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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Claim Update, More Evidence of Unlawful Activities

 By Anna Von Reitz

Forwarded to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 6th, 2005 - January 19th, 2023, in seq: 

Conservative non-aligned estimates of damage done to the non-domestic population by the DOD, INC. in violation of international treaties, service contracts, and common decency: 

We repeat our call for the immediate liquidation of DOD, INC., its franchises, and its parent corporation, the United States of America Corporation, which has allowed this filthy, destructive war- profiteering to take place in the name of "Public Health".  

We also wish for the liquidation of WHO, INC. and the WORLD BANK, both of which have participated in this mercenary "war" against innocent non-domestic civilian populations and sought to unjustly enrich and empower themselves against the substantive rights and interests of the living people. 

These corporations have no natural right to exist and as part of our agreement to let them exist, it is the right and responsibility of the Pope to liquidate all and any such destructive corporations caught engaged in unlawful activities. This is required as a condition of their existence under Ecclesiastical Law, whereupon we are bringing these charges and claims against the Offenders before the Vatican Chancery Court. 

The commercial claim against these corporations now stands at $266, 000,000,000,000,000.00 in gold. This debt is owed for the wanton destruction of our assets by illegal and unlawful commercial mercenary forces deployed as "Uniformed Officers" by the British Territorial United States Government operating as the DOD, INC., owner and operator of the NIH, CDC, FDA, and other incorporated entities that have been accomplices to these horrific crimes against humanity.  

We wish for the offending Municipal Corporations to be liquidated and all assets in their possession returned to our direct administration without further adieu.  

We wish for the Territorial and Municipal "Congresses" that are also owned and operated as corporations, to be removed from the seats of the American Federal Republic Congress in Washington, DC, and permanently prevented from assuming any control or substantive right of possession related to us, our assets, and our credit.  

These organizations and individuals have lied to the American Public they are supposed to serve, impersonated Americans in violation of international law, failed to provide the stipulated services of their original service contracts, and have indeed sought to evade their contractual obligations, and conspired against the Federal Constitutions for purposes of self-promotion and racketeering.  

Whereupon we consider any corresponding obligation to pay these miscreants ---- severed.  

Their corporations inhabiting the District of Columbia and associated foreign environments need to be liquidated and the foreign persons responsible for their criminal mismanagement need to be unemployed.

All these unlawful activities seeking to physically harm and defraud their employers, evade their contractual obligations, and illegally access our credit without our permission and without a written contract -- need to be regarded as still more evidence of unlawful activities, criminal intent, and Cause to both liquidate these Municipal Corporations and arrest the Territorial Officers responsible for them.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

29th of March 2023


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  1. I wonder, how many letters are we going to write and for how many more years? It seems that no one is listening and these letters end up in the trash bin of our history! It's time to take action against the perpetrators!

  2. What is it with all the ‘’we wish’’……in Anna’s article??? The severity of the crimes that have been committed would seem to me to deserve the term ‘’we demand’’ that action be taken!

  3. Look, Bank of America stole our Home and our mortgage payments, then sold the loan to Rushmore. Rushmore lost the foreclosure. Sold our house out from underneath us kicked us out. We did a arbitration they never showed up to court. We won an award with our house. However, the court system in North Carolina ruled a gatekeeper order on my husband and I saying we can no longer file in the court system that we have to have an attorney. They disenfranchised us so here we are sitting with an arbitration award that doesn’t mean crap in North Carolina.
    Nothing but crooks they have damaged us in so many ways

    1. Did you go through the process of bringing your land patent forward? If not, shame on you! So, you need to tell us why BofA made claim against you? Did you stop paying? There is much missing from this story! Fess up!

    2. cant patent what God made.

    3. Exactly. You can only patent What You create. This also ties in with "viruses".

    4. jan marie---where do you come up with your junk information? Yes, you can do a Land Patent! A Land Patent is the highest form of land ownership! It is Alloidial Title which is sovereign and forever! What world are you living in? You are the biggest kook on this platform! Please leave us alone...we are all trying to learn and you do nothing but interject nonsense!

    5. anony848am,
      sending your innane jibberings back to you: not received.

      you sound *very* rattled.

      now, if you want to tell me, in a *calm and respectful* manner:
      exactly what it is that you presently think is "junk information"
      and exactly what you're basing that on
      i will consider commenting back as calmly and respectfully as i am doing now.
      otherwise you just sound like a flustered, confused mess.

  4. Who is woman:janmarie? The head troll?

    1. She is right. You cannot patent anything in nature. That's fraud.

    2. What's all this troll business? All janmarie did is give a fact, natural substances cannot be patented. They can't be. Land is a natural substance.

  5. This platform for comments needs to get cleaned to rid us of the trolls!

  6. Thank You, As Usual There Remains A Continuous Mountain Of Evidence. Yet, There Remains No Justice. These Criminals Are Not Going To Vote To Have Themselves Executed. And, According to The Real Laws, That Remain Unenforced Because These Criminals Have Attached Amendments, Riders And Loop Holes To The Real Laws, Capital Punishment Is A Requirement That Remains Unenforced. The Only Choice, Short Of Taking Our Country Back By Force, Is To Reach Out To Other So Called Unfriendly
    Countries And Request Their Help. It's Ok That Our Government Doesn't Recognize These Actions In Other Courts, That Makes This Even Better. The ICC Can't Even Bring Our Illegitimate Criminal Government Up On Any Charges Because They Are Also In Our Criminal Government's Pockets. The World Is Now Standing Up To These Bullies And Demanding Justice. We Need To Reach Out To Countries Like China, Russia, Belarus, N Korea, Iran, 70% Of Africa And Any Other Countries That Are Protesting This Illegal One World System. We Must Have These Criminals Found Guilty In Other Countries Courts Who Will Not Hesitate To Rule Against Our Government In Our Favors. This Will Both Benefit Those Outside Countries As Well As Us. Once We Have These Cases Heard In Foreign Courts In Certain Countries We Can Then Legally Demand Justice In Our Courts. We Will Have Not Only The Support Of Our Citizens We Will Also Have The Support Of Other Major Countries. Here In Our Courts, These Cases Are Not Going Anywhere Because Again Our Criminal Government Will Try To Hide Behind Things Like "This Is A Matter Of National Security", Or Claim That We Are Enemies Of The State And Use Their Mountains Of Loop Holes That Keep The Real Laws From Being Enforced. We Must Attack Them From All Sides. We Must Acquire Legal Counsel From These Outside Countries. This Can Be Accomplished Through Web Conferences. However, It Would Be Better If A Small Army Of Representatives From Each State, Community, Family, Church Or Any Of Our Real Humans Organizations Were To Actually Visit These Countries And File The Cases In Person With The Help Of local Councils For That Nation. And After A Few Weeks Or Months Simply Come Back Home Where These Individuals Have A Solid Support Group. Stop Wasting Time And Money In Our Local Courts, These Criminals Will Not Allow Themselves To Be Executed, And Executions Is What The Real Laws Demand.

    Auston E Matthews
    "The Resistance & Correction"