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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Don't Petition and Don't Register

By Anna Von Reitz

Do not sign petitions and do not voluntarily register anything.

If you are forced to register anything, be sure to get a reference or limitation on the paper with your signature indicating it was not voluntary on your part.

Or make an illegible signature, just a squiggle that nobody could ever read, and if they complain, shrug and say, well, that's my signature.  Take it or leave it.

That's what senior postal officials have been doing for years. Doctors too.  There is a method to their bad handwriting skills. And it's not the Palmer Method.

Most of what we are "forced" to do is done by a simple process of lying to us. They say that we "must" and that it is "the law" and we simply haven't asked --- who says?  And what law promulgated by what organization? And since when am I part of that organization? 

Let's see.... STATE OF ALASKA, run by the Roman Catholic Church.  Since when did I become a Roman Catholic and subject to that Church's dictum, taxes, and inquisition?  Or, State of Alaska, run ultimately by the British Monarch?

All the hooks that these predatory organizations have set in you and in your assets have been accomplished by the same process: you are told a lie, you (or your Mother) act upon the lie, and they gain a veiled and highly illegal "interest" in you and your assets without paying a penny. 

They will say that you "voluntarily" enslaved yourself.

As I put it, these vermin have been on our shores "stealing title to our babies" for six generations --- and all under false pretenses. 

So here you have proof that the Father of All Lies does exist and his minions, too.

This is why you never serve them as an "Informant" against your own children.  This is why you never voluntarily "Register" anything.  This is why you never sign "Petitions" --- which automatically admit that someone other than you has power over you and your life and that you agreed to this. 

Americans are literally born as sovereigns on the land and soil of this country. We need to push that point home into their pointy little heads and stand on it. Record your interest in your Good Name and Estate as part of the international land records, because your Good Name and Estate is a land asset. 

You have no reason and no need to register anything so as to give away your ownership interest in your assets.  Likewise, you have no general need for any trusts. 

The creation of Public Trusts held in your name without your knowledge or consent is how you got into this Mess. Creating a Private Trust to hold your assets is not necessary and for most people is just an additional entanglement. Your Trade Name is already a trust, one that belongs to The United States of America [Unincorporated] and the British minions responsible know what that means in actual fact.  

If you want to get out of the Mess and I do mean -- out, out, out --- the only kind of trust you need is your own private arrangements stipulating who gets your belongings, who gets to pull the plug if need be, and who acts as Executor of your Estate upon your incompetence, death or permanent disability, established by a properly witnessed Testament.  Two living Witnesses and a Public Notary and that Testament declaring your Will gives you all that you need in terms of trusts.

Take care of your own business, make your own arrangements, record your own claims and instructions, and stop believing all the BS you are being sold by self-interested and undeclared Foreign Agents.


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  1. "with your signature indicating it was not voluntary on your part." Would that be intention executed by signing: "Under duress" and/or "threat" and/or "coercion" and/or "usurpation"? I have signed: "TDCFU" to also indicate fraud.

    1. The Same with being forced under threat and duress to provide a "TIN" attached to EVERYTHING we Do in our "NAMES" within this criminal system that DOES NOT belong to us but Still Controls our daily lives and livelyhoods?

  2. How might "never sign 'Petitions'" relate to "the right of the people ... to petition the Government for a redress of grievances"?

    1. You are petitioning in this case the WRONG government and thereby unknowingly subjecting yourself to these animals. Stop doing it. Your actual government has done and is doing you no wrong--- and neither can THEY so long as you recognize the FACT that that THING in Washington DC is a trilateral FOREIGN Government merely under contract to provide you with nineteen strictly limited and defined services.

    2. So Anna, that then brings about the question......what is the address of the Correct Government to petition. Easy to notice no such address is ever given for this 'phantom' govt. which is ''the only true govt'.

    3. The idea being "they" are driving us on the wrong road to the wrong destination; ie "they" must be turned around and go the other way intentionally first- then heading to the right destinatiion = then kibitsing as to the corrective manuevers will apply.
      If I may say so in a parable ...

    4. The idea being "they" are driving us on the wrong road to the wrong destination; ie "they" must be turned around and go the other way intentionally first- then heading to the right destinatiion = then kibitsing as to the corrective manuevers will apply.
      If I may say so in a parable ...

  3. Is there an article as to the vision and what life will be like? These articles are like a piece of a 20,000 piece puzzle with no picture... Other than its supposed to be better, than when apart...
    People are on ssdi, soc sec.. You said they dont or should not partake as thier is far more wealth... What wealth? Who will enforce the redistribution of wealth?
    You mentioned a few weeks ago there would be an article coming concerning this issue.

    I would like to know why the marshals are using tge govt battle flag on thier shield... Marshal more said its all the trophy guy had..
    Is tresa marshal for life? Does that allow her to tattoo, the badge on her body? Doesnt sound professional.

    Just asking... And before i get tge usual response of wtf up... Or go research..

    Understand that many of us dont have legal minds... Just like you probably would hate working on mechanics...


    1. I am still a Continental Marshal...NO we do not wear the corporate war flag , we wear the American Civil Flag. Tresa Haywood went off the tracks over a year ago . Until one corrects the presumptions and does as Anna has suggested you are still a slave on the plantation.

    2. Well that badge.. Says senior marshals still posted with govt flags on u.s.

      Haywood still there..

      How is anyone supposed to have confidence in this? The govt sure has thier act together... But the people??? A judge who gets 38 years with a reported 172 IQ.. BECAUSE he cant understand jurisdictions?

      People get yelled at to wake the f up... Yet those who are established, are ....discombobulated.... And you want more to follow to get free...

      What is the actual vision? I want to be free? Freedom is an elusive idea... People are free to be to be slaves, or free to do???? infinite.. Here article after article a piece of a 20,000 piece puzzle.. But no picture, and the lights are out...

    3. By tge way.. Check this link.. Marshals that fly the corporate flag... Because, its what the tropy guy had available...



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