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Friday, January 24, 2020

Playing With A Full Deck

By Anna Von Reitz

It doesn't take rocket science to figure out what is going on in the world, you simply have to step back far enough to observe what is going on.  Don't get lost in the detail.  Figure out who is who.  Then you know what is what. 

Why is China suffering the outbreak of a dangerous 1918 Influenza-type viral epidemic?  It's their payback for signing a new trade deal with Trump--- a love letter from Bill Gates and the other Ubermensch who incubated the virus at Texas A and M and patented it for profit.   

The proof is right there in their patent application, including the "revolving" genetic key that makes the virus mutate at a rapid rate.   A virus, you must understand, is just a small bit of self-replicating DNA that inserts itself into our own cell system DNA and hijacks the machinery to produce nasty side effects. 

They thought they could make the virus mutate fast enough to cover their tracks--- that is, by the time we recovered "the bullet", the ballistics would have changed so as to look like it came from a different source. 

Surprise, surprise, surprise, as Gomer Pyle would say. 

When this sort of thing -- biological warfare -- is carried out by "private" corporations as a mercenary operation in retaliation for trade deals, it's time to shut those corporations down.  

It's time to put an end to the Bill Gates hegemony at Microsoft.  And put Gates in a nice mental hospital.  

Come to that, anyone who believes in "human caused climate change" based on increased carbon dioxide emissions (that "impact" is on 1/300th of one percent of the atmosphere) is mentally unbalanced. 

Bill Gates qualifies as a mental incompetent for buying into that rubbish, but more pointedly, by pulling this caper, he qualifies as an emotional and moral incompetent, too.  

The corporations of the world are allowed to exist "for any lawful purpose" --- not "any legal purpose".  

This means that when they cross the line and start killing innocent people and causing vast property damage here, or in any other country on Earth, they forfeit their right to exist.  

And, as I pointed out the Pope Francis, hiding the old evil behind new names is no longer an option.  These imaginary THINGS called "corporations" that cause misery on Earth need to be dismantled, and the men behind them and responsible for them, need to be punished.  

This is as pure and simple and self-evident as rain falling. 
We cannot allow criminals to rampage around --- whether in the guise of corporations, or in the guise of armed gangs.

The men directing the criminal actions of these corporations can't be held harmless and allowed to turn around and spin off new corporations to continue their activities, either.  

They need to permanently lose their ability to participate in corporate affairs of any kind, and their personal fortunes need to be docked for the damage they cause.  

If they can't think things through for themselves, the rest of us will have to do their thinking for them.  


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  1. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD.

    The Coronavirus PATENT is owned by the Pirbright Institute.

    The Pirbright Institute recently got $5.5 Million in funding from PRO #Vaccine Gates Foundation.

    Cynthia McKinney PhD@cynthiamckinney
    Well, things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser. Just three months before the actual December 2019 outbreak, a Johns Hopkins scientist's SIMULATION of a CoronaVirus (CV) pandemic resulted in 65 million deaths within 18 months.

    (The simulation was done in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.) So, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation shares ownership in a CV patent; it partially funded a simulation that found how many could die from its pandemic; simulation focus was on society and the economy: “It’s about the consequences on economies and societies,” the scientist said.

    1. I guess the question of the day, is which 65 million? Where?

  2. The reason for the virus is that they now have a reason to slaughter millions of pigs. That kind of suffering creates a huge amount of energy for the matrix. They are loosing power and therefore their food supply. When I say 'they'I mean the real rulers of this world not the puppet masters like Bill Gates. Hint - gnostic teachings and the Archons.

    1. Fair enough, but what is confusing is that Ready appears to have confirmed what Anna reported. If it looks like a smoking gun then surely it must be. When can we expect this to be prosecuted for crimes against mankind?

  3. Bill and Melinda also billionaire donors to the One World Agenda

    Also note presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is on this list

    Global coven of mayors, climate change fraud and resilient cities initiative started by Rockefeller Foundation


    I point to this writing about this race and their ideology

    World Headquarters and their massive infiltration of all cities, counties and states across all nations

  4. When I heard about the conference last October, I knew something was up primarily on the basis of the need for public and private partnerships. It was just a matter of time before we found it. Create the problem, people reacting and watch now for the solution. Gates should have been dealt with when he left daily attendance at Microsoft, at least by the time Steve Jobs was eliminated.

  5. The founding of the UN and the B'nai B'rith

    Order of St John (Hospitallers) - The Red Cross deception

  6. Druidic Bioterror and the CDC

  7. Read about Capital Hill in the below link (pay close attention to the details about Denver Colorado, Iron Mountain)

    Interesting in the below link at wiki speaks alot about gentrification of the area - more like the deliberate invasion and immigration which led to the downfall and build up as per the Kalergi plan - also home to the legalization of their GMO cannibas industry

    Also note that ole Tim Allen the jew does the show Last Man Standing (no coincidence that he is white in the show either) and that he now has 3 girls not boys like in Home Improvement, which spawned Lowes, spending galore on fixing up your home and pushed the college narrative and last but not least MORE POWER

    So while they were destroying Michigan they played Home Improvement
    While they were destoying Illinois they played Roseanne
    Wisconsin, Laverne and Shirley
    Ohio, Drew Carry Show

    Remember early on it was The Waltons leading us to trust the Walton Family which spawned Sam Walton and WalMart

    All along the way destroying every small business in thier path and shutting down all manufacturing in steel and auto industry moving all those jobs


  8. Psychopaths will kill you with biological warfare, poison water, or 5G brain cancer....

    So you think 5G is safe? Well, wire mesh wrapped around a 5G network phone says "good luck with that"!

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD.
    @BarackObama - treated Flint, MI TOXIC WATER as a big joke - watch video. He sets the standard for a scumbag career politician who doesn’t give a damn about America’s crumbling infrastructure (why should he? - he just bought another mansion - on the beach in Martha’s Vineyard)  FLINT STILL DOESN'T HAVE CLEAN WATER

  9. The Occulted Powers - read down at the bottom of this article

    And the role the BRICS deal plays in the deception

    The entire world is being lied to

  10. I suggest you have a read at this article rfid chips literally contained within the money itself (new propsed currency named the Phoenix)

    Immigrants that they are now paying handsomely to come to the US will be shocked when their gravy train is turned off and their access to their welfare is subject to the bankers whims

    I know the article is old but it is informative

    Their banking systems no matter what they are, are not solutions


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