiss the feet of their British and Roman municipal masters with a handful of bugs in one hand and some brome hay belched up from their
      LOL. I'm just being silly about the cuds and belching. :):):):):)

    6. goodboots, even the name of it ''blacks' is quite telling. Sort of matches up with those black robes the devious monsters wear sitting 'up higher than the one they are about to send to the dungeons'....doesnt it?

    7. I've been hearing some call those chambers, star chambers
      And according to some other informaton, blacks law should not be the book you use it should be Bouvia like in Jacklyn Bouvia Kennedy
      Do you see what I see
      Hell they can change a definition any time they like
      May have already changed some as 'the people' find out their dirty little secrets

    8. Kind of like encyclopedia BRITANNICA, hmm I wonder where that comes from?
      Kind of like how we have been labeled beast? Hmm I wonder who wrote that and made it so?
      How about wikileaks, where did that come from? Who controls the flow of that information?
      Julian the hero from wikileaks, and Edward the SNOWden
      Like Bernie Made Off with everyones money
      Just some observations

    9. How about the name Bundy?
      The Bundy Ranch stand off?
      Just some interesting reading
      Bodhi have a read might find it interesting on some of the points in the article

    10. Shelby,exactly. 'They' first made up this shifty game called ''courts and laws' to suit themselves. Then they made up their law dictionaries with all the words to mean whatever 'they' want them to say - - and deliberately made sure those meanings were not at all what ''the normal man or woman was ever taught'.
      IOW, they made up their own court/law language so the People would not know what the hell is going on.

      And therein IS The Game they play. (Ive even had a couple different lawyers tell me right out ''its a game, thats what it all about, its just a game they play''. What one of them meant was ....they nab unsuspecting individuals, especially if they are alone with no friend for a witness; then they charge them with several charges, knowing the individual is not guilty of any of them even; and then they start the bargaining getting them to plead guilty to at least one of them, usually the lesser charge. By operating in this sleezy fashion, everybody is guilty of something, even if they are not. But they are made to feel they ''got off'' because the rest of the charges were dropped.
      And of course 'they' have managed to set up a 'criminal record' for even the most innocent.
      (and we know even the least charge will bring in a Fine of at least $300 and with your signature they manage to monetize that amount from your 'secret account they have access to' so, they pretty much gets a tidy little sum from their dirty little practices.

  4. we the people have the power, we the people gave them duties under contract, we the people suffer under their rule, we the people have the ability to change it, we the people need to unite once more, we the people need to care for our own, we the people need to be taught how to be people once more, we the people are strong, we the people are smart, we the people are in control....make no mistake, we are the one's that ALLOW all things to happen. we are the ones to stop what we disapprove of...only WE can do it.
    Documented American Assemble!

    1. Turtle, TQ for your statement on Unity, where this article is still talking division--satan is the father of division, keep them divided. Read Willie Lynch & spread widely, it will show each the devastating problem with any division & how these directives & definitions are used & implemented world wide. Thanks to project speak bringing this gem to Light in this article: Along with the Report from Iron Mountain and the Singleton background
      Direct link The Willie Lynch Letter the Making of a Slave: This speech was delivered by Willie Lynch on the bank of the James River in the colony of Virginia in 1712. Lynch was a British slave owner in the West Indies. He was invited to the colony of Virginia in 1712 to teach his methods to slave owners there. The term "lynching" is derived from his last name. December 25, 1712!.pdf

      Peace. ra

    2. And now you know why it is called Iron Mountain and why THE STATE OF COLORADO is entrenced with traitors
      Does the term Iron Fist ring any bells here
      I have read, sorry cannot remember where, that they have already moved most of the dc operations to Iron Mountain
      This is an old trick they use they go to the highest location like they did in Switzerland during WWII
      How about that The Rocky Mountains (The Rockyfeller Boys)
      The mystery surrounding the Denver airport and the murals painted on the walls there are not an accident

    3. ra: sometimes it benefits satan to "unite" sometimes to "divide" just depends. "white" adj. and n. black -- ambrose bierce, the devils dictionary

      satan "divides" only so he can swing back around and be the great uniter (under himself). satan, "god of this world" "satan" easton's bible dictionary

      one of the many jesuses and/or christs says he came with a sword (of truth). one bible jesus says people he never knew can depart into the lake of fire made for the devil and his angels.

      some people only do 1st coming, everyone else is of the devil (e.g. traditional catholicism). others only 2nd (e.g. mormonism). that is the great "divide" i see.

      2nd coming pagan jesus, son of the "gods", also tries to "unite" everyone under him.

      re: denver airport murals, freemasonry is hoping to slay the "dove" some photos @
      that is not to say "unity" is a bad thing. but many times it is merely false equivalency, "mirroring" (satanists trying to blend in). which is what much of the problem is in the first place. accidentally-on-purpose conflating things that are supposed to be separate. very hegelian/marxist/spinosoan. synthesized "mergers" of things that are supposed to be separate.

      "satan" is good at trying to unite/merge opposites that aren't supposed to be conjoined.

      IMO the whole unite/divide argument fails to appreciate how satanists ooperate. the whole point of the hegelian/marxist dialectic and mergers is:

      1) divide (heat up the metals)
      2) unite (forge into new resting place, let cool down and solidify)
      3) if step 2 "succeeds" sufficiently, then try to prevent further divisions, the goal is to keep the new false merger "solid" and welded into new resting place; if step 2 "fails" or is otherwise insufficient, then more division is called for, followed by another attempt at unification

      the point? whether satan is trying to "unite" or "divide" depends on context, how far along he thinks a false "merger" is, odds of "success", etc.

    4. shelby: IMO many "mysteries" like the denver airport murals slaying the "dove" tend to disappear once you see the black hand of freemasonry was involved (dedication plaque). how many courthouses and other buildings they have "dedicated" would be an interesting list.

    5. many people don't seem to appreciate, to satanists/marxists/british fabian socialists/and many other "planners", people are the "metals" that need reforged/retooled/reshaped.

      sometimes they "heat" things up to get a better connection, other times they wish to "forge"/unite
      Dear love, couldst thou and I with fate conspire
      To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
      Would we not shatter it to bits, and then
      Remould it nearer to the heart's desire!
      the mural depicts Shaw and Webb striking the earth with hammers. Across the bottom, the masses kneel in worship of a stack of books advocating the theories of socialism. Thumbing his nose at the docile masses is H.G. Wells who, after quitting the Fabians, denounced them as "the new Machiavellians."

    6. IMO if one is trying to get back to reality and escape the hegelian/marxist dialectic, it also requires mentally BOTH:

      1) "division" (of things falsely "merged" in people's minds)
      2) "unification" (of things falsely "separated" in people's minds)

      the trick is having enough history/facts/evidence/instinct to determine what should fall into each category.

      example: mormonism only does 2nd coming, but calls it "holy ghost". says holy ghost was traditional catholic 1st coming, holy spirit is 2nd coming.

      thus, to a "traditional catholic" the way to get back to reality is, the false merger needs "separated" back into constituent components, and then "holy ghost" needs kept squarely associated with 1st coming only.

      after a false "merger" has wrongfully occurred (another word for this is lie, false equivalency), both a "division/separation" followed by the proper "unification" (pairing with what the thing really belongs with) is required to get back on track.

    7. Shelby/ Yakir, have allways enjoyed your contributions, TQ. Did you read the links? :-) Peace. ra

    8. Yes I read them, thanks for the information

  5. Abby There is none blinder than those who refuse to see. I believe that Anna full well knows that the majority of the people are not law scholars and she has tried her best to get it through our heads that if you know what your paperwork says and you know how to defend your self separately from the trade name and not CONSENT to contract then WE would have the ability to hold the corporate powers that be accountable for lack of full disclosure . I believe if as many people paid as much attention to what Anna has told us and learn how to use the info THEY would not be so in a hurry to nit pick and procrastinate a hole in what she and a lot of others have spent ENDLESS hours researching for the people to know the truth. PEOPLE how about a note of kindness for Anna and team for a CHANGE ..................

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 12, 2019 at 6:23 PM

      Charles, I'm not Abby, but I have a question for you, if you don't mind:

      Why do you want to be taught how to participate in an admitted FRAUD?

    2. Charles, from your comment it sounds like you are trying to persuade us to be gullible, like you apparently are.

  6. I have seen results goodboots I do not look at my participating in the continuing the fraud by ending the contract .Abby if you could see past the nose on your face long enough to even ASK any one on here what results people like me have had you would not be in such a hurry to DEGRADE our growth . Your superior intellect holds you back from prospering . I am not gullible and for sure not trying to persuade any body that what Anna has done has helped myself and others. Questions are wonderful being negative SUCKS .I have noticed over many many of you and others negative posts and have come to the conclusion that some people WOULD BITCH OVER THERE OWN MOTHERS MILK ..........

    1. Charles Robert Walker...WELL SAID!!!
      The negativity holds us back!
      Documented American Assemble!

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 13, 2019 at 1:00 PM

      Paul S. that's a very sick comment talking about a mother's milk. This is a political status commenting blog, is it not? For serious commenters?

      Mothers nurturing their sons and daughters is a precious, loving, family thing given to us from God.
      The misuse if it here is sacreligious and has absolutely nothing to do with talking about our political statuses.

      This is what desperate people come up with when they have no cogent discourse to bring to the table....
      Talking about a mother's milk.
      Sick. Ick. Too unrelatedly vulgar.

    3. goodboots... no real surprise THAT was all you got out of his words, your shallow mind is exposed!
      He is spot on about how little you negative Nancys' see!
      No comments about what he has achieved, his results? nothing?
      Try broadening your view a bit.... maybe past your nose.

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 13, 2019 at 2:48 PM

      Keep commenting so people can see why they should just, perhaps, skip your future posts. :):):)

  7. ''oh please dont say anything negative, it upsets me so bad, it makes me fall out of my hammock; tell me sweet swelling words that make me feel good, I just love this fantasy land that I love to live in; Ive lived in it since I was in pre-school and you negative nancy's are making me throw the fit I am now doing, makes me stomp my feet on the floor and if you dont stop talking that negative stuff, Im gonna just throw myself on the floor and bawl as loud as I can till the whole neighborhood hears me'' LOLOL

  8. Well then Abby, stop being negative snowflake
    have a great citizen

  9. your negativity is about your heart not about my feelings, I am a guy and don't work with feelings snowflake.
    you using this format to show your immense intellect is just wasting all our time.
    Have a good day citizen

  10. What do you mean by your jurisdiction


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