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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Dropped Through the Cracks

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are numerous organizations that have used the names "United States" and "United States of America" over the past two hundred years. Some of them are American and some are British Territorial entities and some even belong to the Holy See.  

Since 1851 our American union of nation states has done business as "The United States".  The United States is unincorporated.  The members of this union are republican nation states occupying the soil jurisdiction of this country.  Soil is defined as the top six inches of the land. This is also known as the national jurisdiction. 

Our Federation of States, "The United States of America", is also unincorporated,  and forms another separate "union" of organic, physically defined member States operating in international jurisdictions.  

Both these unions are instrumentalities of the independent, sovereign nation states known as organic States of the Union.  

It's the States of the Union that are the Principals that created the Constitutions, defined the Federal Subcontractors and the Subcontractor's duties, and their own obligations to pay for these services and delegate powers needed to perform the services. 

From our side of it, these are the only American entities involved in setting up or approving the Federal Constitutions, so these States of the Union and the State Citizens known as "People" who run these States, are the only ones with the power to enforce the Federal Constitutions. 

Any eligible American can make the proper declarations and provide the appropriate information and serve as a State Citizen within their State Assembly.  It's these State Citizens that can hold all Federal Subcontractors accountable. 

Why?  Because the State Citizens, aka, "People" with a capital "P" are the only Americans who are party to the constitutional contracts.  You have to be a party to a contract to have "standing" to address it and enforce it.  

Our States of the Union and our State Citizens can speak through their Federation in international venues to bring correction of "Federal" Subcontractors, but they can also speak individually and directly to Federal Subcontractors operating within the borders of their States.  

Now that our State Assemblies are restored and Americans of every nation state have stepped up to serve as State Citizens, the reins are back in our hands and the proper authorities have been invoked to enforce our Federal Constitutions.  

We now know that the Municipal Corporation known as the "DOD" or DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE is the owner operator of all the other "Worst Offender" Municipal Corporations. 

The DOD Municipal Umbrella Corporation owns and controls the Territorial Congress as a franchise.  Ditto the corporations most responsible for the damage of the pandemic fiasco -- NIH, CDC, FDA, the so-called "intelligence" agencies --- DARPA, DIA, CIA, DHS, FBI and even the DOJ. 

These Municipal Corporations are all Federal Subcontractors claiming authority based on Constitutional contracts --- and dependent on those contracts for their very existence, however, they have run seriously amok for a long time. Without State Citizens present to enforce the Constitutions, they've been able to literally get away with murder, to pillage and plunder their Employers, to racketeer under color of law, and create mayhem throughout the world. 

This is what happens when Americans forget who they are, forget how our separate American Government works, and even forget who the direct Parties to the Constitutions are.  

Thank God that we have all remembered and that every State is now blessed with their own State Citizens, our own countrymen who have adopted their proper standing and who are enabled to enforce the Federal Constitutions within the borders of their organic States of the Union. 

Slowly, like a giant Supertanker coming to heel, the apparatus of the Federal Government Subcontractors is being made to yield and to obey. A great many people have already contributed to this effort and more join the effort every day.

More people learn American History, not just United States History -- and more people "come home" to the land and soil of their native country, ready to take up the effort to educate others and enforce the contracts they are owed.  

Thank you, State Citizens, more than you will ever know. 


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  1. To the organic States People, Sui Juris, in the Land Jurisdiction in The United States of America have International Juridical Actions being American Nationals of the several Sovereign Nation States Republic. We appreciate you. Peace Love Truth Freedom and Justice

    1. youve got five+ different jurisdictions crammed into that one sentence!!

    2. So what? Please itemize by enumeration each of the five (5) jurisdictions you observe, and identify:

      thanking you in advance of your presentation.

    3. delighted you asked!!
      i think youd learn more though if you do, like people on this blog like to say, "Do your own research".
      once youve researched it yourself first, bring back what you find and post it and let people comment on it and i will be happy to try tofind the time to check it too and tell you whether we agree or not.
      it should be a great learning experience for ya! :) have fun!! :)

    4. Ha! jan marie, you don't know the answer so you say look it up yourself! What a cop out! You are a fraud!

    5. no.
      people who have actually studied can see what i say.
      just because your talents are limited to being mouthy and irrelevant, doesnt mean what i say isnt there u brane ded flunkee.

  2. We love you Anna!!!😇

  3. If and when u ever look in the mirror, do u see a forked tongue? If u have actually done 5 % of Anna's research please post it for all to see. After all, knowledge is power, otherwise, slither back into your dark place.

  4. Why 'more than you will ever know',?.
    What dont we know?

    1. They cant say because they don't know.

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