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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

The Public Oaths of Office Fraud and Licensing of Privateers Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

It is known and has been known and objected to for a period of twenty years that the officers of these private foreign incorporated Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, and their franchise officers operating Territorial and Municipal state-of-state organizations, have made a mockery of the requirement that they provide their Public Oath in writing and record it in a place convenient for the cognizance of the Public, and by this failure have in fact not entered into any Public Office. 

They have stubbornly and without remorse sought to avoid their personal and commercial liability by seeming to provide a Public Oath of Office, but not actually doing so.  

Various means have been used in this evasion. 

In most cases we have examined, the Perpetrators have stood up in private venues and raised their hands and spoken words indicating that they accept the duties of the Public Office in question, but have not subsequently provided the required written affirmation and have not published the same in any public record convenient to the Public. 

As a result when we go looking for the Oath of Public Office binding these charlatans to the duties of said Office, we find nothing of substance at all. 
Absent the duties there cannot be the rights, so we conclude that these elected officials failed to accept their election. 

Everything that they have done, said, mandated, signed, sealed or otherwise caused to exist and to appear to provide the justification for statutes, charges, and regulations applied to and enforced against the Public, are null and void.  

Absent the executed Oath of Office, they have not entered into that Office, have not accepted the duties of that Office, and have no right to exercise the powers of that Office.  This applies equally against Governors and Judges, District Attorneys, Presidents, and members of the Territorial and Municipal Congresses.  

Even if we should produce a million witnesses of their words and even if we were to accept the concept of a verbal contract being in theory sufficient -- it is not sufficient to our Law and to the requirements imposed upon Public Officers and those elected and appointed officials occupying our Public Offices. 

We must conclude that: (1) these elected officials admit that they have been elected to fill similarly named private corporation offices and are engaged in a ruse to fool the Public; or (2) these elected officials are associating themselves with our Public Offices and exercising the powers of these Offices without accepting the duty and liability which enables them to enter these offices and exercise these powers. 

In either event, all the actions undertaken by these elected officials are tainted by fraud, either in deliberately promoting the belief that they are acting in a Public Office when they are not, or by deliberately evading the duty and liability owed to that Public Office and therefore not actually entering into that Office, but appearing to do so --- another act of fraud. 

This has been thoroughly investigated with one study finding one out of ten thousand judicial officers having proper credentials to function in a public capacity.  

We have objected to this and informed the Chief Justices associated with administration of the so-called State Trusts without seeing any effort to correct or bring their operations into compliance with the Public Law and its requirements.  

This has resulted in people complying with foreign statutes that don't apply to them, in other people merely acting --- as in theater acting -- in purloined positions of trust, and still other people being misdirected to take actions that are illegal, unlawful, and immoral, but also unconscionable, in that they believe that they are operating correctly and have authority to enforce "laws" that are only corporation policies, on members of the General Public. 

If we are to follow this to its logical conclusion, any CEO in charge of any corporation could walk up to us on the street and demand that we wear his company's uniform and conform to its personnel policies. 

Such a situation is not contemplated in our customs and traditions nor confirmed in our Public Law and nobody making such suppositions is responsible and competent to make them.  

We are therefore fully informing this Court and all Lower Courts of our repudiation of these acts undertaken under color of law, by foreign persons who are only seeming to occupy our Public Offices. 

This objection stands since 1991 for all members of the Federal Judiciary and its franchise officers, as a result of changes that the Territorial Congress made to the Judiciary's Oath of Office without consensual agreement of the Principals.  

This renegade Territorial Congress changed the Judiciary Oath of Office to exclude language requiring judges to make their decisions "agreeable" to the Federal Constitutions, which has resulted in blurring the Separation of Powers, Usurpation against the Principals, and Politicization of the Judicial Offices. 

If the Territorial Congress can change the Judicial Oath so as to promote evasion of the Constitution and its limitations, then the Territorial Congress has assumed dictatorial powers for itself and assumed control over the Judicial functions.  That this occurred without Public Notice and without objection by the Executive Branch only underscores the severity of the malfeasance and misdirection involved. 

If Federal Judges are not required to render decisions consistently in alignment with the Constitutions that give life to every Federal Institution including the Territorial Congress, and no longer take their Oath to occupy Public Office, the Judiciary becomes a rubber stamp for Congress or whatever political administration occupies the Executive Branch.  The problem is not so much a provocation to do wrong, but lack of support to do what is self-evidently right --- to obey the Law of the Land on the Land. 

As Justice Mahoney noted in the aforementioned First National Bank of Montgomery v Jerome Daly case, even in International Law of the Sea, what these perverse gentlemen have proposed is anathema, as clearly expounded in British Law:  Craig v. Mo. 4 Peters Reports 912  It is indeed illegal and unlawful to sail under the license of an enemy. 

Justice Mahoney was referring to illegal, unlawful, and immoral Letters of Marque and Reprisal issued by the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London authorizing the British Crown to license privateers to attack the persons and shipping of the Americans that these same Parties are under contract to protect.  

The circumstance arises from failure on the part of the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor to recognize that: (1) The American Civil War was not a war, and was in fact a Mercenary Conflict provoked by their own Undeclared Foreign Agents working as Bar Attorneys resident in this country; and (2) President Andrew Johnson formed a Public Contract with the General Public of this country by proclaiming peace on the land in public on three (3) specific occasions, thereby prohibiting these Principals or their Agents from continuing to attack our civilian populace.  

This was in part what prompted Pope Francis to issue his Moto Proprio in 2013 --- disgust with this lawless behavior and licensed privateering on the part of the Bar Associations and their members against a deliberately misrepresented and mischaracterized civilian populace. 

These Principals knew well-enough that they were prohibited from attacking the defenseless and clueless American civilian population, but they and the officers running their Municipal Corporations contrived to unlawfully convert our population's political status so as to mischaracterize them and allow their own illegal predation and pillaging.

These actions promoted and licensed by the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London --- like the press-ganging that they also employed under False and Contrived Legal Presumptions-- have been outlawed for two hundred years and these prohibitions pre-date the so-called American Civil War, leading us to conclude that even though the modern versions of these prohibitions were not yet self-evident in the Geneva Conventions and Hague Conventions, they were nonetheless known and knowingly violated by both those governments and their Municipal Corporation Officers. 

How should a man contrive to evade known law by coercively and secretly manipulating unconscionable private contracts, and thereby profit himself politically and financially --- not be called a criminal?  And a premeditated criminal, too?  

Thus we identify the guilty Principals and their Agents who have unlawfully converted the American populace by promotion of unconscionable private contracts registering American babies as U.S. Citizens and Dependents, and then using this to excuse their own predatory actions against, and pillaging of, these innocent civilians and their estates--- people who are in fact owed peace and good faith service from these same Principals and Agents. 

This would all be bad enough, if it were not plainly prohibited by many laws in many jurisdictions, by treaties, by the service contracts known as Constitutions. by international law, by covenants represented by the Geneva and Hague Conventions, by the Law of Nature and Nature's God, which establishes the Law of Kinds, and does not vary from it, and which forbids that a living man may be replaced by a "person" and Pretense that they are one-in-the-same.  

These acts of genocide on paper, attempting to remove our entire populace from the land and soil to which they are indigenous and native, and account them "lost, whereabouts unknown" on the sea,  so as to promote Claims on Abandonment, and to promote and  justify these criminal acts of unlawful conversion, hypothecation of debt, inland piracy, racketeering, extortion, and theft under color of law -- have not been limited to our shores. 

The same criminals having succeeded at home, resulting in the similar removal of the populations of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales from their land and soil, applied the same fraudulent process in America to latch upon our people and thereby upon their estates, and kept on going years after year, unrecognized as their proceeded under color of law, to seize upon the former British Commonwealth, the seventeen European countries occupied after World War II, and so much more. 

All of this has led to a crisis of banking, law, and spirit, and ever-increasing lawlessness and perversion within the Municipal and Commercial Corporations substituted for our lawful governments. 

Having brought these charges in 2015, with specificity, and individual proof of injury and standing, as published internationally and globally in a bound manuscript as required in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and as delivered by hand and by mail to the Holy Sea and the other Principals, these matters are now cured and due settlement. Please see the publication being forwarded and entitled: "You Know Something is Wrong When.... an American Affidavit of Probable Cause".  

We send and re-affirm our joint presentment/indictment in the form of these claims for our assets and credit, and expression of our will to settle these matters once and for all in our favor and in favor of the other countries and nations similarly afflicted by this plague of corporations and corporation trusts merely presumed to exist.  

Our 2015 claims which are hereby and herein joined have a helpful and separate explanation and documentation of the claims issued in the international jurisdiction of the sea, consisting of the first 221 pages of the publication and the actual claim and signed testimony as affidavit from page 222 to 264, with the signature pages made part of the whole and wet-ink signatures and seals throughout. 

We wish for all our commercial work and that of our general population to be understood as occurring between land and air, with no necessary involvement in our unregulated commercial traffic by the British Monarch or the Government of Westminster or any of their Agents and officers running their Municipal Corporations and Commercial Corporations domiciled in the District of the Columbia or non-consensually distributed without authorization in the States of the Union.  

We consider the King's Government and the Government of Westminster and the British Crown Corporation to be equally culpable  in these events and injuries and we call for immediate and appropriate action to wipe away these deceits and False Claims and injuries. 

Let every tear be dried and the realization that we have indeed exhausted all administrative remedies and completed actionable claims under Due Process in every General Jurisdiction of Law be credited in our favor, as we stand in our Natural capacity as the Priority and  Preferential Creditors, known to be Lawful American Persons owed every aid and assistance.  

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of:  Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 4th 2023


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