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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Time to Decipher

 By Anna Von Reitz

In his First Inaugural Address FDR spoke cryptically about a "Holy Cause"--- which was in fact the enslavement of millions of people to pay the debts of the private, foreign, for-profit corporation that FDR was "President" of.
The resulting double-ended impersonation scheme has drained trillions of dollars out of America and truncated millions of American lives; it has also caused the death of millions of people in World War II and ever since.
"Holy" doesn't mean what you think it means.
"Holy" means "Sun". Those responsible for all this carnage are sun-worshiping idol-mongers. They worship Amen-Ra, and they worship the Moon, too--- Allah.
So now that you know that, let's decode my friend-- Kurt Kallenbach's-- brilliant summation of the situation:
So this is what he is talking about---
We have divine origins. We are created-- literally-- by a divine spark, that occurs at the moment of fertilization. This flash of light and the combining of our unique DNA is our actual "moment of birth" but the vermin among us have attempted to separate us from our actual origin and to substitute a different point of origin, which is not an "origin" but merely an event in our ongoing lifecycle: our physical separation from our Mother.
Mocking the True God, they call that our "birth" and they turn it into an excuse for seizing upon us and defrauding us of our life estate while we are still babies in our cradles.
They seize upon our physical bodies and the names our parents gave us as gifts, and they use these to create "dummy" life estates named after us---- which they use for their own profit. It is the ultimate identity theft scheme.
These unspeakably detestable men used us, our labor, our assets, and our possessions as "bonded chattel" to guarantee their debts and the debts of their corporations. They conspired to use us as the "surety" for their debts without our knowledge or consent.
The filthy hypocrites used their substitute "birth" scam as their excuse for denying that we are each unique and divine creations---and to excuse their mischaracterization of us as "humans" and as "animals" so that they could justify their elitism and redefine and relabel us however they pleased.
No longer would we be "man" and "woman". In their profane jargon, we were labeled--- and libeled---as "male" and "female", exactly as if we were piglets in a litter.
But with each breath we breathe we become "inspired" --- and as we live we adapt and grow and we become wise, so that we can see through the banker's charlatan "goods" and the lies of the priests of Baal who are pretending to be judges over us and calling themselves "Christians".
Please note, that our Beloved Teacher was never called "Jesus" in his lifetime, never crucified on a cross, and he never accepted any office of personhood as "Christ", either.
We no longer place any faith in them and their "products"--- their pieces of paper and little idols made out of metal, their twisted dishonest language known as "legalese"--- none of it.
We see through to the core of their ridiculous claims and games, their whole childish make-believe world, which serves little purpose beyond that purpose that serves all parasites--- to eat out the substance of far better men and women.
That's what Kurt is talking about -- how we have been lied to and lied about and defrauded and deluded about nearly everything, and how the bankers have abused our faith and innocence in exactly the same way that a carnival sideshow swindler fools the public into believing in his illusions.
There's no money. There's no law.
Whether it is a terrifying unseen blood-drinking "god" or an invisible virus, the story is always the same. They use fear and lust and lies to get whatever they want, and then tell some more lies and blame someone else for it.

It's time to leave Babylon.


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  1. Share more about how they distorted the scriptures? Please share a source of truth on this subject? I am very interested. Thank you!

    1. Why dont you research it yourself? Lazy huh!

    2. @syzetetes....Anna did not have to go any further in this article than: "!!!"When the INSPIRED finally claim "fertilization" as their true "Godly" Origin THE GLOBAL BANKERS WILL HAVE NO CHRISTIAN SACRIFICIAL SURETY-SHIPS FOR THEIR FAITH-BASED ECONOMY."!!!

      Kurt Kallenbach did the research, 10+ years worth. Go to his website. Pay the measly $25 and Read.

      Anna is only exposing that the "Prostitutes" (Attorneys/Solicitors) have had their artistic fingers in everything including the scriptures as the Scriptures have been changed and manipulated through some Man's interpretation and then copyrighted. Have you never asked in your own mind "Why" each version of the "Bible" is not exactly the same???????

      Why is it so impossible to believe that the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, fully defined as a "Juristic" entity (Fiction), in the Blacks Law Dictionaries, through their scribes, manipulated the Scriptures, stories written by Man(s), the NAME "JESUS" and even the meaning of "Christ"?

      Most all suffering of mankind written in His-story is at the hands of the Operators of this LEGAL FICTION called the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. They even used their "Prostitutes" to entice all the different denominations of Churches to Incorporate into their current CORPORATE ORGANIZATION.

      Yeshua the man, the teacher, the enlightened one, defined the "Church" as living People, not as a LEGAL FICTION, an ORGANIZATION of MONEY CHANGERS governing living people. The "Saving" "Power of Christ" comes when people wake the hell up and pull the wool out of their ears and the Corporate MASK off their face. Otherwise you get FAKE "SALVATION" and ETERNAL LIFE from a LEGAL FICTION, voluntarily paying them for this FAKE privilege with your energy your whole life in the form of a TAX. Which do you want?

      Annie McShane, Delaware Assembly Coordinator

    3. Theologians and Bible translators have been doing a horrible job, Translating and teaching truth for a long time. If you have an interest in the truth go here....

  2. Had to jam the ‘Jesus’ & ‘Christ’ yank in there, eh, Anna. Has nothing to do with the article, but Anna Banana has got to impose her know-it-all diversionary anti-Christ spin. What jew are you trying to satisfy now? Yeah, well, Christ didn’t appoint himself ‘Fiduciary’ either. CUT THE BAALCR*P.

    1. Benjamin Disraeli's (1804-1881)Coningsby pg 130:
      Note this about Caucasians : The fact is you cannot destroy a pure race of the Caucasian organization. It is a physiological fact; a simple law of nature, which has baffled Egyptian and Assyrian Kings, Roman Emperors, and Christian Inquisitors. No penal laws, no physical tortures, can effect that a superior race should be absorbed in an inferior, or be destroyed by it. The mixed persecuting races disappear; the pure persecuted race remains.

      The Irish Famine : A Conspiracy | Baldwin the Crusader Jan 27, 2014 · Benjamin Disraeli was a fierce enemy of not only Catholicism but also Christianity, as well as a Rothschild agent (see Disraeli the Destroyer by Arnold S. Leese). Thomas aka Douglas Gabriel wrote the LANDMARK books, "OPERATION PHOENIX" and "THE CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME" - the former with FULL ACCESS TO CIA OFFICIALS at all levels! by then CIA Director William 'Bill' Casey (a mistake that probably cost Casey his life in a "canoe accident") who have been forced to use a sort of CODE in their discussions and titles to avoid being CENSORED, PURGED by YouTube/JEWtube abjectly FAIL to notice or understand that the BRITISH EMPIRE has been HIJACKED BY THE JEWS going back at least to BENJAMIN D'ISRAELI, a (wink, wink) "Christian convert from Judaism" being installed as the ROTSCHILDS SUPPORTED PRIME MINISTER in Britain at the height, the apex of the rapacious FOREIGN COLONIES SUBJUGATING (raping, enslaving, extracting, extorting... & genociding) BRITISH IMPERIAL empire, and actually as our above highlighted article explains, ROTSCHILDS heirs and descendants were RULING THE BRITISH EMPIRE even before Disraeli became Prime Minister.

    2. I see you!...;) wink, wink...You are observed, and noted.. which fruit have you chosen to be? Think, instead of "wink"

    3. Yes, id say she is intentionally doing what shes doing. Which i agree "is a disservice" to the people and assemblies. A little leaven, remember?! So, they made it all up you say? The Son of the Most High, did He live? Is He our beloved teacher of whom you speak? We understand the English language has a transliteration of the hebrew Name, in common use ie Joshua. It is curious why the translation specifically applying to the Son of God stalled in the latin, but pretty self explanatory. It is still The Name in that language , which He is called. Why did the word translated shepherd not leave the former language in the eph 4 instance, where it remains 'pastor.?' Much to discover as we examine "church" also. But, you deny the Son of God's death on the tree, you are in danger now of heresy. Your own words are your accusers, and all the assembly should take notice.

    4. Anna is correct....Yeshua was never called "Jesus" and if you look up "Cross" in any compendium you will see it means "Stake." St. Paul refers to the "Torture Stake" many times...The real horrible criminals were tied/nailed etc. to a torture stake then set on fire... They became "Roman Candles."

    5. Paul Raymond Whipple - Agree! Anna is making a fool of herself & the Assemblies.
      Who in a power perch receiving her notices, would look her up, read her articles...& take her seriously? They'd give up... No one in a position of power could afford association with her, would dare place their status & creditability in question by associating with her. She makes such a fool of herself & the entire movement.

      Who does that?! After all her efforts, & the work of others, she writes this baalcr*p? What the hell??

      She's been doing this for a long time & getting worse. Horrible disservice she does to all American State Nationals. Evil, blasphemous, stupid, dumb, nonsensical, irrelevant things she writes.

      Like trying to drum up a cult. I call it the Anna Banana'ists.

      No one in a responsible position would take her seriously, much less the Assembly movement. She comes off as a wackado & reckon she wants to keep the evolution mentality low. She's doing this on purpose.

      I strongly suggest Assembly consider Catherine Austin Fitts as Fiduciary. I am serious. Fitts would never say such things. She's an excellent mind, articulate, extensive researcher, writer, investment manager, extensive comprehension of world events, deep & broad thinker, experienced, serious resume, even sued by the gov costing millions & years of battles & won then thrived.
      Never would Fitts go so low. Its not even in her realm to twaddle over such meaningless things, insulting readership with such nasty immaturity. The assemblies would never be embarrassed by Fitts. Highly credible.

      And, Anna has said & done things are not only foolish, but dangerous, seriously dangerous to the Nationals movement. Highly discrediting. I can't even say here what I posted earlier that was so poignant, a flagrant misuse of her power perch. Could cause such trouble, real trouble, serious trouble, that could instantaneously destroy the entire State Nationals movement, efforts, accomplishments, credibility of everyone remotely associated with Anna.

      And here, she starts up again with such stupidity. Who does that?? Someone in self-destruction mode. State Nationals should not put up with this cr*p. She is supposed to be Fiduciary for damn sake!! What fiduciary for America would ever remotely behave this way??

      Again, AGREE & beyond! Wishing peace, abundance & Happy New Year & stay sane.

    6. Wink Wi k is this the same person?

    7. Barbara - yep, Catherine Austin Fitts
      Here's a video with Dark Journalist

  3. Your just a few bricks short of a load yet.

  4. I think Mel Gibson had it right when he said “ Jews are responsible for every war in History.” But he was talking bout the Karzarian Jews that Own Hollywood, the Music Industry, and the Bankers at the Fed, whom are basically the some People that made Jesus flip out in the Temple @ the Moneychangers. You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking a woman who helping humanity to get its God given rights back. You have into be a minion of Satan.

    1. Not so sure lot of carnage in her wake for no warranted reason scared people with threats of indirection.thet is treason.
      Hell our founders were guilty of it .
      And promising her followers treasury direct credit cards .
      I keep wide awake and vigilant the men in charge of militia don’t follow just anybody.

  5. .kazars were thought usery by sufardic Jews so they are inseparable.
    Father Nathanal kempler got it right they know we’re the only ones that can stop them .
    770AD Jewish black mores invaded Spain they adopted Spanish names last le Lopez .
    Lopez owned all the slave ships in Portsmouth RI.
    It just goes on and on
    Behind color revolution in Europe 1837 the boer war in 1890 .
    Bolishivic slaughter of Christians in Russia 1917
    Ww1 ww2 ,9/11 new Pearl Harbor as Phillip Zellcow.called it .
    And now Bill Gates global genoside.
    Pushing thair luck causing a mass awakening.
    Proud of my South African leaders about to pull off a succession from the ANC black/Jewish government

    1. ... and... Holy Moly - South Africa's ANC nails it! Nails it! Calls Israhell what it is Nazi (as in AshkeNazi). Of course the lame-brain jews resort to its anti-sh*tism as truth isn't tolerated.

      South African leaders tell country's Jews to reject 'Nazi ...
      ttps:// - Apr 22, 2020 · South African leaders tell country’s Jews to reject ‘Nazi-like’ Israel Ruling ANC party calls Israel a ‘blight on humanity,’ that must be treated like a pariah; Jewish community says ...

  6. Most of the comments here seem to have a lack of understanding of what is being brought to view, and of course I do understand the lack therein.

    1. how about make a case sound like liberal neocon.

    2. thomas- Those commenters are clueless about their comments unfortunately (you cannot miss what you are not aware of such as eternal life), those comments are irrelevant to the divine mission of our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven of Paradise/Heaven on Earth!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

    3. Make it happen- As always you have a way of which your words bring peace and clarity and I thank you for that.

    4. Barbara- Thanks for your response and your compliments my sister!!! You only have one life to get it right the first time (no divine second chances because all Earthly mortals have been forewarned thru the divine 10 Commandments)!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

    5. my kingdom is not of this world -- christ.

      worldly kingdom is for satan, god of this world.

      christ had a new law. 10 commandments are obsolete. they are for "jews" who reject christ.

  7. If Anna wants to be a cult leader and teach her willing disciples all her alternative beliefs, she needs to choose between that pursuit and her place associated with the assembly. Presuming that we are that audience, here to waste our research time on your unchecked blasphemy, is a betrayal of trust. Full disclosure of her loyalties is warranted now, at this particular point in our progress and growth, she feels it appropriate to rewrite the entire gospel, so what? To stigmatize us as wingnuts in the near future as we attract more public notice? That among the most recent information of record is bits n pieces of the galactic council, and we cant know what holy means? Ever heard of a concordance, Anna? We are not children. And you are not our grandma. These are classic tactics employed in personality driven cults. How dare you use the trust placed in you, to undermine the faith of those coming to you? By what authority do you these things? It was not vested in you by the people, and is not a service we view as necessary or helpful. Where does it come from? Why do you take liberty to dismantle the foundations of the truth of the resurrection? Do you feel thats what we are looking to you for? Why do you keep dropping uncited claims, grenading whatever belief you choose ? Do you enjoy the divisive frenzy of words that follow? What are you thinking?! How is this helpful and protecting and serving the precious work of the assembly? How, with these repeated, and as oft complained about and rejected, disturbing claims are you preserving our unity in the bonds of peace?

    1. Paul Raymond Whipple - ONCE AGAIN, AGREE! I've been posting against Anna's gravely concerning, very poorly considered, even ugly, nasty, fabrications... AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE? Only only only to satisfy some inner need to devolve herself.

      As she does this, she discredits ASN's, making us look like some Anna Banana'ist cultists. Its so much worse than I can say here.

      It is really bad. What low mindedness. And... she doesn't care. She's got her perch, her readership, her "believers", and it attracts the same hamster wheel mentality. She's not stopping, nor correcting her course.

      I don't think she can. I don't think she's capable. She may have hit her ceiling. And the arrogance, talking down to us, as though she's some learned biblical scholar. Pfffft. It is a joke... only very problematic & not funny.
      thanks & stay sane

    2. Paul Raymond Whipple - another very relevant requirement of Anna is that all documentation upon which claims are made must be accessible, at the very least, for American State Nationals.
      So much of whats said to be, including 'laws', are not available. ASN's must be allowed to examine, read for themselves, these documents.

      Would also like to share this staggering statement about the Constitutions:
      “Practically nothing is known about the Bill of Rights between 1789 and 1938” -
      What? It re-appears in 1938?? What?
      This is wildly suspicious. Not to say the Bill of Rights didn’t exist before 1938. What if theres something else going on here?

      Here, a "facsimile" of Declaration was made. The first in Washington, their DC capital, the next is out of Philadelphia, America’s capital:

      …In 1814, when the British attacked Washington, State Department clerks evacuated the Declaration, first to an unused gristmill near Chain Bridge over the Potomac River and later to a private home near Leesburg, Virginia. By 1817 Secretary of State Richard Rush noted that the "hand of time" had faded the signatures. In 1820 Secretary of State John Quincy Adams contracted with William J. Stone to engrave a facsimile of the Declaration, and when it was completed in 1823, Congress ordered two hundred official copies on parchment. It is because of Stone's engraving plate, now in the National Archives, that we know what the original Declaration looked like.

      So, a facsimile was made.A copy. Hum.?? I question this as changes CAN BE MADE. And we're told the Territorial & Municipal copied America's constitution for its own. Changes as 'the' United States, THE UNITED STATES, etc. We get that.
      Now this:

      Constitution. The Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787, and on September 16 - 17, 1787, Jacob Shallus, an assistant clerk of the Pennsylvania State Assembly, engrossed the Constitution on four parchment sheets. Delegates signed it on page four, and George Washington and William Jackson, the president and secretary of the convention, signed a fifth page, called the Resolution of Transmittal. The Constitution, like the Declaration, passed to the custody of the Department of State in 1789, moved with the government, and was evacuated to Leesburg in 1814. The Constitution was never exhibited, and there are only a few mentions of it in the historical record…
      It continues :
      Practically nothing is known about the Bill of Rights between 1789 and 1938, except that it was kept with other signed original laws and resolutions, moved with the government, and although not specifically mentioned, was probably evacuated to Leesburg in 1814.

      How is its arrival back into view 1938 not highly questionable? What is going on here? Is this even true?
      If true, its long absence is suspicious. What else is absent?
      Because we’ve learned so much about our fake government, we can imagine possibilities of even greater deceptions. Oh, and greater they are.

      Am posting this again so as to at least make it known, hoping someone finds this relevant enough to copy & paste for saving, at least, even for another day.
      But there is more...

    3. >>> these posts are for the people, our Good Folks, to be made aware, & taking advantage of a reply to do so. So its not directed at anyone, but for all to consider. <<<
      NOTE: the name Jacob Shallus. Right away, i see its jew. Red Flags & alarms go off.
      This Shallus was a scribe & it also says Shallus did the "re-authoring" of the State Constitution of Pennsylvania. So, was this the simulation for Territorial or Municipal or both constitutions?

      Right away, I suspiciously think, Shallus made changes, tweaked it, which we are told, again, regular systemic simulations, even inversions, reversals, - copying that which is an original creation --This is becuz the jew cannot "create", thus it always copies, simulates, & uses it to accomplish its own deleterious means.

      I say this is, in part, why & how the jew is connected to BOTH Territorial & Municipal constitutions == >>> Talmudic simulations.

      [side note: I do not ever find a Catholic involved in constitution copying, which is why we have done so much research into these claims about the Catholic Church behind it >>> Its not the Church, it is the jews.]

      What else is wrong with this entire picture? Missing documents. Possibly destroyed so that our true history will never be known, so as to displace our true history w Talmudic lies. Even still today almost everyone thinks our capital is DC. NO! It's Philadelphia.

      Today, the American history we are told isn't AMERICAN HISTORY, it is the history of jew Crown City of London invasion/colonization onto America, which we think is American History.
      Our true history is displaced, obfuscated, conflated with the jews talmudic versions. Again, no Catholics appear on these scenes. But the jew does repeatedly. And the jew is given credit for things the jews did not do, so as to populate our history with the jew so as to inculcate, as to conjure up, the jew, filling our subconscious with its TALMUDIC FILTH.

      So, to sum the above, the Constitution Bill of Rights & who knows what else has been POISONED by the jew's mere presence. Why oh why were these extremely important documents NOT REFERENCED until the JEW CAPTURE of America's banking? 1938 people!! What in hell is really going on here?

      So, a requirement must be made of Anna to submit all documentation, especially that which we cannot access. This includes LAaws which Anna states, but we are unable to find, & if found, unable to make the substantiation claims.

      We find Forefathers were adamantly against the jew coming to America. We find that the only qualifiable emigrant allowed was to be highly qualified, capable, moral, ethical, a necessary job or position they could fulfill & they were to be WHITE, CHRISTIAN, EUROPEAN. Why has it become ever more increasingly difficult to find this info?

      So, what do we find Anna doing? Making claims that 'immigrants' (note the spelling change from emigrant - is this another talmudic 'spell' inculcation?) of all & any kind are called to occupy America & ANNA GIVES THEM THEIR FREE TICKET TO RIDE... based upon what Law?

      Well, this is what we find: "The standard of evidence needed to change from a birthright American State National to a Municipal citizen of the United States was set on April 14, 1802, by 2 Statute at Large 153, Chapter 28, Subsection 1. This remains the Public Law that pertains to Americans wishing to change their political status to that of Municipal citizens of the United States. " from What Did They Do?

      Going to the page, someone asks for this 2 Statute at Large 153, Chapter 28, Subsection 1, as they can't find it.
      Later in another article, Anna's multi-culti 'belief' is stated, as though her beliefs are made into Law. VERY VERY VERY DANGEROUS & COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.
      What the freak, people??!!

    4. Stramer, thank you for this forum, allowing us to post & hope these posts help to enlighten.
      >>>GOOD FOLKS, as am continuing to exemplify how we are inculcated so easily:
      When the phrases "Melting Pot" & "Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses" are expressed, WHAT COMES TO MIND?

      Most of us think of this as an Immigration Policy, a standard for Americans to accept what the ever hell desires to come upon our nation. That foreigners have some right to claim America as theirs.

      Well, from where did this come?
      "The Melting Pot" a play by JEW Israel Zangwell described as: 1909 by a British Jew who wrote a play about a fictional Russian-Jewish immigrant intent on moving to the United States after his family died violently in an antisemitic riot in Russia. [always the pity-party-con: jew died violently, never citing what the jew did to others. Its always pity-the-fre*king-jew baalsh*t]

      "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses" from a poem by JEWESS Emma Lazarus “The New Colossus” 1883, then in 1903 a plaque of the poem was 'screwed' onto the statue "Liberty Enlightening the World".

      Its important to note we call 'Liberty Enlightening the World' as the 'Statue of Liberty'. What do we know about "State of__", "County of __", etc? We know this is the bastardization of names for Incorporations.

      Is Statue of Liberty the corporate capture of the true Liberty Enlightening the World & an inversion as to what it truthfully stood for?

      And, when we say the Statue of Liberty, we inculcate Talmudic inversion, & their spell is enacted, we "believe" their filthy demonic lies. Same when we say we are "Citizens of___" we inculcate Talmudic inversion & we all "believe" their filthy demonic lies.
      And such "its word spell" is antithetical to Gods creation.

      What we are told is American history is a LIE, their talmudic inversion.

    5. Good Folks, may I continue... In the above post on immigration is: "The standard of evidence needed to change from a birthright American State National to a Municipal citizen of the United States was set on April 14, 1802, by 2 Statute at Large 153, Chapter 28, Subsection 1. This remains the Public Law that pertains to Americans wishing to change their political status to that of Municipal citizens of the United States. " from What Did They Do?

      Was it an American law, or Territorial, Municipal law? A Municipal or Territorial law can provide for Americans to become theirs. So which is it?

      From what we gather, Anna's immigration "law" results from the REVERSAL, an INVERSION, of whats said law for an American State National to become a Municipal citizen.

      We need to know more & is it correct or not. Too many of us seem quite satisfied w suggestive crumbs, out of which we believe is a meal. ITS A CRUMB & no wonder we walk around hungry for truth.

  8. i guess we will have to wait for non-satanists to show up and save america

    wake me when "the lord" satan and his worldly kingdom people are done fighting over hell on earth aka illuminatiland aka novus ordo seclorum aka novus ordo mass aka un millenium aka masonic "father in heaven" aka satan's kingdom on earth aka america.

    1. they dont know anything wink. thats why they just bark orders and tell anyone who disagrees with it an implied "here are all the books in the world, research it"

      they are just making it up as they go. its illuminatiland's version of "revelation" -- they bark orders, from their house of "the lord" that gets 666 talents of gold each year.

      its how the satanists roll. they reject christ and his new commandment.

      instead, you get "the lord" satan barking orders at people who don't want to be slaves to his worldly kingdom.

      its just endless garbage from demon-possessed people who have invented their own imaginary "american" religion because they think they are the chosen ones.


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