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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Closure -- Powerful Insight into Why I Bring This Forward

 By Anna Von Reitz

What I am doing right now is to bring a summation and an end to an era of mankind.  Think of this as "closure".   

When there is a death in the family, when we are forced to change jobs or take some other radically different course, when we suffer trauma that changes who we are and how we view the world, we go through a grieving process that is predictable.

At the end of this process lies what we call "closure".  

Closure is when we turn the page and set ourselves free of the past, close the door, and dust off our hands, ready to move forward. 

The grieving process is not pleasant overall, but closure is.  

Grieving is often chaotic.  We pass through the grieving process whether we are aware of its predictable parameters or not; for some of us, we pass through grief quickly, accepting it, and readily moving on.  Others linger in grief for many years. unable to reach closure. 

I want all of you to reach closure today. I want you to be ready for what comes next in your lives. 

For closure to come, we have to be done with the past.  

So what I have labored on for over four decades is simply that, to know the past, admit the past, accept the past, and be done with the past. 

Much of what I have written down these past few months and submitted to the Vatican Chancery Court --and further informing other High Courts and Officials around the world-- doesn't require proof in the legal sense.  It requires observation, which then provides the proof. 

It is the same way with many things in our world.  Until we observe them and become aware of them, we can't engage them or change them, but now that we see the corruption and evil in our world, we can move forward and get beyond it.

We have to know what evil is and how it works.  Until then, we react to Evil like so many pinballs crashing into a rubber bumper, hopelessly reacting and reacting and reacting until we are worn out by evil.  

What I have done these past four decades is to chronicle the Great Evils that have been perpetuated on us and the means used to do this. 

I have dissected the methods used to enslave us, and pinpointed the historical sources of the problem, down to the exact processes and methods and mechanisms, the point sources and turning points.  

My journey has taken me all over the world, even though it begins and ends in America.  

While I was first prompted to do this for my own sake and the sake of my family and loved ones, over time, it became a more generalized labor of love for the Earth and humanity.  

If enough people learn what I have learned, they will have closure on all they've suffered, and they will turn away from evil.  

They will say, like my friend, Hunter: "Evil, talk to the hand!  I am done with evil!" -- and they will say this with all their hearts.  

So, ironically, I, a woman who sought to align her life firmly with good, have studied evil with all the dedication of a scientist.  Observing evil. Analyzing evil. Tracking evil through time. Seeing it in myself.  Seeing it in others.  I have followed the footprints of evil through the history of many nations, and many institutions, like a bloodhound on the heels of a felon. 

It has all been done for the sake of this moment.  

This closure. 

So here it is, wrapped up and tied with a bow -- my gift to you and to many.  If you read my words and follow my observations, you will know what evil is, you will recognize it, and you will end it. You will close the door on it.  

It's power over you and your world will be broken.  You will be set free. 

Though much remains to be done, the end is now certain.  

Observe that man is distinguished from other animals by  two characteristics --- our ability to remember the past, and our ability to imagine the future. 

Let's also observe that we tend to zip right by the present moment as we shuttle endlessly between our memories and our dreams.  By bypassing the present moment that connects the two, however, we are missing the most important thing: our life and our own empowerment.  

We can end evil on this planet and we can do it right now, in this moment -- and we must realize that there is no other place or time to make this decision and direct this change, but right now.

Now, this precious moment ---is at our command.  

When we miss "now" and rush right past it between our musings on the past and our projections into the future, we also miss our chance to change ourselves and everything else on this planet, because all change begins in this moment called "now" and nowhere else.  

This is the only pivot point we have where we can make decisions and set directions, so we must become aware of the present moment, and become present ourselves. 

We have to pull in our ever-roaming mass of memories and future fantasies to coalesce and be centered in this present moment. 

If we are honest, we must also admit that everything that man has made began as a fantasy, what we call an "idea", and this idea did not exist in the physical realm when it was first conceived. 

Everything we do and everything we have ever done is a process of creation.  It starts with an idea, and the idea is developed until it becomes a reality, and then all our inventions together become our world.  

The world we create for ourselves is very different from the Earth.  We  must realize that "the world" is the creation of mankind, and we must own it. Nobody created what is good in the world, or what is evil and corrupt in the world, but people like ourselves. We've all added our two cents to it. 

The Earth is God's creation, but we may assume that it has come into being by the same process, that it began in imagination, was fulfilled over time, and now exists because of the mind and heart that created it. 

Observing this, we must also appreciate that we are, each of us, individual creations of the Creator, hand-tailored and unique, and that we are throughout our lives engaged in the Creator's creative process. That is, we are being created, molded, changed, and are "becoming" even as we speak.  

This dynamic of God's creation of us, and our creation of our world, all intersects in this one moment.  Everything that ever was or ever will be is present in this one moment.  That's how important "now" is. 

With these realizations firmly placed before us, we are ready for our closure with the past and also our closure with all the immense evil of the past.  

Picture me writing the last words of the Presentment to the Vatican Chancery Court.  Picture me shoving back from my desk. Imagine me placing the giant manuscript, this recounting of evil, in a box. Imagine me closing the lid of the box.  It's over.  Done.  Accounted for.  We know what happened.  No more need to wonder. 

There remains this present moment, now, and what we will do with our knowledge of evil and corruption.  This is our time when we can turn our backs on Evil and know that the reign of Evil on Earth is ended.  

Join with me and say, "Earth be healed!  Mankind, be healed!" And as you do this, imagine the pristine Earth, imagine all people at peace, happy and thriving. 

As you command, "Heal I am!"  --- you will be healed, too. 

Be prepared for this,  Know what miracles to expect.  Because as you turn your back on Evil and give it closure, it can no longer exist in our world. 

By the invariable and eternal laws of the greater creation surrounding us, Evil is already gone.  

This is why I have labored so long to give you my knowledge of Evil, so that together, we can have closure about it, and build a new world without it. 


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