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Thursday, September 12, 2019


By Anna Von Reitz

Here's the Wiki definition: A demonym or gentilic is a word that identifies residents or natives of a particular place and is usually derived from the name of the place.

It sounds innocent enough, doesn't it?  

But use your eyes: demon plus nym equals "demon name".  

And "gentilic"?  The name given to gentiles.  Not nice. 

The use and misuse of our names has become such an urgent issue that everyone on the planet needs to be made aware of the looming crisis. We must all pay attention to this.  The identities of entire nations are being stolen, to say nothing of currencies. 

So "Californian" is a demon-nym, according to those running this demonic system.  So is "American", "Brit", "Dane", "Canadian", "New Yorker"...... 

These are all Goyim names, suitable targets for usury.  Jews can't lend money at interest to other Jews, but presto-change-o, call Reuben Goldsmith a "Canadian" and they can charge the hell out of him.  

And do.

There's a fix for everything, an excuse for everything. 

Oh, I thought Yenta Sybil Frankenberger was a Minnesotan.....which she is, but we will just ignore the fact that she's an Orthodox Jewish woman now eighty years old.  

And take her home via bogus foreclosure. 

Muslims play the same game.  They aren't supposed to charge usury to other Muslims, either.  

So they convert Ali Hussein Ramadi, call him a "New Yorker" --- and bang!  That will be 8% interest, compounded hourly.... 

Demonyms are used by foreign bankers to "demonize" and therefore justify their own crooked dealings, which are all contrary to the mandates of their professed religions.  

Instead of thinking in terms of religions, when we think of bankers we should think of gangs --- predatory, outlaw gangs.  They are equal opportunity destroyers. Religion, aside from the worship of Mammon, has nothing to do with anything.  

Except that if the Muslims get caught cheating another Muslim in a Muslim country, they are apt to wind up dead.  There is still that shred of enforcement against the worldwide banking fraud culture.  And once in a while, an old Mafia Don will get fed up and just start "taking care of business".  

About thirty years ago, I met the Proverbial Don Luigi.  We met at St. Malachi's Church --- a tiny, largely abandoned Irish Roman Catholic Church sitting on a hill so far out in the farming country in Wisconsin that even the cows are sparse company.  

I will never forget how odd his gleaming black stretch limo bristling with antenna and cloaked in dark glass windows looked --- a real street car, sitting on the worn gravel driveway, a Meadowlark perched on the rear-view mirror.  

After a couple minutes of preliminary greetings and niceties, his eyes suddenly went cold and he said, "What the F--k, sorry, I mean no disrespect, but what is wrong with this church?  What's wrong with this country?" 

He'd driven all the way from New York to find out, God bless him.  

I wish I'd had all the information then, that I have now.  I was only able to give him a very broad pattern to look at back then, a long series of things that didn't add up.  

At the end of the conversation, he nodded and looked very thoughtful.  I am sure he went home and continued to think.  I am sure he passed on his thoughts to younger members of his union and his family.  Only the Good Lord knows what they did with it.  

This much I do know, though he was a man who was "demonized" during his lifetime, he loved this country.  He put his life on the line in World War II.  And he loved the Church, too.  The True Church.  

And I remembered what my Mother told me time and time again --- "There's so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it's often hard to tell the difference."  

I wasn't afraid to shake his hand or be alone with him in a deserted church on the edge of nowhere, but I have had my skin crawl shaking hands with politicians in the middle of well-populated social events.  Call it dog-sense. 

As you all go forward in your quest for the Truth and face your own scary moments and prejudices and oddball instinctive responses, use your dog-sense, your instincts, your built-in Shinola Sensors.  Don't try to reason too much.  Most of us aren't too smart, but if we will let them, our instincts are sharp enough to show us what things really mean and who to trust and what to do when push comes to shove. 


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  1. I think the masses are starting to awaken perhaps not to the banking fraud, but in the area of war mongering. First they label the target(s)then the propaganda expands to demonize the targets and push to get a consensus then make up lies to support their cause until the rage is sufficient to convince normal loving people to kill each other. Of course for this to work, they have to use the same tools on each side to escalate the conflict while they sit back and drink tea or whatever they drink.

  2. Sorry, but no there is not 'so much good in the worst of us'. In fact there are lots of people that are just plain no damned good and should spare us their presence on this ball of dirt. Hillwitch comes to mind, for example. I can think of No good at all in such a twisted freak. And many others in her category, no names need be iterated, you all know who they are....especially if you watch the commy wrangling last nite, LOL.
    And wrong #2: there is No 'so much bad in the best of us' either! (unless you wanna say Im bad cause its nearly noon and Im still in my jammies)
    Please lets not lead people to go searching for 'so much good in the worst of people' - - they are likely to end up victims of what is really 'so much bad in the worst of people'. It is best to teach your children and others to be distrusting in their analysis of others, UNTIL those issues have been proven to be trustworthy. When all distrust has been proven to not exist, THEN and only then can Trust be placed in anyone.

    IMO Trust must be Earned, not freely given. And that is that...a good rule of measurement to go by. Same with love; love must be earned, not just freely thrown around willy nilly like we see being done among half-baked folks today.

  3. Who are you to say people can't help people?
    If someone has a big heart and CAN find an internal reason to help someone, why shouldn't they? OH and how bright you think your halo shines huh?
    Free will offers the ability to be bad without regret, your own ability to discern truth from lies is on you.
    Abby your world seems dark and love-less.
    I can only agree with... Trust and Love must be earned, But if you can't start with your glass half full...what are you actually saying?
    Everyone is allowed to give trust and love freely, it is only when it is not respected that a someone should be like you, un-trusting, love-less. Your negative style seems to be problematic to what we all want, freedom and love.
    You keep sounding more and more like a TROLL.

  4. I suggest you all read, all of it

  5. Ok, good to learn of Demonyns - wish I had it in me today to expound on this trajectory, but not today. THANKS SO MUCH for this one, of course all of your articles Anna, but this one in particular today. Demonyns use in their 'business model' is helpful in sorting things.

  6. Wikileaks, yet another banker cotrolled medium, and we now have a new definition to go along with the ongoing fraud
    Hmm I wonder who came up with that one
    Anyone know when the word was created and by whom and who defined it
    Let me guess the brilliant acedemic minds working for the ROCKY brothers at the Board of Education?
    Maybe encyclopedia Britannica?

    1. Shelby, I think it was definitely somebody out on the town and imbibing; or else just had a slight speech impediment. Also got tired of being called a devil and wanted to 'pretty it up' a little, is my guess.

  7. Self trust, break out of the old "they they tell me what to do" model. Or I would think if allowed kind of attitude. The truth is you do know but are probably avoiding truth having been steered off and made afraid of your own knowledge as if it "Might be bad for you". It does seem that many are finding out they come equipped with a mind that works fine and they can know whatever they want and need not ask anyone. "Am I allowed to know this? Do I have to ask you for permission to know?"

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 10:02 AM

      This sums it up.
      Great comment Air.

      Hope more people get ahold of the simplicity of what is being done to them:


      Like with the social credit scoring that they have actually been using actively since around 2005 IMO, but that they had been gearing up for long before that.
      The whole thing is set up by getting unprincipled people to agree to take authority over other people in exchange for part of what is stolen from the people being set up and lied about.

      Making people afraid....if you don't do what they say, they will publish your undesirable status on the internet.
      Will report your every noncompliance with them.
      Will isolate you and will lower the social credit scores of all who befriend you.
      You WILL do what they say.
      Or they will ruin you.
      You will not be hired.
      You will starve to death, friendless.


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