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Saturday, November 4, 2023

What They Never Understood and Do Not Know

 By Anna Von Reitz

Even as I write this all sorts of groups are springing up like mushrooms after a fall rainstorm, claiming to be "State Assemblies" --- but they aren't State Assemblies, because the people promoting them aren't part of the population of the actual States.

Besides, by definition, there is exactly one State Assembly in each State of the Union and there is no other.   All other "assemblies" are District or Municipal Assemblies by default.  

You are in or you are out. 

The people promoting all these other State Assembly organizations think they are Americans. Of course, they think they are Americans. What else would they be? They were born here, grew up here.... 

They don't know that their political status has been unlawfully converted and that they are now registered as Dual Federal Citizens --and there is nothing incontrovertible standing as proof otherwise.

They don't know that there is one (1) State Assembly in each State of the Union, and it is already in Session, already permanent. 

A few of the people engaged in building these phony "State" --- meaning State of State Assemblies, know better, but they hope to pull the wool over everyone else for another round of British Substitution Fraud. 

The persons inhabiting these unfounded inchoate confections of legal legerdemain are not the population of any State.  

They are mirages known as "inhabitants" and as "residents" engaged in "representing" States -- persons knowingly or unknowingly engaged in a giant impersonation scheme in which the British Monarch pretends that all the Americans have chosen to voluntarily subject themselves to him, and the Pope pretends they've all adopted his citizenship instead, and at the end of the day, both Foreign Principals have lied themselves silly and both claimed all the Americans as Dual Federal Citizens....

And didn't bother to tell any of us a word about it.  

No matter what they do, no matter how vociferously they make their claims, no matter how many of them there may be --- their limitation and their estate remains the same. 

A photograph of a donkey is not a donkey. 

It's really more a matter of your intent and purposes, whether you populate the world as a furry, warm-blooded, big-eared, stubborn version or inhabit it as a much more quiet and compliant photo of the same. 

It remains for us to discern the differences and purposes and go about our business with sure-footed certainty, knowing exactly who and what holds General Jurisdiction in this country, and when that is examined, the photographs lose out every time. 

So when our Assembly members get nervous about all these other groups out there using similar names and pretending to be the State Assembly and they look at me and see that I am not concerned -- there is a reason why. 

It's because I know the difference between those United States and these United States.  

I can tell the difference between a donkey and a photo of a donkey. And I can demonstrate it in court. 

So all this effort that Mr. Trump and the British Territorial U.S. Army and the very confused persons trying to mount all these "State Assemblies" and trying to counterclaim our already cured and permanent State Assemblies are, well, just making asses of themselves. Or trying to. 

There is no need for any of our British Territorial Employees or Dependents to mount such an effort or make such claims and representations, pretending to be our State Assemblies.  

Our States, our actual States, are more than able and competent to conduct their own business in all jurisdictions of the law. We don't really need any Brits to represent us and have no intention of going to sea. 

We just got home. 


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