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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Critical Unasked Questions

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I was a young girl, and a budding mathematician, I immediately noticed that a great deal of emphasis was given to electricity (I also noticed that Maxwell's Equations were incomplete) but almost no time or understanding was spent on its twin phenomenon, magnetism. 


Like so many other obvious but generally unasked questions that have led me on my quests, this odd comparative silence on the subject of magnetism didn't make sense.  

So I asked my Father. If energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, why isn't the relationship of magnetism to mass the same, applied in a different dimension? 

Seems obvious enough, right?  

An electrical current will induce an equal perpendicular magnetic field, or so we were told in High School Physics. 

So I was left standing there eyeballing what appeared to be one of the most urgent and important questions in modern physics -- and not a peep from anyone concerning the obvious implications for magnetic force fields? 

My Dad gave me one of those very long, very soft, very fond looks. He knew the answer to this one. 

"Because they don't want you to look at that," he said just as softly. "If you did, you would know the secrets of the Universe." 

This information we are sharing today about exercise is similarly an overlooked essential question, only applied to physiology instead of physics: why is it that nobody talks about the lymphatic system? 

The lymphatic system is the key nutrient and waste transfer system in the body, yet it seems to generate very little or no excitement in the medical community and no research at all. 

The Lymphatic System also plays a vital role in delivering immune responses. If your lymph system doesn't work, your immune system doesn't work.  Hello? 

Yet nobody talks about the Lymphatic System.  Nobody conducts research related to it. It's just there, like standard plumbing. 

Imagine my pleasure today when I received this Youtube video, which I consider ground-breaking information everyone needs to know and share and if at all possible, act upon: 

Here at last is a simple, inexpensive, non-invasive means to stimulate the Lymph System and improve all aspects of your health.  

All aspects of your health.  All.  All at once. 


All you need is a small one person trampoline, and for us oldsters, some kind of framework or bungee harness we can use to stabilize our balance getting on and off the trampoline. 

I have actually done this exercise, but it was presented as a low-impact little kiddie exercise and not taken seriously by anyone including the gym instructor. It was just fun.  

Fun? Well, yes, fun. It's fun. It feels good. It makes you feel young. It shakes up your blood flow along with your lymph flow and gently stimulates every cell -- which is exactly the point. 


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