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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Message to the Earth

 By Anna Von Reitz

Don't be deceived. 

The Creator didn't abandon Creation; no, far from it. 

What is playing out here is our drama  --- as each one of us makes our choices and sees the effect, yet at any moment, we can change our answers. 

You are seeing the impact of the Satanist hard-liners pulling every kind of deceit and deception there is, going full out in their spider web of lies and substitutions and play-acting. 

Will it profit them at all? 

No.  They will reveal themselves for who and what they are, so that they are fully identified, not only to the Creator who already knows them, but to all of us as well. 

What then, is the purpose of all this drama and strife, this insanity of war-mongering, these pernicious delusions? 

It identifies those who are sick, those who are weak-minded, those who are deluded. 

The atmosphere being generated now is like a giant centrifuge that will well and truly separate the sheep from the goats.  

Realize that this is not the culmination of one life. No, this is the drawing together of many timelines and many lifetimes, like tissue-paper shadows layering down, one upon another, to build the totality of experience and expression of Nature as we approach and pass through the Zero Point. 

Don't be deceived, and don't be afraid. 

The logic and the love that have created you and preserved you and nurtured you through All of It, will be with you still.  

Mind and heart will connect and the great circuit of manifestation will begin like a slow moving wave on the horizon. From small things accumulating the great things come; from each heart and mind, like the voices in a choir, the anthem of life swells. 

Underlying it all is the frequency of love eternal, ever present, ever expanding, unstoppable, unpolluted, and pure. 

There is nothing the criminals can do about that, and so, the future of the Earth is assured; those who love the Earth in truth need not worry.  

Those hypocrites who ruin the Earth with one hand and tax others for it with the other, are the ones who have to worry. 

As for us, our deliverance comes. 


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