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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Advantages of Being an American -- And Not Being a "US Citizen"

By Anna Von Reitz

I recently re-watched the Episode 1 video from Cal Washington and the 

For those who haven't seen it and understood the commercial level remedy they are working on, I highly recommend it.  This is powerful information when it comes to dealing with the perpetrators on their own turf. 

Don't be surprised if Bar Attorneys (British Territorial Bar Attorneys, that is) wave their hands and poo-poo it.  They are not necessarily trained in the Municipal Law Merchant or its processes-- most of them aren't-- so their "opinion" is worth as much as my old kitchen broom.

One of the best things about Cal's Episode 1 presentation is the perspective he brings to the various kinds of law involved, using a simple example.

An employee of the Auto Department at Walmart accepts (or doesn't accept) the demands of the corporation employing him, WALMART, INC. which in turn accepts the demands of DETROIT, INC. which is subject in turn to MICHIGAN, INC., which is subject to the UNITED STATES, INC., which is subject to The United States of America, Inc. which when engaged in international business is subject to The Law Merchant which is subject (on the land) to Common Law which is subject to Spiritual Law --- Ecclesiastical Law.

These things nest inside each other like Nesting Dolls, with Ecclesiastical Law being the final, highest level, with the broadest reach. 

As Cal points out, we get "stuck" dealing with entities that are at the UNITED STATES, INC. level.  This is largely because we have allowed commercial corporations to mis-identify us as franchises belonging to them, JOHN MICHAEL DOE, INC. just like DETROIT, INC. 

JOHN MICHAEL DOE is "a" name of one of several corporate franchise NAMES assigned to and "conferred upon" you, as the "presumed" Authorized Representative of a whole MUNICIPAL CITIZENSHIP ORGANIZATION doing business as a "Collective Entity".

Thus, there is JOHN DOE, a Public Charitable Trust, and JOHN MICHAEL DOE, an American Foreign Grantor Trust located in Puerto Rico, and JOHN M. DOE, a bankrupt Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility, and JOHN MICHAEL DOE, LLC, and J.M. DOE, and so on and on --- all bogus, all unauthorized, all done without your knowledge or consent, and all considered to be part of your "Collective Entity"---- all these different "PERSONS" are given to you, ostensibly, so that you can participate in Global Commerce. 

99% of us have no need nor desire to participate in Commerce and can accomplish all that we need to do via peaceful International Trade, but the mere existence of these PERSONS creates the presumption that you are knowingly, willingly, subjecting yourself to Municipal Law in order to do business as a corporate franchise --- just like a Dairy Queen franchise, and that you have knowingly registered your name as a Municipal FRANCHISE and removed this franchise to Puerto Rico, where it stands under the law of Puerto Rico.

So, you can either return the MUNICIPAL FRANCHISE agreement represented by the BC to the Territorial Government and make the Secretary of the Treasury responsible for it as Fiduciary (leaving the Perps no basis for supposing that you are responsible for it anymore) or, you can do what Cal Washington has done, and use the Law Merchant against them.

Or both. 

Making Mnuchin Fiduciary for the FRANCHISE absolves you from responsibility for it, and all its ugly step-sisters, too, under their "Collective Entity Doctrine" --- but as it represents a "derivative" of your Proper Name, you can always safely use it, once you have removed it from Puerto Rico and declared its permanent domicile on the land and soil of an American State. Doing so removes the MUNICIPAL FRANCHISES from under the Spanish Inquisitorial Law still used in Puerto Rico, and places them all under American Public Law.

Now when you accept their foreign Oaths of Office, you do so as an American. And when you send them a Notice of Liability, you do so as an American. 

As it slowly dawns on them that you aren't operating these DERIVATIVES under the law of Puerto Rico anymore, and that they are in fact obligated to serve you in Good Faith and recognize YOU as an American VESSEL --- the worms will turn.  In fact, they are already turning.

Doing your paperwork to return your Proper Name to the land and soil jurisdiction of the State where you were born has a lot of profound ramifications --- all of them good. And protective.

They can no longer presume that YOU are conducting commercial business as a Municipal FRANCHISE standing under Puerto Rican law.  If you bring the facts forward and provide Notice to the DA and the Prosecutor, they have to recognize YOU as an American standing under American law--- and that is a real game-changer all in and of itself.

If you then use the tools that Cal and the folks are providing, you can do so with even more power and safety, because once YOU are back on the land and soil of an American State, YOU--- that is, YOUR VESSEL in commerce--- is owed all protections of all the treaties and all the constitutional contracts that are owed to Americans. 

Our paperwork takes any simple Law Merchant Remedy and puts it on steroids. All these Undeclared Foreign Agents have to flip-flop and instead of attacking you, have to protect you instead. 

Yes, it's nice to be an American --- once you finally are one, and not being misrepresented as something else --- a "US Citizen".


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  1. Paul Is the site Cal Washington ?

  2. The BC does not identify you.

  3. Thank you Anna so much. I have following Josh Del Sol's and Cal Washington's for some time now and wanted to present it to you but didn't know how to send an email. But thank you for reviewing his/their work and praising it. There is much for all to learn about 5G and SMART Meters and SMART appliances, the SMART grid and on and on. is a great start and Cal Washington' many many years of study and what looks like iron clad legal no lawful paperwork to accomplish that is awesome. For all political leaders not fulfilling their oath of office can be sent running quite quickly. It is time we see that happen. God's hand is in all this and we must stand ready to do our part. Thanks Anna you are an answer to prayer and a true patriot and state national living on the soil and land.

  4. Just a question from the graph from the Spiritual to the United States of America part can our notice of calling them = any officials out on their oath of office and Notice of Liability to uphold our protection under the constitution = with our paperwork recorded on the land jurisdiction first of course allow us the ability to hold someone like the secretary of the treasury liable for breach of fiduciary responsibility ?

    1. The constitution is a contract. Are they defaulting or in violation of that contract? Hold them accountable using grand juries. The primary reason for Anna's request to get American Nationals to form and join their County and State Jural Assemblies.