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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Death and Ignorance

 By Anna Von Reitz

Additional information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court, in regard to our claims of March 6th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq: 

Death and Ignorance

Only scientifically ignorant people ever believed in "human caused global warming" --- and they were misled by government scientists who were paid to lie about basic, known, scientific truths. 

Stop a moment and take that in. 

Basic truths, like the Carbon Cycle, (which every little school child in America used to be taught until Jimmy Carter's "Federal Department of Education" got involved in illegally dictating what our local "public" schools adopted as curriculum) were ignored for two decades by the Mainstream Media and Universities and politicians and National Laboratories.     

Or, what about the once equally well-known information about how much ash, carbon dioxide, and other gases a single volcano produces.  "The Final Poo-Poo" Article I reposted this past week gives a more than adequate explanation of exactly why a single volcano can (and regularly does) dwarf all and any effect on "carbon dioxide emissions" that humans have.  

With an average of 200 active volcanoes spewing carbon dioxide (and a lot more) into the air on any given day, it's a no-brainer to correlate increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to their increased activity, not ours. 

Yet, for two decades we've had to have this obnoxious (and stupid) public debate about carbon dioxide emissions and the thoroughly ridiculous idea of "human caused global warming" based on carbon dioxide emissions from our automobiles and people breathing and cows farting.  

Only misinformed and scientifically ignorant people, and little children,  ever believed in any of this hogwash. 

The question remains -- why would our schools be dumbed down?  Why would government scientists at laboratories and special think tanks lie their rumps off and keep this nonsense going?  

The easy answer is that an ignorant population is easier to defraud and control.  

And as for the "government scientists" --- the same government corporations that employ them also pay them kickbacks and grants to say whatever the Mama Corporation wants them to say.   

Ask yourselves what happens when a foreign commercial corporation gets hold of the apparatus of government?  

Well, then, whatever is good for the corporation's bottom line --- and the bottom lines of its corporate cronies --- is good, no matter what it costs you, their employers, the consumers of their goods and services. 

Yes, you heard that theory correctly stated.  That's what the members of the Territorial Congress tell themselves everyday.  Whatever is good for their corporate bottom line is good for America, even if it kills and defrauds Americans, pollutes our country, and guts our natural resources. 

That's why the only redress offered for the horrors of the phony pandemic lay buried in the Consumer Protection Act, under the control of the Federal Trade Commission.  

A similar situation exists with regard to the idea that the Earth is overpopulated.  There is absolutely no valid scientific evidence that it is, but people have been massacred and genocided just the same. 

Finally, today, I have news of a crack appearing in the monolithic insanity that has been imposed upon the world by the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CORPORATION and the United States of America Corporation and the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, INC. aka DOD, INC. 

The new CEO of Toyota says no more EV cars will be produced by Toyota.

So buy Toyota products.  They are the only ones demonstrating scientific and economic competence.  

Of all the really, truly crazy outcomes of the whole Big Lie surrounding human caused global warming, the development of electric cars stands as a monument to scientific and practical ignorance--- and gross political manipulation of "science".  

Let's see.... we are going to decrease human-caused carbon emissions (which are totally insignificant anyway) by using electric cars to reduce our personal "carbon footprint" ---- albeit, we do this by INCREASING the load on giant electrical turbines that produce that electricity....and run off fossil fuel.  

Who scores?  The "public" utilities that get to charge you for your increased use of electricity and the oil companies that make larger, more efficient sales to the electric companies and the mining corporations that get to charge you for all the exotic (and highly poisonous and explosive) Rare Earth Minerals used to make electric car batteries.  

Who loses?  You do.  And so does the environment. 

By addressing a non-existent problem -- "human-caused global warming" --- the criminals out to make a buck have created real problems: increased electrical use and industrial pollution resulting from that increased use, vastly increased (and largely unregulated) lithium and cobalt mining, terrible new collision risks (electric cars tend to explode), and new waste management dilemmas (where and how can you safely dispose of giant dead, but still explosive, electric car batteries full of poisonous Rare Earth Minerals?)   

At the same time that Toyota is facing facts and defending its own sanity, "the EU" --- another commercial corporation under the thumb of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, INC. --- is attempting to ban the combustion engine.  

Good luck with that.  Especially now that the partners in crime, the EU, INC. and DOD, INC. have ruined the Nordstream Pipelines and left the living people with no viable means of meeting their energy needs, staying warm, and feeding themselves.

End the EU, INC. and DOD, INC., both, and put an end to the illegal "custodial" military occupation of The United States, Japan, seventeen western European countries and the entire former Commonwealth. All our countries have been illegally occupied and we, Americans, have been bearing 96% of the cost of defending all those countries and occupying them.  It's a lose-lose for everyone involved, except of course, the criminal Municipal Corporations that have foisted all this off on everyone and their British Territorial co-conspirators.   

If the United Nations Organization was ever worth salt, then by all means, all the national delegations need to stand up in arms against this gross commercial criminality and the attendent illegal military occupations.

The entities responsible for causing all these problems are all organized as commercial corporations in the business of providing essential government services.  They don't have contracts and we don't need these crooks bilking us and injuring us to profit themselves.  

What needs to happen is for these run amok Municipal Corporations to be permanently liquidated and their assets returned to the control of actual national governments, not more corporations acting "as" governments. 

Under Ecclesiastical Law, the Pope and the Roman Curia are responsible for the existence and operations of these Legal Fiction Entities they have created and which they own ---- and all of them are subject to immediate liquidation upon demand when they engage in "unlawful" activities detrimental to the substantive rights and interests of living people.    

We demand the liquidation of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, INC., the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, INC., the MUNICIPALITY OF WASHINGTON, DC. and all associated incorporated affiliates, franchises, parent corporations, subsidiaries, and governing boards and trustee organizations.  

All British Territorial -- that is, incorporated Mercenary Forces -- need to be withdrawn from The United States, the former Commonwealth countries, and the occupied nations of Western Europe and Japan --- without any arguments.  They, their False Claims of "custodial interest", their military districts, and their military district courts all need to be shut down and the associated corporations liquidated with the assets being returned to the actual owners -- the people and national governments of the offended countries.   

The American Armed Forces will be reconstituted immediately as a national defense force and returned to their natural status as an honorable national soldiery.  Their only job will remain as stated in our venerable Constitutions --- to defend this country and our people and our borders --- and not to make a mockery of "defense" by using it as an excuse to invade other countries and to engage in racketeering at home and war-profiteering abroad.

The egregious lies told by these Municipal Corporation managers and employees to the American People and to people around the world, must be admitted -- whether these are scientific hoaxes, or False Flags, or false commercial claims that have led to impersonation and illegal and unlawful seizure of our assets, including our credit, and unlawful securitization of our living flesh.  

We are not interested in hearing any fanciful stories.  We wish for these Municipal Corporations to be liquidated, their employees dismissed except for those needed to provide a safe transition, and a peacable resolution that doesn't involve more death and ignorance.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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  1. We DEMAND! Not wish! Liquidation now!

  2. Our autos spew carbon monoxide. Not carbon dioxide.

    1. So much for accuracy of her content.

    2. you need to do your research it is carbon dioxide!

    3. Its mainly MON oxide.

    4. Yes. Carbon monoxide

    5. Anon 7:55 failed earth science.

    6. Anony'rats 2:10PM
      Anony'rats 5:42PM
      She never said that.
      lt was official gov website, said that ? automobiles spew carbon dioxide emissions, methane and others into the atmosphere, (l just read their words. Nothing about carbon monoxide, sayyy whaaattt???) Now read "hers."
      She countered it with this, her quote ..."For 2 decades we've had this obnoxious (and stupid) public debate about carbon dioxide emissions (CO²) and the thoroughly 'ridiculous' idea of "HUMAN CAUSED" global warming based on "carbon dioxide (CO²) from "OUR AUTOMOBILES" and people breathing and cows farting."
      What do you not understand about that? Sounds like she knows her subject matter to me and deserves credit for her sound reasoning.
      You owe her an apology for defamation of character if you are the anony'rats that said this that she doesn't know her subject matter and doesn't deserve credit, which appears to have been a very nefarious intention for newcomers to doubt her expertise, sound reasoning and truth along with her sharp eye for detecting the rat's never ending excuses to ciphon money and assets off the American people, which some on this blog are jealous of this gift.

    7. Brow n-noser.

  3. So she admits all her proclamations don't mean jack shite. And only after toyota independently decides to stop pissing away funds on the EV market and closes that part of the business does she say they are doing her work.

    I dunno how dumb you gotta be to keep pretending what she says matters, but its gotta be Epic!

    1. Your comments illustrate YOUR ignorance. Anna is absolutely right about there being NO global warming or human caused global warming. Anyone who can just do a bit of their own research discovers this.
      Bravo on the "Ignoramus Award", I'm giving you😂

    2. Nobody has to waste their time chasing rabbit trails when an author doesn't know their subject matter well enough to give credit where credit is due using at least a few basic references.
      It's you who is the ignoramous if you are wasting your own time that way.

    3. Get relevant - you’re damn smart and know a lot of stuff, meanwhile price the diminishing number of cultish-like followers in the Assemblies…time to roll out yours and James’ succession plan

  4. De- 'MANNED".
    We De-MANNED?
    remove. man.

  5. Oh my, oh my - why don't you crawl back into your corner and cry. Anna can't wave a wand and make the world safe for Mr. wacky noodle noggin at
    2:17 PM. What are you wasting your time here doing noodle noggin? Or is this your idea of Homer Simpson entertainment - go have a doughnut and a beer.

    1. Are you projecting your own deep disappointment upon "2:17 PM"?

  6. Can we eventually hear the Federation’s diplomacy plan for working with other nations as the union of States, the blue dot bank, and matter that truly means something in the now to ‘everybody’ and not just a few hardcore ASN who think they’re going to restart a 160 year old dream government from the ashes?

  7. The expectation made of Federation-assisted debt redemption via SIA, vendor card, MOCEE without delivery has lost major credibility across many ASN’s - will see soon the outcome of many many nationals working to bring it to realization

  8. Give ASNs permission to stand up with the rest of Americans to take America back and thrive in the new and imminent era - put reconstruction aside and join hands with millions who want to live as one country and people

  9. I agree with commenter that unless Anna uses citations to her sources, and as much as is feasible, and original sources are best, readers are suspect. In this information war where weMve learned to hyper-scrutinize, even AVR needs to either pony up sources, step aside, or change to making the news vs just writing about it

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  11. Appears the weather magicians are taking aim at Memphis and those FedEx facilities

    On that day back when some birds flew in to a couple of twins the FedEx private air traffic controllers sitting in their bunker in memphis tenneessee had knowledge to reroute all of their packages to ground
    The bunker of which I have personnally toured was referred to me as the WAR ROOM
    Of course all of their air express planes had already landed and rerouting via ground transportation was a snap once the packages were already on the ground
    Well what do you know

    Medici Ventures must only oversee some of the BLOCKCHAIN stuff
    new aged, such as
    Hmm land titles, banking, voting and hellcare to name a few but no logistics
    Land Data Providers and Portal Services
    HELLCARE er I mean healthcare

    They have 656 aircraft and the facilities in Memphis are very old

    Several years back FedEx built new facilites inland from the river in and around I believe Franklin Tenneessee
    Hmmm I see says the blind man

    Have you seen their commercials for the American Cruise Lines that take you along the Mississippi River on a luxury cruise liner?
    I wonder what that FedEx property could be used for say if it was wiped out by some storms and REZONED

    Franklin Tenneessee was a major hub for hellth insurance information technology sectors
    When I was 'stationed' there during my employ for one of the healthcare information technology companies I ended up renting my apartment through corporate housing and the name of the company I rented from was
    Crown Corporate Housing

    Funny I worked for a Health Information Technology (HIT) Company in Tenneessee, recruited by a company out of India (one of the BRICS nations and leading the way for all things digital) and rented my apartment through an outfit named CROWN CORPORATION
    While employed there I developed a hellth condition and was let go from my employ while under a doctors care

    So much for caring about your hellth and wellbeing