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Saturday, November 4, 2023

To the Remaining Clueless F-Wits

 By Anna Von Reitz

This quiet message is to all the remaining clueless persons out there trying to scare Americans with the threat of "martial law".  

We've lived under martial law since 1863.  

We've been occupied by our own flipping military since 1863. 

They've been evading detection under a "Cloak of Secrecy" and trying to avoid the actual civilian government of this country ever since, but we finally caught up to them. 

Joe Biden is trying to create a new office for himself as "War President" but he is just the "President" of a ridiculous Municipal Corporation calling itself the "White House Office, Inc.".  

He's not "Commander in Chief" of anything, and to the extent that Donald Trump is, the reach of his long arm is severely curtailed to U.S. Territorial affairs; he can't declare an actual war, either. 

Neither could Lincoln. 

That doesn't mean that either one of these guys and the foreign "Congresses" associated with them can't get everyone into trouble.  They've done it before plenty of times and they are trying again.  

The British Crown and their War-monger Cronies are desperate to make some money off their mercenary services known as the "US" Air Force, and "US" Army, and "US" Navy and yes, even, God help us, "US" Marine Corps --- the only service that still screams, "I am an American!" 

They are the only ones who still know who they are. Stuff all your jokes about color crayons. 

While Joe Biden and the China Development Fund (aka, the CIA Pension Fund) are just as desperate to start something, anything, in the Mideast or breach some opening on this continent for the Chinese or the UN Corp or both.  

And all these persons are stumbling around rattling sabers they don't own, in the name of people they have dis-served, disrespected, and defrauded, and all in the anticipation of spending credit that doesn't belong to them.

Banks, get a clue. 

We are the actual long-lost missing shareholders and depositors.  We are the progeny and the claimants. We are the owners. 

We know who we are. We have the proof and the lineage and provenance. We possess the court orders and the long-cured commercial claims and deposit receipts. 

Don't even think about giving any more of our assets or credit to the Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia.  Or any of their Creditors, either. 

It's time to play nice, yes, very, very nice. It's time to cut off the endless gushing of American credit and false claims against American assets.  And turn over control of our own assets and credit to us. 

Yes, all those "abandoned deposits" --- the gold, silver, land, cash, and corporation shareholder interests, those held in your banks, too, have to be returned and accounted for. 

Master Accounts 333, 555, 777, and 999 are all due and owing.  Master Account 111 is due and owing. Master Accounts 222, 444, 666, and 888 are due and owing.  

Banks, you really are remiss about all of this. There are unsettled accounts that you've claimed were abandoned going back 2800 years, all the way back to the Dacian Empire.  And there hasn't been a Golden Jubilee in over 800 years.  

Gaul, the Kingdom, not the Empire, is still owed 23,000 Talents of gold, the French Royal assets, and all the land north of Paris. The Kingdom of Gaul is also owed a nice fat chunk of the middle of England, including all of Albion by natural parental inheritance, quite apart from all that was reclaimed by the Norman Conquest.

Prussia, the Kingdom, not the Empire, is owed 8 billion metric tons of gold.  Russia, the Kingdom, not the Empire is owed 10 billion metric tons of gold. The Dacian Kingdom is owed half the hoard of Alexander the Great. The Urban Trust, quite aside from the City of Rome, is owed to the people of Italy and the Marian Trust, not to JPMorgan.  

Far more recently, the Federal Reserve and its Successors owe us, the Americans, an ounce of pure silver for every "dollar" they've printed out of thin air. 

You are shaking your heads. You are overwhelmed. But, but, but....there is no way to reconcile these books!  They haven't been balanced since Amenhotep!  Where are the heirs of Egypt now? 

Look at my foot. Literally. 

Banks, you've been warned. You've been told.  You've been notified.  Not a single commercial bank will be eligible for any form of bankruptcy protection. 

So make friends and stay in business. 

Let's stop funding evil, for starters.  And stop paying mercenaries for a follow up.  Return the funding and the decision making to those to whom it belongs and be happy with this outcome. 

It beats all the alternatives. 


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