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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Attention All Federal Employees

 By Anna Von Reitz

Did you know that you are being fraudulently and coercively taxed as a condition of your employment?  

The rationale presented by the Municipal Corporations was that as public employees, you are receiving the "benefit" of a job funded by the public. Therefore, you ought to kickback a portion of your earnings to your "government" employer.  

Except that your employer is not a government.  

It's a Municipal Corporation and it's no different than any other Municipal Corporation on Earth.  

This is the way it is and the way it has always been.  The District of Columbia is a Municipal Corporation.  The Municipality of Washington, DC is a Municipal Corporation.  All the entities that you can think of --- DOD, FBI, DHS, FDA, FEMA, etc., are all Municipal Corporations operating under these umbrella corporations. 

So they are NOT our government.  They are subcontractors of our government.  

And they are foisting off an illegal and immoral tax on your labor -- a kickback to them for the "privilege" of being employed by these criminals. 

Did you know that a "Taxpayer" is a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service, responsible for collecting taxes and tariffs for the British Monarch?  No?   

All that work you do each April, for free, taxing yourself for the "benefit" of having "federally connected income"?  You are donating that to the King, as well as over a third of your earnings on average. 

Yet you volunteered to act as a "Taxpayer", didn't you?   

You signed that 1040 guaranteeing that you were a "Taxpayer" and every number was correct and true --- under penalty of perjury, too.  

So you (1) mischaracterized yourself as a foreign Warrant Officer involved in commercial business transactions on behalf of the British Monarch; (2) you voluntarily offered your earnings to be taxed as "income" of a foreign corporation; and (3) you gave the IRS all the ammo needed to prosecute you and hold you responsible as a government employee--- albeit, an employee of a different government. 

You did this to yourself and if you want it to stop, you have correct your mistake.  

You also need to find other employment.   

Any work that requires you to kickback a third of the value of your earnings isn't a job.  It's indentured servitude to a criminally-inclined foreign Municipal Corporation. 

Technically, you aren't required to do any of this.  It's an illegal demand on the face of it.  If you comply because you thought you "had to" and made the mistake of being goaded to do this under color of law, you have the right to correct your mistake by notifying the United States Secretary of State.  

And since you aren't really a "Taxpayer" and aren't a Municipal franchise corporation, either, you can keep your earnings and enjoy the value of your labor and without paying any illegal, immoral, and unlawful kickbacks to foreign Municipal Corporations. 


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  1. Anna are you and David Straight doing the same thing?
    AAnd Thank you for all your hard work Anna. Ie Grandma with a/the sword. As I see it, the Truth Sword.

  2. You won't reach them that way Anna. Maybe 1or 2% will listen. They're going to have to get ground under the wheels before they get it. Or have their bank accounts wiped out. Then they might be able to hear a little better.

    1. no, they wont get ground under, because disclosure was withheld.
      "anna" says things like "you did it to yourself" but people know that being threatened with prison is not "doing something to oneself".

    2. whoman:janmarie - How can you be so naive? You get "ground under" because you fall prey - you get snared - you are captured.

      There is little to rely upon other than having as many facts at your ready, and your preparation to AVOID the "bulldozer."

      You apparently believe some entity is going to snatch you from danger. But we know, and you know deep down that will not happen - So much for your infantile: therefore, thus, or "because."

    3. @ j:m, 3:20PM
      Of course you you don't care, that's par for the course with self righteous low budget trolls, in fact, no doubt you care so little about what anyone else thinks you're probably in dire need of a bath....because hell, you don't care how repulsive you are, or why.

    4. anony 202
      that's you.

      you're irrelevant. :)

    5. anony 210am,
      you dont have anything to say about the country?
      u moron.


  3. Maybe they signed up and wiped their debt slate clean through this 'outfit' 'service provider'

    1. What debt? You'd have to be using actual currency for that.

    2. Shelby, it is obvious that you are not an American on the Land and Soil or you would understand that your link has nothing to do with freedom like Anna has and is teaching! Sad that you spend so much time writing and not studying, listening and then applying what you could be doing for yourself. Yes, self-governance means you have to do the work yourself. Now get going and start studying, get your papers completed and you too can be free! Otherwise, I might suggest you go your direction. We don't need any detractors! We are working tirelessly to educate ourselves and free the world from tyranny! Get busy and study Shelby.

    3. It is a pathology for shelby - she cant help herself, it is a form of "paralysis by analysis" for her (her? he? hmm?)

    4. Don't you have anything better to do with your own time than follow people you dont know around on the internet?

  4. It's been my experience that the corp. doesn't like to allow ppl that wake up to the truth to get by w/anything. Look at the J6 protesters, ppl that try not to pay taxes, anyone that calls them out, they all get locked up, fined, threatened w/harm.
    Sure, I believe taxes are illegal, but how do you live in America under their control w/out giving up everything when you challenge them ?? I'm no lawyer and can't speak lawyer speak. I have no real money. Do I have to stand in front of the bullet and die so that maybe someday, some group of ppl in the future might stand against the evil in the seat of power and take back this country ?

    1. Don't fill out the W4. Use the other form that tells your employer not to withhold. I forget the numbers or is post it. Then only other option is to get paid in cash and don't report or file. I haven't filed in almost 10 years. I've yet to get a letter or anything. That day may come but the letter will be thrown away. I do not fear facing them in court. Not now. Let them take me to court. They'll regret it.

    2. Steph, have you studied enough to understand how to become an ASN yet? You have to start at the beginning! Have you contacted your state coordinator? Have you watched Anna's videos? Have you read any of her books? This is self-governance! Get busy reading, studying and become a sponge for knowledge! There is a way, method and system to get out of the system...but it takes time, work and understanding. Get involved with your state assembly calls, webinars, etc. This is the real education we were never given! Get busy! You will understand in due time and it is exciting!

    3. Anyone that wouldn't DIE for future FREE people need to step out the back. Pussy


    WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction

    World Legislative Act #53 Transition Process for National Governments

    This ACT is currently in PROGRESS
    All agents are working in their fullest capacity to insure that
    'no child is left behind'

    Pick a side
    The hell we currently live in or the new hell, new earth on the horizon
    Same PIG different LIPSTICK

    1. same PIG different LIPSTICK .... my new favorite for making comparisons.

  6. Any individuals in the state assembly NOT PAYING FEDERAL TAXES? If so please link to the details on how to get that setup.

    1. Are you papered up? If not, start studying, get with your state coordinator, start studying Anna's website, ask for help from your coordinator. There is much to learn. And...yes, there are ASN's not paying taxes anymore...they worked hard at learning, reading and asking questions and doing the work! Nobody will do it for you! Self-governance means you have to do the work yourself! Learn, understand and do! Get busy!

    2. You get busy... go write some more papers up... That'll show em!

  7. "You also need to find other employment."

    Thats Ripe! Cuz of course all sorts of businesses exist outside the US IRS corporate structures huh. Clowns.

    1. Obviously you don't understand...find employment that does not take funds from the Municipal or Federal contractors! Get work outside that system; i.e., privately held or small business. Not a school district, a government etc. Come on now...start studying and ask questions. You are brainwashed by the system...

    2. Who in the hell do you think prints that money the money tree fairies

      They're not private businesses
      If they have a friggin DUNS number or a Federal EIN they are in the system you fools
      They cannot open or even do business in this system without them

      They have carte blance on the surname you fools the surname in the LINK that ties it all together

      Brainwashed by the system MY ASS

    3. Shelby, stop being belligerent and ignorant! Yes, you are brainwashed and need to study to understand how to get out from under the control of the system. Not all businesses are corporations! One can take a business private! Yes! If you disagree you don't know what you are talking about and best start learning about it! Does a mechanic need to pay federal taxes when his earnings are a result of performing work for private individuals? No! If those earning were not from Federal or Municipal contracts or vehicles then why does he have to pay tax to the Federal government? He does not! But, he has to assure he has the correct status as an American, he has certain documentation to complete and notifications to make. His earning [not income] are his and his alone! I suggest you start learning and studying to understand how this works! You won't learn it in the comment section. You need to engage yourself with others who are experienced and knowledgeable and study on your own. Then, and only then, will you realize how much you don't know!

    4. Shelby is a "clot & bog this blog-shpere shill.

      Her job is to bloviate and distract by endless sensational blah blah blah and pump the space with wwws, urls, youtube views etc. - as if most of us here don't know the very same subject matter, and many likely know it better the she - and also know where to find it, on our own.

      for Shelby - its all "look over here" - "wait look over there" "no quickly look over here" and "what about this" and "this" "look out for this!"

      etc. etc. etc.

    5. haha!! "ooh, shelby youre this. shelby youre that. SHUT UP shelby!!!".... i *told* you you are doing a great job, didnt i gurl?!! :):):) YOU ARE!! just luv your summaries. fantastic!

    6. there is that gURL again

    7. and another: guuuurrrl. :)

    8. Unfortunately Shelby told a big old lie. I doubt im the only one who caught it. Go back to the article Anna wrote about Shelby. In the comments Shelby claims she never said her father was a Bar attorney who got caught up in corruption or some such thing. The only problem is she did tell that story because I read her comments when she talked about it. And those comments should still be archived if anybody wants to do a thorough search. You would have to go back a ways, but they're in there. Sorry, but I doubt there are two Shelby handles on this blog. Liar, liar pants on fire.

    9. And wo[r]man:janmarie has exposed herself and here companion Shelby as each being guuuurrillals. (but I do I love Gorillas!)
      - be they an evolutionary missing stink (link?)

    10. anony325am,
      typical "anna"follower logic:
      over the many, many years, only ONE "shelby" could ever have made a post on pauls blog.

      you people are really desperate.

    11. anony8:28am,
      typical jibberings from a know-nothing "anna" FlunkeeTag-Along.

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    How else do you tranceform the world to your liking than to send out your relatives to gather and reeducate the flock to the new world order of things

    You'll get that mutual offset credit through the reformed social welfare plan of UGAI, ACT # 42

    Sign up, volunteer and rainbows, lollipops and a yellow brick road await you
    Might want to check out VOLUNTEERISM in the article above
    UNV United Nations Volunteerism and changing the glow ball landscape
    Meanwhile back at the OK Corral planning headquarters the planning to corral the human herd in to human habitat urban settlement UN SMART City zones is well defined and underway

    They are masters of deceit and illusion

    That's ILLUSION, not to be confused with INCLUSION

  9. There are those Belcher islands again and what do ya know they mining the hell out of them along with North Dakota and parts of Minnesota along the great lakes
    Be sure and read the comments about the usage of these metals and the poisoning of patients with them